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Right Issue Secondary Market Operation Global Depository Receipt (GDR) External Commercial Borrowing. Corporate Social Responsibility Index Fund American Depository Receipt (ADR) Insider Trading Financial Intermediaries Option Trading Participatory Note Mutual Fund Foreign Direct Investment Asset Securitisation Stock Exchange Book Building Process Corporate Restructuring. Cross Border Securitisation Debt Market Equity Share Restructuring of Capital Fund of a Company. Sweat Equity Shares Buy Back of Shares Bonus Shares Government Securities Preference Shares Debentures Cumulative Preference Shares Foreign Exchange Derivative Transaction Future Trading Whether Derivatives influencing the Secondary Market A Review Indian Depository Receipt

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Collective Investment Scheme Delisting of Securities Foreign Portfolio Investment Debenture Securities Market in India Currency Future Project Finance (Infrastructure) Corporate Governance and Securities Portfolio Manager Role of Underwriter in Public Issue Hedge Fund Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Demutalisation and Listing of Shares Underwriter Foreign Institution Investor ADR and GDR Comparative Analysis Merchant Bankers Capital Budgeting and Risk. Short Selling in Indian Stock Market. Book Building Process: comparative analysis. Private Equity. Effect of Security Market in Economy. Dispute Settlement Mechanism of Secondary Market Product. S E Z and Investment. Foreign Direct Investment and Tax. Listing in Foreign Stock Exchange. Role of SEBI in streamlining the Secondary Market. Competition Policy and Consumer Protection Role of Preferred Financial Institutions in Securities Market Risk Analysis. Asset Management Company Review of Secondary Market Operation. Ideal Criteria for Investment Decision. Private Equity Fund a Process of Capital Funding. Hedge Fund an Alternative Arrangement for acquiring Capital. Interest rate SWAP Agreement and Courts. Disclosure Norms of IPOs. Implementation of Index Fund in India

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Superannuating Funds under Capital Market Micro financial Institutions in India Derivatives. . Role of RBI in Investment of Securities Securitization. Mutual Funds. Derivatives Market. Commodities Future Fund in India. Effects of Foreign Investment Financial Sector Reforms in Emerging Market : Securitizing Non Performing Assets in the Indian Banking Sector. Role of Merchant Bankers in the Development of Capital Market. Capital Building. Option Market. Foreign Direct Investment and Real Estate.