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Art 7/8 | Body |Final Artwork

PART ONE: Artist Exploration / Visual Research A. Explore the human figure artists on the BODY theme page of the Art 7/8 Classweb. Take a few minutes to very briefly explore as many of the artists as you can, to get a sense of their work. Then, choose TWO of the artists you like the best to compare and contrast. Spend at least TEN MINUTES looking through EACH of their bodies of work, and get a clear sense for their style, materials, and use of the figure. B. Design a page in your sketchbook titled, Visual Research: BODY. It should include: a. TWO sketches one each of an artwork by your two artists (Label them with the title, artist, date (year), and medium ) b. The NAMES of your two artists (in large, carefully designed type: trace-transfer, stamped, computer-generated, collage, etc.) c. A very brief bio of each artist (2-3 sentences): i. where and when they were born ii. where they live(d) and work(ed) iii. any important aspect of their life or career, etc. d. Compare/Contrast paragraph (8-10 sentences): i. Describe the STYLE of their artwork: what media (materials) and/or process do they use to create their work? What types of shapes, forms, colors, textures do they use? How are their styles the SIMILAR or DIFFERENT? ii. Describe how they represent the HUMAN FIGURE: 1. Proportions are they natural? Exaggerated? Elongated? Fattened? Shortened? 2. In what context do they show the figure what are the figures doing? How are they posed? What expression do they have? Are they realistic or abstract? C. Think about how you design the space of your page: a. Where will the sketches go? What materials will you use for them? b. Where will the text go? How will you create it? c. How will you use the background space? (remember: touch the edges!) d. What color scheme will you use?

PART TWO: Individual/Group Studio Project A. Plan and create an artwork that represents the HUMAN FIGURE in some way, and is somehow inspired by the artists you looked at in Part One. You will have some choices to work with. Your artwork could be: Individual or Group 3-D (Sculpture/Paper Mache) or 2-D (Drawing/Painting/Printing/Collage) Natural or Unnatural proportions Large or Small in scale Single or Multiple (series) Group projects should be either TWO or THREE people, and should be larger in scale or scope, so that each persons effort and engagement is comparable to an individual project. You could also decide to work individually, but do two or three individual artworks that somehow fit together as a group. 3-D/Sculpture media for this project are limited to Paper Mache. B. Follow the Creative Process to plan and create your artwork: 1. Inspire: Look at the work of artists (Part One), Find inspiration in your own experiences, knowledge and interests in life 2. Imagine: Explore as many ideas as possible. Look at your idea from many different angles. Do at least 8 thumbnail sketches of different ideas and/or variations of your idea. 3. Develop: Once youve chosen your best idea, develop it look at photos, artworks, books, etc. to develop details, skill, and style in your work. Refine your idea by exploring more variations of it. Do a rough sketch of it that has more detail, style, and quality than your thumbnails. (For a sculpture, you may want to experiment with the material and begin creating a small model of your idea). 4. Finalize: Put your strongest work and effort into your final piece. Make sure the quality, skill, and style is your very best, and that you have fully developed and explored your idea by the time you do your final piece. INSPIRATION BOX

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