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Al Musafir Card-i


No other card grants you safe and easy access to cash in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like Al Rajhi Bank's one-of-a-kind Al Musafir Card-i. Be it for Umrah, Hajj, travel or business visits, withdraw at your convenience Saudi Riyal currency from over 2300 ATMs throughout the Kingdom. Being the largest bank around, you will find an Al Rajhi Bank ATM machine around every corner! More importantly, the card is safer to carry around than wads of Saudi Riyal, uses a secure pin access, and offers low exchange rates. Get your hands on an Al Musafir Card-i. A banking first from Al Rajhi Bank, strictly adhering to the principles enshrined under Shariah.

Al Musafir Card-i
Benefits Low transaction / withdrawal fees Convenience to withdraw cash at 2,300 Al Rajhi Bank ATM machines A safer alternative to cash Secure: You need a PIN number to withdraw cash Open to all, even non-account holders

To Apply No application forms are required. Just visit any Al Rajhi Bank branch near you and present your identity card to apply for an Al Musafir Card-i. Requirements Available to all individuals aged 16 and above Original identity card or valid passport (non-Malaysians) for registration purposes only Card issuance fee RM15 Card withdrawal fee SAR4 Replacement for new card SAR15 Ash Har Travel Sdn Bhd No. 23-1, Jalan 3/76D Desa Pandan 55100 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +603 9200 7050 Fax: +603 9200 8050

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i Zamzam September Draw Winners

Ten lucky iZamzam account holders were given the chance to embark on a priceless journey of faith. Claiming salvation, seeking forgiveness and setting their eyes upon an awe inspiring view of the Kaaba as a seemingly endless sea of disciples gather and worship selflessly into the night. For putting their money away for savings, they were able to enjoy this truly wondrous experience on a fully sponsored trip to perform their Hajj in the Holy Land of Makkah. We would like to congratulate these winners, wishing them a safe journey to Makkah and may they obtain Haji Mabrur. This once in a lifetime opportunity was presented to the deserving recipients as a token of appreciation for their continued support of Al Rajhi's comprehensive financial plans, built on the foundation of Shariah and Islamic principles. Name Azlee Bin Abu Bakar Khairil Anuar Bin Ahmad Maruwi Noormala Binti Mohd Dahlan Sadiah Binti Bursa Nor Karmila Binti Mohd Noh Hadiah Binti Jamail Mr Sabry Ghouse (centre) with the i Zamzam Hajj Draw 2011 winners Aminuddin Bin Toha Rossiah Binti Hassan Mohd Zainal Abidin Bin Abdul Kadir Mazli Mohan Bin Alias KL Main Kota Bharu Kota Damansara Ampang Branch Bangsar Affluent Kajang Subang Johor Bahru Johor Bahru KL Main

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