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Nomura | FX Portfolio Update

22 March 2012

FX Portfolio Update
Emerging Markets Research | EEMEA

One more try: Buying EUR/HUF cash

EMFX underperformance + short-term divergences = HUF weaker
We recently bought EUR/HUF in cash, which was a low conviction call and that did not work. Currently, our conviction level is medium to high to buy EUR/HUF at 293.30 with a stop loss of 287 and a target in the 310-315 area. Why is our confidence level higher? 1. Price action is starting to confirm now is the time to short the weak links in EM fundamentals. a) First, EMFX is underperforming stocks and credit for numerous reasons ranging from wider current account deficits in EM to slower inflows into EM local to currency wars. Investors are unlikely to play risk-on with currencies anymore. b) Second, the market is questioning the sustainability of the global rate rally. In the current global backdrop, a continuation of stock momentum may mean higher rates, which could turn up haunting the stock market rally. Thus for the next 2-3 weeks risk reward looks good for risk-off. c) The peripheral Europe and core Europe rally seems to have ended, and spreads look like they have posted a top. 2. EUR/HUF can be explained by the price action in Hungary CDS, basis and 1-month yields on FX forwards. All of these indicators signal that EUR/HUF could now move the other way. 3. Bond inflows into Hungary have been strong of late. Technically the currency seems to have priced in the IMF agreement and it is currently hard to argue that investors are underweight Hungarian assets. Technicals could signal a move on EUR/HUF to 310 easily if our view on no IMF agreement until June (unless a big sell-off in HUF) is right. 4. The MNBs balance sheet is growing faster than its peers in EM. Hungarys QE/LTRO-lite still signals that shorting currency is the right trade. In fact QE/LTRO-lite provides some kind of backstop, making credit an interesting asset class to own (at the right price), but at the expense of a weaker currency. 5. Momentum for a higher current account surplus stopped during 2011. At the current price of HUF, we doubt if the balance of payments offer much fresh news to own HUF. One more try in HUF On 16 February we bought a one-month EUR/HUF 302-308 call spread (see HUF a cheap hedge post LTROQE?), which last week expired worthless at a loss of 36bp. We initially thought the trade could act as an opportunistic hedge against our backdrop of EM inflows in the run-up to the ECB LTRO. We also saw no reason to believe HUF would benefit from the QE/LTRO-lite announced by the MNB, in addition to our negative timing view for the IMF deal, which suggests EUR/HUF would move higher first. Currently, our

2 2 M AR C H 2 0 1 2

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Nomura | FX Portfolio Update

22 March 2012

conviction level is medium to high to buy EUR/HUF here with a stop loss at 287 and a target area of 310-315. We are allocating US$10mn to the trade. Charts to support our short-term rationale for higher EUR/HUF In our view EUR/HUF can be explained by the price action in Hungary CDS, basis and 1-month yields on FX forwards. All of these indicators signal that EUR/HUF can now move the other way. Figures 1 to 4 show these shortterm indicators, with foreigners bond holdings having risen back to 42% of outstanding bonds which is around the traditional key level for the currency.
Fig. 1: EURHUF vs 1yr basis swap
0 330

Fig. 2: EURHUF vs implied yields

6.5 %
6 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 Oct-10 Feb-11 Jun-11 Oct-11 Feb-12

-100 -150



320 310 300 290 280 270 260

HUF 1m implied yield EURHUF (rhs)

EURHUF 330 320


300 290

-200 -250

270 260

-350 -400 Jul-10

Basis Swap 1y EURHUF (rhs) Jan-11 Jul-11 Jan-12



Source: Nomura, Bloomberg

Source: Nomura, Bloomberg

Fig. 3: EURHUF vs CDS

800 Spread (bp) 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 Jul-10
Jan-11 Jul-11 Jan-12 Hungary 5y CDS EURHUF (rhs)

Fig. 4: EURHUF vs Non-resident bond holdings

320 310 300 290 280 270 260

15 EUR bn
14 13

Foreign Bond Holdings EURHUF (rhs)

320 310

12 11 10

300 290 280


8 7 Jul-10
Jan-11 Jul-11 Jan-12

260 250


Source: Nomura, Bloomberg

Source: Nomura, Bloomberg

Fig. 5: Balance sheet growth

Index (Jan 08=100) 280 Hungary Poland 260 South Africa 240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 Jan-08 Aug-08 Mar-09 Oct-09 May-10 Dec-10 Jul-11 Czech Turkey

Fig. 6: Balance sheet (excl. reserves) growth

Index (Jan 08=100) 300 Hungary Poland South Africa Czech Turkey


150 100

0 Jan-08 Aug-08 Mar-09 Oct-09 May-10 Dec-10 Jul-11

Source: Nomura, Bloomberg

Source: Nomura, Bloomberg

Nomura | FX Portfolio Update

22 March 2012

QE/LTRO Lites currency negative effects are not priced in One key issue is the MNBs announcement of QE/LTRO-lite. This was part of a compromise in our view with the government to provide additional backstops to the banking sector in time of stress. These facilities, mortgage bond collaterised funding and longer-term liquidity operations, combined with existing FX liquidity operations, are not being used in any great size at the moment (given the banking sector is already flush with liquidity), but would be when there is further market stress. Such actions would expand the balance sheet in a way that is unheard of in many other EMs. Good for the banking sector, but bad for the currency we believe. Figures 5 and 6 show Hungarys central bank balance sheet grew faster than its peers, including and excluding reserves.

No trigger point from domestic events, but expect no IMF Currently, it is very difficult to see the trigger point for EURHUF breaking higher from only domestic events. The monthly run of fiscal numbers may be the most likely and we expect to see continued under performance on lower growth and expenditure slippage. Otherwise there is the deadline for the government to respond to the next round of treaty infringement proceedings on 7 April and then the convergence report at end-April. The government will attempt to show it is on track with its fiscal plans and will most likely put forward additional measures on the expenditure side. After that there is the EDP reassessment based on the convergence report, where the EC will look particularly at the underlying structural budget deficit more than the headline. That will happen in June. We expect no movement by the government between now and June to meet the pre-conditionality (unless there is a market sell-off) and as such there we expect no IMF or EU missions.

Balance of payments momentum has stopped Momentum of higher current account surplus stopped during 2011. At the current price of HUF, we doubt if the balance of payments offers much fresh news to own HUF.

Fig. 7: Hungary trade surplus narrowing

EUR bn 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0.0 -0.1 -0.2 Jan-08

Fig. 8: Current account momentum has stopped

HUF bn 200

Trade balance (EUR, sa 3m ma) Trade balance (HUF, sa 3m ma)








% GDP 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 Mar-08

Current account (12m rolling) Basic balance (12m rolling)







Source: Nomura, EMED, CEIC

Source: Nomura, EMED, CEIC

For more details on our model portfolio, please see our Global FX Weekly.

Nomura | FX Portfolio Update

22 March 2012

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Nomura | FX Portfolio Update

22 March 2012

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Nomura | FX Portfolio Update

22 March 2012

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