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Divakar Mukherjee
E Mail: / Mobile: 0-9451089157 Mobile Res.: 0-9305103105

CCNA, MCP with Over 6 years of technical experience involving extensive Networking and administration skills.

Diagnostic Ability Ability to get to core of the problem. Diligence Ability to meet deadlines.
Data Center & Enterprise Network/System/Firewall Integration & Troubleshooting, Technical coordination & Administration.

Ability to troubleshoot LAN/WAN, Networks & Systems. Good Knowledge of Routers and Switches 2950, 6509, 6505,4948,3750,3700 & 7200 series. Good knowledge of firewall (Cisco-Pix), Certificates - UAPKI & MPKI, Verisign. Knowledge of Packet Shaper, Load Balancer. Monitoring tools like: Solar Winds, Cisco Works with SNMP-V-3, whats up Gold, Vital Net. Participated in activities like Two Factor Authentication, Firewall redundancy. Good knowledge of linksys routers (wired & wireless), switches, music-bridges, wireless cameras & access points. Well versed with Operating systems - Windows 9x, Xp, 2000 Professional & Server. Thorough Knowledge of VOIP and TCP / IP Protocols. Fundamental understanding of Windows administration including server builds, OS Installation and hardware maintenance on HP and custom PC systems & wireless laptops. Being a SME participated in managerial role in absence of manager Handling escalated calls. Expertise in Troubleshooting of Technical problems and computer system components. Excellent command over both written and spoken English. Good Communication & interpersonal skills. Ability to multi-task as well as retain tactfulness and composure under pressure. Ability to provide and take constructive feedback in a positive manner. Ability to apply analytical thinking skills to solve complex technical problems timely. Making a positive impact in the field of networking, leading to organization growth by

creative application of value based job skills.

Work Experience:

Company : Focus InfoTech Position : Network Administrator Period : January 02nd October08 Responsibilities:
Data Center & Enterprise Network/System/Firewall Integration & Troubleshooting, Technical coordination & Administration.

Handling Data Centre (PAN - India) centrally managed with IBM INDIA (NOC Team) for client Airtel Bharti as a Network Administrator. Deployment of NAC, NIPS, HIPS.
Install and Configure of AAA servers (TACACS+) for Cisco routers and Switches Installation, Configuration of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) for centralized patch management. Worked on AES servers, managing IP's.

Managing monitoring tools like: Solar Winds, Cisco Works with SNMP-V-3, whats up Gold, Vital Net. Company : HCL Position : Senior Technical Support Officer Period : Since 16thAug 06-15th Dec 07.

Responsibilities : 1. 2. 3. 4. Handle issues related to Firewall / Anti-Virus. Use Nslookup or Netdiag to diagnose host or domain resolution problems. Troubleshoot Problems related to Sky Box / Gaming Console. Handle issues related to Voyager & Linksys routers (wired & wireless), modems, gaming adaptors, Speed touch modems, Hubs, Switches, and Wireless Cameras & Access Points. 5. Handle queries related to TCP-IP. 6. Handled issues related to IP phones. 7. Handle Wireless VOIP issues. 8. Troubleshoot Broadband related issues. 9. Troubleshoot problems remotely using GTA. 10. Troubleshoot LAN / WAN issues.

Company: Convergys (Microsoft Dept.) Position : Technical Support - Microsoft Dept. Period : 3rd April 06 15th Aug 06.

Responsibilities: 1. Handle issues related to Microsoft products - EPS 2000 Server, Active directory, networking. - Desktop 98 / ME, 2K Pro. XP Pro / Home. 2. Handle issues related to Drivers and Hardware. 3. Troubleshoot Internet connection problems, Internet Explorer problems, Home Networking, Advanced Networking. 4. Handle issues related to Windows Security. 5. Handle problems related to Installation of Windows 9X, 2K, Server, XP. 6. Handle Customer issues related to Windows Maintenance. 7. Handle issues related to Protocols (TCP IP) etc. 8. Responsible for configuration of computer peripherals. 9. Troubleshooting in computer system components. 10. Maintaining Office Network, LAN of Windows 2000. 11. Providing technical assistance. 12. Solving technical queries and problems over the phone. 13. Troubleshoot related operating systems.

Company : NIIT CATS (Allahabad) Position : Lab Administrator Period : Feb. 2003 Oct. 2005 Responsibilities: 1 Provide Hardware Technical Support. 2 Maintain user accounts and Records. 3 Perform new server builds (Windows 2000/ XP). 4 Provide Emergency Support e.g. Equipment failures. 5 Configuration and installation of network equipment. 6 Propose Network changes and new Technology as needed.

7 Configuring the files or databases, hosts, routers, and network configuration Servers. 8 Troubleshooting Network problems.

Company: NIIT CATS (Allahabad Center) Position: Lab Administrator (Part Time) Period: July 2001 Jan 2003 Responsibilities : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Provide Technical Assistance to the team. Maintain Records Assist computer users with the inevitable hardware. Troubleshoot Technical issues and computer system components. Perform system and network monitoring on Lab systems and some Desktop Support. Day-to-day administration tasks for servers and related components. Capacity planning/monitoring for all Servers and storage space.

Projects Executed: Handling Bharti SO project with IBM India. NIPS Deployment for IBM Bharti SO project. HIPS Deployment for IBM Bharti SO project. Handling AES project with IBM India. Installation & Configuration of Windows 2000 Professional & Server Laboratory in M.L.N.R.E.C. (Moti Lal Nehru Regional Engineering College), Allahabad.

Technical Skills :

Operating System: Windows 9x, 2000 Professional & Server Windows 20003 server, Fundamentals of Windows administration including server builds, OS installation and hardware maintenance on HP and custom PC systems. Hardware: Installation of various software and operating system. Assembling of computer system and troubleshooting of hardware components. Administration & Configuration of CISCO Routers & Catalyst Switches (L-3), Firewall. Configuring CISCO Routers with user specified LAN Protocols. Administration of network on Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ XP/ NT. Managing User & Groups, creating Domain/ DHCP, DNS, RAS.


Professional Qualification: Pursuing MBA IT / CCNP C.C.N.A. CISCO ID CSCO 10930232 Training from IACM, New Delhi. M.C.P. (70-210, 70-215) from NIIT CATS, Allahabad. Academic Qualification: 1 Pursuing MBA (IT) 2 Graduate (B.Com.) from Allahabad University in 2001. 3 Intermediate (Science Stream) from J.C.I.C., U.P. Board, Allahabad in 1998. 4 High School from J.C.I.C., U.P. Board, Allahabad in 1996.

Languages Known: 1 2 3 English (Read, Write & Speak) Hindi (Read, Write & Speak) Bangla (Read, Write & Speak)

Hobbies: 1 2 3 4 Computers. Public Relation. Football. Singing.

Personal Profile: Date of Birth Sex Nationality Marital Status : : : : 7th Dec 1980 Male. Indian. Single.

Contact Information: Address: Flat # A-315, Near Jagran Public School Sector-47, Noida-201301. E Mail: / Mobile: 0-9451089157 Mobile Res.: 0-9305103105

Divakar Mukherjee