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Calculus 1 Spring 2012 Syllabus

Instructor Information
Course Number: 804-231 Credits: 5 Prerequisites: Both Mathematics 804-212 and 804-213, or Mathematics 804-229, or a requisite placement score. Description: This college transfer course is designed for students of mathematics, science, and engineering. It contains an introduction to the basic properties of limits, rate of change of functions, continuity, derivatives of algebraic and elementary transcendental functions, their products quotients and compositions, curve sketching, finding maxima and minima, indefinite and definite integration with applications. Textbook: Thomas. Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions. 12th Ed. Pearson. This textbook is required. Source: MATC bookstore. Supplies: A scientific calculator with trigonometric and exponential functions is required. However, a graphing calculator like the Texas Instruments TI-84 is recommended, but not required. Calculators with computer algebra systems (CAS) like the TI-89 are very nice, but are not allowed for use during tests. Course and Instructor Expectations and Policies Attendance: Attendance is the responsibility of the student. Regular attendance is crucial to your success in this class. Do not miss class unless it is absolutely necessary. Students who do not attend class on a regular basis will find this course difficult if not impossible to complete in a satisfactory manner. If a student misses any course material or exams due to absence, it is the responsibility of the student to contact his/her fellow classmates or the instructor as soon as possible regarding missed material. If a student knows in advance that they will be absent from class, it is in the students best interest to contact the instructor as soon as possible. Make-ups for exams and other missed coursework due to absence will not be allowed unless prior approval is granted to the student by the instructor or in the event of a documented and appropriate emergency situation, make-ups will be at the sole discretion of the instructor. Students arriving late or leaving class early without the permission of the instructor will be counted as absent. Attendance may affect grades in borderline cases. Grading Grading will be based on the following criteria*: In class exams worth 70% of your grade. Comprehensive final exam worth 30% of your grade. Grades will be based on the following scale: 100-93% 93- 87% 87 - 83% 83- 77% 77-70% 70-60% 60-0% A AB B BC C D F Instructor: Office: Office Phone: MATC Email: Office Hours: Flynn Dustrud Room 335E, Truax Campus (608) 246-6690 See BlackBoard Site

Course Information

*Class participation, effort, and attendance may affect final grades in borderline cases.

Assignments: You are expected to complete all suggested homework problems on the suggested completion date. The average student in this class is expected to spend 2-3 hours outside of class for every hour spent in class. Some homework problems may be collected to be graded and you are expected to complete all homework in a timely manner even it is not collected to be graded. The instructor may also collect homework problems at any time to be graded without advanced notice, so be sure to complete all of the homework and bring it to class everyday. Working all of the suggested homework problems is essential

to your success in this class. Do not get behind. If you do get behind please see me for help immediately. I enjoy helping my students, so dont be afraid to come see me if you are having trouble. Suggested homework problems will be assigned in class throughout the duration of the course. Late assignments will

not be accepted unless by prior approval of the instructor.

Exams and Quizzes: Tentative exam times are suggested on the course outline below. Exact dates and material covered on exams will be announced in class prior to the exam date. Exams should be similar in content to the homework. Make-ups on exams will only be allowed if prior approval is given by the instructor or you have a legitimate and documented emergency deemed appropriate by the instructor. If you are absent for an exam, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor as soon as possible and to make arrangements for a make-up exam if allowed by the instructor. Do not assume that the instructor will contact you to arrange a make-up exam. Pop-quizzes may be given at anytime without advanced notice, so be sure to attend regularly. Your lowest exam score will be dropped. Final Exam: The date and time of the comprehensive final exam will be announced in class Calculator Usage: Calculators may be allowed on some portions of exams. I would recommend, but do not require a graphing calculator such as the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, or TI-86. TI-89s , TI-92s and other symbolic calculators with computer algebra systems are not allowed on exams. I encourage the use of graphing tools and other types of calculators when doing homework assignments where appropriate, but it is important for you as a student not to become dependent on your calculator. In cases where calculators are allowed on a certain exams I will try to give you sufficient advanced notice. Cell Phones & Pagers: Cell phones and pagers must be turned off in the classroom Help: It is my sincere desire that you will succeed in this course. Make sure that you develop appropriate work habits at the beginning of the course that will enable you to succeed. If at anytime you feel you are getting behind or need help please contact me or the appropriate resources on campus. I want you to succeed and I enjoy helping my students, so please come see me if you need help.

MATC Students Rights and Responsibilities: Students are expected to be familiar with MATC policies and procedures. Many of the important policies and procedures are on the MATC website. An easy way to find them is to go to the A-Z index, click on R, go to "rights and responsibilities", and click to see the menu at the top of the web page or, click on and put on your favorites list. These policies and procedures are also found in the MATC Planner and Student Handbook available at MATC Bookstore., and students are encouraged to retain a current copy of the MATC Planner and Student Handbook for reference as needed during their attendance at MATC To request academic accommodations due to a disability for the MATC Truax or Regional Campuses, please contact Disability Resources Services at 246-6716 (Students who are deaf via Relay 711), room 159 at Truax or email For assistance at the MATC Downtown Education Center contact: Disability Resources Services at 259-2979 in room 109 at DTEC. If you have an accommodation card from their office indicating that you have a disability which requires academic accommodations, please present it to me so we can discuss the accommodations that you might need in this class. It is best to request these accommodations at the beginning if not before class so there is ample time to make the accommodations.
Course Outline: Note that this outline is subject to change at anytime without advanced notification.

the date of the Final Exam will be announce in class






Day Week

Jan 16 - 20 Jan 23 - 27 Jan 30 Feb 3 Feb 6 - 10 Feb 13 17 Feb 20 - 24 Feb 27 Mar 2 Mar 5 - 9 Mar 12 - 16 Mar 19 23 Mar 26 - 30 Apr 2 - 6 Apr 9 13 Apr 16 - 20 Apr 23 27 Apr 30 May 4 May 7 - 11 May 14 - 18

Holiday No Class 1.5: 1 -35 odd 2.1: 1 15 odd 2.6: 1 -103 odd 3.3: 1 63 odd 3.8: 1 -99 odd Ch 3 Exam

Course Introduction 1.6: 1 75 odd 2.2: 1-63 odd Review 3.4: 1 25 odd 3.9: 1 55 odd 4.1: 1 85 odd

1.1: 1- 65 odd 1.6 Cont. 2.3: 1- 53 odd Ch 2 Exam 3.5: 1 -61 odd 3.10: 1 43 odd 4.2: 1 55 odd

1.2: 1-83 odd Review 2.4: 1 51 odd 3.1: 1 -35 odd 3.6: 1 -103 odd 3.11: 1 63 odd 4.3: 1 63 odd

1.3: 1-67 odd Ch 1 Exam 2.5: 1 47 odd 3.2: 1 57 odd 3.7: 1 51 odd Review 4.4: 1 -121 odd 4.6: 1-15, 23 41, 51- 59 odd Spring Break 4.8 Cont 5.2: 1 45 odd 5.5: 1 79 odd 6.2: 1 -47 odd Review 7.4: 1 13 odd Additional Material Final Review FINAL EXAM WEEK

4.4 cont. Spring Break 4.6 cont Review 5.2 Cont 5.6: 1 117 odd 6.3: 1 -31 odd Ch 6 Exam Review

CONVOCATI ON Spring Break 4.7: 1 -11 odd Ch 4 Exam 5.3: 1 87 odd Review 6.4: 9- 25 odd 7.1: 1- 55 odd Ch 7 Exam

4.5: 1 - 77odd Spring Break 4.7 Cont 5.1: 1 - 21 odd 5.3 Cont Ch 5 Exam 6.5: 1 47 odd 7.2: 1- 45 odd Additional Material Additional Material FINAL EXAM WEEK

4.5 cont Spring Break 4.8: 1 123 odd 5.1 cont. 5.4: 1 83 odd 6.1: 1 -61 odd 6.6: 1-45 odd 7.3: 1- 85 odd Additional Material Final Review FINAL EXAM WEEK

Additional Material FINAL EXAM WEEK

Additional Material FINAL EXAM WEEK