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Triac characteristic Objective Oscillogram of the triac characteristic for specified gate current Representation of the triac as an antiparallel connection of two thyristors Dependence of the triac voltage UT=UA2,A1 on the gate current Ig,

Triac characteristic
Exercise 1

Oscillogram of the triac characteristic fir specified gate current if necessary read the information on triac in the foreword of this experiment series.what component does the triac resemble when its gate connection is grounded?

Without gate current, the triac behaves like a five-layer diode ],i.e.switching through is realized using a satisfactorily large voltage via anodes A2 and A1.this operating mode is known as overhead triggering and is not relevant for the triac.

Fig 29.1

Assemble the circuit as shown in fig 29.1 and position the potentiometer wiper at the upper stop.switch channel II of the oscilloscope to external deflection, Describe the furher oscilloscope settings required for representing the characteristic.transfer the Oscillogram into the diagram(Fig.29.2)

Exercise 2 Representing the triac as an anti-parallel circuit of thyistors A gate current,whitch determine the triac point,flown because of the trigger voltage at the gate electrode,vary the potentiometer setting and observe the does the characteristic charge in relation to the potentiometer setting, i.e. to the gate voltage. At whitch gate voltage(rms value) is the trigger voltage UTmax approx.6V?

(Menggunakan National instruments)

Exercise 3 Dependence of the triac voltage UT=UA2,A1 on the gate current Ig, Describe a method of displaying the current on the oscilloscope. Connecting a small resistance (eg. 10) in the gate line enables you to define the current curve via the voltage curve with one channel of the oscilloscope.however,the prerequisite for this a ground-free measurement-here with an isolating transformer. Sketch your measuring circuit


Set the gate voltage to 0.8V rms and draw the curve of the corresponding gate current in diagram in Fig.29.4

(Menggunakan National instruments)

Fig 29.4 Measure the maximum triac voltage UTmax for each gate current amplitude ig,given below. Ensure the oscilloscope is reconnected as shown in Fig 29.1 after each I Gate setting IG0(nA) 266,902 190,454 186,987 64,332 41,637 1,164 1,492 3,3 6,155 11,996


(Menggunakan National instruments)

Keimpulan: Dengan mengatur I gate maka UT mengalami perubahan ,yaitu semakinb besar I gate maka semakin kecil UT yang dihasilkan begitu pula sebaliknya.