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Guide to submitting your APC final assessment submission

Your APC final assessment submission is the culmination of months of learning, training and hard work and is a crucial step towards becoming chartered. This guide is designed to help you to prepare your final assessment submission in the required format. This will ensure that your submission can be processed efficiently without delays.

How to format your final submission document

Four copies of your final submission document are required. These should be spiral bound.

Ensure that the front cover includes the words APC FINAL ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION and your full name and
membership number

Your submission must include all the required templates including your critical analysis.
It is important that your submission is put together in the correct order.

Submissions should be compiled in the following order

1. Candidate Declaration 2. Candidate Checklist 3. Candidate Achievement Record



4. Professional Development Record


5. Education Record
6 7

6. Experience Record 7. Critical Analysis

Guide to submitting your APC final assessment submission

Candidate Declaration Commercial Property Pathway

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Candidate Declaration Candidate Checklist Candidate Achievement Record Professional Development Record Education Record Experience Record Critical Analysis*

2 3

Candidate name: Date of birth: Employer / organisation Graduate Route:

Ian Ascroft 31/07/1983 RICS Graduate Route 1 1234567 Session 1 (Spring) dd / mm / yyyy Specialist Area 1 No No
N/A N/A N/A (Please, attach supporting documentation)

4 5 6 7

RICS membership number: Assessment session: Date registered on APC: Specialist area: Any special considerations: Previously referred candidate? No. of previous APC attempts? Critical Analysis title: Critical Analysis date: Declaration



*include appendices and photographs

We the undersigned confirm that: The following documentation is a true and accurate representation of the candidate's own training and experien All documentation is present and has been prepared in line with the 2006 APC Candidates guide - version 2009 The candidate has met the competencies and levels as per the 2006 APC Requirements & Competencies guide Template 1 - Candidate Declaration Template 2 - Candidate Checklist Template 3 - Achievement Record Template 4 - Professional Development Record Template 5 - Education / Professional Membership Record Template 6 - Experience Record Template 7 - Not Required (Referral ONLY) Template 8 - Not Required (Referral ONLY)

Candidate: Supervisor: Counsellor: Date:

Ian Ascroft A. Sample D. Jones 13/03/2009

Signature Signature Signature


Each of the 7 sections and any appendices

should be separated by dividers

Above is a completed example of Template 1.

When attaching your photograph please make sure that it is recent, clear and professional.

Final checklist
Ensure that the front cover includes the words
APC FINAL ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION and your full name and membership number

Please send all submissions to:

RICS Membership Operations, Surveyor Court, Westwood Way, Coventry CV4 8JE

Check that all the relevant signatures are completed. As well as the four copies that you need to submit to
RICS, remember to keep a copy for yourself.

For more information go to:

You are recommended to get proof of postage.

Any incomplete or incorrect submissions will unfortunately be returned resulting in your interview being deferred to the next assessment session. By following this checklist you should avoid disappointment. Good luck with your APC submission!

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