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Brampton Bulletin

B r a m p t o n P r i m a r y S c h o o l S t r i v i n g t o R e a c h t h e B e s t Week ending: 9.3.12 Spring Term: Issue 9

Inside this weeks issue: Mini-beasts Forthcoming Dates What makes me proud? Cross country Week 1 Menu Governor/FOB News Gold Book Entries Weekly Attendance

Some small visitors came to visit Key Stage 1 last Friday. Some were slimy, some were wriggly and others were rather scary! Andrew Smith the Minibeast Man brought along his great selection of minibeasts from around the world. The children got to touch a number of minibeasts ranging from a sedate tortoise to a furry terrantula! Other minibeasts the children explored were, a lizard that liked to be held like a doll, a very slimy Giant African Snail, a Giant African millipede that did the can can said Ryan from 1W, a surprisingly silky snake and a toad that used two year 1 girls as a toilet! It was a very exciting, but educational, experience for all the children. Many thanks to Miss Westbrook for organising a great day!

Forthcoming Dates: Monday 12th March Science & Technology week Wednesday 14th March FOB Pamper Night Friday 16th March Y6 class to British Museum Thursday 22nd March 6.00-7.00pm Taster Parent Empowerment Evening 7.15 FOB Meeting MP Room Monday March 26th Parents Evening (please note change of date) Wednesday March 28th CRIBs Easter Play Thursday March 29th Parents Evenings Friday 30th March End of term Monday 16th April Term starts for children

Brampton Primary is a restorative school where the initial response to conflict is to find a solution where things are put right, the victims needs are met whilst also meeting the needs of the wrong doer and meet all the schools responsibilities.

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Brampton Bulletin

I was very pleased with learning maths. I know how to get to 20 and 30. I felt good and Miss Beament gave me a well done sticker. Lewis in RB Im pleased with my writing because I did nice writing. It was neat and I drew my bike. I was happy because it was my best writing ever. Aditya in RJ Im proud of doing hard work like when I do Maths. I sometimes think its hard but I can still do it. Sometimes I get a raffle ticket or a sticker and I feel very pleased with myself. Ravina in 1W Im proud of going on school trips with my friends because its fun. We learnt about new toys like a rocking horse. Carys in 1B Im proud of my spelling tests when I get them all right. Ive got them all right this year. They are hard. When they are right I get a raffle ticket and Ive had about 65! Josh in 2PW Im proud of getting my 9s the right way round last year. I remembered how to do them. I felt happy and I think Miss Bates noticed. Now Im trying to get my handwriting better. Macy in 2B Im proud of getting certificateswhen Ive been in the Gold Book because I did good work. I also got a certificate for speed stacking then I was happy. Zac in 3W I am achieving in Literacy by making my handwriting better. I try to do it neater and to write properly. Miss Whennell puts comments to help. I feel pleased with myself. Jack in 3WH I feel proud when I got 100 out of 100 in my times tables. I got a mark on my Assertive Mentoring and I felt really happy. Miss Hope said it was an improvement. George in 4H Im proud of my maths. Ive achieved a bit more because I used to get more getting theres than got its and now I get more got its. Im pretty proud of myself as Ive learnt more things. Charlotte in 4C Im proud of learning to divide properly. I did it last week, I found it quite difficult then Miss Bennett came and did a couple with me and I did it on my own and it was easier. Miss Bennett put a Got It stamp on my work and felt Yeah!!! Daisy in 5B Im proud of my cross country. We went around the field twice in a race and I was the first girl in Year 5 and I got a certificate. I just beat Taylor and couldnt believe it. I felt very proud. Patsy in 5C Im proud of playing a clarinet. First in Year 4 I wanted to play the flute but the teacher said try the clarinet. Now Im going for my Grade 2. My teacher thinks Ill pass with a merit if I work hard. Im really excited because I have a guitar and piano and now I can read music I hope to play the guitar at secondary school. Leyla in 6M Im proud of running in the cross country and being the year 6 boys champion. I thought Survin would get the certificate, so I felt happy to beat him. It was my first sporting certificate. I like running and Id like to keep it up. Jamie in 6S Cross Country Last Wednesday Miss Bennett kindly organised a whole school cross country event. Students from Welling School came along and offered their help and support throughout the day. Winners from each year group were presented with certificates in Mondays assembly. So well done to Ellie Magee and Jamie Patterson in Year 6; Ellie Sugden and Henry rogers in Year 5; Kitty Barker and Harry Vickery in Year 4; Hollie Sugden and Joe Kavanagh in Year 3; Chelsey Box and Jack Abbott in Year 2; Chloe Boyns and James Berry in Year 1 and Imogen Hill and Danny Woolston in Reception.

Issue 9

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SCHOOL M EALS W E E K B E G I N N I N G - 1 2 T H M A RC H 2 0 1 2
Monday Meat Chicken Pasta Bake Jacket Potato with Baked Beans Tuesday Sausage, Mash and Onion Gravy Fish Gratin with New Potatoes Wednesday Thursday Friday BBQ Chicken Thigh with Rice Cajun Fish with Chipped Potatoes Vegetable Wrap with Chipped Potatoes Fruit Deli Bar

Roast Pork with Beef Lasagne Roast Potatoes with Garlic Bread Tuna Mayonnaise Jacket Potato Cauliflower and Vegetable Lasagne with Broccoli Bake with Roast Garlic Bread Potatoes

Fish or alternative Vegetarian

Roasted Vegetable Vegetable Pasta Cornish Pasty with Mash Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Sauce


Oat Cookie with Fruit Berry Bar Jelly with Fruit Fruit Wedges with Vanilla Ice Cream

A choice of salads, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread, fresh fruit platter, fruit yoghurt, milk and drinking water are also available daily. Peanut Allergies Please can we remind everyone that we are a Peanut Free school in our cooked meals and we ask parents not to put any nuts or items containing nuts in their childs packed lunches. Thank you Governor News Last week the termly meeting of the full Governing Body was held chaired by Mrs Kerry Riley, our Vice chair. Beforehand school subject leaders met with their allocated governor to discuss curriculum updates. During the meeting governors received updates from all the different sub committees as well as a report on last terms work from Miss Fisher. FOB News We sadly heard last week that Mrs Heasman is no longer able to continue as a FOB member. She has offered a great deal of support to FOB and their events for several years and she has been particularly active with Miss Cross in re-vamping and updating the FOB web-site. So she and her skills will be sorely missed and we would like to say a big thank you to her for all her time and efforts. If there is anyone who would like to take on this role please contact Mrs Bruce or another FOB committee member or the school.

BRAMPTON GOLD BOOK Striving to Reach the Best Every week we print the names of those children who have achieved in either their work, conduct or behaviour around school and have been entered in the Gold Book. They have been mentioned in Mondays celebratory assembly. After 3 mentions children receive a bronze certificate, 6 mentions for a silver, 9 mentions for a gold, 12 mentions for a Super Gold and 15 mentions for a Platinum certificate, 18 for Diamond, 21+ for a Head teachers Award and 24 for a Special Head teacher Award and Badge.
RB Thomas Chillman RB Samuel Rye 1B Dan Solan (SIlver) 1B Emel Huseyin 1B Laurel Broughton 2BBen Magrowski 2B Chelsey Box (Silver) 2B Devan Vadukul (Silver) 4C Ben Swannell 4C Harry Vickery 4C -Jack Allender (Super Gold) 4C Miatta Mbriwa 4C Freddie Sweeney 4HAkin Akintoye 4H Alexander Bailey 4HJames Bassett 4HMolly Crawley 4H Bani Dhoofer 4H Leah Eagles 4H Princess Eonwunzo 4HKatherine Martin (Platimum) 4H Onyeka Oriahi 4H Thomas Tiernay 4H Waniya Ali (Silver) 4HFreya Davies 4H- Lily Batt 4H Jake Heasman 4HHarvey Smith 4H Kitty Barker 4H Paige Belsey 4H Rebecca Jardine 4HLeon Wardle (Platinum) 4H Lucy Woodland 4HJimmy Thompson 5BRuby Allen (Diamond) 5B Joe Flood 5B Emily Steer (Diamond) 5B Finlay Knowles 5B Romy Hares 5C Louis Thomas 5C Jamie Scott 5C Angie Nandra 5C Jale Zekioglu 5C Amber Thind 5C Stevee Pang 5C Holly Adams 5C Bella Potter 5C Victoria Obinya 5C Niamh Hill 6MErin McKay 6M Brook Southgate (Platinum) 6M Maia Saunders (Platinum) 6M Amber Barnett 6M Charlotte Pullen ( HeadTeachers Award) 6M Tallulah Varney 6M Sophie Thompson 6M Sorrel Bulpitt 6M Karamvir Matharoo 6M George Hills Unfortunately there is not enough space to mention the childrens achievements here but if you are interested to see your childs mention the book is usually kept in the officeso please pop in and ask to see it.

Weekly Attendance

Week ending 2.3.12 RB: RJ: 1B: 1W: 2PW: 2B: 3W: 3WH: 4C: 4H: 5B: 5C: 6S: 6M: 93.7% 98.7% 99.7% 95.3% 91.7% 99.7% 94.3% 95.3% 94.3% 93.7% 97.6% 97.4% 93.7% 98.7%

Well done to 1B, 2B and the other classes above 96.1%

Our School Total was 96%. Raffle Prize Winners The winners in this weeks draw for a treat with Miss Fisher were Rhea Baruah in 2PW, Alice Pearce in RB, Harriet Thomas in 3WH and Mollie Beale in 5C. Well done to them for showing the appropriate behaviour.

HOUSE POINTS Week ending 24.9.10

1st Red= 58 3rdGreen= 49 2nd Yellow = 50 4thBlue = 44

Congratulations to Red House members!

School Office; 020 8303 2873 Fax; 020 8298 0286

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