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The Books of The Bible: And the Translations of the Names of Each, 66 Books in Total.

The Old Testament - 39 Books The Law The Five Books of the Pentateuch. 1. Genesis 'Bereshith' - In the beginning 2. Exodus 'veelleh shemoth' - Redemption 3. Leviticus 'vayyikra' - Worship 4. Numbers 'Bemidbar' - In the wilderness 5. Deuteronomy 'Haddebarim' - The words The History Joshua 'Yahsua' (Jesus) - Yahveh (God) the Savior Judges - 'Shophetim' - Rulers Ruth - A Story of Loyalty I Samuel - 'Shemuel' - Asked of God II Samuel I Kings - The Kingdom United II Kings - The Kingdom Divided I Chronicles - 'Dibrei hayyamim' - Words of the days II Chronicles Ezra - Born in confusion Nehemiah - Comforter of Yahveh (God) Esther 'Estthur' - The Hidden Star The Books of Poetry Job 'Iyyob' - Persecuted Psalms 'Tehillim' - Songs, to rejoice Proverbs 'Mishlai - To rule Ecclesiastes 'Koheleth' - The Preacher Song of Solomon 'Shir Hashshirim' - Songs of Songs The Major Prophets Isaiah - Salvation of Yahveh (God) Jeremiah Yahveh (God) raises up Lamentations - One God sends forth (sorrow) Ezekiel ' Yehezkel' - El is strong

Daniel - God is my Judge The Minor Prophets Hosea 'Hoshea' - Salvation Joel - Yahveh (God) is God Amos - Burden Obadiah - Servant of Yahveh (God) Jonah - Warmth of a dove Micah - Who is like Yahveh (God)? Nahum - The compassionate, or consoler Habakkuk - To embrace Zephaniah - Hidden of Yahveh (God) Haggai - Feast or Festival Zechariah - Remembered of Yahveh (God) Malachi - My messenger The New Testament - 27 Books The Four Gospels 1. Matthew - Jesus, the True King 2. Mark - Jesus, the Servant of All 3. Luke - Jesus, the Man of Compassion 4. John - Jesus, the Son of God The Acts Acts - The Acts of the Apostles The Epistles/Letters Romans - God's Plan to Save Us I Corinthians - The problems of the Church, Corinth II Corinthians - Paul answers His Accusers Galatians - Christianity as a Reality, not 'Traditions' Ephesians - We are One in Christ Philippians - Serve Others with Joy Colossians - Jesus is above all things I Thessalonians - Encouragement for New Christians II Thessalonians - The Return of Christ I Timothy - Advice to a Younger Preacher II Timothy - Encouragement to a Soldier of Christ

Titus - Instructions for Doing Good Philemon - A Slave Becomes a Christian Hebrews - A Better Life Through Christ James - How to Live as a Christian I Peter - Written to God's Elect II Peter - Correcting the False Teachings I John - The Love of God II John - Beware of the False Teachers III John - Love to Those Who Walk in the Truth Jude - Warnings of 'evil' men and false teachers The Apocalypse 'apokalupsis' - to reveal, prophecy { Revelation to reveal }