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Green Future Coating Technology

Environmental Friendly Zinc Flake based Micro-layer Corrosion Protection coating technology for Mass produced Hardware & metal parts.
Author Kalyan Dhakane Managing Director EFFCO Finishes & Technologies Pvt. ltd. Tel: +91 98672 89420

Zinc Al Flake coatings were made by combination of Zinc and Aluminum flakes, electrically conductive Binder system with integrated lubricants for adjusting co-efficient of friction. The coating is conductive which helps to protect cathodically and aluminum flake helps to reduce of white oxidation buildup. The Zinc Flake coatings are Non-Electrolytically applied (as per ISO10683/ASTM F1136) by mechanical application techniques with combination of Organic or Inorganic top coat sealers. The coating could be an alternate to zinc and other electroplating in terms of properties and pollution related aspects. Zinc Al Flake coating offers high performance corrosion protection for bulky metal components. It is applied using a so-called dip-spinning process. The layer is made up of a base coat and top coat. The base coat is made up of zinc and aluminium flakes; the zinc gives cathodic corrosion protection. What is more, the zinc and aluminium flakes produced in the dry film form a barrier to reduce the impact of corrosive media including oxygen, electrolytes, etc. thereby enhancing the life of the complete protective system. The Zinc Al Flake coating offers excellent protection from mechanical and chemical impact. Protection against contact corrosion is enhanced and abrasion resistance is clearly increased. Integrated dry films lubricants help achieve defined friction coefficients. Generally for the Zinc Flake coatings, the coating thickness ranges from 5-15 microns. The corrosion resistance can be achieved over 1000 hours by ASTM B117 in Salt Spray test; The results of corrosion depends up on the shape and geometry of the parts. Other properties of the zinc flake coatings are Water soluble: Low VOC, Sacrificial behavior, Heat resistance of 150 deg c by organic and 200 deg by Inorganic sealer top coats, Free from Hydrogen Embrittelment, Protection of various corrosions, Anti Freezing in cold climates, High Chemical resistance, Improved Wear resistance, Colored sealer top coats for aesthetic and sorting, Possible to adjust the required Co-efficient of friction to reduce noise level, No hydrogen Embrittelment stress cracking of high strength and spring steel kind of metal parts The zinc flake coating can be applied in Automotive, Wind Turbine Industry, Railways, Energy and infrastructure/Chemical Processing Industry/Marine Industry/ Petroleum & Gas Industry for High tensile Fasteners, Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Screws and other threaded connecting hardware parts, Springs, Spring Steel Parts, Clips, Clamps, Brackets and other stamping parts, Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Brake Rotors etc.