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Present: Absent: Staff: JC Wallace, Chris Curtis, Martin Ward, Michelle Lane, Anagha Dandekar Clifford, Don Rogers, Laurie Berberich, Neeta Puthanveetil, Michael McGuire, Joseph Gallardo John Bruno, Denise Trudeau, Carmen Santisteban, Ming Lee, Aliza Gallo, Julia Sherwin, Ke Norman Marco Li Mandri/Board Consultant, Steve Snider/District Manager, Andrew Jones/District Services Coordinator, Victoria Decker/Office Manager Elizabeth Clark/FAB

General Counsel:

PR Consultant: Tim Gallen and Amanda Milner/Gallen Associates Guests: Minutes: Discussions held and decisions made by the Board of Directors SUBJECT Call to order- JC Wallace, President Approval of the minutes of May 4th, 2011 DISCUSSION Introductions were made and JC called the meeting to order. The minutes of the May 4th meeting were presented to the board for review. ACTION? Alanna Rayford

Approval of July 13th , 2011

The minutes of the July 13th meeting were presented to the board for review.

Martin moved and Neeta seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the May 5th, 2011 Board meeting as presented. The motion was approved unanimously Michelle moved and Laurie

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Public Comment and Announcements

Report from Captain Tull

Designation of Organization Committee as Nominations Committee

Steve Snider announced the 11th annual Art and Soul Festival to take place on August 20th and 21st. He also announced that September is shaping up to be a very busy month in the districts. The International Cannabis and Hemp Expo will take place on September 4th, the Remember Them sculpture unveiling will take place on September 6th, Project Bandaloop will be holding their annual event on the Great Wall on September 15th, 16th and 17th, and The Moneyballpremiere will be held on September 19th at The Paramount Theatre with a gala event at the Fox to follow. Neeta Puthanveetil informed the group of Karen Engels interest in coming to the next board meeting to discuss combined marketing efforts. Karen is the Executive Director of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance and has a lot of experience to bring to the table. It was suggested that Karen be invited to the next DISI meeting to interface with Tim Gallen. Marco suggested that we consider inviting the candidates for Nancy Nadels district to a future board meeting. Captain Tull was unable to attend this meeting. It was suggested that he be invited to the October meeting. Marco referred to pages 11-12 and explained the nominations process to the board. He asked the Board to designate the Organization Committee as the Nominations Committee. Marco referred to the bylaws on page 16-17 of the agenda packet

seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the July 13th Board meeting as presented. The motion was approved unanimously. No action taken.

No action taken.

JC moved and Chris seconded the motion to designate the Organization Committee as the Nominations Committee for the purposes of the annual election and authorize staff to proceed with mailing out the nominations form and letter to stakeholders.

The motion was approved unanimously. Review of Open Seats Marco referred to the list of Board members on page 10 of the agenda packet and reviewed the open seats. The terms of the following DOA board members will expire this year: JC Wallace, Chris Curtis, Laurie Berberich, Don Rogers, Ming Lee, Martin Ward and Denise Trudeau. Marco explained that the amount of the last assessment installment from the city will be $106,000.00. With the deposit of this latest installment we will have taken in 96% of the anticipated annual assessment, leaving DOA in good shape. Tori explained that she included very thorough explanatory notes in the preparation of the financial report, noting any significant variances. She highlighted the variance in the DISI Misc. line item explain that the line item was used to reimburse PSAI for the Old Oakland Tree Lighting and that the variance was offset by the Special Projects line item. Additionally, she highlighted the variance in the accounting line item explaining that the variance was due to the payment of $2,000.00 toward the completion of the 2009 audit. Finally, Tori explained that of the $51,397.98 Special Projects line item, $3,106.27 has been expended on the Annual Breakfast, $1600.00 was allocated for office furniture and equipment and $3,000.00 has been allocated to replenish the aforementioned DISI Misc. line item, leaving $43,691.71 in Special Projects (contingency). Marco requested a motion to adopt the financial report as presented. Elizabeth Clark explained that the latest version of the Quest contact proposes that the Board contracts with a subcontractor of Quest named Stan Williams. The contract is suggesting remuneration in the amount of $40K to hold an event, but does not discuss timing and what we would have to do to receive the $40K. It was clarified by staff that the requirement of the first event is to sign up 1,000,000 square feet of office space within the districts to be audited by Quest. Elizabeth recommended that staff prepare a list of committed property owners within the district to include as exhibits to the contract. Elizabeth expressed concerns over Phoenix and No action taken.

Budget Status With the City

Chris moved and Mike seconded the motion to adopt the financial report as presented. The motion was approved unanimously.

Status of Oakland Shines Agreement

No action taken.

their inaction and advised having the check in hand prior to holding the event. Number of applications returned for Executive Directors position, 7 applications, 2 finalists Marco explained that the deadline for applications to be submitted for the Executive Director position was July 29th, and, as of that date only seven applications had been received. The Joint Organization Committee met on August 10th to review the submissions and selected the two finalists. The finalists will be interviewed on September 9th by the Joint Organization Committee and then a meeting of the Joint Board will be called to discuss. A decision will be announced at the October board meetings. Marco explained that he, Steve and Andrew met with BART director Robert Raburn to discuss forward progress with the planters on the back of BART entrances. Andrew explained that Mr. Raburn was fully supportive of the idea, but needed to obtain staff approval. His only concern was in regards to water from the planters getting on the escalators and causing damage. Andrew explained that the drainage on the planter boxes will be designed to drain away from the escalators. The contractor is in place and ready to proceed once a letter of authorization from BART is received. Elizabeth asked to receive any agreements from BART so that she can review before proceeding. Andrew explained that the city has authorized him to proceed with the installation of hanging plants on Broadway as the initial permit allows for hanging plants(please see page 22 of the agenda packet). Andrew hopes to begin the first round of installation this year and will finish up next year when we have the budget to do so. Tim Gallen referred to pages 23-30 of the agenda packet and reviewed the mid-year activity report. Tim explained that the Moneyball premiere at the Paramount, beautification projects, the success of InOak and pop-up galleries, like the Betty Ono Group, are stories they are pitching to the media. He discussed talking to the media about the successful public-private partnership happening in the districts and how it should be emulated by other cities. Oakland is ahead of the curve and eventually the story will be about how Oakland made it happen in bad economic times No action taken.

Status of Grant Task Force, Urban Ecology and back of BART project

No action taken.

Gallen Neilly Report

No action taken.

Next Meeting

Annual Meeting to be held on October 5th, 2011.


There was motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:14 p.m.

Chris moved and JC seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:14 p.m.

Minutes taken by: Tori Decker, Staff, Downtown Oakland Association and Marco Li Mandri, Primary Consultant, Downtown Oakland Association