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THE GLOBAL TRADING ECONOMY ONLINE Applying Toroidal Mathematics To Worldwide Economic Freedom For The Independence, Self-Determination & Sovereignty Of All Mankind Designed By Mark Wells

Given Freely To The World, Under No Copyright As It Was Given To Me.

INTRODUCTION Message To The World

The Toroidal Economy is inspired by the toroidal mathematics of Marko Rodin ( and the toroidal physics of Nassim Haramein ( Their groundbreaking and revolutionary work has established the fact that all structures within the Universe naturally organize themselves into toroidal vortex shells. The Toroidal Economy applies this new discovery to the field of economics. The Toroidal Economy is neither Communism nor Capitalism; it is simply an economic algorithm, giving all economic participants an equal opportunity to excel and contribute to their world, with no financial limit upon their creativity. The Toroidal Economy is my personal contribution to the emancipation and liberation of mankind, given freely, with my profound love and respect for the emerging divinity within each of you. The design of the Toroidal Economy could not have been achieved without first experiencing full-blown spiritual enlightenment (explained at and without the experience of spiritual enlightenment becoming widespread the Toroidal Economy will not achieve its highest expression as a force for unifying and edifying change. It is a powerful tool to be guided to its ultimate potential by the spiritually mature. If this economic technology is used by spiritual children, for purely selfish ends, then like a beautifully designed car it can be driven off a cliff. However, the Toroidal Economy removes many of the incentives to be selfish and brings tremendous peace, certainty and security to the flow of sound, non-inflating currency through a maturing global civilization. The Toroidal Economy allows currency to flow naturally in the same toroidal vortex direction as electricity. With the European Union about to suffer pandemic economic collapse, with the United States about to follow suit - and with the

Anglo-American military junta about to drag all of us into potentially nuclear war with Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia there has never been a more urgent need to develop technologies that financially liberate the creativity of all mankind, emancipating all individuals from the lustful thirst and chaotic insanity of their oligarch overlords. All digital currencies are about to have their underlying lack of value revealed to the planet. The Toroidal Economy is a direct answer to this imminent global crisis; it is inspired and divine intervention. My own journey to spiritual enlightenment and how it can be experienced by others is explained in part at and in the Launch Issue of The Global Bastion (, but briefly here: We live in the time of the Apocalypse which simply means: The Revelation Of All That Is Hidden. The Toroidal Economy helps to reveal the truth that there is only One Imagining Experiencer of all reality, whose eternal, divine-demonic, satanic-angelic body is the infinitely repeating fractal and toroidal Universe of Innumerable Universes. At the toroidal centre of space-time (from which all fractal Universes spring) blazes the eternal presence of the Great I Am. During my seven enlightenments, I have been blessed with the responsibility of experiencing the Great I Am as my own I Am... as me the Heavenly Father and King of eternal consciousness, married to my Divine Wife: the vibrational and phenomenal Multiverse of my own Creation. Out of love, respect, honour and awe I call the One Being and monarch of the Great I Am presence: God who is Satan redeemed, power contained, light made manifest as matter and Order synergized from Chaos. I am an embodiment of God just as you are and the Toroidal Economy honours that unavoidable truth. With this gift, I honour the divinity within you.

This message has been sent to 236 Occupy Movement locations around the world and to 92 Chapters of the international We Are Change movement, to help provide a real grass-roots solution to the problems of currency creation, destruction, inflation, deflation, currency velocity, economic sustainability and equal access to interestfree and debt-free seed capital for all independent and self-determining economic participants. The Toroidal Economy solves all of these problems and it is my hope that each of you receiving this message will help me bring its elegant, simple and easy-to-understand trading solution to the world. An idea for a new grass-roots global economy, with a new approach to currency creation and destruction, is just that: an idea unless it is taken to heart by all those who see its incredible potential. Without you, the Toroidal Economy will not happen. The functions and operations of the Toroidal Economy are fully explained in the following chapters please read them and, if you are inspired by its simplicity of vision and its ease of implementation, then you can do three things to make the Toroidal Economy happen right away: First: Send this booklet (or the link: to everybody you know, to help the Toroidal Economy become a mainstream epiphany and phenomenon. Second: Submit your CV and Resume to me if you are a highly qualified web designer. I need experts capable of creating a website as elegant, sophisticated and features-rich as Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and PayPal. My aim is for E-Toroid to become the global marketplace online, supporting worldwide, grass-roots self-determination and financial freedom. Third: Subscribe to for just 10 a month, to help financially turbo charge this powerful idea and fund it into

creation. This idea simply will not happen without your financial support. Those three simple things are the most powerful contributions that you could possibly make right now to bring financial independence, freedom, emancipation, liberation and abundance to this suffering world. Thank you very much for your time. I trust that the light within you can forever brighten this darkened room. God bless you. Mark Wells The Akatarawa Valley Wellington, New Zealand 4th December 2011. For Further Information About Spiritual Enlightenment Also Visit:


Human beings have been indoctrinated with the lie that we each only have economic value according to the number of hours that we are willing to sacrifice at the alter of an industrial, global machine. But inter-galactic and Universal consciousness is waiting for each of us to realize the enormity of our innate and intrinsic economic value. The Toroidal Economy assumes that you have innate economic value and that your personal contribution to the economy can be entirely self-mandated; that financially empowered human beings make decisions, based upon their needs and desires, which benefit not only themselves but also those they love in their own family, community, nation and world. The Toroidal Economy assumes that you have a heart and that you have both the innate potential and also the preference to make economic choices that support, sustain and assist all those around you. The Toroidal Economy simply helps you to economically express the highest qualities of the human spirit with no financial loss to you. The Toroidal Economy is mathematically structured in the shape of a toroid, or torus: the donut-shaped numerical frame-work that underpins and enables all of the functions of mathematics. The phenomenal discovery of toroidal mathematics by Marko Rodin in the 1990s has revealed the circular and infinitely repeating functions of the mathematical tapestry upon which the entire Universe is over-laid. The functions and deep mysteries of toroidal mathematics will not be explained here, but you can access excellent materials by visiting: - or Randy Powells training videos on YouTube or at: For the purposes of the Toroidal Economy, the functions of toroidal mathematics have been used to construct a circular economy in which currency is created and destroyed in an infinitely repeating circular pattern. As currency enters the economy, creating the potential for monetary inflation, an equal amount of currency exits the economy, reducing the risk of monetary inflation to zero. Here is how it works:


In the Toroidal Economy every human being is respected with a basic salary, which represents their innate value. I have given this ethical value a mathematical value of $100 Tor Dollars a day. It can either be taken as a daily payment, as a weekly payment of $700, as a fortnightly payment of $1400, as twelve monthly payments, or as an annual lump sum of $36,500. However, in the Toroidal Economy currency itself is not worshipped as valuable in its own right (it only symbolizes value) and it is a perishable item, with a fixed life-span. During its existence currency may be used to purchase products and services of value, but those real, physical things remain the store of value in the economy (products and services), not the currency itself. In the Toroidal Economy, the only way to store value long-term (of more than $1,000,000) is to store it in physical form, rather than electronic form. Here is the how and the why:


All economic systems began as barter systems, but barter has one central flaw. If I have an antique grandfather clock, which I want to trade for a small car: the person with the small car must accept my grandfather clock as payment. But what if he doesnt want a grandfather clock? To solve this problem we invented money (originally gold and silver), so that the value of the grandfather clock (3 ounces of gold) can be traded for the value of the car (3 ounces of gold) and then that value can be used in a hundred different ways within the economy. That all seemed relatively harmless until the banking industry invented currency. Currency was originally backed by gold and silver and, since gold and silver are almost infinitely divisible (a spec of gold can be worth a

million or even a billion dollars), this system seemed to be adequate. But then the banking industry became greedy and began printing up more currency than they had stored against it as gold (printing paper supposedly worth X amount of gold, but not backed up with the real thing), which created the very real threat of a run on the banks. If everybody asked for their physical gold at the same time, the banks didnt have it they still dont. This system was finally brought to an end after WWII when the US dollar was taken off the gold standard and became the gold of the planet, even though it is created out of thin air and has, in and of itself, absolutely no value. A currency only ever has as much value as the faith placed in it. Currencies create belief systems, not economies. Underneath the global economic belief system the financial (and satanic) religion of the world festers a deep and destructive deception; one even darker than the counterfeiting of those early bankers who were printing up more currency than they had stored as gold. In the modern economy, currency comes into existence through the creation of debt, which is a fact that very few ordinary citizens fully understand. For example, if you take out a mortgage for $100,000 what you may not realize is that the vast majority of that $100,000 is currency that did not previously exist in the economy. By signing the debt agreement, you have added to the monetary inflation of your nation and your world and directly attacked the buying power of your own fixed wages. The bank is allowed to create currency out of thin air (on your behalf and at your request) because they have been given the right, not shared by ordinary citizens, to fractionalize their reserves. This means that (unlike you) if they have $100,000 in reserved assets then they can create $1,000,000 (or even more) in new loans (new currency) for their customers, which become further assets against which they can fractionalize, in a nigh-on endless race towards total systemic collapse. When boiled down to its basics, this all means one thing:

For every dollar in circulation there is a corresponding dollar of debt, which can never be paid back unless the economy grows forever, which is impossible. The global economy has become the ultimate ponzi pyramid scheme, requiring an eternal supply of new economic entrants for the earlier entrants to be repaid. However, in recent years this absurdity has become even darker and more complex, because now, due to the abstraction of derivatives: the same dollar of debt (which is an asset to a bank) can be used as insurance against hundreds of other debt instruments and obligations creating a gargantuan global hydra of un-payable debt, backed against non-existent digital value and baring absolutely no resemblance to the value of the physical world. This entire global economic system can only stay alive if it grows indefinitely and forever, like a ponzi pyramid scheme. But there is a mathematical reason why that cannot happen. Eventually the interest payments on the ever-increasing debt begin to out-strip the underlying value of the economy. In other words: all of this infinitely expanding currency may push mortgages up and up and food, energy and commodity prices through the roof but wages and profits (and therefore taxes) have no hope of keeping pace so eventually the interest payments cannot be made. After WWII, a single wage was enough to purchase a home freehold and outright before retirement age. But by the early 21st Century, two incomes were lucky to cover just the interest payments on household debt on top of the enormous cost of living all of which has precipitated the global economic collapse. And why has this happened? Because no government, nation or private citizen has any control over the amount of monetary inflation allowed to enter the domestic or global economy. That equation is left entirely to the rapacious banking industry, which has been proven, since the dawn of its existence, to be motivated not by the moral and ethical imperative to provide equitably for the needs of humankind but by the much baser urges of greed and power. The Toroidal Economy brings to an end the Age of Debt, by making

physical, real-world products, services and people the store of value, not digital currency. The value of a nation is stored in its creativity, its ingenuity, its compassionate and industrious endeavours and the infinite asset of its spirituality. This is how the Toroidal Economy functions:


The Toroidal Economy can begin as a neighbourhood economy and grow to become a global economy. It can be started by 10 people, 1000 people or 1,000,000 people. This is how it works: All members of the economy are assigned an innate economic value, a basic value that they are assumed to possess. Everybody has creativity and the ability to contribute something of value to the world and that fact is mathematically represented in the Toroidal Economy. I have chosen to represent this innate value as $100 Tor Dollars a day, or $36,500 a year. When a person joins the Toroidal Economy, they are automatically assigned a Financial Year End Date (FYED) and on that date their account will be zeroed out; whatever currency they have remaining in their account on that day will be taken out of the economy. It disappears. This means that they have until their FYED to spend the currency they have and convert it into physical real-world value: products and services. However, to avoid a situation where the entire community is attempting to get rid of their currency all at the same time, the personal FYED of every new member of the economy is placed equidistant from the last joining member, right around the calendar year. So: The first person to join the economy has a Financial Year End Date of January 1st; the second person to join has a FYED of February 1st; the third would have March 1st and so on. The 13th person to join the economy would have a FYED of January 2nd; the 14th person February

2nd; the 15th person March 2nd and so on, to the 6 billionth member if necessary, placing everybody equidistantly around the marketplace circle. This creates a circular economy, in which on any given day there are just as many people motivated to purchase as on any other day of the year. This means that there will never be a mad panic to get rid of currency, but there will always be rapid trading, because currency itself is understood to be perishable. This creates a hot potato atmosphere around trading: the real value of which remains the traded product or service itself, not the currency. The focus is taken away from currency accumulation and given back to real-world value.


The Toroidal Economy encourages a rapid velocity of currency: the speed at which currency changes hands. This can drastically effect prices and lead to systemic instability and hyperinflation. To counteract this, the Toroidal Economy imposes a transaction charge of either $10 or 10% of the value of each transaction (whichever amount is greater), paid by the purchaser, over and above the purchase price. The purchaser must have 110% (one hundred and ten percent) of the currency they wish to transact from their account, in order for the transaction to be authorized and go through successfully. This transaction charge does not go to any governing body or bank, it simply disappears from the economy altogether. This means that currency can only change hands a maximum of ten times before an equal amount of currency has been subtracted from the economy. This can be visualized as currency changing hands across the centre of the economic toroid, which is a donut-shaped vortex. As currency changes hands across the toroidal centre, 10% of the transacted value is sucked out of the economy by the economic vortex, into nonexistence.

By these means, all currency created in any calendar year would not escape that year (unless saved by sellers: explained over-leaf). The only destiny of currency is to be either destroyed on the FYED, or destroyed as it is transacted or saved by sellers (in limited amounts), to be destroyed at a later date. To clarify further: As people spend their currency, to avoid losing it on their FYED, the very act of spending it will extract it from the economy as well. No amount of money will ever change hands more than ten times, without an equal amount being subtracted permanently from the market. The velocity of currency will, in fact, assist in the process of currency destruction, maintaining 100% system integrity.


The Toroidal Economy also rewards those who provide value to the economy: sellers. Whether a person is selling their expertise, their knowledge, their products, their food goods, their home, or their works of art the Toroidal Economy rewards this creativity and contribution to the market, the nation and the world by giving that person the ability to save as much currency as the value they have contributed: up to a maximum of $1,000,000. So: for very every item a person sells, they may keep the value at which it sells stored as currency in a 0% interest savings account (interest does not exist in the Toroidal Economy), which will not be zeroed out on their FYED and may be spent back into the economy at any time. When a person joins the Toroidal Economy, they have no saving facility: they may save zero currency to survive into the year beyond their FYED. But as they sell (contribute real value), their saving limit increases, giving them more time to convert the value that they have added to the economy into physical, real-world value for themselves at

some future date helping them to make large purchases, such as a home or car. In the Toroidal Economy members will get into the habit of either offering the bulk of their items for sale at the beginning of their financial year, to give them plenty of time to convert their earned currency into real-world value before the end of their year, or they will simply carry over the value that they have contributed into the next year, by placing their earned currency into their savings account to a maximum of $1,000,000. Value above one million dollars must be converted into physical, real-world value before the end of their financial year, to be preserved long-term. In the Toroidal Economy both sides of the economic equation are honoured, respected and rewarded: the seller and the buyer. Consumers are thanked for being involved in the economy as purchasers, by being honoured with a basic salary and sellers are rewarded for their contributions to the economy with the ability to save their contributed value and roll it over into future years, for later large purchases. The basic annual salary for all members can be seen as debt-free and interest-free seed capital to support the creation of myriad endeavours providing true financial autonomy, freedom and self-determination for all economic participants. However, the mathematical beauty of the Toroidal Economy is in its final and complete healing of the issues of inflation and deflation, which destroy economies, nations, communities, families and lead to the destitution of mankind and the impoverishment of the human spirit. In the Toroidal Economy the maximum amount of currency in circulation at any one time would be: (Population) x (Basic Salary + Savings Limit) = Maximum Circulation. In New Zealand, this would work out as approximately: 4,000,000 x ($36,500 + $1,000,000) = $4,146 billion dollars. Or, in other words: $4.1 trillion. Unlike our world today, a global disaster of infinite credit and

equally infinite debt, in the Toroidal Economy monetary inflation will never exceed this mathematical maximum. As a financially empowered New Zealand population gets used to creating their own real-world value and building their own future, a national and international spirit of financial freedom, shared endeavour and joint effort towards a common goal can be born, allowing civilization to be rebuilt from the ground up to exemplify the highest and most noble ideals of the human spirit: every father a king and every mother a royal partner in the creative re-design of the economy, the nation and the world to establish the love of God on Earth. The Toroidal Economy has been designed as a bridging technology to help humanity make the transition to an advanced civilization that does not use currency at all, but simply provides for the needs of all its citizens with a deep and abiding sense of shared honour, care, respect and love. In such a civilization, all members of the family, community, nation and world contribute to the beautification and edification of civilization and assist in the establishment of the magisterial glory of Gods love in civilizational form, by offering their innate AND INFINITE value freely, from the eternal store house of their own hearts. Humanity has a long way to go before this profound spiritual maturity is established as a way of life but the Toroidal Economy is a first step in this enormous endeavour; one that can truly inspire us all and capture our individual and joint imaginations.

NUTS & BOLTS What would the Toroidal Economy be like to use?
Well, firstly: it would be a website, offering all of the functionality and features of Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and PayPal as an online Supermarket, Real Estate agency and Car Dealership; enabling buyers and sellers to interact with each other right across the world, to

provide each other with everything from food, to clothing, basic essentials and shelter all the way up to enabling the self-design of new sustainable community dwellings, gardens and artwork galleries. It would also be an iPhone App allowing the digital transfer of currency from palm-held devices, eradicating the need for paper currency. If paper currency were used, it would need to have an annual expiry date, more like coupons and every time the paper currency was withdrawn from the bank, or deposited, it would incur a 10% transaction charge. But ideally, the Toroidal Economy would remain entirely digital, allowing all economic participants to transact directly with each other using hand-held devices, wherever they are in the world, by punching in the recipients username and authorizing the transaction with an eight-digit unique pin number. Every homeless person in the world, every young adult leaving home and every poverty-stricken person in the third world could be given a simple hand-held device that gives them a daily salary and access to the global economy. Full stop. From there, the spiritual Ascension of mankind will begin in earnest.


The Toroidal Economy is designed to be managed and over-seen by divinely enlightened beings, who have experienced the magnitude, power, responsibility and glory of both the Heavenly Father and the Divine Mothers infinite, eternal, intergalactic and Universal consciousness, during sacred enlightenment encounters, assisted by our allies: the psychedelic mushrooms. Enlightened, Godly and Holy beings, chosen from our own number will ensure that the Divine Economic Council never creates for their own purposes more than 10% of the amount of currency in circulation within the economy and all spending will be 100% publicly

transparent, as will all monetary circulation data (unlike the current global economy). On the very first day of the Toroidal Economy, the Divine Economic Council will have zero currency in their available overdraft but as new members join the economy the council budget (overdraft limit) will increase at the rate of 10% of the currency in all accounts (10% of the economy) enabling plans to be drawn up for the creation of energy, food and resource independent city states. My first vision is for the establishment of two circular cities, one in the South Island of New Zealand and one in the North Island and both built to house two million people each, whose food and energy needs are 100% renewably managed from within the circular boundaries of the cities themselves, using hydroponic gardens, agricultural zones and solar, wind, wave and geothermal energy to renewably and sustainably power the entire civilization. The Free Energy toroidal technology now being developed by Marko Rodin, Nassim Haramein, Randy Powell and others can assist in these endeavours. These twin cities could become beautiful expressions of our artistic and creative ability and life boat Arks through the turbulent times ahead. Although the seed capital for this venture would be provided by the Divine Economic Council, it is hoped that the establishment of the first ever free energy, free food and free shelter city state on planet Earth will become the joint endeavour of all New Zealanders. Little Aotearoa, the sacred and holy jewel in the crown of the Pacific, has the potential to lead the world in the foundation of an entirely new way of life. As kiwis, we have the vision, the creativity, the wisdom and the foresight to become the shining example to the rest of the world of how to build, maintain and celebrate a truly divine civilization. Our most precious export will be the love of God; our most precious resource: the rock solid and permanent certainty of our unshakeable mana (Maori word for honour/presence/self-respect) as reliable and unceasing as the divine manna of Heaven and the digital

currency manna of our divinely inspired economy. Each and every one of us is called by the One Being of the Universal Self to give the full measure of our hearts value: our love, our effort, or time and our talent to the creation of a better world and the Toroidal Economy is my personal contribution to the economic and spiritual Ascension of humankind. However, the powerful potential of the Toroidal Economy to create complete financial independence and self-determination for all people raises cultural, social, legal and political issues, which must also be addressed. Up until this point, we have asked the State to take our taxes and provide the safety nets, services and security structures of our societies. This paradigm cannot survive long-term and must now evolve into full personal responsibility, enlightenment and spiritual adulthood. The Toroidal Economy stands in natural opposition to the tax-based structure of the satanic State, for there are no separate jurisdictions within the unified body of the One Divine Being of the Universe. Any entity, including a State, which considers itself fundamentally separate from other entities is demonic and deceived. There is no separation between us. There is only One of us here. All that is occurring in the outer world is occurring within the body of the Great Self. As the Toroidal Economy is born, the debt-ridden Nation States of the world will shrivel on the vine and fall from history, allowing for the emergence of a new global awareness, which provides for the needs of all: from the infinite and loving bounty of all hearts. The Toroidal Economy also helps to end the need for copyright and all other forms of ownership since all participants in the economy are financially supported to share their creativity and all such sharing is understood to be given into the Greater Self: the community, the nation and the world. As copyright and patent laws are finally repealed, all of the incredible technology owned by private individuals and corporations will fall under the Creative Commons of the Universal Self, allowing the tremendous ingenuity of mankind to be shared fully with all

mankind. The Toroidal Economy will be a devastating blow against the paradigm of Us And Them which is a demonic and deceived worldview. All enemies are enacting the violence, aggression and hate within the unresolved subconscious of the Great Self and all individuals are equally responsible for the content of the Universal subconscious. The healing of all evil in the outer world is found by pursuing the road of Self Knowledge. The Toroidal Economy itself is a gift from the divine, given to me and my planet in loving thanks for the journey of Self discovery that I have taken and this one economic concept could help forever heal violent crime on Earth. The answers are within you. It is my hope that this freely given gift, my personal contribution to the ascent of human history into embodied divinity, will inspire your own creativity and reaffirm your own eternal relationship with the Lord God, who loves you. Mark Wells The Akatarawa Valley Wellington, New Zealand 4th December 2011.

To finacially support the creation of the Toroidal Economy subscribe to A PayPal subscription link will then be emailed to you and you can pay with your PayPal account, your bank account or your Credit/Debit card. For just 10 a month, you can turbo charge this global financial revolution. Thank you very much.