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Robert Arnold INTL 3111 29 March 2012 Anthills of the Savannah Quiz In Erritounis critical essay Contradictions and Alternatives in Chinua Achebes Anthills of the Savannah he is focusing on how Achebe uses contradictions to represent the political state of Kangan. This critical essay also addresses the idea that Achebe focuses on alternative solutions to fixing the government in the Kangan. Erritouni refers to the alternatives as horizons because they are not a set goal or alternative to the life the characters are living, but they are instead abstract ideas. The essay also brings to light how Achebe uses Chris and Ikem to represent intellectuals who can bring about alternatives to the current nation-state. Erritouni explains how this could be instrumental in leading Nigerians and Africans beyond the impasses of their nation states. Erritouni also points out that Achebe uses a strong female role to contradict what is typical in this type of society as well as society in general. In the essay it is explaining how Achebe does not just give one type of alternative to fix the society, but instead gives multiple alternatives. First he offers up the idea of enlightened leaders; he also explains how the indigenous people have a major role in society, and how Beatrice could be an alternative to the type of leadership that is currently being held. The contradictions that are within Anthills of the Savannah are not there because Achebe does not realize that they are in his novel, they are put there because Africa consists of contradictions and complexities and Achebe is attempting to illustrate this throughout the novel.

After reading Erritounis position on the contradictions and alternatives throughout Achebes novel Anthills of the Savannah it is easy to be convinced of his arguments. As Erritouni explains the contradictions are not there because Achebe does not realize that they are there, but instead they are there because of the complexities that exist in African politics. I can understand where Erritouni is coming from because any political system is going to have contradictions. In Anthills of the Savannah the political system tries to seem democratic where the people have a choice, but in reality they have no say within the government. It is not a democracy when His Excellency is elected leader for life. It is also a very corrupt government where His Excellency is elected leader for life, but is killed by a government official who is underneath him. These contradictions are made because Achebe wants to illustrate the corruption and contradictions throughout Africa. The alternatives that are in Anthills of the Savannah are prominent, especially when it comes to the political perspective. Achebe gives alternatives to solutions that could potentially help to fix the country. Achebe does not choose just one political remedy, but instead gives multiple ways that could potentially fix the problem. This includes showing the hope of Beatrice and how she may be a new type of political figure. The alternatives are just different ways to approaching the corrupt government that is prominent in the book which is a representation of many African governments. This critical essay is persuasive in its arguments about how the contradictions in Anthills of the Savannah are a representation of the contradictions of reality, as well as the alternatives that Achebe introduces as solutions to the corrupt government.

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