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DANIEL BIBLE BASEBALL Questions for 1st Base 1. What was King Nebuchadnezzars second dream about?

A Tree 2. What Kingdom conquered Jerusalem and took the Israelites into captivity? Babylon 3. What was King Nebs first dream about? A large statue 4. The gold head in the first dream represented what kingdom? Babylon 5. How tall was the gold statue that King Neb made? 90 Feet 6. What happened to anyone who did not bow down to the golden image? They were thrown in the fiery furnace 7. What were Hannaniahs, Misheals, and Azariahs Babylonian names? Shadrach, Meschach Abednego 8. What happened to King Neb after he bragged about his kingdom? He grazed like a cow for 7 years 9. How many commandments was Moses give on Mt. Sinai? 10 Commandments 10. In which town was Jesus born? Bethlehem 11. Who built an ark in obedience to God? Moses 12.What are the four Gospels of the New Testament? Matthew, Mark , Luke, John Questions for 2nd Base What was Daniels Babylonian name? Belteshazzar Why do Christians observe the Sabbath on Sundays and not on Saturdays? Jesus rose on Sunday



3. What difficult thing did the king ask Daniel to do for the first dream? Tell him the dream 4. The bronze belly & thighs in the first dream represented what kingdom? Greece 5. Who wrote the beginning of the fourth chapter in Daniel? Nebuchadnezzar 6. What is the shortest verse in the Bible? Jesus wept John 11:35

What is the longest psalm in the Bible? Psalm 119

8. In what river was Jesus baptized? The Jordan 9. In what city did Jonah go and preach repentance? Ninevah 10. What came down from heaven in the first dream and shattered the image? A huge rock 11. What year did the Babylonians destroy the temple in Jerusalem? 586 B.C. 12. To what country did Mary and Joseph flee after being warned by an angel? Egypt


Gifts, ruler of province, Head wise man

Questions for 3 Base 1. What was the name of Nebuchadnezzars son who took over after he died? Belshazzar 2. Who was the greatest ruler of the Roman empire? Julius Ceasar 3. What kingdom did the legs of iron in the first dream represent? Roman Empire 4. What were the Hebrew names of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? Hannaniah, Misheal and Azariah 5. What was Achans sin during the time of Joshua and what was his punishment? He took some money and he was stoned 6. What was one of the rewards that Daniel received for interpreting the writing on the wall? Purple robe, gold chain, 3rd highest ruler 7. What did King Neb see in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? One like the Son of Man 8. What were the four words written on the wall in Daniel 5? Mene Mene Tekel Parsin 9. What did the four words mean in Daniel 5? Numbered days, weighed, division 10. How many books are in the Bible? 66 11. After Daniel interpreted the first dream, what was one of the rewards that the king gave him?



What group of people was consulted first by King Neb each time he had a dream? Astrologers

Questions for 4th Base



Who was the greatest ruler of the Greek empire? Alexander the Great What kingdom did the silver arms and chest represent in the first dream? Medo-Persian Empire Which Old Testament prophet predicted that Christ would be born in Bethlehem? Micah


4. What two Gospels contain the birth story of Jesus? Matthew & Luke 5. What two Old Testament books contain passages about Christs birth? Isaiah & Micah


When the three Hebrews came out the furnace, what was amazing about their clothes? They did not smell of smoke Name the king that threw Daniel in the lions den. King Darius After the three men came out of the fire, what did King Neb decree? Everyone fear Daniels God How many years did King Neb have the brain of a cow? 7




11. 12.

What happened to the tree in King Nebs second dream? It was cut down and left a stump How many chapters are in Revelation? 22 What year was the temple destroyed in Jerusalem after Jesus rose again? 70 A.D.