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Crack image processing using probability based threshold Huayong Wu; Rongxin Zhao; Bo Li; Multimedia Technology (ICMT),

2011 International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICMT.2011.6003130 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 3904 - 3907 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spectral colour image processing Ravindranath, M.; Bhagvati, C.; Deekshatulu, B.L.; Image Information Processing (ICIIP), 2011 International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICIIP.2011.6108962 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 1 - 6 IEEE CONFERENCES Colour is represented as Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) in physical 3D world scene. A set of three discrete values, triplet, such as RGB represents colour in digita l 2D image. RGB values are derived from SPD using colour transforms. The physical basis of digital colour is SPD. Colour processing in natural 3D world scene could be thought of manipul ation of SPD. We explored different colour enhancement techniques based on derived SPD. Examp les showing the spectral based enhancement operations negative, flipping of wavelengths, mor phological operations, changing illuminants, increasing the brightness, smoothing, edge det ection etc. with experimental results on real images. The results appear to demonstrate tha t our proposed approach successfully simulates physical processes. Further, the approach outli ned in this paper leads to numerous significant applications in computational photography. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The compression method combining multirate operations and JPEG image processing Der-Feng Huang; Electrical and Control Engineering (ICECE), 2011 International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICECENG.2011.6057638 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 6152 - 6155 JPEG is a commonly used comparison algorithm in the real applications such as ph otographs, digital still camera images. Employing the multirate technique, the multirate JP EG (MrJPEG) with parameter R is developed to reduce the file size. The proposed approach pr ovides a parameter R to trade off the image size and the image quality. Two examples are demonstrated in this paper. An image database including 1000 test images are also performed f or R from 0.5 to 0.99. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A new method for image representation Xueli Wu; Bingzheng Wang; Yongquan Xia; Communication Software and Networks (ICCSN), 2011 IEEE 3rd International Confere

nce on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICCSN.2011.6014691 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 138 - 144 Image representation plays a key role in optimizing image processing algorithms. A new image representation method is presented, which is called Inclined plane Decomposition based Non-symmetry and Anti-packing image representation Method (I DNAM), in order to improve the efficiency of image processing algorithms. An algorithm is given for an abstract image processing based on the IDNAM, and the algorithm gen eralizes the basic idea of image processing algorithms based on the IDNAM. The theoretica l analyses show that the time complexity of this algorithm is smaller than that of the abs tract image processing algorithms based on pixel representation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nonuniform sampling and reconstruction for high resolution satellite images Xiaoming Shen; Guoqi Zeng; Zhimian Wei; Image Analysis and Signal Processing (IASP), 2011 International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/IASP.2011.6109026 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 187 - 191 The objective of nonuniform sampling methods in image processing is to represent an image with a low number of samples while preserving its content. This paper proposes an ad aptive nonuniform sampling algorithm for high-resolution satellite images. The idea is that more samples are selected around the edges thanks to the measure of the local skewnes s, and that few samples are placed in regions containing low-frequency features. The Delaunay triangulation method has been developed to reconstruct the image fr om nonuniform samples. The results of the reconstruction show that the proposed al gorithm can obtain a similar image quality with fewer samples, which is valuable for hi gh-resolution satellite image transmission and storage system. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------An effective image noise filtering algorithm using cellular automata Qadir, Fasel; Peer, M A; Khan, K A; Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI), 2012 International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICCCI.2012.6158916 Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 1 - 5 Cellular Automata is a methodology that uses discrete space to represent the sta te of each element of a domain and this state can be changed according to a transition rule . Image noise is unwanted information of an image and is translated into values w hich are getting added or subtracted to the true grey-level values. Noise can occur d uring image capture, transmission or processing and it may depend or may not depend o n image content. CA can be successfully applied in image processing. This paper presents image n

oise filtering based on cellular automata, which can remove impulsive noise from corr upted image. Non-Uniform cellular automata rules are constructed to filter noise from both g eneral images and medical images and the comparison shows that the filter based on cell ular automata shows significant improvements over the traditional methods of filtering. First the concept of cellular automata is introduced, and then accordingly to the structure of th e neighborhoods and the proposed model followed by the results. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lossless Compression On-Board Remote Sensing Satellites Lara, R.A.; Yunhong Wang; Future Computer Science and Education (ICFCSE), 2011 International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICFCSE.2011.162 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 650 - 653 Image processing on-board satellites is no longer a nice to have feature. Lossle ss image compression allows increasing the stored data on-board satellite and transmittin g it to the ground station without losing quality of the images. An overview of development trend in this area, as well as brief state-of-the-art lossless image compression methods on-b oard satellites are presented in this paper. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------