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A Message From God
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

This project is intended to be a gift, distributed at no cost to the reader.

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About The Cover

The cover image was taken by the author on the side of the road of U.S. Highway 78,
just outside Holly Springs, Mississippi, after an afternoon thunderstorm.
Other than minor adjustments for color and contrast, it has not been altered in any way.

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Table of Contents
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About Me
First, a word about Me:
I am God. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. I am all
that ever was. I am all there ever will be.
An important thing for you to understand about Me is that I
can be described, but I cannot be defined. The moment you get
attached to a particular definition of Me is the moment you
close yourself off to other possible experiences of Me.
Therefore, it would be wise to keep an open mind about
Me—not just throughout this message, but in your everyday life.
If your heart yearns to truly know Me, I will show you Who I
Am—through this message, through your own experience of life.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

Indeed, I will use the entire universe to reveal myself to you. But
for now, be still and know this:
I am everything you think I am.
I am also everything you think that I am not.
This is because I, quite simply, am EVERYTHING.


About This Message

I am sending you this message now, because so many of you
are living in fear and confusion unnecessarily.
Much of that fear comes from confusion about Who I Am,
and why things happen. I never intended for having a relation-
ship with Me to be as difficult or complicated as many of you
have made it. In fact, it is neither difficult nor complicated.
However, to receive this message, it would be wise to put
down some of your existing thoughts about Who I Am and how
I’ve set things up. In other words, stop telling yourself that you
already know all there is to know about Me. This closes your
mind off to all the other things I want to show you about Me.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

I cannot operate inside a closed mind. Therefore, if you truly

want to know Me, you must open your mind. You cannot rule
out any possibilities. Any time you rule out possibilities, you
limit My ability to do wonders in your life.
If you truly want to develop your relationship with Me, it
would also be wise to humble yourself. Arrogance and pride
block your direct experience of Me, because your focus is on you
instead of Me. Humility brings you closer to Me.
I do not require you to agree with this message. I offer it to
you as guidance, and you are free to accept or reject any or all of
it. As I will explain later, I have given each of you a direct line of
communication with Me. This message is simply a tool for you
to become aware of that connection.
If there are ideas expressed here that you do not understand
at first, do not panic or worry. As in the rest of life, some things
you pick up instantly; others take a while to soak in.

Trust Me—if, in your heart, you truly yearn to know Me and
you are openhearted, I will reveal myself to you.
There may come a point in this message (in fact, in life)
where one idea seems to oppose another one. This happens
because you are used to looking at things in an “either-or” way—
either it’s this way or it’s that way.
However, all things come from Me. All things ARE Me. So
when two or more ideas seem to contradict each other, look
deeper. On a deeper level, these things—all things—are a part of
a much larger whole. Namely, Me.
This message will also remind you of who I created you to
be. When you truly understand who you are, you will become a
vessel for love, peace and healing in the world. Indeed, the
Kingdom of Heaven will be among you.
This message is intended to touch your heart, heal your spirit
and soothe your soul. You have cried out for a Word from Me,
and I shall give it to you.

Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.


How To Know When

I Am Talking To You
The words you are reading are just that—words. Words, as
versatile as they are, are like anything else in your world. They
can be misused, misunderstood and mistaken. They can be used
to mislead, mistreat and manipulate. It depends upon the inten-
tion of the user.
Therefore, because I never wanted there to be any confusion
between you and I, I have given each one of you a direct line of
communication with Me—one that cannot be tampered with,
nor misunderstood, nor confused with anyone or anything else.
For I have written The Truth on your heart.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

You will hear My voice in your heart.

Whenever something in your human experience—a baby’s
smile, a sermon, the sound of raindrops on your window, this
message—whenever your experience matches up with The Truth
I have written on your heart, your heart will know that it came
from Me, and you will have NO doubts about it.
That is how you will know when I am talking to you. You
will feel it in your heart.
However, listening to Me is a skill like any other; it takes
commitment, focus and practice. But I am patient, and I will
teach you how to listen to Me.
So as you read these words, some of them will align with
your Inner Truth. Some will not. I do not require you to agree
with Me—that is why I gave you free will.
However, your life will run much smoother if you choose to
agree with the Inner Truth I have put upon your heart.
That said, I suggest you pay attention to your heart as you
read this. What I have written there will guide you. Simply use
what serves you and discard what doesn’t.
As I have said elsewhere in this message, you may want to
keep an open mind. The surest way to miss what I am telling
you is to assume that you already know what I’m going to say.

Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.


Where To Find Me
I am always with you.
You never need to be lost. I am always with you. If you make
the conscious choice to look for Me, rest assured that you will
find Me. This is because I am everywhere. Literally.
I am the air you breathe.
I am the water you drink.
I am the food that you eat.
I am the thought you think.
I am the tree that gives you shade.
I am the leaf that falls from that tree.
I am the ground you walk on.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

And most importantly, I AM YOU.

There is nowhere you can go where you will be separate from
Me, because I live INSIDE you. You are made from ME.
You are a drop of water in My ocean. Where does that drop
begin? Where does it end?
You are NOT separate from Me. You never were. You only
think you are. The fact that you forget this from time to time
does not change its truthfulness.
And the sooner you remember this—the sooner you remem-
ber who you are—the faster your life will begin to transform in
phenomenal ways.
A good way to look at your life, particularly in difficult or try-
ing times, is to remind yourself that God is present in the situa-
tion. Then look for Me. I am certainly right there with you, at all
Seek Me, and you will find Me. I guarantee it.


How To Experience
My Presence
Here is one very simple, very powerful way to remember Who
I Am, and who you are.
Be still and breathe.
Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. As you breathe
in, KNOW that I am God—I am the air you breathe. I come into
your body, even when you are not thinking about Me. That is
how close we are.
I enter your lungs, where I am attached to every blood cell.
From there, I go to your heart. As long as you are breathing, I
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

AM ALWAYS IN YOUR HEART. Know that, and be set free.

Breathe. Slowly, deeply.
From your heart, I am distributed throughout every cell of
your body. I am in your fingertips, your toes, your back, your
brain. I am inside every part of you.
As you realize this and meditate upon it, notice how your
body relaxes, and tension leaves you. Notice how the healing
energy that I am courses through your veins, to the parts of your
body that need healing.
This feeling you are feeling now is always available to you.
Always. All you have to do to connect with Me is simply BE


What To Call Me
Many of you have a distorted view of Who I Am. This leads
to a distorted view of yourself, and finally a distorted and dys-
functional relationship with Me.
We’re going to clear all that up right now.
I do not care about what you choose to call Me. Some of you
call Me Allah. Others, Yahweh. Some call Me Jehovah. And to
many of you I am God.
But know this: Your name for Me and words about Me can-
not change What I Am or My nature, any more than what you
call water or say about it can change what it is or its very nature.
So why would I possibly be offended by your words?
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

The reason you should carefully choose your words (and

thoughts) about Me is because your opinion of Me is the seed
from which our relationship will grow. What you say about Me
doesn’t change Me, but it DOES shape your experience of Me.
If you believe that I am an angry, vengeful God, you will
resent Me instead of love Me, because resentment is the product
of anger and vengeance. How can we have a good relationship if
you resent Me?
If you believe that I am unforgiving and demanding, you will
feel like you are not good enough and you will live in constant
fear of Me. How can you truly love Me if you are afraid of Me?
But what happens if you believe that I AM Love, that I AM
forgiving, that I AM patient and kind and generous? If you open
yourself to this Truth in your heart, then there is no room in our
relationship for resentment or anger or revenge. There is no
room for feelings of inferiority or inadequacy or fear.

NOW, we can have a good relationship.
I tell you this: Your relationship with Me should never, EVER, Notes
under any circumstances, leave you feeling weak, powerless or
afraid. Certainly, events in your life may make you feel this way,
but your relationship with Me should not. If you do have these
feelings, all you have to do is tune back into the Truth I have
written on your heart.
Beware of those who would have you wallow in powerless-
ness, fear and misery in My name. Regardless of their intentions,
they are misleading you.
Like any true friend or loved one, I am here to build you up,
to empower you and to remove your fear. Anyone who tells you
differently either doesn’t really know Me or is lying.

Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.


Which Religion?
Which Holy Book?
I shall be succinct and clear about this, because I want to
eliminate confusion, not add to it.
Your choice of religion and holy text is simply that: YOUR
Religions were created by humans as a systematic way of
building a relationship with Me. While rituals and scriptures cer-
tainly can help in this process, what is FAR more important in
your relationship with Me is the state of your heart. It is a ques-
tion of intention.
If you intend to KNOW Me and your heart is open, you will
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

know love, peace, joy and wisdom beyond measure—regardless

of whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist
or any other religion.
That said, I have placed Spiritual guidance in all of your reli-
gions and holy texts. In this sense, no religion is better or worse
than another. What makes the difference, as always, is the inten-
tion you bring to it—the way you practice your religion.
Some of you use your religion to claim exclusive rights to
ME—to “own” Me like I am “property.” If someone else makes a
claim to Me, many of you will fight and even kill to protect your
Yet, you CANNOT “own” Me, any more than you can own
air, sunlight or water. I belong to all of you, and all of you
belong to Me. This is exactly what so many of your greatest
Spiritual teachers have taught. It is why they teach peace, love
and understanding, for we all belong to one larger whole.
If you come to KNOW Me, it will show up in your actions, in
how you interact with your world and with each other.
You cannot be full of My love and not be loving toward each
other. You cannot know My peace, and not be a source of peace
in the world. You cannot know My forgiveness or grace without
being forgiving and graceful.
Now, religion and various holy texts CAN provide a path to
these things. Yet, there are countless people who can quote scrip-
tures without living by them. There are people who can say a
prayer of hope and gratitude without feeling hopeful or grate-
ful—people who, as many of you say, do not “practice what they
Furthermore, religion and holy texts have also been used to
justify some of humanity’s most horrible acts, including murder,
slavery, war and genocide. It is indeed sad that religion—the tool
you created to bring all of you closer to Me and to each other—
historically has had quite the opposite effect.
So, you see, having a relationship with Me is not about any
particular religion or holy text. It is purely about your intention.
It is purely about your choice—first, your choice of whether to
practice a religion at all, then your choice of how to go about it.
However, please do not mistake this as a call to abandon reli-
gion. Throughout time, untold millions around the world have
successfully used their religious practices to craft relationships
with Me.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

But you do not NEED any religion to do this. All you need is
an open mind, an open heart and a sincere desire to know Me. If
you bring these things, I will fill you up, whether you are in a
church, synagogue, mosque, or sitting in your back yard.
Likewise, do not attempt to force your religious beliefs on
anyone. To do so is to step on their God-given right of Free Will.
Besides, tending to your own Spirit will keep you plenty occu-
Instead, be an example—live according to the Truth I have
written on your heart. Do this, and your life will be a beacon of
love, peace, hope and happiness that will inspire others to
choose to listen to My Truth in their hearts.
That said, I will offer this advice on how to USE religion to
craft your relationship with Me—if that is what you choose to

If you will, think of your relationship with Me as a house
Notes that you and I are building together. I have provided you with a
toolbox, complete with a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, drill, etc.
You start by hammering the frame together. Yet, at some
point, the hammer will no longer be the appropriate tool for the
job—it’s time for the drill. In fact, if you don’t switch tools, not
only will you be trying to drill a hole with a hammer (which
won’t work), you will actually begin to damage your house.
The reasonable thing to do is to put down the hammer, and
pick up the drill. You will probably need the hammer later, but
for now, the right tool is a drill. And then a screwdriver. Then a
wrench. Then, maybe the hammer again.
The moral is: Don’t get so attached to using a particular tool
that you forget you are working on a house. And don’t get so
attached to a particular religion that you forget you are using
that religion to build a relationship with Me.
There are spiritual truths that Christians can learn from
Muslims, and vice versa. There are things both Christians and
Muslims can learn from Judaism, Buddhism and Native
American spirituality. And there are things that believers can
learn from non-believers.
I have inspired writers to put great spiritual truths in The
Bible, the Qu’ran, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Torah,
The Bhagavad Gita, The Tao Te Ching, The Book of Mormon,
and countless other written works. I have also put great spiritual
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

truths in songs, paintings, sculptures and much more. Most

importantly, I have written great spiritual Truth directly on your
I have made it very difficult for you to not find Me, if you are
truly looking. I am quite literally EVERYWHERE.
Again, the only things necessary are an open heart, an open
mind and a sincere desire to KNOW Me. If you bring those three
things, you have My Word that I will show myself to you.
What religion you choose to practice, if any, is entirely up to


My Will For You

“Many of you want to know “the whys” of Me, life and the
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why do good things happen to bad people?
Why do I allow catastrophes to occur—natural or man-made?
Why don’t I come back and fix what’s wrong with Earth?
These are all very good questions, as well as the unasked
questions in your heart right now. One of the reasons why these
questions trouble you so is based on a misunderstanding about
what “God’s Will” is. Let’s clear that up right now, shall we?
My Will is that you have Free Will.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

Many of you believe that I have a desire to see specific things

occur. This is what many of you call “God’s Will.” Similarly,
many of you believe that there are things I disapprove of, and
therefore will punish you for defying “God’s Will.”
Yet, if I am all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere present,
as many of you believe I am, it would be impossible for any of
you to defy “My will.” For if I am all-powerful, could I not just
make you do what I want you to do?
Stay with Me here. We are very close to a fundamental truth
of the universe: understanding My Will. Quite simply, it is this:
God’s Will is that you have Free Will. That you have a choice.
That’s it.
I created a vast, complex, intricate and responsive system of
cause-and-effect. It is not a difficult system to use, however. But
you should be attentive and intentional about how you use it, or
you will come up with undesirable or unpleasant results.
Using this system is as simple as asking yourself this question:
“What am I choosing to be in this moment?”
Notes You are always asking and answering this question, though
you may not be aware of it. Therefore, the key to mastering your
life is awareness, followed by conscious choice.
Be aware of this moment. Then choose what you want to be
from that awareness.
In the face of crisis, you can consciously choose to be calm.
In the face of hatred, you can consciously choose to be loving.
In the face of chaos, you can consciously choose to be peaceful.
In the face of death, you can consciously choose to affirm life.
In the face of disaster, you can consciously choose to see order.
Do you see the pattern here? In the face of any event, you can
consciously choose your response!
This takes practice. Lots of it. But it gets easier the more that
you do it, and you’ll have to continuously practice if you want to
maintain proficiency.
By the way, “maintaining proficiency” is also a choice. See
how this works?
When those choices align with the Truth I have written on
your heart, you will know love and peace that passes all under-
standing. You will not be swayed by what happens in the physi-
cal world.
You will become a channel of My Will for humanity.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.


Why You Are Here

“Why am I here?”
That is a very, very good question, beloved. There is a reason
why every one of you asks this question of Me, regardless of age,
geographic location, language or ethnicity. This question is at the
very core of human experience.
“Why am I here?”
The good news is that there is an answer. Definitely. I would
never give you a question that didn’t have an answer. That would
be cruel.
However, this message is not the appropriate channel for the
answer, because the answer is as unique as you are. There is no
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

one-size-fits-all answer to that question. I tailor each answer to

fit each one of you perfectly.
I will, however, explain the question further, so that you
understand how to use it to enrich your life. And I will tell you
how and where to find the answer.
“Why am I here?”
Many of you ask this question when you feel lost, and at
your lowest point. You ask the question when what you are
doing with your life isn’t aligned with your heart’s deepest
desires. You ask the question when you are seeking direction.
That’s why I created the question: to help you align your
actions with your heart’s deepest desires.
Now, I answer any question as soon as you ask (actually,
before. More on that in a moment). If you don’t hear My
response, it’s probably because one or more of the following
obstacles gets in the way:

A: You don’t really expect Me to answer you.
Notes B: You want Me to validate your current behavior.
C: You don’t want to think too hard about the choices
you’ve made.
D: You’re unwilling to give up whatever it is that’s not
E: You’re unwilling or afraid to tune into your heart’s
deepest desires.
Depending on your commitment to them, any or all of these
obstacles can keep you wound up in knots and crying out to Me
in anguish. But here’s The Truth (pay attention to your heart as
you read this):
Your purpose in life is written on your heart.
Each of you has been given a gift. You have also been given
everything you need to bring that gift forward. I will discuss how
to recognize your gifts in a moment, for your gift is crucial to liv-
ing out your purpose. For now, let’s stick to your question: “Why
am I here?”
As noted, you ask that question when you are seeking direc-
tion in life. That should be your first clue that the question itself
is not merely a question; IT IS A COMPASS.
So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use that question.
1. Ask the question. Doing so out loud is fine, and may
help clear your thinking.
2. Listen to your heart. That is where you will hear My
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

Voice. Use the method described above in “How To

Experience My Presence” to do so. This will take practice,
but is there a more worthwhile pursuit than getting in
touch with your life’s purpose?
3. Tune into your heart’s deepest desires. Tip: Your
heart’s deepest desires are intangible and have nothing to
do with acquiring anything in the material world. In fact,
if you are truly tuned in, you will be more concerned with
what you can give to others than what you receive. If you
find yourself fantasizing over a car, a house, another per-
son, etc., DIG DEEPER. The feelings you have attached to
those things are what you crave.
4. Observe where you are. Without judgment, regret or
remorse, without arrogance or pride, simply ask yourself
what actions are out of line with your heart’s deepest
desires. You will want to listen to your heart here, as well.

5. Adjust course. Your heart will tell you what actions to
take. They may be small actions. They may be drastic. But
the principle is to move in the direction of your purpose.
As you do so, I will be with you every step, reminding
you and encouraging you on your journey toward the ful-
fillment of the divine work you and I are doing together.
Did you get that last sentence? You and I are working togeth-
er on something divine and holy. The concept might seem over-
whelming to you now, but that’s only because you have a very
limited idea of who you are and what you are capable of.
But I do not have that limitation. I made you, and I under-
stand fully who you are and what you can do. So trust Me. And
more importantly, listen to Me.
This is what is called walking in faith.

Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.


Uncovering Your Purpose

I will speak to you directly through your heart, so that we can
talk and decide how to go about your purpose. However, there
are some things you can do to “warm up” your heart, so you can
hear Me more clearly. The simplest and most direct way to warm
up your heart is to serve.
Understand this: regardless of your religion, race, creed, eth-
nic background or any other distinctions you have constructed to
separate yourselves from each other, you are a part of something
larger than yourself.
That’s a very important point, so I will repeat it: You are a
part of something larger than yourself.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

You are a part of a family and/or a marriage. A religious

organization and/or a company. A town, city, state, nation, world
or the universe. And of course, YOU are a part of ME.
The point here is that there is something larger than yourself
that, through your actions, you either build up or tear down.
So whenever you tear down that which is larger than you,
you are literally tearing down yourself. You are doing damage to
your heart. Now, your heart is extremely resilient, but if it is sub-
jected to constant damage, it closes itself off, and can grow cold
and numb. You won’t be able to feel anything and you will be
dead inside, even if your body is working just fine.
You cannot receive My messages with a closed heart.
But, on the other hand, when you reach out to support and
strengthen that which is larger than you, you support and
strengthen yourself. You begin to heal your heart. And most
importantly, you begin to “warm up” your heart with feelings of
love, peace and joy. Since I AM infinite love, peace and joy,
whenever you have those feelings, you have allowed Me into
your heart.
You can hear Me best when your heart is open and warm.
So, the object is to warm your heart. The simplest and most
direct way to warm your heart is to serve that which is larger
than you.
I do not care what you choose to identify as the larger body
you will serve. It may be your spouse or your family. It may be
your neighborhood or the poor. It may be animals or the envi-
ronment. Or it may be all of humanity. Of course, it could be
Me. But ultimately, the act of service itself is more important
than who you do it for.
You are virtually unlimited in whom you can help and how
you can help them. But if you are ever at a loss for how you can
serve, remember that all of you have basic needs: food, water,
shelter, clothing. Many of My greatest servants have touched
many lives by helping others meet these basic needs. And in
doing so, they have reacquainted themselves with their own
While many of you give to charities financially, I challenge
you to make your giving personal. If you are giving food to the
poor, cook it for them or serve it to them. If you are clothing
others, deliver it yourself. If you are helping to provide shelter,
hammer a nail, or help the occupant move in.
When you perform your service at a distance, you are missing
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out on the greatest reward—experiencing up close how your

actions impact others, no matter how trivial those actions may
seem to you.
With an open and warm heart, reach out and touch the heart
of humanity. In the process, you will touch your own heart, and
your purpose in life will quickly snap into focus.


My Gift To You
The relationship between your gift and your purpose is very
much like a lock and key—they were made for each other, and
one is useless without the other.
I have given you a purpose. If you have ever wondered about
this, wonder no more. Feel your heart flutter as you come to the
realization that YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON. Your purpose
is unique to you. It is a task that you and only you can perform.
Yet, like everything else in your world, the fulfillment of your
purpose is subject to free will. In other words, you are complete-
ly free to ignore your purpose. This is difficult, since your soul
already knows how happy you will be when you are fulfilling
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your purpose. If you do choose to fulfill your purpose, you will

use the special talent or ability I have given you with which to
complete your task.
I have given you a gift. If you have ever felt overlooked when
it comes to talent and ability, stop it. Even if you are not sure
what your gift is, do not worry. Not only have I given you a spe-
cial talent, I’m about to tell you exactly how to recognize it and
develop it.
There are many ways to recognize your gift, but here are a
few of the simplest and most powerful. Use them together and
you will have no doubt of the gift I have given you.
• You’ve already discovered your gift, most likely in child-
hood. This is when you were just “playing” with your gift,
before you even cared what others thought about you.
• Your gift is something that you love to do. I made it this
way to encourage you to use it. After all, a gift you do not
enjoy wouldn’t be much of a gift, now would it?
• The urge to use your gift never goes away. Even if you
have ignored it for years, there’s a part of you that always
imagines what it would be like to pick up that guitar, to
write that book, to work with children, to program a
video game, to sing that song . . .
• Your gift, which comes quite effortlessly and naturally to
you, tends to leave those around you in awe.
Once you align your gift with your purpose, miraculous
things will occur. You will touch lives. You will prosper in every
area of your life-mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financial-
ly. You will thrive in your career and in your relationships. This
is because you no longer will feel as though you are wasting your
life and talents. Your sense of prosperity will also change—you
won’t even define it in terms of anything that is going on outside
of you.
And you will no longer define wealth as the accumulation of
money. It may include that, but at the end of the day, to prosper
and thrive is simply to have what you need when you need it—
whether that’s health, love, food, money or resources.
So if all of this good stuff will happen when you use your gift
to fulfill your purpose, why do so many people deny themselves
that pleasure?
Many of you have been taught to deny your gifts. This often
happens at a young age. Often, the people in your life do not
want you to experience the disappointment of not having things
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work out if you pursue your gift, so they discourage you from
using it.
Some of you have tried to use your gift expecting approval of
people whose opinions you care about. Then, when you do not
get the approval you were expecting, you become embarrassed
and you turn away from your gift.
In either case, it will take faith and courage to harness your
gift to fulfill your purpose. When you do, you should expect to
stand out—if for no other reason than others around you are
less courageous and are trapped by their own fears of disap-
pointment and rejection. Just not being trapped by fear will
make you stand out.
Let Me be clear: using your gift to fulfill your purpose does
not come without its challenges. But you are going to encounter
challenges in life even if you completely ignore your gifts and
your purpose. That’s just life.

The only questions left are these: Do you want to face life’s
Notes challenges with or without using your God-given talents? And do
you want to live a life without purpose? Those may seem like
harsh choices, but you have been making choices about these
two questions without being aware of it—unconscious choices.
Now that you are aware of what is truly at stake, you can choose
Assuming you choose consciously to use your gifts to fulfill
your purpose, here are a few ways to wean yourself off of the fear
of disappointment and rejection and to develop your gifts:
1. Stop expecting a specific outcome. When you get
attached to a specific outcome, you are setting yourself up
for disappointment. And you may miss out on outcomes
that were much greater than you expected.
2. Be flexible. As you develop your gifts and pursue your
purpose, I will be right there in your heart guiding you. I
may occasionally ask you to do something that seems
unusual or even uncomfortable. When this happens, I am
trying to mold you. But when you are rigid and inflexible,
it is difficult for Me to do this. So be open to doing things
you’ve never done before. And, of course, trust Me.
3. Tap into the simple joys of your gifts. When you were
a small child, you played with your gifts without thinking
about whether you’d be disappointed or rejected. You
played with your gifts simply because it was fun to do so.
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So by all means, lose yourself in the simple joys of your

gifts. Do it just for the fun of it!
4. Expect to make mistakes. Mistakes are part of the
human experience. You will make them, no matter how
hard you try not to. So when they occur, you must learn
to make peace with them. You can do this by learning
from your mistakes and then forgiving yourself for them.
Choosing not to do so will only slow you down.
5. Expect disapproval. Not everyone will be excited about
your gift or what comes of it. Sometimes, this will include
people you love and who deeply love you, and yes, it will
be painful. However, I did not give you these gifts solely
for the benefit of people you already know and love.
When you use your gift to fulfill your purpose, you will
transform the lives of people you’ve never met and people
you may never meet. The people who will benefit the

most from your gift will be drawn to you. Often they will
be people you least expect. So just because those closest
to you “don’t get it,” don’t worry. Your gifts will impact
others in ways you can’t imagine.
6. Be patient. My gift to you is like the seedling of a mighty
oak. Eventually, it will grow into a very strong and sturdy
tree, but it will not do so overnight. You must nurture it
and tend to it if you want it to grow. And you must be
patient because often you will not see the growth and
progress that is being made, despite your efforts. But rest
assured that under the surface, in places you can’t see, My
gift is growing deep roots that will eventually lead to
growth you CAN see. So be committed. Be diligent. And
be patient.
7. Stay humble. You may experience some level of popular-
ity as you grow in your gift. People may even revere you.
But just as you are not to get trapped by people’s disap-
proval of you, you should not allow their admiration for
you go to your head. Keep your focus on fulfilling your
purpose. And when others seek to put you on a pedestal,
remind them that you are no better than they are and that
I have given them great gifts of their own. Put simply,
always remember to use your gift for selfless service
instead of self-service.
As your gift grows inside of you, you will become more confi-
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dent in it. Fear will leave you. You will have fewer doubts and
you will stop wondering whether or not you are good enough or
up to the task. You will feel empowered and uplifted.
And all you have to do is accept My gift to you.
Will you?


Guidelines For
Using Free Will
I don’t punish you for ignoring My will. Indeed, I was the
one who made it possible for you to disobey Me. If I limited
your choices in any way, it wouldn’t be free will, now would it?
But to be certain, there are consequences to your choices.
Some you will like. Others you won’t. Some you will be able to
predict. Others you won’t. This is the wonder of life on Earth.
However, the key to using your free will to create your life
lies in the moment-to-moment choices you make — specifically,
what you choose to believe about yourself.
Many of you choose to believe you are separate from each
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other, separate from nature, separate from Earth — and finally,

separate from Me. That belief is what has many of you take
action against each other, against nature, against Earth and
against Me. It is quite literally a “Me against the world” mentali-
You are perfectly free to choose this mindset. But the world is
a big place and this way of thinking requires a lot of energy and
is extremely draining. Not to mention that there is a much easi-
er, more enjoyable approach to take.
You may also choose to believe that you are one with each
other, one with nature, one with Earth — and finally, one with
Me. This belief will lead you to take action on behalf of each
other, nature, Earth and Me. Quite simply, you will realize that
you are acting in your own best interests, because you are one
with everything.
If you choose this mindset, you will find yourself working
with the natural order of the universe, instead of against it. And
you will be kind, generous, peaceful and loving for you will be
tuned into the Inner Truth I have written upon your heart.
Your world is layered with choices. However, if you want to
get to the root of your free will, you will be mindful of how you
choose to look at your world, how you choose to view each
other and how you choose to view Me.
As usual, your actions will naturally flow out your thoughts,
so choose wisely.

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What Death Is
(And Isn’t)
The fear of death is common to many of you. But this fear,
like all others, is rooted in the fear of the unknown. And like
those other fears, your fear of death will crumble to nothingness
as you come to understand what death is-and what it isn’t.
Much of the anguish you associate with death comes from
your very limited definition of the concept. For many of you,
death is described only in terms of when your physical body
stops working. But there is a much broader explanation of the
concept of death, which I will explain in this chapter.
Let’s start with the truth that everyone knows, but doesn’t like
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to think about: Death can claim any of you, at any time, at any
age, without warning. In fact, death WILL claim you and every-
one you love at some point. No human is above this simple fact
of life. But if death can claim you at any time, regardless of what
you are doing with your body, it follows that life is not about
what you do with your body.
This chapter is not about avoiding death, because none of
you can do that. It is about gaining a deeper understanding of
death, and using that understanding to enrich your everyday life.
To start, I will address your most pressing questions about
death below, in a question and answer format. You are free to
accept or reject any or all of this. But pay attention to your heart
as you read this—it will guide you to your own inner truth.
What happens when my body stops working?
In short, the illusion that you and I are separate falls apart,
and the Ultimate Truth is revealed—you are a part of Me, you
always were, and you always will be. Death is a transformation,
not an ending. Life goes on for you, because, quite simply you
are Life itself.
Will I go to Heaven or Hell after death?
I will be with you after death just as I am with you right now.
So if you are afraid that you will be separated from Me when
your body stops working, fear not, for I am with you always,
even unto the end of time.
What about my loved ones? Where are they and will I
see them again?
Your loved ones are just as much a part of Me as you are—
which means that not only will you be reunited with them after
death, they actually ARE with you at this very moment.
When you think of a loved one who has died, those thoughts
draw them to you. In fact, without physical form, they are not
bound by space or time at all, and thus are with you at all times.
Your thoughts of them are not just quaint, fond memories—your
loved ones, in a very real sense, ARE visiting with you.
What about things I’ve done, sins I’ve committed? Will I
have to pay for them after I die?
As I’ve said elsewhere in this message, your world is part of
an intricate and extremely efficient system of cause-and-effect.
Today, as you breathe, you are dealing with the consequences of
past choices and actions. And yes, you will have to deal with
some of those consequences after you die. Words, as limited as
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they are, cannot accurately describe what this will be like for
you. It cannot be explained, only experienced.
I will say this: It is inaccurate to think of these consequences
as punishment. When all is said and done, you are still a part of
Me. If I punish you, I punish Myself. Why would I do that?
The most important thing to remember is that upon your
death, I will envelope you with my love and peace—just as I am
doing right now. So you don’t have to worry about whether
you’ll be with me or not.
• • • • • • •
Now, let’s dig deeper into what death is-and what it isn’t.
Many of you fear death, simply because you know nothing
about it. It is human to fear the unknown, and death is the Great
Unknown. Yet what many of you do not realize is that your fear
of death also gives rise to a fear of life. As you come to under-
stand and accept what death is, your fear of it will evaporate, and
along with it, your fear of life will vanish as well.
First of all, as described elsewhere in this writing, you are
Notes NOT your body. You are made of spiritual energy, just like me.
You have no beginning and no end. Your science has proven that
energy can change form but cannot be destroyed—the same is
true about you. In this sense, even though your physical body
can stop working, the essence of who you are cannot “die.”
You are made of spiritual energy—Me. It is that energy that
causes your body to function. In a sense, it is not your body that
contains that energy; it is that energy which contains your body.
Imagine an electrical appliance plugged into a wall socket. As
long as it is plugged in, it receives the energy it needs to operate.
But when it is disconnected from the power source, it ceases to
Your physical body—in fact, any living thing on Earth—
operates in much the same way. Your physical body is “plugged
into” an infinite source of spiritual energy—Me. As long as that
energy flows through your body, your body is functional. But
when something disrupts the flow of that energy, your body will
cease to function.
Obviously, this is not just true of humans, but of any living
thing you have on Earth. Once its connection with the greater
whole is interrupted or broken—once the physical is
“unplugged” from its energy source—it withers and breaks
down. You see this with every living thing on your planet: plants,
animals, fish, birds, insects . . . and of course, humans.
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But even in this example, “death” is just one facet of a

continuing cycle of life. For even as these physical forms break
down, they are absorbed back into the soil—soil which sustains
plants, which sustain other life forms including humans . . . on
and on, world without end.
Remember: Death is a transformation, not an ending. Think
of a caterpillar in a cocoon. At some point, that caterpillar
“dies,” only to be born again in a different form—a butterfly.
And in much the same way, when you leave the cocoon of this
life, you too will be transformed.
But there is another aspect of death, and many of you are
experiencing it now. For many of you have chosen to disconnect
from your source. And consequently, you are withering and
breaking down. The fact that your body still functions does not
change this. It is a spiritual death.
Many of you believe life is all about what happens to your
body, so you pour much of your energy into extending your
body’s life or indulging its pleasures. You think life is about its
quantity, not its quality.
Now, to be clear: There is nothing wrong with living a long
life or with enjoying pleasures of the flesh. But those things are
not all that you are here for. And if you focus only on them,
your spirit—the very essence of who you are—will wither and
Fortunately, you can re-connect to life just as easily as you
can disconnect from it. It is merely a matter of seeing yourself as
a part of your source, rather than apart from it. And by “source,”
I mean whatever you choose to identify with—God, Earth,
humanity, family, whatever. One tends to lead to the other, so it
doesn’t matter where you start.
To reconnect, you must be willing to see yourself in everyone
and everything you come into contact with. This may be difficult
at first, because so much of your culture is built upon being
“separate, different, better.”
There is no mystical secret on how to do this. It is a matter of
choice and of willpower. It quite simply boils down to con-
sciously choosing how you see yourself and the world around
you, and having the will to continuously do so, day in, day out.
If you can do this—if you can perceive the beauty of life
around you and marvel in it; if you can perceive the pain around
you, and seek to heal it—you will touch the heart of the world
and become one with it.
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Your fear of death will vanish, and along with it your fear of
In its place will grow a love of life, and all things in it.
Then, you will be TRULY alive.


The Secrets Of Time

Before the first day, I was here.
After the last day, I will be here.
And I will be here every moment in between.
So you see, time as you conceive of it has no meaning for Me.
To Me, it is quite literally all the same. There is no past. There is
no future. To Me, there is only NOW.
So what exactly is time? Note My choice of words above:
“Time as you conceive of it . . .”
Time is something YOU conceive of. Pay close attention to
this, for I am about to reveal the legendary “secret of time.”
Time is a mental fabrication. You made it up. It is an illusion.
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This sounds strange until you look at how your species arbi-
trarily manipulates time. “Daylight Savings Time.” “Central
Standard Time.” “Leap Year.” All of these are completely made
up, with rules that have meaning only because you give them
In 2007, American leaders chose to expand Daylight Savings
Time in both the Spring and Fall. Your “Leap Year” adds a day
every four years. And if you look at a time zone map, you will
see squiggly lines showing where one time zone ends and anoth-
er begins. Who drew those lines?
I didn’t. You did.
Who decided how many moments are in a second? Or that
60 seconds would be a minute? That 60 minutes made an hour?
Days, weeks, months, years? Roughly 2,000 years ago, a group of
you decided that, upon the birth of Christ, you should “reset”
the counter to zero.

It’s all made up. So:
Secret of Time #1: Time exists nowhere other than your
Secret of Time #2: You are the one who gives time its mean-
ing in your life.
I know what you are thinking. “What about all of My memo-
ries? What about history? Are you saying these things didn’t hap-
Far from it. But your memories of events, including your his-
tory, all exist in your head. These events are not happening
NOW. Even the breath you just exhaled instantly becomes a
memory, which exists only in your mind.
This is not to take away from your experience, just to put it
into perspective.
Many of you live in the so-called “past” — which is to say,
you live inside a mental construct of how you think your life has
been so far. Whether these are past glories or past heartaches, it
is still the “past,” which exists nowhere other than your mind.
There are occasions when living in “the past” serves you;
there are others when it does not. In either case, it is entirely up
to you to choose which mental construction you want to live in.
This choice can only be made in the eternal moment of NOW.
Secret of Time #3: NOW is the only moment that matters.
Both “the past” and “the future” exist only in your mind —
they are figments of your imagination. The only time that truly
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matters, then, is NOW.

This is not a license to live with reckless abandon, although
you may certainly choose to do so. Remember, there are still
consequences to your actions, reckless or not.
Instead, think of the eternal moment of NOW as your oppor-
tunity to make a conscious choice about who you are being. All
the power you need to transform your life can be found in this
simple question:
“Who am I choosing to be right NOW?”
Up until now, you may have chosen to be angry, sad, victim-
ized, emotionally numb, frustrated . . . and so on. It is certainly
within your God-given rights to choose from any of these, or
none of them.
But remember this: Each NOW moment offers a chance to
choose again. The moment of NOW is a blank slate, and you
choose what to write on it. So whoever you have chosen to be

before now does not matter. All that matters is who you are
Notes choosing to be right NOW.
Right NOW, you may choose to be happy, joyous, peaceful,
loving and so on. It is certainly within your God-given rights to
choose from any of these, or none of them. It ultimately boils
down to who you choose to be NOW. For guidance on that, sim-
ply listen to your Inner Truth, as discussed elsewhere in this mes-
There it is. You now know the Secrets of Time. Putting them
to work is another matter.
If you want to experience a sustained transformation in your
life, it will require mental discipline. It will require you to con-
stantly be aware of the choices you are making in this eternal
moment of NOW, followed by acting out of that awareness.
Conscious choice followed by conscious action.
It is a lifelong exercise, and you will occasionally fall short of
your ideals. But as you practice the skill of conscious choice, you
will learn that it is a worthwhile pursuit, and eventually, con-
scious choice will become its own reward.
Be prepared, however. Others will attempt to hold you in
your past. You may even have difficulty leaving the past behind,
if for no other reason than you have to deal with the conse-
quences of past choices.
Simply remember that you can choose NOW who you want
to be in relation to your past. This may not be always be easy,
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but it is always worthwhile.

Therefore, be mindful of your past, for it holds valuable les-
sons for you. But do not dwell on it, or it will trap you.
Be mindful also of your future, for your vision of the future
will shape your future. But do not dwell on it, or it will distract
Choose to stay present in this moment. Experience the sim-
ple wonders of this moment and be grateful.
NOW is the time to listen to your Inner Truth — and live
from it.


In A Perfect World
“Nobody is perfect.”
This is what many of you say whenever someone makes a
mistake or demonstrates a so-called “shortcoming.”
“In a perfect world . . .”
This is a phrase many of you use right before you explain
how the world you live in does not measure up to your ideals.
Both of these concepts come from the idea that there is
something that I am keeping from you-something that I with-
held in creating you and your world, that, if it was there, every-
thing would come out exactly as you desire, without fail.
Everything would be “perfect.”
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Yet you do encounter problems. There is death, famine, dis-

ease, hardship, trials and suffering. Precious little in your life
goes exactly as you plan for it to go. You live in a so-called
“imperfect” world.
Yet even this goes against what many of you believe about
Me: That everything I do is “perfect.” Many of you believe that I
am perfect, and that everything I cause to happen therefore must
also be “perfect.”
Clearly, this doesn’t add up. How could a perfect God create
an imperfect world? Something needs to be corrected. And it is
your commonly held idea of what perfection is—and what it
There are certain things that happen on your planet without
fail. Certain constants that you can count on. The planet will
spin. The sun will rise and fall. Water always freezes at 32
degrees Fahrenheit, and turns to vapor at 212 degrees. Plant life
will grow, providing air and food for other life on your planet.
Each species on Earth, including yours, mates and produces off-
Notes spring of the same species. This is just a fancy way of saying a
dog and a cat won’t mate, and if they did, they wouldn’t produce
a hippo.
Many of you have attached the concept of perfection to a
desired result. This is not how I apply the concept, however. My
concept of perfection has to do with a process, and how your
world operates. And your planet is working to perfection.
Within that setup, I have introduced Humanity, and gifted
you with the incredible power of choice—you can choose what
to think and how to act. You can choose to love or hate, to make
love or war. You can choose not to choose. You can even choose
to deny or forget that you have a choice. This process is working
to perfection.
You are correct in thinking that I did not make any mistakes
in creating you, your world or anyone else on it. Your planet is
running exactly as I intended it to run. World without end. Your
problem with “perfection” comes in these phases:
1. You create your idea of some ideal way things are sup-
posed to be.
2. Usually, you attribute that ideal to Me, when actually, you
are the one who created it.
3. You forget that you created this ideal.
4. You measure your life and your world against that ideal,
and critique both against it.
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Now, let’s be clear about this: I gave you the ability to choose
your own thoughts about yourself, life and your world. You are
constantly doing this, whether you are aware of it or not. So My
system is working to perfection, exactly as I designed it to.
Your experience of what you call “imperfection” stems from
the fact that you are not aware of how I designed the system, and
you have not mastered using it.
Therefore, a key to “perfection” is simply to become aware.
You can do this by simply observing your surroundings without
judgment, without attachment to how things are “supposed” to
be. Just look at things as they are, and accept them as they are.
This goes for the people in your life. If you are having prob-
lems in your relationships, you are probably expecting “perfec-
tion” from others in your life. You want them to live up to some
ideal that you created—an ideal that has everything to do with
you and nothing to do with them. Your own concept of who

they “should” be blinds you from who they really are. It blinds
you from seeing the perfection in them—and yes, there is perfec- Notes
tion there.
You all are human beings. Like every other biological organ-
ism on your planet, you are constantly growing, constantly
changing. Sometimes these changes are obvious; other times
they are imperceptible to all but the most observant. But you are
constantly changing, in any case. This, too, is perfect.
Imagine a seedling for an oak tree. It takes root. It absorbs
what it needs to grow from the soil. At some point, it will sprout
leaves and branches. There may even come a knot in the tree. But
I ask you this: At what point does it become less than perfect?
And where else does that concept of perfect exist other than your
own mind?
Humans are the same way. You grow. You experience pleasure
and adversity. You mature. There are times when you thrive, and
other times when you struggle. In some cases, you reproduce.
Eventually, your body stops working and returns to the ground.
This is the process I set up. It is working to perfection. And since
you are a part of this process, you, too, are perfect.
I shall repeat that: YOU ARE PERFECT. So is everyone else.
The concept may startle you. It may even offend you. But this
does not change its truthfulness. But to accept this powerful and
profound truth, you will have to change your definition of “per-
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

If you create some idea of how you, others and your world
“should be,” you will experience imperfection and the disap-
pointment that comes with it.
However, if you accept that you, others and your world are in
the process of growing, and that this process unfolding perfectly,
you will experience an inner peace that passes understanding.
None of this means that you must give up your aspirations.
You may still create and pursue your ideals. That is what the
Human Experience is for—creating who you want to be. Just
remember who made those ideals up and don’t get too attached
to them.
And learn to see the perfection in each moment.
It is there—just as sure as I am.


How To Inspire Others

Before we get to the “how,” let’s start with the “why.”
Why inspire others? The answer lies in the construction of
the words, “inspire” and “Spirit.”
Both words are rooted in the Latin word “spirare,” which
means “to breathe.”
The word “inspire” is broken down into two root compo-
nents, “spirare” which means “to breathe,” and “in,” which
means, “into.” To “inspire” is, in a spiritual sense, to “breathe
To inspire someone is to breathe life into them.
Inspiration is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

When you inspire others, you give them life. It is that simple.
Inspiration multiplies, rippling outward like a pebble thrown
into a quiet lake. Allow yourself to be inspired, and you can
touch dozens of lives. Hundreds. Thousands. Millions.
This now becomes a matter of choice, as you asking yourself:
“Do I want to be an inspiration to others?” Only you can answer
this, but I can tell you that choosing the path of inspiration is
both rewarding and fulfilling.
As for how to inspire others, I must first explain how inspira-
tion works.
Your physical body requires a continuous flow of air to func-
tion properly. I made your body so that this happens naturally,
without you having to think about it. With that air, you are able
to move about and do things in your world. Without air, you
wither and die.
The same principle works when it comes to your Spirit. Your
Spirit needs a continuous flow of certain things to function
properly. These things are ideas and possibilities.
With a continuous flow of ideas and possibilities, your Spirit
is able to complete what it came to Earth to do. Without these
things, your Spirit withers and dies. When ideas and possibilities
are not flowing in your life, hopelessness and despair move in to
choke the life out of you.
Fortunately, your Spirit never has to be disconnected from
the steady flow of ideas and possibilities, for I made it as natural
as breathing is to your physical body.
I am the ultimate source of inspiration. I breathe into you a
continuous flow of ideas and possibilities every moment of every
day. You disrupt this flow when you choose to dismiss these
ideas and possibilities as “impossible.” Only when you let go of
the concept of “impossible” can you fully feel My inspiration.
Do not put pressure on yourself to do this, however. It is
something you must gradually grow into. Just as a child must
learn to crawl, then walk before running, you can grow into an
understanding that anything is possible.
However, you can speed up this process, if you choose.
Simply act upon the things you believe are possible. As many of
you say, “Actions speak louder than words.” When you act upon
what you truly believe is possible, you are reinforcing your own
belief in that possibility. Even seemingly insignificant actions
work this way. As you expand your concept of what’s possible,
things that once seemed impossible will become very possible.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

Make no mistake: you will encounter heartbreak and setbacks

as you do this. Do not take this personally, because it is not per-
sonal. Instead, think of it as feedback—learn from it and grow.
And most importantly, do not give up on what your heart tells
you is possible.
As you encounter and overcome obstacles, new ideas and
possibilities will open up—not only for you, but for those
around you. You will become, in short, a miracle worker.
I realize that may be a big pill for you to swallow—that you
can actually perform miracles. This is because so many of you
have the very limited idea that only supernatural phenomena
qualify as miracles.
However, I have a broader definition. One that not only
makes miracles something you can do, but something you can
do TODAY, if you choose.
A miracle is simply a physical demonstration that anything is

Notes possible—even events that are commonly believed to be impos-
You are created in My image. Anything I can do, you can do.
All you have to do is believe this in your heart. Indeed all things
are possible to those who believe. If I can breathe life into oth-
ers, so can you. If I can perform miracles, so can you. This is how
you will inspire others.
When you open your heart to Me, I will show you a world of
infinite possibilities. This will inspire you. This will breathe life
into you.
Once you accept in your heart that things you once thought
were impossible, are in fact, quite possible, you will begin to act
upon them. This will lead to miracles.
Some will see these miracles and deny them as tricks or luck.
Yet, others will witness these miracles and new possibilities will
open up for them. New ideas will blossom in their minds.
Witnessing these miracles will breathe life into them. They will
be inspired.
By the way, these aren’t just your dramatic, magical, mystical
miracles either. There is a miracle in greeting hatred and fear
with love and compassion. There are miracles in providing food,
clothing and shelter for those who need it. There is a miracle in
offering encouragement to the hopeless.
For the record, you are quite capable of performing miracles
that qualify as “supernatural.” Doing this will require you to
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

remove all concepts of impossible from your mind. This can take
a moment or a lifetime, if you choose to do so at all. In any case,
the choice is yours.
So the simple, two step process for inspiring others is to:
1. “Breathe in” new ideas and possibilities.
2. Act upon what you believe in your heart is possible.
Leave the rest to Me.


A Living Prayer
As covered elsewhere in this message, you and I are one.
There is no separation between you and I. You only think there
is. As you grow to understand this essential Truth, your idea of
how to communicate with Me will also change. Your idea of
prayer will change.
For many of you, prayer is a single action. It is something
you do when you want something or need something. You call
out to Me in Heaven, which many of you think is in the sky, or
in space. You want Me to come down there and fix whatever is
wrong, give you whatever you want. So you say your prayer,
often quickly—a few seconds, a few minutes, maybe longer.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

Then you get up and go on about your business.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this type of prayer. But it is
not the most powerful way to pray, mostly because it reinforces
your belief that I am away from you, that I am not a part of you.
Here is a simple way to remind yourself where I really am
when you pray. Instead of focusing your prayer outward—to the
sky, to space, whatever—place the palms of your hands over your
heart. Imagine they are My hands (and in fact, they are). Focus
your prayers on your physical heart, which is the center of your
being. This may feel weird at first, but that is only because you
are not used to thinking of Me as being right here where you are.
But trust Me—this tiny action will begin to tear down this
notion that you and I are separate.
The important thing to remember in prayer is that you are
not asking Me to change the world to suit you. You are asking
Me to CHANGE YOU. This is called humility—and it also multi-
plies the power of your prayer.
When you humble yourself, you are admitting to yourself
Notes that in some part of your life, your way of doing things isn’t get-
ting the results you desire. It is only when you admit this that
you become open to hearing My Voice showing you another
way. In this regard, humbling yourself is essential for a powerful
Humility is NOT something I demand of you. In essence, it
represents you getting out of your own way.
Another way to increase the power of your prayer is to add an
attitude of gratitude. In other words, be thankful.
Contrary to popular belief, I do not require your gratitude. I
love you without condition, regardless of whether you thank Me
or not. The reason you should be grateful in prayer is for your
OWN transformation.
Many of you focus your prayers on getting something you do
not already have—money, a job, health, romance, and so on.
There is nothing wrong with this kind of prayer, but notice that
you are still focusing on what you do NOT have. Put it this way:
How will you ever be happy with anything if you continuously
remind yourself of what’s missing from your life?
A prayer of gratitude attracts more of what you are grateful
for. You are focusing on things you DO have, and you become
even more aware of how abundant these things are in your life.
If you are ever at a loss for what to be grateful for in your
prayers, start with the things you usually take for granted—clean
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

air and water; a hot meal; shelter and clothing. And of course,
your loved ones. You may add to your “gratitude list” as you
Yet this also works in attracting things you desire into your
life. Saying thanks in advance, with a sincere sense of gratitude,
sends a message that you are ready to receive what you desire.
But this is not a magic trick and it cannot be faked. You MUST
have and maintain a sense of gratitude to attract things into your
life. Fortunately, this only requires a little imagination. Act as if
you already have what you desire, and then give thanks for it.
Still, there is an even more powerful way to pray. As stated
earlier, for many of you prayer is an action. Yet the most power-
ful way to pray is to let your actions become your prayer.
Pray with your actions. Pray with your whole being.
It is a common statement on your world: “Actions speak
louder than words.” This is a true statement, for even a child

knows that people can say one thing and do another. By the
same token, those same people take you more seriously when
they can see that your words and actions are lined up. You are
not just “talking the talk,” you are “walking the walk.”
When your words and actions are in disagreement, you will
find yourself stuck in some sort of way, because your mind is lit-
erally pulling in two different directions. However, when your
words and actions are in harmony, you become “single-minded”
and there is nothing you can’t do.
These are incredibly powerful tools to use in life. Now let Me
show you how to use them when it comes to prayer.
When you pray with just your mouth, you focus your energy
on Me for a few seconds, a few minutes, however long it is.
Afterwards, you usually go back to thinking the same old
thoughts, doing the same old things. It is like you are asking Me
to change something, but you are unwilling to change how you
do things. It snatches all the power out of your prayer, and
makes your prayer hollow and weak.
On the other hand, when you pray with your actions, you
multiply the power of your prayer. Your words and actions are in
harmony. You are praying to Me with your entire being.
So what does that look like? Put simply, after you complete
your word prayer (or even instead of it, if you choose), take
actions that support what you prayed for.
The pace you choose is up to you. What matters is the pas-
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

sion and enthusiasm you bring to your living prayers. Your pas-
sion and enthusiasm are incredible forces for attracting the
things you desire into your life—mostly because the things you
are passionate and enthusiastic about are things you will act
upon. In short, passion and enthusiasm breathe life into your
living prayer.
For instance, in areas of health, praying with your actions
would include exercising, eating healthful foods and dropping
unhealthy habits like smoking.
In areas of money, praying with your actions would include
saving money, avoiding debt and investing wisely.
In areas of relationships, praying with your actions would
include being forgiving, generous and grateful for your loved
In areas of work and career, praying with your actions would
include being excellent, enthusiastic, service-minded and gen-

Notes uinely happy with your work.
In relationship to Me and the rest of humanity, praying with
your actions would include serving others and being a source of
love, peace and hope.
In any living prayer, take action cheerfully, joyfully, lovingly
and with great expectations. Do not be bitter or angry about pur-
suing your prayer request. It saps the power out of your prayer,
because your mind and body are not in sync.
So, to recap: Focus on your heart as you pray and pray with
your actions. Whenever you pray, be humble, cheerful, loving,
grateful, enthusiastic and passionate. Expect great things.
As you use these simple tools to empower your prayers, you
will move away from thinking of prayer as a single event. It will
become something you do continuously, with each passing
breath. You will find that there’s never a time I’m not communi-
cating with you, pointing you in the direction of your heart’s
deepest desires.
Prayer will no longer be something you DO.
Prayer will become what you ARE.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.


A Word About Jesus,

The Christ and You
For many of you, this message would be incomplete or
invalid if it did not mention Jesus or why he came. So let’s dig
into that, shall we?
First of all, what you choose to believe about Jesus is precise-
ly that: Your Choice. Even as he walked the Earth, Jesus was
many different things to many different people. This has not
changed in the 2,000 years or so since his time on Earth.
To some of you, Jesus is a Savior. To others, a spiritual
teacher. Others thought he was half man and half-God. And in
his day, many considered Jesus a troublemaker.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

So, as with everything else in this message, you are free to

accept or reject any or all of what you are about to read. If you
find this challenging, remember that Jesus did not require peo-
ple to agree with him either.
Some of you will find this disturbing or offensive. Yet
remember that, in his day, many people were routinely disturbed
or offended by something Jesus said or did.
Others will find this information difficult to accept. Yet take
heart—even Jesus’ closest companions were often confused by
his words and actions.
For some of you, what you are about to read will sound blas-
phemous. This would be a good time to remember that, in his
day, Jesus was considered a blasphemer.
Ultimately, remember that these are merely words on a page,
and that My direct line of communication with you remains
your heart. Open your heart and mind. Listen to them carefully
as you read this.
Notes Without question, Jesus remains one of the most important
figures in your history. Unfortunately, He was also perhaps the
most misunderstood. It is a needless misunderstanding, since his
rather straightforward and extremely practical teachings are in
The Bible.
That said, it is also understandable why Jesus’ teachings have
not been fully embraced on your world. They are radical, espe-
cially in cultures that focus on satisfying physical urges and
exploiting people and resources for profit.
So, let’s clear up a few things about Jesus, The Christ.
For starters, “The Christ” is not Jesus’ last name. It is a title
that was around before Jesus in many different cultures. It means
“anointed,” which Jesus certainly was. But he was not the first to
be given that title.
Which brings us to this question that leaves many of you
confused, and rightfully so. Many of you are taught that you are
all children of God. Yet you are also taught that Jesus was God’s
“only begotten Son.” So, which is it? Was Jesus My only child or
First, let’s rework your definition of “Son of God.” I am a
Spiritual Being, without a particular physical form. Thus, it fol-
lows that My “child” would also be a Spiritual Being, without a
particular physical form. My “child” is what many of you call
“The Christ.”
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

The Christ is best described as a living example of what’s pos-

sible when you live your Human experience with full awareness
of your true Spiritual heritage and essence. It is also your divine
Each of you—ALL of you—were BORN with The Christ
inside of you. Just like Jesus. What sets Jesus apart is that he is
fully aware of his Christ birthright, and he chose to accept it.
And of course, he spent his final years on Earth working to get
others to “accept Christ.”
Think of it this way: The human, physical body that walked
the Earth was called “Jesus.” The Spiritual essence that traveled
with that body (and yours) is called “The Christ.”
Again, each of you are born with The Christ; most of you are
unaware of this, or refuse to accept it as Truth. For the record,
this is fine. After all, it is your choice.
But regardless of who you think Jesus was, or whether you

think he died on the cross for your sins, there is a very funda-
mental reason to practice his teachings in your everyday life.
They just work.
For all the things you say that you want in life—love, health,
happiness, peace, prosperity, good relationships—Jesus’
approach to life is one of the most precise roadmaps to success.
Here’s why: Jesus understood perfectly that when it comes to
the quality of your life, what is going on inside of you is far
more important than what is going on outside of you. He wasn’t
as concerned about people’s actions; he was more interested in
the thoughts that would lead to those actions.
Jesus is quite capable of speaking for himself, and he has
already done so at length, so I will not go into detail here about
his teachings. But there are a few examples I will use here to
demonstrate how he sees your world—and how he sees you.
First of all, Jesus understood that anything is possible, and
that the key to unlocking these possibilities is simply to believe
them with your entire being. In other words, you must be certain
that something is possible in order to experience it. This is what
enabled him to perform such amazing miracles. The Christ
Inside removed all doubt from him, and it was something he
challenged those around him to accept as well. This is why, after
performing a miracle, he calmly said, “Greater things than this
shall you do, if you just believe.”
Jesus also considered himself no better than any of you. This
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

may come as a shock to some of you, but he did not want to be

worshipped. He repeatedly told those around him that they
could perform the same feats that he could, and he often likened
himself to society’s rejects. The Christ Inside knew that all of you
are one, which is why he famously said, “As you do unto the
least of these, you do also unto me.” It is also why he said, “Do
unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You are all
one, so in essence, as you have done unto others, you have also
done unto yourself.
Jesus understood that time is an illusion you created, and
that you need not be trapped by it. He understood that life is
best lived in the moment, without too much thought about
what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow. This is
why he said, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will
worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Jesus understood that each soul is on its own journey and it

Notes is therefore wise to avoid judging others. First of all, even among
those closest to you, you do not know what journey their soul is
on. Secondly, and more importantly, tending to your own soul
will keep you plenty occupied. This is why he famously said,
“Judge not, lest you be judged” and advised you to take care of
your own shortcomings before pointing out your neighbors.
Jesus also understood that the events you call “mistakes” are
part of the Human experience. This is why he said, “Let he who
is without sin cast the first stone.”
Furthermore, without human error, you would miss out on
the exquisite experience of acceptance and forgiveness. He knew
that mistakes are born out of ignorance, not intention. At any
given moment, people are doing what they think is best, given
their life experiences, education and upbringing. Jesus looked at
even the most heinous acts this way.
Those who tried and crucified Jesus thought they were pun-
ishing a man for claiming to be God. They simply did not realize
that they were one with Jesus, and in torturing and killing him,
they were also torturing and killing themselves. Had they known
that, they likely would have chosen differently. This is why, with
his last breath, Jesus cried out, “Forgive them Father, for they
know not what they do.”
By all means, do your own research into Jesus and his teach-
ings. Certainly, you may use the Bible for this. But I would also
encourage you to expand your studies. Try to understand what
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

life was like in Israel in those days. Study the customs and tradi-
tions people lived by. Learn about how women were treated, and
the plight of the poor. Notice how people responded to Jesus—
how he saw them, and how they saw him.
If you choose to embark upon this journey, The Truth I have
written upon your heart will guide you to the correct informa-
tion. And remember: you were BORN with the Christ Inside you.
That is the inner voice I have given you. Trust it.
As you seek to understand Jesus and his teachings, you will
discover why his wisdom has remained alive around the world
for thousands of years. Your idea of what is possible will begin
to grow and expand. And as you begin to “accept The Christ”
that you were born with, your life will change dramatically.
Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Who,
being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal
with God.


A Breather
Throughout this message, I have shared with you a great deal
about Who I Am, who you are, and our relationship. I have
answered a number of questions that have puzzled many of you
for many years. Undoubtedly, some of the concepts presented
here are unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, and conse-
quently, you may need time to digest them.
So let’s pause for now. Take a break from this particular vol-
ume of “A Message From God.” This is not a farewell or a good-
bye, quite simply because I’m not going anywhere, and neither
are you.
I always am with you, living inside you. You never need to
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

worry about that. And anytime you want to be aware of My pres-

ence, remember: Breathe, be still and know that I AM GOD.
Throughout this message, I have stressed the importance of
looking for Me inside your own heart, and listening to My voice
there. If you seek to develop your relationship with Me further,
that is how you should approach it. If it is My guidance you
want, I shall give it to you. You are free to accept or reject it, but
to deny Me is to deny yourself. Why would you do that?
Like anything else in your world, what you focus your atten-
tion on grows. If you would like our relationship to grow, put
some time and energy into it. Read about Me, including holy
texts. And include holy texts beyond your traditional religion—
in doing so, you not are forsaking your old beliefs; you are mere-
ly expanding them.
Listen to music, explore the arts, and be of service to your fel-
low humans. In other words, participate in activities that touch
your heart, and do so with an open heart. The more you open
your heart to Me and to the world, the closer you and I will
Notes become.
Feel free to read this message over again. Doing this will rein-
force the lessons presented here, as well as clear up other con-
cepts that may have confused you in earlier readings. Repeated
exposure to this message will help it take root in your mind. As
this happens, your choices will naturally begin to change and
your life will transform in amazing ways.
This is not the last time I will reach out to you in this format.
There will be additional messages that will deal with some of the
other everyday questions and concerns that many of you have
for Me. In the meantime, I want to leave you with a few parting
thoughts and words of encouragement.
First of all, I love you. Unconditionally, deeply and eternally.
Do not ever wonder about this. Remember, as long as you are
breathing, I am in your heart. And whether you are breathing or
not, you are in My heart.
Secondly, I forgive and accept you. You have done and said
things you believed came between us. As far as I’m concerned,
nothing can come between us, for we are one.
I am proud of you. You have had plenty of challenges come
your way. You may not have always had the outcome you want-
ed. You may not have always behaved in a way that you were
proud of. But at every turn, you have done the best you could,
given what you knew and what you had to work with. And to
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

that I say, well done.

And as we bring this conversation to a temporary close, I
would like to offer you My Blessing.
You are about to live an extraordinary life!
You are about to do exciting things! You are about to live a
life so amazing that you will know than it could come from no
other source but God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, or whatever you
choose to call The Source from which we all come and to which
we will inevitably return.
You have wondered who you really are and what you are here
on Earth for. You have pondered the meaning of life and your
place in it. You have been craving a relationship with The Source,
a sense of knowing that you belong to something that is bigger
than you are.
All of these things are within your grasp. All of these things
are available to you NOW. All you have to do is accept this. This

will be challenging for many of you, but the reward is great, and
far beyond anything you could imagine.
What you are, essentially, is a divine and holy creation of
God. I made you perfect, whole and complete. As far as I am
concerned, there is nothing wrong with you, and there never
You don’t have to work to earn My love. I AM LOVE. And I
will love and forgive you, no matter what you do, and no matter
what other people might say.
I created you in My image and likeness. Think of it this way:
When I look in a mirror, I see YOU. The question to ask yourself
every moment is: Can you look into the mirror and see God?
Can you?
Can you look at each other and see God?
Can you?
Can you look at an apple tree, a bumblebee or a puppy and
see God?
Can you?
When you train your mind to recognize Me everywhere you
go, to think of Me in all you do, you will recognize the Essential
Truth: That you, I and all of life are ONE. You will know a peace
that passes all understanding.
And so peace be with you.
Copyright © 2007-2008 Lee Eric Smith. All rights reserved.

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