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INTRODUCTION:By exploring the use of new and innovative materials to enhance facade design, you create a sense of place or technical performance for all aspects of design. By embracing the challenge to create solutions by evaluating material properties, applications, life cycle analysis, durability, performance and sustainability, you maintain great design concepts without compromising your original vision.



Facades Facade Systems Metals Facades Glass Facades

Brick Veneer :

High fire resistance, High resistance to water penetration, Low thermal transmission rate, Low maintenance Increased resale value

Glazed Brick :

Glazed brick can be used in both interior and exterior Perform well under all climatic conditions. Variety of colors that are not available in standard brick production. May be applied to special shapes or brick of different sizes

To further enhance visual interest. It is even possible to apply multiple glazes to a single brick unit
Glazes may be clear, translucent or opaque, and are available in almost any color with a glossy, satin or matte finish

Transparent Cement:-

Has dozens of tiny holes in it, which lets light pass through it without compromising the structural integrity. 2-3 mm gaps make a startling pattern and from certain angles or at a distance appear exactly the same as normal concrete. But on a sunny day, the effect inside a building is akin to a little more than a light mesh on the wall filtering the light coming in.

Glass Fiber Concrete:

Glass fiber reinforced(GFR) composite materials consist of high strength glass fiber embedded in a cement matrix Weigh substantially less Elastic in their tensile stress-strain characteristics

Stone:On most projects appearance, suitability, availability and cost are likely to be the determining factors. Types:Travertine Sandstone Quartzite Marble Limestone

Wood Veneer:The natural variation of timber means each project is individual. No two veneers are exactly a like.

Timber finishes add natural warmth and ambience to your project.

Timber is pleasant and friendly to the touch

Premium decorative finish that adds prestige and style Most Popular Sal , Timber

Unitized Curtain Wall :The most technically sound facade solution for repetitive high exposure building of scale. Unitized curtain walls are generally factory assembled and glazed and include a variety of opaque materials. The factory assembly reduces reliance on field labor, increases the quality of the curtain wall.

Green Faade :Whether it is a static green faade or one that is designed to change with the environment, the opportunities to create vertical landscaped surfaces within the facade are endless. Plants :Actinidia - Akebia quinata/trifoliata Aristolochia-CampsisCelastrus-ClematisCotoneaster-Euonymus fortunei-Hedera-Heuchera Humulus lupulus-Hydrangeapetiolaris-Lonicera

Rain Screen Cladding:The preferred method of cladding opaque walls It allows the materials to be the primary weathering surface with the introduction of sealants. Ventilated rains screen walls provide a wide range of massing, profiles and finishes in a variety of materials ranging from terra cotta, metal, stone, composites and wood materials

Sun Ban Reflective Glass

Cuts the heat from the sun Reduced usage of the air
conditioner Lower operating cost Protects from harmful ultra violet rays Protects curtains & furnishings from fading Allows optimum light transmission Gives privacy Better aesthetic look Improves standard of living Easy to install & maintain Cost saver

PVB Laminated Glass

Safety Security Sound Reduction Solar Energy Control UV Control Protection from weather and
natural disasters Durability Low visual distortion

Zinc Cladding
Column casings Window pods Copings Louvers - pressed and

extruded Corner fabrications Perforated screens Bull noses Featured beams Insulated and non-insulated gutters

Expanded Metal

The strands and bonds are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the sheet giving a dimensional appearance to the finished product This adds to strength and rigidity Allows air circulation Makes a skid resistant surface

Pre-weathered Zinc
Smooth Texture Hard Substance Cool Temperature Poor Acoustics No odour Strong fire resistance Good UV Resistance Good Weather Resistance Heavy Weight Moderate Chemical
Resistance Non Renewable Glossy

Weaved Metal
Characters : i. Elegant ii. Royal iii. Charming Advantages : i. Durability ii. Flexibility iii. Unique texture iv. Versatility

Porcelain coated high carbon

Includes a ground coat layer for coating directly onto the steel and a cover coat layer. The ground coat layer includes a soft ground coat frit having nickel oxide dispersed substantially uniformly throughout The resulting porcelain enamel coating provides good resistance to boiling defects, such as pinholes

Copper Cladding
Act as a lightweight, finish s
screen Water shedding rain screen The panels can be perforated or have shaped openings acting as sun or decorative screens. Backup wall system to be watertight. Isolator clips used between the metal support system

Bronze Cladding
The material very gradually
changes to dark brown anthracite throughout. Outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance Extremely high corrosion resistance As exceptional stability and material rigidity Simple to join by soldering or brazing Covered with a protective film for safe transporting Protective film should be removed immediately after installation.

Foamed Aluminum
Efficient energy absorption Excellent stiffness-to-weight
ratio Nearly isotropic Multiaxial loading Low thermal conductivity Fire resistant Shock wave attenuation Sound and vibration damping and absorption Tailorable density and properties Recyclable

Stainless Steel Composite Material

Flatness: excellent flatness
derived from the continuous laminating process

Rigidity: As one of the

attributes of composite panels, SCM is rigid and lightweight

Corrosion resistance:

outstanding rust-resistance

Fire safety: has a fire approval

for exterior and interior uses in Japan

Variable perforated stainless steel

Choices of opening
sizes/areas Variety of gauges and materials Diversity of patterns High strength-to-weight ratio Economical Versatility Aesthetic appeal Ventilation of air, light, sound, gases Screening of fluids Pressure equalization or control Safety and security Ease of fabrication

Park Hyatt Hyderabad, India

Facade elements include a rain screen design featuring : i. Indian granite cladding ii. Extruded terra cotta sunscreens iii. Low E insulated glass iv. Architectural metal accents

Banyan Park, Mumbai, India

Campus comprises of low rise
buildings clad with indigenous Indian granite and exposed architectural concrete. vertical sunscreens and visual features to bring scale to the linear structures.

Large stone units are used for

The balance of the facades

feature glazed window wall and curtain wall strategically placed to take advantage of natural day lighting while minimizing direct sun exposure.

The facade design features a

rain screen concept that facilitates the ease of rinsing during rainfall to keep the facade clean.

Shangri-la Hotel & Palladium Mall Mumbai, India

Aluminum composite panel (ACP) Stone or terra cotta Spider glazing Structural glazing Entrance glazing and Entrance canopy