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The Past Simple tense, also called the Simple Past, is used for past actions that happened

either at a specific time, which can either be given by a time phrase (yesterday, last year, etc.) or understood from the context. Regular Verbs add -ed to the base form, or -d if the verbs ends with -e. Irregular verbs can change in many different ways. The verb form is the same for all persons: eg: I liked, you liked, she/he/it liked, we liked, they liked. NOTE: After the auxiliary verb, Did/Didn't, it returns to the base form: eg: Did you take it? eg: She didn't like it. Simple Past Tense digunakan untuk fakta-fakta atau peristiwa-peristiwa yang terjadi di masa lampau. Contoh: I played tennis with some guys from work yesterday. We stayed in Shanghai for five days. Kata kerja simple past tense (kata kerja bentuk ke-2) yang reguler dibentuk dengan menambahkan -ed pada akhiran kata kerja. Contoh: jump -> jumped: The dog jumped over the fence. walk -> walked: I walked 22 kilometers yesterday. work -> worked: We worked together as lawyers for 15 years. Kegunaan Simple past tense digunakan untuk menyatakan sebuah tindakan yang telah selesai dilakukan. Contoh: We watched a movie at the weekend (kami menonton film di akhir pekan) She arrived on Thursday (dia tiba hari Kamis) Waktu spesifik harus dinyatakan atau diisyaratkan. Contoh: I walked to work this morning - Dalam kalimat ini waktunya disebutkan I walked to work - Dalam kalimat ini waktu tidak disebutkan, tetapi konteks kalimatnya dapat membuat kita memahami waktu yang dimaksud (yakni waktu lampau). Kalimat negatif Kalimat negatif simple past tense dibuat dengan did dan not. Did adalah bentuk lampau dari kata kerja to do. Did dan not sering disingkat menjadi didnt. Contoh: - I arrived in London on Monday -> I didnt arrive on Sunday. - They stayed at the Vivaldi Hotel -> They didnt stay at the Carlton Hotel. Karena did merupakan bentuk lampau, maka kata kerja utama tidak mengalami perubahan. Contoh:

We didnt live in Italy. Did adalah bentuk lampau sehingga live tidak dirubah menjadi bentuk lampau. We didnt lived in Italy. Kalimat ini tidak benar Kalimat bertanya Pertanyaan dibuat dengan menempatkan did sebelum subjek. Contoh: You lived in Japan -> Did you live in Japan? They stayed at the Vivaldi Hotel -> Did they stay at the Vivaldi Hotel? Kata kerja utama juga tidak berubah (tidak diganti menjadi bentuk lampau), contoh: - You lived in Japan -> Did you lived in Japan? (tidak benar) - You lived in Japan -> Did you live in Japan? (benar) Kata kerja tidak beraturan Ada banyak kata kerja simple past tense yang tidak beraturan (irregular verbs) dalam bahasa Inggris, yakni tidak ditambahkan -ed. Berikut beberapa kata kerja tidak beraturan yang paling umum.

PAST TENSE The definition of simple past tense: The simple past tense is used to talk about activities or situations that began and ended in the past. Frequency adverbs: Last year yesterday a moment ago some minutes ago two day last month last week last day some hour ago, etc. Form of simple past tense: Statement Question

S + V2 + . S + tobe (was/were) + .. Negative S + didnt + V1 + .. S + wasnt/werent

Did + S +V1 Short answer Yes, I did No, I didnt

I was with my grandmother yesterday. I was happy yesterday There was a lot of rain yesterday I was really busy yesterday It was not sunny yesterday She was here yesterday. She was not here yesterday. Was she here yesterday? The car exploded at 7 pm yesterday.

She did not visit me yesterday.

-My Father bought this car last year -They went to Tokyo last month My Father bought this car last year My Father did not BUY this car last year They went to Tokyo last month I went to USA last week. She studied English last month I didnt go to USA last week. She didnt study English last month. Did you go to USA last week? Did she study English last month?

She went home two minutes ago Farmers in Jati Bali grew rice crops 6 months ago. Transpiration started to increase 3 hours ago. I was not a very good badminton player a year ago. She did not go home two minutes ago She went to Bogor a week ago I never drunk coffee five years ago I bought a new car 3days ago. mother went to surabaya a week ago we studied english two hours ago

Present Tense
In English or Simple Present Tense Present Tense is used to declare the event or events, activities, activity and so is the case today. Present tense is also used to express a fact, or something that happens over and over again the days NOW. Remember, PRESENT means it is now, now. Rumusnya: Positif: S + V1 (s/es) Negatif: S + DO/DOES + NOT + V1 Tanya: DO/DOES + S + V1 Contoh Kalimat Positif:

I drink coffee She drinks coffe We drink coffee The core of the Past Tense is to declare the events that have "Past". Past have not been here very long very well, just been passed, has passed. That's the emphasis. Maybe yesterday, an hour ago, two years ago, two centuries ago, and so on. All that has "Past".
Rumus Past Positif: S Negatif: S Tanya: Did Tense: + V2 + did not + V1 + S + V1

1. Present Tense (Waktu Sekarang) a. Simple Present Tense (Waktu Sekarang Sederhana) Rumus : + } S + V1 + O/C - } S + Do/does + not + V1 + O/C ? } Do/does + S + V1 + O/C Example : + } Sisca Reads book everyday - } Sisca does not Read book everyday ? } does Sisca Read book everyday Yes He does / No He does not (doesnt) For I, We, You, They = do He, She, It = Does Contoh kalimat : (+) She is a new people here. (+) He plays football every morning (-) She isnt a new people here. (-) He does not playing football every morning. (?) Is she a new people here? (?) How playing football every morning?

2. Past Tense (Waktu Lampau) a. Simple Past Tense (Waktu Lampau Sederhana) Rumus : +} S+Be+Was/Were+O/C -} S+Be+Was/Were+not+O/C ?} Be+Was/Were+ S+O/C Example : +} We were at school yesterday -} We were not at school yesterday ?} were we at school yesterday ? For I, He, She, It = Was They, we, you = were Contoh : (+) I saw a good film last night (+) He came here last month (-) I saw not a good film last night (-) He came not last month (?) Saw I a good film last night (?) Came He here last month

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