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Hamzah Siti Rahayu Sri Ningsih Sutriani Halimah Tussadiyah Buangli


Puji dan syukur kami panjatkan kehadiran Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa yang telah memberikan rahmat dan Karunia-nya kepada kami sehingga bisa menyusun Makalah Sejarah tentang IPTEK dan perang dingin

Makalah ini ditata sedemikian rupa yang isinya merupakan ringkasan-ringkasan penting yang kami buat

Dengan adanya berbagai inti yang ada kami menyajikan inti berbagai diskusi , pengamatan, penelitian, dan pembuatan laporan.

Pada kesempatan ini, kami mengucapkan terima kasih, yang telah bersedia melihat dan membaca Makalah kami, ucapan terima kasih juga ditujuhkan kepada rekan rekan kami yang bersedia mengerjakan Makalah ini.

Akhirnya, kami berharap Makalah ini dapat memberikan sumbangan dalam pengertian IPTEK dan perang dingin yang kami ringkas terutama mata pelajaran sejarah, kami sangat menyadari bahwa Makalah ini masih jauh dari sempurna, oleh karena itu, saran dan kritik yang bersifat membangun kami harapkan, sebagai upaya penyempurnaan Makalah ini, TerimaKasih



o Siti Rahayu Sri Ningsih ( Moderator ) o Sutrisna o Hamzah o Buangli o Halimah Tussadiyah


DAFTAR ISI 1. Cover ( Nama Kelompok ) 2. Kata Pengantar 3. Daftar Isi 4. Pendahuluan 5. Isi Tanggapan mengenai pemanfaatan irtek untuk kepentingan perang Pemanfaatan iptek pada masa perang dunia ke II Pemanfaatan iptek pada masa perang dingin Perbandingan jika penggunaan iptek sebagai teknologi perang diindonesia berdasarkan pengamatan 6. Kesimpulan dan Saran


Kesimpulan dan Saran o Kesimpulan Perkembangan iptek semakin tahun semakin maju dan berkembang, sehingga banyak para ilmuwan ilmuwan baru yang dapat menciptakan alat alat teknologi yang baru, sesuatu yang di ciptakan pasti menimbulkan kerusakan lingkungan alam yang berdampak dilingkungan maju Negara

o Saran Karena iptek semakin tahun semakin berkembang marilah kita semua untuk tetap saling menjaga dan sama sama saling mengembangkannya dan memelihara keadaan sekitar yang dapat menimbulkan dampak negative.

At the beginning I entered junior high school, my first first-enroll in SMP N. 1 Bosar Maligas registered by my teacher named Mr. Silalahi. When I was student enrollment at the smallest sign that lots of students signed up I do not remember what number I was waiting in line so my turn came I was told to fill out a form and fill my lancer without any hindrance, after a few days later I was accepted as a Junior High School students 1 Bosar Maligas the time of the announcement I was so scared after hearing that I did not fail, and my place in VII1 class consists of all 4 classes. And on the first day I was very happy to learn meet my friends who I do not know, at the time the teacher a lesson of history is taught as the mother MS Pak Hutasoit Characteristics berlajarnya same way, I sat down with mulyadi he is good person at rest I've done that pesky snake member to my twelve girls, so the girl was crying, immediately after entering my mother scolded and slapped by MS.

every hour 7:15 I had to go to school I go to school on foot with my friends at the boarding-semester exams kostan odd and even I am very happy because I get a rating of 5 and 6, when my class pernaikan VIII1 turns into a new class set for 1 week I was transferred to a junior secondary school in maligas plantation, it was because I was raised by a teacher who knew I was close to the named Herman suhedi, when the school moved me very sad because my friends who know, even I have to know it again with my friends who do not know but after school I went through, apparently pelajaranya with SMP, but the difference is too much religion lessons when first stepped on this school I was very surprised because it's just made up five of the room, turned out to my friends here are much better than on

engaging experience in middle school junior secondary school time is the time I managed to get a rating of 4 and won the race held at 17 August,

the second semester exams I always try to fill out a worksheet with the best and I turned up at the IX grade third grade lesson I received the longer the lesson there are easy and some are difficult to say my math I do not bias my pinched by a teacher named Henny Susanti each mathematics lessons he is always our advice to members on Saturday, when the computer lessons are grounded

there my friend until his sweat soaked teacher named Agus Wahyudi, he was very cruel to us, because he did not collect duty told us.

At the moment we approached the national exam in order extra tutoring or lessons in the afternoon when the afternoon tutoring many students who do not come to just the few that are les, and the next day they were asked why no les? national exams after we all agreed that it would be a picnic on the beach water boom in the mirror and turns it happened we went along with the teachers of the classes we took off from school at 05-00 and 10-00 hours to get there, before we went in. buy a ticket after the split we also rushed once inside we were very impressed with its beauty after we finished eating, we were ready to try the game area and do one game that I managed to test adrenal after all we've rushed home to school at 4:00 pm on my way vomiting and I was taking medication arrived home drunk at 09.00 at night we were all exhausted and we were glad that bias vacation together.