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Academic Days 09

Foro Tcnico para Desarrollo de Sistemas Grficos

15 de Octubre, 2009 Ciudad de Mxico

Simulaciones Mecnicas con SolidWorks y LabVIEW

Rocio Prez Academic Technical Marketing

Nuevas Tecnologas Mecatrnicas Facilitan el Diseo Virtual de Maquinaria

National Instruments, SolidWorks, CosmosMotion



Desafo/Oportunidad: La Maquinaria est Cambiando de Sistemas Mecnicos a Electromecnicos

Cambiando de los Engranes y Levas

A los Actuadores Controlados Electrnicamente

Integracin de Herramientas de Diseo

Diseo Mecnico

Diseo Control Embebido

Simulacin Mecnica


Prototipos Digitales

Electroni cs

Simulate mechanical, Mechanics electrical, and control system aspects of your machine design Evaluate different design concepts before building a costly physical prototype

Plataforma de Diseo de Mquina

Integre Diseo en Software Mecnico, Elctrico y Embebido

LabVIEW CompactRIO

SolidWorks CosmosMotion

Enfquese en el diseo, no en CAD
Diseo Usar CAD

Use datos 2D y 3D fcilmente y con seguridad

Design Better Products

Verifique sus diseos Comunique sus diseos

Diseo con poder y eficiencia

Integrado en SolidWorks Simulacin basada en modelos CAD existentes Requiere un poco de esfuerzo adicional

Simula operaciones mecnicas de ensambles motorizados

Trayectorias de movimientos Fuerzas fsicas, torque de motor requerido

Usa propiedades de los materiales Simula efectos del mundo real como friccin, gravedad

Visualizacin de Diseo Conceptual

Anime su modelo mecnico Muestre la mquina virtual Aterrice requerimientos de la mquina

Control Simulation
-Digital T/F logic -State chart logic -Motion trajectories Posicin

Mechanical Simulation
-Visualization -Path tracing -Collision detection

Beneficios de usar prototipos virtuales Tcnicos

Visualizing machine operation and logic Motion profile design and validation Calculating machine cycle time Calculating force/torque loads Motor sizing

Preparing a quote Communicating with customers Discovering unknowns Accelerating design decisions Improving team communication

Digital Prototyping: Typical Workflow

SolidWorks User: Set Up & Test SolidWorks Simulation
Mate the assembly and configure mass/friction properties Create a Motion Study, set to Motion Analysis study type Add Motors, set to Distance mode, test the simulation Share files with the LabVIEW user

LabVIEW User: Connect & Develop Motion Control App.

Create a new project, enable the Scan Engine, add the SolidWorks Assembly and Map Sensors Add to SoftMotion Axes and Coordinate Spaces, enable Axis activation on deployment Write and run the LabVIEW SoftMotion application Share files/results with SolidWorks user

Qu podra salir mal?

Would a lower cost belt drive be okay? Whats the best motion sequence? Will it collide? Servo or stepper? What size motor? Too much friction? To much torsional load? Is this the best place for the limit switch? Whats the pick and place cycle time? Strong enough? Will coupling fail? What screw pitch? Is it stiff enough? Will it vibrate?

Digital Prototype

Digital Prototyping
LabVIEW Project Machine CAD Model

CompactRIO and NI Motion Hardware

M.C. ngel Pretelin Ricardez

Librera de Interfaz de LabVIEW para SolidWorks/COSMOSMotion

SolidWorks LabVIEW Funciones de Interfaz

LabVIEW NI SoftMotion Module

Programming API High-Level function block API
Straight Line Arc Contour

Based on PLCopen standard

Power Stop Find reference

Asynchronous real-time behavior Simplified application development Methods



Reset Position

Position Capture

Position Compare

Axis interface nodes



Clear Faults

Motion Functions
Perform a specific task Have inputs and outputs Can be connected together to create complex trajectories ProgrammingVision & MotionNI SoftMotion Function Blocks



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Academic Days