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Sun Worship {s*y<-upisni}

- Mayank Shastri

Sun Worship

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Dedication This book is dedicated to my grandfather Late Shree Harikrishna Durlabhram Shastri (1904-1978), Who was a great Sanskrit scholar And Expert in Vedic ritualistic performances. This book is based on His worthy manuscripts. We salute our great ancestor.

Sun Worship

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Sun - Worship
by Mayank Shastri
B.E. (Mech.)

All Rights Reserved First edition Feb - 2012

- Published By Mayank B. Shastri Kaustubha, Opp. Maninagar Society, Tithal Cross Road, Valsad 396001. (Guj.) India. Ph. 0091- 2632-252146 , 260-6531479 Fax : 0091-260-2400408 Mo. 0091-9375824978, 9377007456 E-mail :
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s*y<-upisni (Cd& Gri[mi> drri[j p>ciytn{pi>c d[vi[n)} p*jini[ (rvij p\c(lt C[. ai pi>c d[vtiai[ C[ ~) gN[S, ~) (vON&, ~) (Sv, miti SIkt{d&gi<} an[ ~) s*y<-niriyN. ai pi>c d[vtiai[mi> ~) s*y<-niriyN a[k mi#i p\Ryx {nr) ai>K[ ji[e Skiy t[vi} d[v Ci[viY) t[mn) p*jin& (vS[P mCRv C[. s*y< aipN) s*y<miLini k[WAYin[ rC) s>p*N< si]rm>DLn[ p\kiS t[mj Jvn p\din kr[ C[. s*y<{p\kiS} (vni pZv) pr Jvn s>Bv nY). s*y< p\kiS aip[ C[ t[mj (dvs an[ ri(#in[ uRp kr) smyn&> sj<n kr[ C[. t[ bFij Jvi[n[ (k\yiSIkt, Uji<, ji[m, bL, simy<, Xin t[mj uRsiC bx[ C[. v[d s*y<n[ smg\ cricr sZIOTni aiRmi tr)k[ p\AYi(pt kr[ C[. v[di[ s*y<n[ aipNi bFij p&y t[mj pip kmi[<ni six) tr)k[ (nCiL)n[ t[n) an[k p\kir[ At&(tai[ kr[ C[. s*y< mi#i a>Fkirni[ j n(C pr>t& bFij ri[gi[, d&:Avni[ t[mj aXinni[ pN niS kr[ C[. s*y<niriyNn[ t[ni SIkt, simy< t[mj t[jni kirN[ p*jvimi> aiv[ C[. (Cd& Fm<mi>> s*y<-upisnin&> a[k (v(SOT t[mj aigv&> Ayin an[ mCRv C[. (Cd& Fm<-Sii[mi> dSi<yi p\miN[ s*y<-upisni t[mj s*y<-yX mn&Oyni Jvnmi> sv< p\kirni s&K- Si>(t- smZI an[ sOLti p\it krvi miT[ni aRy>t p\BivSiL) siFni[ C[. Jvnmi> an[k p\kirni s>kTi[, aDcNi[, smAyiai[, p\(tk*Ltiai[, d&d]<v t[mj m&k[l p(rIAY(tY) pr[Sin an[ y(Yt yIktai[ miT[ s*y<-upisni d]v) aiS)vi<d smin C[. s*y<-upisni siFkn[ Sir)(rk t[mj min(sk t>d&rIAt, airi[y an[ SIkt tYi (Cmt, t[j an[ Xin bx[ C[. t[ dm, dyri[g, rkt(p_i an[ ki[Q j[vi Cq)li Sir)(rk t[mj CtiSi, (nriSi, tiN t[mj (c>ti j[vi Gr kr) ga[li min(sk ri[gi[n[ pN d*r kr[ C[. aim, s*y<-upisni aipNi Jvnn) an[k smAyiai[ j[v) k[ k)(t<, nimni k[ p\(tOqi x)N Ye Ci[y; uc AYin[Y) ptn Yy&> Ci[y; ni[kr)-F>Fi, (mlkt k[ kir(kd)<ni (vni[ an[ avri[Fi[ ; ki]T&>(bk klC-k>kis eRyi(d d*r kr[ C[. t[ aiRm(vVisn) km), cimD)ni ri[gi[, ai>Kn) tkl)Oi[, Sr)r an[ mnni an[k ri[gi[ , vi>(zyipN&> eRyid) tkl)Oi[ d*r kr) aipNn[ Sir)(rk an[ min(sk airi[y t[mj t>d&rIAt, p\sti, ain>d, s&K-Si>(t, AmrNSIkt, Xin, (vo_ii, k)(t<, p\(tOqi, uRkP<, smZI, uRsiC, bL, simy<, Uji< an[ sOLti bx[ C[. s*y<-upisnini m*y #iN a>gi[ C[; s*y<-nmAkir, s*y<-p*ji an[ s>yi. ai p\Ry[k a>gi[ alg alg #iN p&Iatkiai[mi> (vAtZt r)t[ smjivvimi> aiyi C[. ai #iN[ an&srvi aRy>t srL Ci[y ki[e pN umrn){Kis kr)n[ 15 vP<Y) vF& umrn)} ki[e pN yIkt sC[lieY) t[mn&> an&srN kr) Sk[ C[.

Sun Worship

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* Sun-Worship * It is customary to perform five deities worship (Panchaayatana Pooja) daily among the Hindu houses. Panchaayatana Pooja is a daily worship of five deities viz. Ganesha, Vishhnu, Shiva, Shakti (Durga) and the Sun. The Sun occupies a special status among these five divinities as He is the only deity visible to our naked eyes. The Sun is the center of our solar system, gives life and light to the whole system. Without the Sun there could be no life on the Earth. He gives light, produces day and night and generates time. The Sun bestows power, strength, energy and knowledge on the living beings. The Rig Veda declares the Sun as the soul of both moving and unmoving beings. The Vedas regard the Sun as the witness of all actions. The Sun is glorified in the Vedic hymns as an all-seeing God Who observes both good and evil actions. He expels not only darkness but also evil dreams, diseases and ignorance. The Sun is worshipped for His power, strength and glory. The Sun (Surya) worship (Pooja) is a very popular form of daily ritual in the Hindu culture. As per the Hindu religion, performing Vedic Sun worship and sacrifice (Yagya) are the most effective ways to bring all types of prosperity in our life. The Sun worship is a divine boon for those who face problems, hurdles and misfortune in their life. One should worship the Sun for peace, prosperity, sound health, strength, vigour, courage, knowledge and brilliancy. The Sun worship cures chronic diseases like heart ailment, leprosy, asthma, nervous weakness, tension, anxiety and depression. The Sun worship can solve problems like a decline in name and fame, loss of high position, loss of job/career/property, family conflicts, lack of self-confidence, skin diseases, eye problems, many physical and mental diseases, childlessness etc. Thus the Sun worship brings physical and mental health, happiness, harmony, memory, knowledge, brilliance, fame, prosperity, power, energy and success in our life. The Sun-worship mainly consists of Sun salutation, Sun-devotion (Pooja) and Sandhya ritual. All these limbs of the Sun-worship are explained in detail in three different booklets. They are very simple and anybody of any age (preferably above 15) can follow them without any difficulty.

Sun Worship

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s*y<-nmAkir : s*y<-nmAkira[ 12 yi[gni aisni[ni[ sm*C C[. dr[k aisnn) siY[ s*y<ni alg-alg m>#in&> rTN krvimi> aiv[ C[.s*y<-nmAkirn[ bFi yi[gisni[n) jn[ti kC[vimi> aiv[ C[. s*y<-nmAkir yi[gisni[mi> sv<~[Oq C[. s*y<-nmAkir Sr)2 an[ mn pr cmRki(rk asr (npjiv[ C[. bFi ri[gi[mi> liBdiy) a[vi bFij aisni[ni[ sir s*y<nmAkirmi> smiy[li[[ C[. s*y<-nmAkir miT[ ki[e pN siFni[n) j$r pDt) nY), t[ mi#i 5 Y) 10 (m(nTmi> p*ri Sr)rn[ p(tsrni[ s>p*N< yiyim p*ri[ piD[ C[.

s>yi: s>yi a[ (Cd&ai[ oiri p\Bit[, myi[ t[mj siy>kiL[ v](dk r)t[ krvimi> aivt) yi: s*y<d[vn) upisni C[. s>yip*jn a[ s>yi smy[ krvimi> aivt&> s*y< Bgvinn&> yin C[. s>yip*jn dr(myin s*y<ni (krNi[ upiskni Sr)r pr pD[ C[ j[ an[k b)mir)ai[ d*r kr[ C[ t[mj v[d m>#ii[cirNY) mn S& an[ p(v#i bn[ C[. aim s>yip*jn upiskni[ svig) (vkis kr[ C[. viAt(vkpN[, s>yi a[ bFi pipi[Y) miO) m[Lvvi miT[n) t[mj aiRmS&I, aiRm~[y, aiRmi[RkP< an[ aiRmXin p\it krvi miT[n) s*y<d[vn[ Bivp*v<k an[ aiW<Biv[ krvimi> aivt) p\iY<ni j C[. s>yi dr(myin krvimi> aivti p\iNiyim Sir)(rk an[ min(sk tiN GTiD[ C[ t[mj upiskn[ airi[y an[ t>d&rAt) bx[ C[. s*y<-p*ji : Bgvinn) p*jimi Bkt yin, aiviCn, m>#ii[cirN, p&Op, jL, OL, n]v[w vg[r[ oiri Bgvinn&> aidrp*v<k p*jn kr) Bgvinn[ p\s krvi p\yRn kr[ C[. (Cd& Sii[mi> s*cyi p\miN[ Bkt oiri upyi[gmi> l[vit) ai p*ji simg\) ti[ mi#i p\(tk smin C[, si]Y) mCRvni[ ti[ Bktni[ p\B& p\Ry[ni[ Biv C[. viAt(vkpN[ ti[ p*ji a[ m*(t< yi Cb)ni miym oiri aipNi c]tyn) {aiRmin)} prmiRmi siY[ni ji[DiN miT[n) a[k aiwiIRmk p(t C[. p*ji smy[ p*jiAYL an[ t[n) aispisni vitivrNmi> aRy>t SIktSiL) aiyiIRmk Ap>dni[ an[ Uji< uRp Yiy C[. ai (dy SIktai[ bFij a(nOT tRvi[ t[mj Ci(nkirk ais&r) SIktai[ni[ niS kr) siFkni Jvnmi> s&K-Si>(t-s&m[L t[mj smZI p\Ayi(pt kr[ C[. p*jimi> siFkni p\irF yi (ny(tn[ pN bdlvin) SIkt C[. Bivp*v<k an[ aiW<Biv[ krvimi> aiv[l) p*ji t[mj p\iY<ni Bktni Jvnmi> aivniri kOT-d&:K-p)Di k[ s>kTn[ CLvi bniv[ C[ yi p*N<pN[ d*r kr[ C[. p*ji siFkni Jvnni Si[k, d&:K, yYi, s>tip d*r kr) siFkni[ ayiIRmk (vkis kr[ C[. p*ji dr(myin krvimi> aivti m>#ijip an[ yin siFkni Sr)r, mn an[ aiRmin) S&I an[ s&m[L oiri siFkni[ svig) (vkis kr[ C[. p*ji smy[ krvimi> aivti p\iNiyim siFkni Sr)r an[ mnni tiN, dbiv, aAvAYti, (c>ti, (Kti,udis)nti tYi b[c[n) d*r kr) siFkn[ (nm<Lti, gi>B)y<, AvAYti, Si>(t t[mj IAYrti bx[ C[.

Sun Worship

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Sun Salutation : The Sun salutation is a set of 12 Yoga poses. A Sun mantra (incantation) is chanted with each pose. The Sun salutation is known as the mother of all Yogic poses (Yogasana). The Sun salutation is the best among all Yoga poses. It produces miraculous effects on our body and mind. Almost all the benefits of all Yoga poses are derived by the Sun salutation. No special equipments are required to perform the Sun salutation. Anybody can perform the Sun salutation without much effort. It provides complete and systematic exercise to our entire body in just 5 to 10 minutes. Sandhya : Sandhya is the worship of the Sun god performed by the Hindus in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. It is a meditation in which one concentrates on the supreme power Sun god. While performing the Sandhya, the Sunrays fall on the practitioners body, which free the body of all ailments and the Ved mantras recited purify the mind. Actually, the Sandhya is an earnest prayer to the Sun god to forgive all sins committed during ones daily actions and attain self-purification, self-improvement and spiritual knowledge. Pranayama performed during the Sandhya improves both physical and mental health. It also relaxes both the body and mind. Sun Devotion (Pooja) : The Sun devotion (Pooja) is an act of showing reverence to the Sun god through various rituals like meditation, invocation, chanting verses (mantra) and offering flowers, water, fruits and food to the deity. The Hindu scriptures lay more stress on devotion than on physical rituals. Actually, the Pooja is a spiritual process for connecting our consciousness with the super consciousness through the medium of an idol or a portrait. While performing the Pooja very strong spiritual vibrations and forces are generated in the surrounding environment. This positive divine energy dispels all negative forces and miseries and brings peace, harmony and prosperity into the devotees life. The Pooja has the power to change the devotees fate or destiny. Sincere and earnest worship and prayer can soothe and avert evil misfortune destined to befall on the devotee. The Pooja cleanses the mind and removes grief and sorrow of life. The Pooja brings spiritual advancement to the devotee. Meditation and mantra(incantation) recitation done during the worship purify and harmonize the body, mind and spirit of the practitioner. Its benefits can permeate all facets of the devotees life and attitude. Similarly the pranayama performed during the Pooja has many physical and mental benefits. It removes stress, tension, anxiety, depression and bestows serenity and tranquility on the practitioner.

Sun Worship

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s*y<ni (vP[ni k[Tlik v]Xi(nk tyi[ : - s*y< a[ aipNi si]rm>DLni k[Wmi> rC[li[ si]Y) t[jAv) g\C{tiri[} C[. s*y<miLini bFi g\Ci[ s*y<n) p\d(xNi kr[ C[. s*y< pi[tini jbrdAt g&r&RvikP<N bL vD[ s*y<miLini bFi g\Ci[n[ s&s>g(qt riK[ C[. - s*y< aipNi si]rm>DLni[ sv<Y) (vSiL pdiY<{g\C} C[. si]rm>DLni s>p*N< dLni 99.85% dL a[kli[ s*y< j Friv[ C[. - s*y<miLini s*y<n) p\d(xNi krniri nv g\Ci[ C[; b&F, S&k|, pZv), m>gL, g&@, S(n, y&r[ns, n[c*n {v@N} an[ l*Ti[. - s*y<n) umr 4.5 liK kri[D vP< C[. - s*y< mi#i viy&ai[ni[ bn[li[ gi[Li[ C[. t[ m&yRv[ CieD^i[jn{70%} an[ C)(lym{28%} viy&ai[ni[ bn[li[ C[. - s*y< p\(t s[k>D 70 liK Tn k&drt) viy&n&> dCn kr[ C[ j[niY) lgBg 386 liK kri[D m^givi^T Uji< uRp Yiy C[. p\(t xN 100,000,000,000 Tn DienmieTni (vAOi[T vD[ ai Uji< uRp kr) Skiy. - s*y< pZv) krti an[k gNi[ (vSiL C[. t[n) (#ijyi pZv)n) (#ijyi krti> 109 gN) vFir[ C[. s*y<n) (#ijyi 696,000 (kli[m)Tr C[ jyir[ pZv)n) (#ijyi 6,376 (k.m). C[. - s*y<n) a>dr lgBg 10 liK pZv)ai[ smi(vOT Ye Sk[ C[. - s*y< pZv) krti 3,33,000 gNi[ vjndir C[. - s*y<n&> g&r&RvikP<N bL pZv) krti 28 gN&> vFir[ C[. - s*y< pi[tin) Fr) pr pZv)ni 27 (dvsmi> a[k p(rB\mN p*r&> kr[ C[. - p\kiSn[ s*y<Y) pZv) s&F)n&> a>tr kipti> 8 (m(nT, g&@ni g\C s&F) pCi[cti 40 (m(nT an[ s*y<miLin) s)mi s&F) pCi[cvimi> 7 klik lig[ C[. - s*y<Y) pZv)n&> a>tr lgBg 1500 liK (kli[m)Tr C[. a[k mi[Ti (vminn[ ai a>tr kipti> 20 vP< lig) Sk[. - s*y<n) spiT)n& sr[riS tipmin 5700 s[Isys C[. pZv)n) spiT)n&> sr[riS tipmin 20 s[Isys C[. s*y<ni Cid<{gB<} n&> tipmin 150 liK (Dg\) s[Isys C[.

Sun Worship

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Some Facts About the Sun : - The Sun is a star at the center of our solar system around which all local planets orbit. Its tremendous gravity holds the solar system together. - The Sun is the largest object in our solar system. It contains more than 99.85% of the total mass of the solar system. - The nine planets orbiting the Sun are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. - The Sun is about 4.5 billion (4.5 lakh carore) years old. - The Sun is entirely gaseous, there is no solid surface. It is made mainly of the hydrogen (70%) and helium (28%) gas. - The Sun burns over seven million tons of natural gas every second which produce about 386 billion megawatts energy. 100,000,000,000 tons of dynamite would have to be detonated every second to match the energy produced by the Sun. - The Sun is way bigger than the Earth. Its radius is 109 times bigger than the radius of the Earth. The Suns radius is 696,000km and the Earths radius is 6,376km. - Over one million (ten lakh) Earths could fit inside the Sun. - The Sun is about 3,33,000 times heavier than the Earth - The Suns gravity is 28 times that of the Earth. - The Sun rotates on its axis about once every 27 earth days. - Light from the Sun takes 8 minutes to reach the Earth, 40 minutes to reach the Jupiter and 7 hours to reach the edge of the solar system. - The Sun to Earth distance is 149.60 million km. A normal airliner will take 20 years to reach the Sun. - The Suns average surface temperature is 5700 C. The Earths average temperature is 20 C. The Suns core temperature is 15 million C

Sun Worship

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s*y<-p*ji - p*ji krvi pC[li Gr t[mj p*jini ai[rDin[ AvC t[mj sOiedir bniv) Avy> pN Anin kr) S& t[mj s&GD vi[ FirN kr) Si>t an[ ax&F vitivrNmi> (nm<L mn[ p*jin) S$ait krv). - S& aisn pr p*vi<(Bm&K {aYvi u_ir yi eSinK*Ni trO} pisn aYvi (sisnmi> Si>t-(c_i t[mj AvAYtip*v<k b[sv&>. - ~) gN[Siy nm: i m>#i-ucirN kr) p*jin) S$ait krv). - tmiri p)q, grdn an[ mAtk s)Fi an[ T+ir riK) Sr)rn[ IAYr riKi[. tmir) b[ CY[L) Xinm&Wimi> riK) pgni G*>TN nJk T[kvi[. b[ ai>Ki[ b>F kr) nik vD[ F)r[Y) UMDi Vis li[ an[ Vis Ci[Dt) vKt[ -kirn&> F)r[Y) l>biNp*v<k ucirN kri[. ai r)t[ 5 aYvi 11 vKt kirn&> ucirN krv&>. - (nn(l(Kt m>#in&> ucirN krti> 5 Y) 10 s[kD G>TD) vgiDv), aigmiY<m` t& d[vinim` gmniY<m` c rixsim` i k&@ G>Ti vrm` nidm` d[vtiAYin s(Fi] ii BiviY< : d[v-AYin nJk G>TD)ni[ mF&r an[ S&B rNkir d]v) SIktai[n[ jigZt kr) d&OT SIktai[ni[ niS kr[ C[. - bijq pr lil yi sO[d kpD&> b)Civ) t[n) mymi> a[k m&) Gu m*kvi. ai Gun) upr ti>bini kLSn&> AYipn krv&>. - ai kLSn[ #iN-ct&YiS s&F) S& jL vD[ Br) t[ni m&K pr ai>bini pi>c pi>dDi kmL aikir[ gi[qvvi. - a[k ni(Ly[r le t[ni pr lil niD&> v)TiL) t[n[ kLS pr UB&> gi[qvv&>. - bijq pr kLSn) sim[ Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNn) m*(t< aYvi Cb)n&> AYipn krv&>. - Sky Ci[y ti[ bijqn[ k[Lni pi>dDiai[Y) sjivvi[. - G) ni[ d)vi[ p\gTiv) t[n&> Bgvinn) m*(t<n) sim[, tmir) jmN) bij& pr AYipn krv&>. - a[k yi b[ agrb_i) p\gTiv) t[n[ m*(t<n) sim[, tmir) Dib) bij& pr riKv). - b[ CiY ji[D) (nn(l(Kt li[k vD[ d)vin[ p\iY<ni krv), ii Bi[ d)pd[v $pARv> km<six) H(vnkZt i yivRp*ji smiy[t Ayit` tivt` Rvm` s>IAYri[ Bv ii BiviY< : C[ d)p{aIn} d[vti ! aip km<six) s*y< Bgvinn&>j Av$p Ci[, (vnCti< Ci[. amir) ai p*ji smiIt pyt aip aC) Si>tpN[, IAYrtip*v<k aisn g\CN kri[.

Sun Worship

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* Sun-Worship * - The first step for the worship (Pooja) is to make your home and the Pooja room neat and clean. It is equally important for you to be neat and clean and don fresh clothes. Start the worship in a quiet and placid environment in an unruffled mind. - Sit comfortably on a clean Pooja mat facing east or north or north-east corner either in Padmasana or in Siddhasana. - Begin your worship by reciting Aum ! Shree Ganeshya NamaH. - Keep your spine, neck and head erect and the body balanced. Rest both your wrists on respective knees and assume Gyan Mudra. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and chant long Aauumm smoothly while exhaling. Repeat this for 5 or 11 times. - Sound the bell for 5-10 seconds while chanting the following verse, Aum! Aagamaartham tu Devaanaam gamanaartham cha raakshasaam, Kuru ghante varam naadam Devtaa-sthaan sannidhau. Purport : I ring the bell to invite gods and invoke divinity so that the virtuous and noble forces may enter my home and my heart and the demonic and evil forces depart me and my home. - Lay a fresh red or white cloth on a raised platform and then place a fistful of wheat grains in the center of the cloth. Situate a copper pot on the top of these grains. - Fill three fourth of the pot with pure water. Arrange a bunch of five mango leaves inside the neck of the pot in the shape of a lotus. - Take a husked coconut with some fiber or choir on top and tie a red string around it. Put the coconut on the mouth of the pot vertically. - On the cloth place an idol or portrait of the Sun god in front of the pot. - Decorate the platform with plantain leaves if possible. - Light a lamp filled with pure clarified butter (ghee) and a cotton wick. Place it on your right hand side before the idol. - Light one or two incense sticks and place them on your left hand side before the idol. - Fold your hands in prayer pose, meditate on the lamp and chant , Aum ! Bho deep-dev roop-stawam karma-saakshee hya-vighnakrit, Yaavat-pooja samaapyeta syaat taavat tvam sam-sthiro bhava. Purport : O flame (lamp) deity ! You are the personification of the Sun god (witness of all our acts) and obstacle remover. Please stay here steadily and calmly until we finish our worship and remove all the obstacles that stand in our spiritual path.

Sun Worship

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aiRmp\\i[xNm` {aiRm S&I} : Dib) CY[L)mi> Yi[D&> piN) le t[ni pr jmN) CY[L) Qi>k) aiRmpi[ (nn(l(Kt m>#i ucirvi[, ii ap(v#i: p(v#ii[ vi svi<vAYi> gti[0(p vi i y: Amr[t\ p&>Dr)kix> s: biHiy>tr: S&(c: ii BiviY< : kml-nyn Bgvin (vON&ni AmrNmi#iY) ki[epN p\kir[ ap(v#i yIkt Sir)(rk t[mj min(sk r)t[ p(v#i bn[ C[. - Ryirbid jmNi CiYn) ai>gL)ai[ vD[ ai piN)ni[ Sr)r pr C>Tkiv krvi[. aisn S&I : (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ aisn pr dB< aYvi jmNi CiYn) ai>gL)ai[ vD[ #iN vKt piN) Ci>Tv&>, ii pZ(v Rvyi FZti li[ki d[(v Rv> (vON&ni FZti i Rv> c Firy mi> d[(v p(v#i> k&@ cisnm\ ii BiviY< : C[ pZv)miti, aipni vD[ ci]d B&vn FirN kria[li> C[ tYi aipn[ (vON& Bgvin[ FirN kr[li> C[. aip mn[ pN FirN kri[ t[mj miri aisnn[ S& kr) mn[ Qti p\din kri[. - Ryirbid jmNi CiY vD[ aisnni aicki l[vi {aisnn[ ApS< kr) CiY miY[ aDkivvi[}. (dg`bFnm` : Dib) CY[L)mi> Yi[D&> piN) aYvi axt{ci[Ki} le t[ni pr jmN) CY[L) Qi>k) (nn(l(Kt m>#i ucirti> t[n[ cir[ (dSiai[mi> vFiv) d[vi>, ii apsp<t& t[ B*ti y[ B*ti B*(ms>IAYti: i y[ B*ti (vnkti<rAt[ nyt& (SviXyi ii apk|imt& B*ti(n (pSici: sv<ti[ (dSm` i sv[<Pim(vri[F[n p*jikm< smir>B[ ii BiviY< : Bgvin (Svn) aiXiY) bF) (dSiai[mi> rC[l) sGL) am>gL (vnkir) SIktai[ niS pimi[. bF)j B\OT an[ avn(t pim[l SIktai[{B*t-(pSic}n[ avri[F) am[ ami@ ai p*ji-km< (n(v<n[ air>B kr)a[. - Ryirbid tmiri Dibi pgn) a[D) jm)n pr #iN vKt CLv[Y) qi[kv) an[ tmiri jmNi kinn[ jmNi CiYn) ai>gL)ai[ vD[ piN) aDkivv&. Ryirbid trBiNimi> CiY Fi[vi. ni[>F : CiY Fi[vi miT[ alg trBiNini[ upyi[g krvi[. B]rv nmAkir : Bgvin kiL-B]rv a[ Bgvin (Svn&> (vniSkr @W Av$p C[. Bgvin kiL-B]rvn) kZpiY) li>bi smyn) vN-uk[lia[l) smAyiai[ni[ a>t aiv[ C[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ kLSn[ Yi[Di axt-c>dn-p&Op ap<N krvi, ii t)Nd>t mCikiy kpi>t[ dCni[pm i B]rviy nmAt&ymn&Xi>> dit&mC<(s ii ii B> B]rviy nm: g>Fixtp&Opi(N smp<yi(m p*jyi(m ii BiviY< : t)Nd>t an[ mCikiy a[vi Bgvin kiL-B]rvn[ amiri nmAkir C[. mCip\ly smy[ aIn Av$p kiL-B]rvn) aiXiY) am[ amiri p*ji-km<ni[ air>B kr)a[ C)a[.
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Self Consecration : Take a spoonful of water in your left palm, cover the left palm with your right palm and utter the verse, Aum ! apavitraH pavitro vaa sarva-avasthaam gatoapi vaa, Yah smaret Pundriikaaksham saH baahyaabhyantaraH shuchiH. Purport : Whoever, whether pure or impure in whatever condition, contemplates upon the lotus-eyed Lord Vishhnu gets purified, both mentally and physically. - Then sprinkle the water over the whole body with the fingers of your right hand so that the body is well prepared for the worship. Purification of the seat : While chanting the following verse sprinkle water thrice over the Pooja mat with a darbha reed in your right hand. Aum ! Prithvi tvayaa dhritaa lokaa Devi tvam Vishhnunaa dhritaa, Tvam cha dhaaraya maam Devi pavitram kuru cha-asanam. Purport : O Mother Earth ! You support everything and You are supported by the supreme god Vishhnu. Please purify this seat and always support me firmly. - Then salute the Pooja mat by first touching it with your right hand and then touching the hand to your head. The Eight Direction Bondage : Hold water or some rice grains in your left palm cover it with your right palm and scatter them in all directions by chanting the following verse, Aum ! Apsarpantu te bhootaa ye bhootaa bhoomi-samsthitaH, Ye bhootaa vignakartaaraste nashyantu Shiva-ajnayaa. Upkraamantu bhootani pishaachaaH sarvato disham, Sarvshhaam-virodhena poojakarma samaarambhe. Purport : May all inauspicious subtle beings that may obstruct our worship be gone by the order of the Lord Shiva. O Lord, please protect us in all directions. - Thereafter tap the heel of your left foot three times on the floor.
- Wet your right hand fingers with water and touch the right ear with those fingers.Then rinse your hands in a separate Pooja plate kept specially for washing your hands during the worship.

Worshipping Kaala-Bhairava : Lord Kaala-Bhairava is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva associated with annihilation. Kaala-Bhairava solves the problems which are pending since long time. - Offer sandalwood pasted flowers and few rice grains to the pot while chanting, Aum ! Teekshna-danta maha-kaya kalpaante dahanopama, Bhairavaaya namastubhyam-anugnaam datu-marhasi. Aum ! Bham bhairavaaya namaH gandha-akshata-pushpaani samarpayaami poojayami Purport : We salute and worship You O giant-sized, sharp toothed god ! You are like the fire at the end of the world. Please protect us and
grant us permission to perform our spiritual practice peacefully. Sun Worship Page 13

(tlk FirNm` : c>dn, k>k& aYvi BAm vD[ (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ lliT[ aiXick| AYin[ (tlk krv&>, ii prmiRmn[ p&@Pi[_imiy p>cB*tiRmkiy (vviRmn[ m#iniYiy aiRmn[ i niriyNiy aiFirSkRy] smilBn> gFi[ nm: agi[< nm: p&Op> nm: ii BiviY< : prmiRmi, p&@Pi[[_im, p>cB*tiRmk, (vViRmn an[ m>#iniY j[vi nimi[Y) jiN)ti a[vi Bgvin ~) (vON&ni nim vD[ am[ s&vi(st c>dn-p&OpY) (tlk FirN kr)a[ C)a[.

(SKi b>Fnm` : (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ (SKi bi>Fv) {(SKi n Ci[y ti[ t[ AYin[ jmNi CiY vD[ dB< aDkivvi[}, ii (cW*(p(N mCimiy[ (dyt[j: smIvt[ i (tOq d[(v (SKibF[ t[ji[vZ(> k&@Ov m[ ii BiviY< : C[ aXin$p) a>Fkirni[ niS krnir, aRy>t t[jAv) c]tyAv$p {Xin-Av$p} yi[gmiyi d[v){giy#i)} ! aip (SKimi> (brijmin Ye amir) b&(n[ p\ki(St {p\[(rt} kri[. aicmnm` : jmN) CY[L)mi> Yi[D&> piN) le (nn(l(Kt #iN m>#ii[ vD[ aicmn krv&>, k[Sviy nm: AviCi i niriyNiy nm: AviCi i miFviy nm: AviCi i Ryirbid (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ trBiNimi> CiY Fi[vi, gi[(vMdiy nm: E(t CAtp\xilnm\ i

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Tilak application : Tilak is a mark of pigment on the forehead. It is a mark of auspiciousness. Tilak is applied to the space between the eyebrows, which is referred to as the Ajna Chakra. The Tilak could be of sandalwood paste, sacred ashes (Bhasma) or vermilion powder. Aum ! Parmaatmne, Purushhottmaaya, Panchbhootaatmkaaya, Vishwaatmne,Mantranaathaaya Aatmane, Naaraayanaaya, Aadhaarshaktyai, Samaalabhanam Gndho-namaH, Argo-namaH, Pushpam-namaH. Purport : I am applying the holy mark along with fragrant sandalwood paste and flowers with due reverence to Lord Vishhnu Who is known by various names such as Parmaatman, Purushottama, Panchbhootaatmka, Vishwaatmaa, Mantranaatha, Aatman, Naaraayana, Aadhaarshakti etc. Tying a knot over the tuft : Tie a knot over the tuft. If you dont have a tuft, touch the point where the tuft is positioned (central spot on the skull) with a darbah reed in your right hand and chant, Aum ! Chidroopini Mahamaaye divya-tejaH samanvite, Tishhtha Devi shikhabandhe tejo-vridhim kurushhva me. Purport : Let the divine radiance attracted thereby is being absorbed in the brain and inspire righteous thinking and illuminate my mind. Aachamanam : Purify your throat and voice for chanting of verses. Achamanam purifies the mind, voice and heart. Pour a spoonful of water in your right palm and sip it gently three times while chanting the following three verses, 1) Aum ! Keshavaaya namaH svaahaa ! (I bow to Lord Keshava), 2) Aum ! Naaraayanaaya namaH svaahaa ! (I bow to Lord Naaraayana), 3) Aum ! Maadhavaaya namaH svaahaa ! (I bow to Lord Maadhava). - Wash your hands in a Pooja plate uttering the following verse. (Holding the spoon with your left hand take a spoonful of water from the cup, place it in the right palm to rinse the hand in a Pooja plate) Note : Keep a separate plate for rinsing the hands during the Pooja. Aum ! Govindaaya namaH Svaahaa ( I bow to Lord Govind).

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p\iNiyim : (nn(l(Kt giy#i) m>#i vD[ #iN vir p\iNiyim krvi. Ryirbid trBiNimi> CiY iNiyim Fi[vi, B*: i B&<v: i Av: i mC: i jn: i tp: i sRy> i {Dibi nski[ri vD[ Vis l[vi[} tRs(vt&v<r[^y> Bgi[<d[vAy F)m(C i (Fyi[ yi[n: p\ci[dyit\ ii {upri[kt m>#i cir vKt ucirN krti> Vis ri[kvi[} aipi[ jyi[(t rsi[0mZt> b\| B*B&<v: Avri[m\ ii { upri[kt m>#i b[ vKt ucirN krti> jmNi nskirimi>Y) Vis bCir kiQvi[} - Ryir bid upri[kt m>#ii[ vD[ jmNi nski[riY) Vis leri[k)Dibi nski[rimi>Y) Vis bCir kiQvi[, aim a[k p\iNiyim Yyi[ kC[viy. ai p\miN[ #iN p\iNiyim krvi. BiviY< : kir smg\ b\Mi>Dmi> yit C[. sit[ li[kn&> kirY) sj<n Yy[l&> C[. d&:KniSk prmiRmi Av$p s(vtZd[vni vrN)y svi[<RkZOT t[jn&> am[ yin Fr)a[ C)a[. t[ prm t[jAv) prmiRmi amir) b&In[ sRkm<mi> p\[(rt kri[, amn[ t[jAv) bnivi[. jL, (vw&t, amZt an[ smg\ b\Mi>D kir-Av$p C[.

yism` : Dib) CY[L)mi> piN) le t[mi> jmNi CiYn) mymi an[ ani(mki {aYvi bF) ai>gL)ai[ B[g) kr)} bi[L) B)n) ai>gL)ai[ Sr)rni (v(vG a>gi[n[ {pC[li Dib[ a>g[} aDkivv). Ryir bid trBiNimi> CiY Fi[vi, vi m[ aAy[0At& {m&K[} i nsi[m[< p\iNi[0At& { b[ nski[rin[} i aNi[m[< cx&rAt& { b[ ai>K[} i kNi[<m[< ~i[tmAt& { b[ kin[} i biCvi[m[< blmAt& {b[ biC&ai[n[} i uvi[<m[< ai[ji[0At& {b[ j>Giai[n[} i a(rOTi(n m[gi(n tn*Atvi m[ sC s>t& {aiKi Sr)r[} i BiviY< : mir) viN), p\iN, ai>K, kN<, biC& t[mj ji>G s(Ct aiK&> Sr)r Uj<Av), t[jAv) Yiai[.

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Breath Control : Perform Pranayama thrice with the Gayatri mantra (incantation) as mentioned below. Thereafter rinse your hand in the Pooja plate, Aum bhooH, aum bhurvaH, aum svaH, aum mahaH, aum janaH, aum tapaH, aum satyam, (Inhale through your left nostril) Aum ! Tatsavitur varenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yonaH rachodayat. (Hold the breath while chanting the above incantation four times) Aum ! Aapojyoti raso-amritam brahma bhoor-bhuvaH svarom. (Exhale through your right nostril while chanting the above mantra twice) - Thereafter breath in through your right nostril-hold-and exhale through the left nostril. This completes one cycle of pranayama. Repeat this process thrice. Purport : Aum is the primordial sound which resides in all the elements of the universe. It permeates all the seven worlds viz. Bhoo, Bhuva, Sva, Maha, Jana, Tapa and Satya. We meditate on the luster and brilliance of the creator of the universe, Who pervades the earth, atmosphere and the heavens, Who is the most adorable and the remover of all the sins and ignorances. May that sacred light enlighten our intellect. The Water, the Light, the Divine elixir, the Physical world, the Astral realm, the Heavenly worlds, all is Aum. Preparation of the body for worship (Nyaasam) : Pour a spoonful of water in your left palm and dip the middle and ring fingers (or all five fingers) of your right hand in this water and touch the various parts of your body with them as directed. Work from left to right. Thereafter rinse off your hand in the Pooja plate. Aum ! Vaangme asyestu (mouth), Aum ! Nasorme pranoastu (both nostrils), Aum ! Aksnome chakshurastu (both eyes), Aum ! Karnorme shrotamastu (both ears), Aum ! Bahworme balamastu (both shoulders), Aum ! Urvorme ojoastu (both thighs), Aum ! Arishhtani me-aangani tanoostanwaa me saha santu (over entire body). Purport : O Lord ! Let my lips have speaking power, my nose inhaling power, my eyes seeing power, my ears hearing power, my shoulders and thighs become strong. May all the parts of my body be coherently healthy.

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s>kp : jmNi CiYmi> aicmn) mi> piN) le (nn(l(Kt m>#i ucir) k(rOy[[ ucirN siY[ trBiNimi> r[D) d[v&>, ii tt` st` ii ii mmi[ - pi_i smAt d&(rtxy oiri ~) s*y<niriyN p\)RyY<m` i svi<B)OT (syY<m` isv<li[k SiRyY<m` i yYi SIkt i yin - aiviCni(d Pi[DSi[pcir]: ~) s*y<niriyN p*jim` k(rOy[ ii BiviY< : aijni ai S&B (dvs[, smy[ an[ AYL[ am[ Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNn) kZpi oiri sv<-jm pip niSiY[<[, sv< kimnip*(t<-aY[< t[mj sv<-li[k Si>(t-aY[< Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNn&> yYi SIkt Pi[DSi[pcir (v(Fp*v<k p*jn kr)a[ C)a[. iY< ~) gN[S-p\iY<ni : b[ CiY ji[D), ai>Ki[ b>F kr) (nn(l(Kt li[k vD[ Bgvin ~) gN[Sn) p\iY<ni krv), ii vk|t&>D mCikiy s*y<ki[(T smp\B i (n(v<n> k&@ m[ d[v sv<kiy[<P& sv<di ii BiviY< : vi>k) s*>Q, mCikiy an[ Cjiri[ s*y< smin t[jAv) a[vi ~) gN[S Bgvin amiri bFi> (vni[ C>m[Si> d*r kri[. srAvt)- iY< srAvt)-p\iY<ni : b[ CiY ji[D), ai>Ki[ b>F kr) (nn(l(Kt li[k vD[ miti srAvt)n) p\iY<ni krv), ii srAv(t nmAt&ym` vrd[ kim@(p(N i p*jirBm` k(rOyi(m (sIB<vt& m[ sdi ii BiviY< : am[ a(t s&>dr an[ vrdi(yn) d[v) srAv(tn[ v>dn kr) p*ji-air>B kr)a[ C)a[. miti srAv(t amir) p*ji sOL kri[.

g&@pidi(Bv>dnm` : (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) g&@Jn[ v>dn krvi, ii g&@b\<Mi g&@(v<ON&: g&@d[<vi[ mC[vr: i g&@sixit prb\M tAm] ~) g&rv[ nm: ii BiviY< : g&@ Avy> b\Mi C[, g&@ (vON& C[, g&@j mC[vr Bgvin (Sv C[. sixit prb\MAv$p g&@Jn[ amiri siOTi>g nmAkir C[.

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Resolve : Resolve is the statement of the purpose of the worship. - Hold a spoon of water in your right hand and pour it into the Pooja plate after chanting the following verses, Aum ! Tat sat Aum ! (God is the ultimate and only truth) Mama-upaatta samasta durita-kshaya dwaaraa Surya-Naaraayana-preetyartham, sarvaabheeshhta siddhi-artham, sarvaloka shaantyartham, yathaa-shakti, dhyaan-aavaahana-aadi shhodasha-upchaariH shree Surya poojam karishhye. Purport : At this particularly auspicious moment, time and place, on this auspicious day, I worship Lord Sun with all my knowledge and capacity to be worthy of the grace of the Lord by destruction of all my sins that have accumulated in me in all my births and for the peace of all the planets and universes. Prayer to Lord Ganesha : Fold your hands in prayer pose, close your eyes, meditate on Lord Ganesha and chant the below mentioned verse to alleviate all the hurdles in the path of devotion, Aum ! Vakratunda mahaakaaya surya-koti samaprabha, Nirvighnam kuru me deva sarva-kaaryeshhu sarvadaa. Purport : O Lord Ganesha of huge body and curved elephant trunk ! You are as bright as ten million Suns, I pray to You please make all my work free of obstacles, always. Prayer to Goddess Saraswati : Pray to goddess Saraswati to give proper intelligence to worship Lordships with attention and devotion. Aum ! Saraswati namastubhyam varade kaamarupini , Pooja-arambham karishhyaami siddhir-bhavatu me sadaa. Purport : O goddess Saraswati ! My salutations to You. We are starting the worship, please grant all our wishes and bless us with success. Prayer to revered Teacher : Bow down and pray to your teacher chanting, Aum ! Gurur-Brahmaa gurur-Vishhnuhu gurur-Devo MaheshwaraH, Guru-saakshaat Parabrahma tasmai shree Gurave namaH. Purport : My teacher is an incarnation of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishhnu and Lord Shiva. I bow down to that teacher Who is none other than god Himself !

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SiItp\iY<ni : b[ CiY ji[D) n)c[ dSi<yi p\miN[ Si>(t-p\iY<ni krv), SiItp iY< ii sCnivvt& i sCni] B&nkt& i sC v)y krvivC] i t[jIAvnivF)tmAt& i mi(v(oPivC] ii ii SiIt SiIt SiIt: ii BiviY< : p\B& amiri bFin&> piln-rxN kr[, am[ CL)mL)n[ s&m[Lp&v<k mCin kiyi[< kr)a[, am[ bFi t[jAv) bn)a[, am[ ki[eni[ pN o[[P-eOyi< kr)a[ n(C. sv<#i SiIt an[ mi#i SiIt yit Yiai[! wi]: SiItrt(rx SiIt: pZ(Yv) SiItrip: SiItri[PFy: SiIt: i vnApty: SiIt(v<v[d[vi: SiItb\<M SiIt: sv<SiIt: SiItr[v SiIt: si mi SiItr[(F ii ii SiIt: SiIt: SiIt: ii BiviY< : pZv) s(Ct smg\ (vVmi> SiIt yit Yiai[. jL, ai]P(F, vnAp(t t[mj vZxi[mi> SiIt yit Yiai[, d[vtiai[ t[mj b\Mmi> pN SiIt yit Yiai[. sv<#i sdisv<kiL bs SiIt, SiIt an[ mi#i SiIt yit Yiai[ ! nv- SiItp\iY< nv-g\C SiItp\iY<ni : b[ CiY ji[D), ai>Ki[ b>F kr) (nn(l(Kt li[k vD[ nv-g\Cn) p\iY<ni krv), ii ai(dRyiy si[miy m>gliy b&Fiy c i g&@ S&k| S(ny riCv[k[tv[ nm: ii BiviY< : s*y<, cW, m>gL, b&F, g&@, S&k|, S(n, riC& t[mj k[t& n[ am[ p\Nim kr)a[ C)a[. ai bFi g\Ci[ amn[ Si>(t aipi[. d)p - p*jnm` : (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ d)vin[ Yi[Di axt-c>dn-p&Op ap<N kr) p\iY<ni-nmAkir krvi, ii S&Bm` kri[(t kyiNmiri[ym` Fns>pdi i S#i&b&I (vniSiy d)pjyi[(tn<mi[DAt&t[ ii1ii ii d)pjyi[(t: prb\M d)pjyi[(tj<nid<n: i d)pi[[ Crt& m[ pip> d)pjyi[(tn<mi[DAt&t[ ii2ii BiviY< : 01, S&B>kr, m>glkir), airi[y an[ Fns>p(_i p\diti t[mj sd`b&I p\din krnir d)pjyi[(tn[ am[ p\Nim kr)a[ C)a[. 02, sv< pipCti<, (vON& t[mj prb\M Av$p d)pjyi[(tn[ amiri p\Nim C[.

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Peace-Prayer : With folded hands chant, Aum ! Sahanaa-vavatu, Sahanau bhunaktu, Saha veeryam karavaavahai, Tejaswinaa-vadheeta-mastu maa vidvishhaa-vahai. Aum ! Shaanti shaanti shaantiH. Purport : May God protect and nourish us all together. May we all together finish up difficult tasks successfully. May we all be bright, brilliant and healthy. May there be no envy among us ! May peace prevail everywhere ! Aum ! DyauH shanti-Rantariksha shantiH Prithivee shanti-RapaH shanti RoshhadhayaH shantiH, VanaspatayaH shanti-vishwedevaaH shanti Brahma shantiH sarva-shantiH shaanti-reva shantiH saa maa shantiredhi. Aum ! ShantiH shantiH shaantiH ! Aum. Purport : May there be peace in the entire universe. May peace prevail all over this Earth, in water, in all herbs, plants and trees. May peace spread out everywhere. May peace be there in the supreme Brahman. May there always exist peace and peace alone ! Peace mantra for nine planets : Chant the following verse to pacify the planets to protect yourself from the evil effects of the planets. Aum ! Adityaaya Somaaya Mangalaaya Budhaaya cha, Guru Shukra Shanibhayashcha Raahave-Ketave namaH Purport : Our salutations to the nine planets, the Sun, the Moon, the Mars, the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Venus, the Saturn, the Rahu, and the Ketu. Lamp (Deep) Worship : Offer sandalwood pasted flowers, vermilion powder and few rice grains to the Lamp while chanting, Aum ! Shubham karoti kalyaanam-aarogyam dhana-sampadaa, Shatru-buddhi vinaashaaya deepjyoti-namostute. Aum ! DeepjyotiHi para-Brahma deepjyoti-janaardanaH, Deepo haratu me paapam deepjyotir-namostute. Purport : 1, Let the light of the Lamp bring auspiciousness, prosperity, good health and abundance in our life. We bow down to the Lamp deity which removes the enmity from our life. 2, The light of the Lamp represents Brahman as well as Lord Vishhnu. May the light of the Lamp remove our sins and sufferings. We bow down to the light of the Lamp.

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G>Ti - p*jnm` : (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ G>Tin[ Yi[Di axt-c>dn-p&Op ap<N kr) nmAkir krvi, ii C[ G>T[ s&Avr[ p)q[ G>Ti v(n (vB*(Pt[ i vidyIt prinid[ G>Ti d[vm` p\p*jy[t ii BiviY< : C[ G>Ti-d[v aipni[ mF&r, (dy nid amiri sv< d&:K t[mj s>tipi[ni[ niS kr[ C[. d]v) nidy&kt G>Ti-d[vn&> am[ p*jn kr)a[ C)a[. kLS p*jnm` : kLSn[ cir[bij& c>dn-k>k& ni ci>dli kr) (nn(l(Kt m>#iY) axt, k>k& an[ c>dn vD[ kLS-p*jn kr) kLSn[ nmAkir krvi, ii klSAy m&K[ (vON&: k>q[ $W: smi(~t: i m*l[tAy IAYti[ b\Mi my[ mitZgNi: AmZti: ii BiviY< : klSni m&K[ (vON&, k>q[ $W, t(Ly[ b\Mi an[ my Big[ d]v) SIktai[ ai(~t C[. - kLSni m&K pr jmN) CY[L) Qi>k) (nn(l(Kt m>#i ucirvi[, ii g>g[ c ym&n[ c]v gi[div(r srAv(t i nm<d[ (sF& kiv[(r jl[DIAmn` s((F> k&@ ii BiviY< : kLSni ai jLmi> am[ g>gi, ym&ni, gi[div(r, srAv(t, nm<di, (sF& an[ kiv[(r nd)n[ aim>(#it kr)a[ C)a[. - Ryirbid ds vKt v> v@Niy nm: m>#i-jip krvi[. - b[ CiY ji[D), ai>Ki[ b>F kr) (nn(l(Kt li[k vD[ ~) v@N Bgvinn&> yin Frv&>, ii nmi[ nmAt[ AO(Tkp\Biy s&v[tCiriy s&m>gliy i s&piSCAtiy zPiSniy jli(FniYiy nmi[ nmAt[ ii BiviY< : aRy>t kyiNkir), AO(Tk smin p\ki(St, mRAyiCir), gLimi> mi[t)ni[ Cir t[mj CiYmi> piS FirN krnir jL-d[vtin[ amiri v>dn C[. - Ryirbid (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ v@N Bgvinn&> s-aiy&F, sC-SIkt an[ s-p(rvir aiviCn krv&>, {jmNi CiYmi> axt le m>#i bi[yi bid kLSn[ ap<N krvi>} ii aIAmn klS[ v@N> si>gm` sp(rvir> siy&F> sSIktkm` aivihyi(m AYipyi(m ii

Sun Worship

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Bell (Ghantaa) Worship : Offer sandalwood pasted flowers, vermilion powder and few rice grains to the Bell deity while chanting, Aum ! Hei Ghante susvare pithe ghantaa dhvani vibhushhite, Vaadayanti paraa-nande Ghantaa devam prapoojayet. Purport : We worship the deity seated within this melodiously sounding, pain/distress remover Bell while ringing the divine sound of the Bell. Pitcher (Kalasha) Worship : Daub sandalwood paste and vermilion powder on all four sides of the pitcher. Offer sandalwood pasted flowers, vermilion power and few rice grains to the pitcher while chanting, Kalashasya mukhe VishhnuH kanthe RudraH samaashritaH, Moolae-tasya stitho Brahma madhyae maatruganaH smritaH. Purport : Lord Vishhnu is dwelling at the mouth, Lord Rudra at the neck and Lord Brahma at the base of the Pitcher. Divine energies are residing in the midst of the Pitcher. - Keep your right palm facing down on the top the pitcher and recite the following verse, Aum ! Gange cha Yamunae chaiva Godavari Saraswati, Narmade Sindhu Kaaveri jalesmin sannidhim kuru. Purport : In this water, we invoke the presence of holy waters from the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmadaa, Sindhu and Kaveri. - Recite Aum ! Vam Varunaaya namah ten times. - Fold your hands in prayer pose, close your eyes, meditate on Lord Varuna and chant, Aum! Namo namaste sphatik-prabhaaya sushwetahaaraaya sumangalaaya, supaasha-hastaaya jhashhaashanaaya jalaadhinaathaaya namo namaste. Purport : We bow down to the auspicious, fish eater Water deity Who is illuminating like a crystal, wearing a garland of pearls and holding a noose in His worthy hand. - Invite Lord Varuna to come to you along with His family holding all His divine weapons and His divine power. Chant the following verse and offer some rice grains to the Pitcher, Aum ! Asmin kalashe Varunam sa-angam sa-parivaaram Sa-ayudham sa-shaktikam aavaahayaami sthaapayaami.

Sun Worship

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- (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ p&Op,axt, k>k& an[ c>dn kLSn) a>dr cQivvi>, ii api>pty[ v@Niy nm: g>Fixtp&Op]: s>p*jyi(m ii BiviY< : jL-d[vti v@Nd[vn&> am[ p&Op,axt, k>k& an[ c>dn vD[ p*jn kr)a[ C)a[. - kLSmi>Y) Yi[D&> jL Dib) CY[L)mi> le (nn(l(Kt m>#i ucir) t[n[ jmNi CiYn) ai>gL)ai[ vD[ p*ji-simg\) t[mj pi[tini Sr)r pr Ci>Tv&> . ii ap(v#i: p(v#ii[ vi svi<vAYi> gti[0(p vi i y: Amr[t\ p&>Dr)kix> s: biHiy>tr: S&(c: ii - Ryirbid n)c[ dSi<yi p\miN[ Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNn&> Pi[DSi[pcir (v(FY) p*jn krv&>. s*y< yinm` : b[ CiY ji[D), ai>Ki[ b>F kr) (nn(l(Kt li[k vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNn&> yin Frv&>, ii y[y: sdi s(vtZm>Dlmyvt)< niriyN: sr(sjisn s>(n(vOT: i k[y&rvin` mkrk&>Dlvin` (kr)T) Ci(r (Crymyvp&: FZt: S>Kck|: ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: yin> smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : Bgvin (vON&-Av$p, s*y<-mDL myvt)<, d[d)ymin, pisnFir), kmL pr (brijmin, s&vN< miLi, k>kN, k&>DL an[ m&gT FirN krnir; sO[d S>K, ck| an[ gdiFir) a[vi Bgvin s*y< niriyNn&> am[ yin Fr)a[ C)a[. aiviC s*y< aiviCnm` : (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNn&> aiviCn krv&>, {jmNi CiYmi> axt le m>#i bi[yi bid Bgvinn) m*(t<n[ ap<N krvi>} ii aiviCy[t t> (oB&j> (dn[S> sRmivviCw&m(N g\C[Sm`i (sd&rvN p\(tmivBis> Bji(m s*y k&lvZ(C[t&m` ii ii aigC Bgvd[v AYin[ ci#i IAYri[ Bv i yivRp*ji> k(rOyi(m tivRv> s(Fi[ Bv ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: aiviCnm` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : am[ (oB&j, s*y<-mDLni rRnm(N smin, sit aVi[ ji[D[li rYmi> (brijmin, (sd&rvNi< an[ t[jAv) a[vi Bgvin s*y< niriyNn&> amiri k&T&>b-kyiNiY[< aiviCn kr)a[ C)a[. C[ p\B& ! aip a#i[ amir) smx pFir) amir) p*ji g\CN kri[ t[mj amir) ai p*ji smiIt pyt aip aC) Si>tpN[, IAYrtip*v<k AYin g\CN kri[.

Sun Worship

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- Put sandlewood pasted flowers, few rice grains, vermilion powder and a spoonful of water inside the Pitcher while chanting, Aum ! Apaam-pataye Varunaaya namaH gandh-akshat-pushhpeiH sampoojayaami Purport : We worship Lord Varuna; the deity of water with sandalwood paste, rice grains and flowers. - Take some water from the Pitcher in your left palm and sprinkle it over the worship items and yourself with your right hand fingers while chanting, Aum ! apavitraH pavitro vaa sarva-avasthaam gatoapi vaa. YaH smaret Pundriikaaksham saH baahyaabhyantaraH shuchiH. - Now offer worship to the Sun god by sixteen processes of worship. Sun God Meditation : Fold your hands in prayer pose, close your eyes and recite, Aum ! DheyaH sadaa savitru-mandal-madhyavartee NaaraayanaH sarsijaasana sannivishhtaH, Keyurvaan makarkundalvaan kireetee haari hiranyamaya-vapuH dhritaH sankha-chakraH Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH dhyaanam samarpayaami. Purport: We meditate on Naaraayana-the supreme god in the center of the solar system. Who is seated upon a lotus flower assuming the lotus pose. He is adorned with beautiful golden bracelets, amulets, earrings, necklace and a crown. He has the golden effulgence and holding a white conch and disc weapon in His lotus hands. Sun God Invocation : Invite the Sun god to come to you and accept your worship. Hold some rice grains in your right hand and offer it to the idol after chanting the following verses. Aum ! Aavaahayet tam dwibhujam dinesham satmaashvavaahamdumanim grahesham, sindoorvarnam pratimaavabhaasam bhajaami sooryam kulvriddhihetum. Aum ! Aagachchha bhagavandev sthaane chaatra sthiro bhava, Yaavatpoojam karishhyaami taavat-tvam sannidho bhava Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH aavaahanam samarpayaami. Purport: We invite two armed Lord Sun, Who is riding in a chariot drawn by seven horses, Who is the jewel of the solar system. We worship the bright, red colored and glorious Lord Sun for the advancement of our family. O Lord of the world ! Please come hither and accept the worship offered by us. Please stay here steadily and calmly until we finish the worship.
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- (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ s*y< niriyNn[ v>dn krvi, ii jpik&s&m s>kiS kiyp[y> mCiw&(tm` i tmi[(r sv<pipn> p\Nti[IAm (dvikrm` ii BiviY< : jpi-p&Op smin d[d)ymin, Bgvin kiypni p&#i, aXin$p) a>Fkirni[ niS krnir, sv< pipniSk a[vi Bgvin (dvikr s*y<n[ am[ p\Nim kr)a[ C)a[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyNn[ aisn ap<N krv&>, {jmNi CiYmi> p&Op-axt le m>#i-ucirN kr) Bgvinn) m*(t<n[ ap<N krvi>} ii ry> s&Si[Bnm` (dym` sv<si]ykrm` S&Bm` i aisnm` c myi d_im` gZCiN prm[vr ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: aisniY[< axtm` c p&Opm` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! aipn[ am[ ai By, mni[Cr, S&B, (dy t[mj s&Kkirk aisn ap<N kr)a[ C)a[ t[ Av)kir) aip t[ni pr s&K[Y) (briji[. - b[ ai>Ki[ b>F kr) kpni krv) k[ p\s m&Km&WiFir) Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyN aipni Grmi> aidrN)y mC[min tr)k[ pFir), rRnjD)t (s>Cisn pr p*ji Av)kirvi miT[ (brijmin Yyi C[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyNn[ piw{pg Fi[vi miT[ jL} ap<N krv&>, ii uONi[dk> (nm<l> c sv< si]gF s>y&tm` i pidp\xilniYi<y d_i> t[ p\(tgZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: pidyi[: piwm` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ crN-kmL p\xilniY[< (nm<L t[mj s&vi(st nvs[k&> grm jL ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyNn[ ay<{CiY Fi[vi miT[ jL} ap<N krv&>, {jmNi CiYmi> jL-c>dn-p&Op-axt le m>#ii[cir kr) Bgvinn) m*(t<n[ ap<N krvi>} ii v[diRmn[ nmAt&y> jgdinddi(yn[ i gZCiNiy myi d_i> gFp&Opixt]y&<tm` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: CAtyi[: ay smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ v[di[ni aRmi-Av$p , jgt`-ain>d-diti p\B& ! am[ aipn[ p\Nim kr)a[ C)a[; am[ aipn[ CAt p\xiln-aY[< p&Op-axt-c>dny&kt jL ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[.
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- Chanting the following verse bow down before Lord Sun, Aum ! Japaakusum samkaasha kaashyapeyam mahaadutim, Tamorim sarva-paapaghnam pranatoshmi divaakaram Purport : We bow down to the son of Kaashyap, glorious Sun god Who has the appearance of Japa (china rose) flower. We salute you O Lord ! You are the destroyer of the darkness of ignorance and annihilator of all our sins. - Offer seat to the Sun god : Sprinkle the Sun idol with some rice grains and flowers after chanting, Aum ! Ramyam sushobhanam divyam sarvasaukhyakaram shubham, Aasanam cha mayaa dattam grihaana parmeshwara. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH aasanaarthe akshatam cha pushhpam samarpayaami. Purport : We now meditate on You, O Lord, and invite You to sit comfortably upon this pleasant, splendid, divine and auspicious throne which we have prepared for You. Please accept it for sitting. - Close your eyes and visualize the Sun god seated upon a gemstudded throne before you, smiling, full of blessings, waiting to be honored as a revered guest in your home. - Wash the feet of the idol with pure water while chanting, Aum ! Ushhnodakam nirmalam cha sarva saughandha samyutam, Paad-praksaalana-arthaya dattam te prati-grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH paadayoH paadyam samarpayaami. Purport : We offer lukewarm, pure and fragrant water to wash Your lotus feet, O Lord ! Please accept it. - Wash the hands of the idol with sandalwood water mixed with few rice grains and flowers and chant, Aum ! Vedaatmane namastubhyam jagad-aananda-daayine, Grihana-arghyam mayaa dattam gandha-pushhpa-akshatai-yutam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH hastayoH arghyam samarpayaami. Purport : We salute You , O soul of the Vedas ! You rejoice the world, we offer You fragrant water with unbroken rice grains and flowers to wash Your hands. Please accept.

Sun Worship

Page 27

- (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyNn[ #iN vKt aicmn)y jL ap<N krv&>, ii sv<t)Y<smiy&kt> s&g>(Fm` (nm<l` jlm` i aicyti> myid_i> gZCiN prm[vr ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: m&K[ aicmn)y> smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ aicmniY[< (v(vF t)Y<-AYLi[n&> (nm<L t[mj s&vi(st jL ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[. - (nn(l(Kt vD[[ Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyNn[ S& jLY) Anin krivv&>, ii g>gi srAvt) r[vi pyi[ON) nm<di jl]: i Ani(pti[(s myid[v tt: Si>(tm` k&@Ovm[ ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: S&i[dk Aninm` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ Anin-aY[< g>gi, srAvt), r[vi, pyi[ON) t[mj nm<di nd)n&> jL ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[ an[ amn[ (#i(vF tipi[Y) m&kt kr) Si>(t aipi[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyNn[ p>cimZt{d*F, dC), G), mF an[ Sk<ri} Anin krivv&>, ii pyi[d(FGZt> c]v mF& c Sk<riy&tm` i p>cimZt> myin)t> AniniY p\(tgZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: p>cimZt Anin> smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ AniniY[< d*F, dC), G), mF an[ Sk<ri y&kt p>cimZt ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[. - p>cimZt Anin bid (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyNn[ S& jLY) Anin krivv&>. Ryirbid Bgvinn) m*(t<n[ AvC v vD[ l*C)n[ siO krv). ii m>di(kyiAt& yd`vi(r sv<pipCrm` S&Bm` i tt` ed> kIpt> d[v AniniY p\(tgZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: S&i[dk Anin> smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ AniniY[< sv< pip-niSk p(v#i m>di(k(n nd)n&{Avg<n) g>gi nd)}> jL ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[. - S& jLni Anin bid (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvinn[ aicmn)y jL ap<N krv&>, ii ) s*y<iy nm: Aninit[ aicmn)y> smp<yi(m ii

Sun Worship

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- Offer the idol pure water to drink , thrice , while chanting, Aum ! Sarva-teerth samaayuktam, sugandhim nirmalam jalam, Aachamyataam mayaa dattam, grihaana Parmeshwara. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH mukhe aachamaneeyam samarpayaami. Purport : We offer You sacred, pure and fragrant drinking water which is collected from various holy places. O Lord ! Please accept it for drinking. - Offer holy bath to the idol while chanting, Aum ! Gangaa Sarasvatee Rewa Payoshhnee Narmada jalaiH, Snapitosi maya-deva tataH shantim kurushhva me. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH shuddhodaka snaanam samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We offer You sacred waters of the Ganga, the Saraswati, the Reva, the Payoshhnee and the Narmada rivers. Please accept it for bathing and bring peace into our life. - Bathe the idol with Pancha-Amrita (milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar mix) and chant, Aum ! Payo-dadhi-ghritam chei-va madhu cha sarkaraa-yutam Pancha-amritam mayaanitam snanaartham prati-grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH panchaamrita snaanam samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We offer You this mixture of milk, curd, clarified butter (ghee), honey and sugar. Please accept it for bathing. - Finally offer pure water to the Sun god to finish the bath. Thereafter wipe the idol clean with a piece of fresh cloth. Aum ! Mandaakinyastu yad-vaari sarva-paapa-haram shubham, Tat-idam kalpitam deva snaan-artham prati-grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH shuddhodaka snaanam samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We offer You fresh, clean, pure and sin-destroying water of the heavenly Ganga river. Please accept it for bathing. - Thereafter offer the idol pure water to drink while chanting, Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH snaanaante aachamaneeyam samarpayaami.

Sun Worship

Page 29

- (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvinn[ v t[mj upv ap<N krvi, {v-upvni aBiv[ lil niD>& b[ vKt Bgvinn[ ap<N krv&>} ii sv<B*Pi(Fk[ si]y[ li[kljji (nvirN[ i myi[pyi(dt[ t&y> viss) p\(tgZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: vA#ii[pvA#im` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ li[kljji (nviriNiY[< s&Si[(Bt vi[ ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[. - Ryirbid (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~)s*y< Bgvinn[ aicmn)y jL ap<N krv&>, ii ) s*y<iy nm: vA#ii[pvA#iit[ aicmn)y> smp<yi(m ii - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNn[ yXi[pv)t ap<N krv), {yXi[pv)tni aBiv[ sO[d s*trni[ di[ri[ Bgvinn[ ap<N krvi[} ii nv(BAt>t&(By&kt> (#ig&N> d[vti#iym` i upv)t> ci[_ir)y> gZCiN prm[vr ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: yXi[pv)tm` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ nv t>t& Frivt) an[ (#ig&NiRmk{sRv-rj-tm} t[mj #iN d[vti {b\Mi,(vON&,mC[S} Av$p jni[e ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[. - Ryirbid (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~)s*y< niriyNn[ aicmn)y jL ap<N krv&>, ii ) s*y<iy nm: yXi[pv)tit[ aicmn)y> smp<yi(m ii - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvinn[ c>dn ap<N krv&>, ii cdnig@ kp*<r> kAt*r) k&>k&miIvtm` i (vl[pn> s&r~[Oq p\)RyY p\(tgZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: g>Fm` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ s&r~[Oq p\B& ! am[ aipn[ kp*r, kAt*r) an[ k>k& s>(m(~t c>dn (vl[pniY[< ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. aip t[ p\stip*v<k Av)kir kri[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvinn[ k>k& ap<N krv&>, ii k&>k&mm` kiItdm` (dym` ki(my: kimp*(rtm` i k&>k&m[n` a(c<ti[ d[v p\s)d prm[Vr ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: k&>k&m` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : ki>(tvF<k, (dy t[mj sv< kimnip*(t< krnir a[vi k>k& vD[ am[ aipn&> p*jn kr)a[ C)a[, C[ p\B& ! aip t[ p\stip*v<k Av)kiri[.

Sun Worship

Page 30

- Offer raiments to the Sun god in the form of two red threads chanting, Aum ! Sarvabhooshhadhike saumye lok-lajjaa nivaarane, Mayopayaadite tubhyam vaasasee prati-grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH vastropvastram samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We offer this lovely dress pair to You. Please adorn Yourself in these decent clothing. - Thereafter offer the idol pure water to drink while chanting, Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH vastropvastraante aachamaneeyam samarpayaami. - Offer sacred thread to Lord Sun while chanting, (Offer white cotton thread if sacred thread is not available) Aum ! Navabhi-stantu-bhiyuktam trigunam devtaa-trayam, Upaveetam cha-uttariam grihana Parmeshwara. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH yagnopaveetam samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We offer You an upper garment and a sacred thread which contains nine strings, possesses three qualities and represents three deities. Please accept it. - Thereafter offer the idol pure water to drink while chanting, Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH yagnopaveetaante aachamaneeyam samarpayaami. - Offer sandalwood paste to Lord Sun and chant, Aum ! Chandanaagaru karpooram kastooree kumkumaanvitam, Vilepanam sura-shreshhtha preetyartham prati-grihyataam Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH gandham samarpayaami. Purport : O best of the gods ! We offer You sandalwood paste mixed with musk, camphor and red turmeric to appease You. Please accept it for anointing. - Offer vermillion (red turmeric) powder to Lord Sun and chant, Aum ! Kumkumam kaantidam-divyam kaaminyaH kaampooritam Kummumena archito deva praseed Parmeshwara Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH kumkumam samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We worship You with this divine and beautifying vermillion powder (kumkum). Please appease and fulfill all our desires.

Sun Worship

Page 31

- (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvinn[ axt ap<N krvi, ii axti s&r~[Oq k&>k&mi[kti: s&Si[(Bti: i myi(nv[(dti BkRyi gZCiN prm[vr ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: axtin` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ s&r~[Oq p\B& ! am[ k>k& vD[ s&Si[(Bt axt vD[ aipn&> p*jn kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kir kri[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvinn[ p&Op t[mj O*lCir ap<N krvi, ii miyid)(n s&g>F)(n milRyid)(n v]p\Bi[ i myi ain)ti(n p&Opi(N p*jiY p\(t-gZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: p&Op]: p*jyi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! aipni p*jn-aY[< s&g>(Ft p&Op t[mj p&Op-miLi am[ liyi C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ g\CN kri[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< niriyNn[ ab)l, g&lil, (s>d*r an[ CLdr ap<N krvi, ii ab)lmiy&Pi[ vZIg<&lil> p\)(tvF<nm` i (s>d*r[Nsmiy&kt> C(rWi> c]v gZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: si]Biy Wyi(N smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! aiy&Oyv<k, p\)(tvF<k, ain>ddiyk t[mj si]dy<diy) ab)l, g&lil, (s>d*r an[ CLdr vD[ aipn&> p*jn kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ g\CN kri[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvinn[ aiB*PNiY[< axt ap<N krvi, ii al>kirin` mCi(dyin` ninirRn (v(n(m<tin` i gZCiN d[vd[v[S p\s)d prm[Vr ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: aiB*PNiY[< axtim` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ d[vi(Fd[v ! (v(vF rRn-(v(n(m<t aiB*PNi[ vD[ am[ aipn&> p*jn kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ p\stip*v<k g\CN kri[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvinn[ F*p ap<N krvi[, {b[-#iN agrb_i) sLgiv) m*(t< sim[ gi[L O[rvv).} ii vnAp(trsi[Rpi[ g>FiQyi[ g>F u_imm` i ai6[/y sv< d[vinim` F*pm` p\(tgZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: F*pm` ai6/pyi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! (v(vF vnAp(tni rsmi>Y) bniv[l u_im s&g>F)t F*p aipn[ ap<N kr)a[ C)a[.kZpi kr) aip t[n) s&g>F g\CN kri[.
Sun Worship Page 32

- Offer some unbroken rice grains to Lord Sun and chant, Aum ! Akshataascha sur-shreshhtha kumkumoktaH sushobhitaaH, Mayaanivedita bhaktyaa grihana Parmeshwara. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH akshataan samarpayaami. Purport : O best of the Gods! We offer You this auspicious unbroken rice grains beautified by red turmeric. Please accept it. - Garland the idol, shower flowers and chant, Aum ! Malyaadeeni sughandheeni maalatyaadeeni vai-prabho, Mayaa aanitaani pushhpaani poojaarthm prati-grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH pushhpaiH poojayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We have brought various kinds of fragrant flowers and woven garland of flowers for worshipping You. Please accept. - Beautify the Lord with auspicious stuffs like Abeel (fragrant white powder), Gulaal (fragrant reddish power), Sindoor (red colored cosmetic power) and Haldi (turmeric) while chanting, Aum ! Abeelamaayushho vriddhir-gulaalam preeti-vardhanam, Sindoorena-samaayuktam haridraam chaiva grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH saubhagya-dravyaani samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We offer You pleasant, rejoicing, hygienic and beautifying Abeel, Gulaal, Sindoor and Haldi powders. Please accept. - Offer Lord Sun few rice grains for ornaments and chant, Aum ! Aalankaaraan mahaadivyan naanaaratna vinirmitaan, Grihana deva-devesha praseed parmeshwara. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH aabhooshana-arthe akshataam samarpayaami. Purport : O God of the gods ! We offer You jewel studded divine ornaments. Please accept. - Offer incense to lord Sun. Lighten 2-3 incense sticks and circle them around the idol three times in a clockwise direction. Aum ! Vanaspati-rasotpanno gandhaadhyo gandha uttamam, Aaghreya sarva-devaanam dhoopoyam prati-grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH dhoopam aaghraapayaami. Purport : We offer best fragrant herbal aromatic vapour to You, O Lord ! Please smell it.

Sun Worship

Page 33

- (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~) s*y< Bgvin n[ G)ni[ d)vi[ dSi<vvi[, ii sijy> (#iv(t<sy&kt> v(ni yi[(jt> myi i gZCiN m>glm` d)pm` (dvikr nmi[At&t[ ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: d)pm` dS<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ (dvikr p\B& ,aipn[ amiri nmAkir C[ ! ai #iN (dv[TviLi[ m>gLkir) G)ni[ d)vi[ am[ aipn[ ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ g\CN kri[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvin[ n]v[w Frivv&>. n]v[w pr t&ls)-p#i cQiv), G>TD) vgiDti> n]v[wn) Ort[ aicmn)mi> piN) O[rv) t[ jL Bgvinn[ ap<N krv&>, ii Sk<riK>D Kiwi(n d(F-x)r (6/ti(n c i aiCiri[ By-Bi[jym` c n]v[w> p\(tgZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: n]v[wm` (nv[dyi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ Bi[jniY[< G), d*F, dC) an[ Sk<ri-y&kt (mOTi ap<N kr)a[ C[. kZpi kr) aip t[ g\CN kri[. - Ryirbid ai>K b>F kr) (nn(l(Kt m>#ii[ vD[ Bgvinn[ CiYni eSiriY) jmiDvi, p\iNiy AviCi i apiniy AviCi i yiniy AviCi i udiniy AviCi i sminiy AviCi i b\MN[ AviCi i - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvinn[ aicmn)y jL ap<N krv&>, Bi[jn my[ aicmn)ym` smp<yi(m i - p&n: ai>K b>F kr) (nn(l(Kt m>#ii[ vD[ Bgvinn[ CiYni eSiriY) jmiDvi, p\iNiy AviCi i apiniy AviCi i yiniy AviCi i udiniy AviCi i sminiy AviCi i b\MN[ AviCi i - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvinn[ aicmn)y jL ap<N krv&>, utripi[Snm` smp<yi(m i - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvinn[ CiY Fi[vi jL ap<N krv&>, CAt-p\xilnm` smp<yi(m i - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvinn[ mi[ Fi[vi jL ap<N krv&>, m&K-p\xilnm` smp<yi(m i
Sun Worship Page 34

- Show the light lamp (offer light) to Lord Sun by chanting, Aum ! Saajyam trivarti-samyuktam vahninaa yojitam mayaa, grihaana mangalam deepam divaakara namostutae. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH deepm darshayaami. Purport : We have prepared and ignited this clarified butter (ghee) lamp which has three wicks. O day maker Lord Sun we salute You ! Please accept this auspicious light offered by us. - Offer food at the feet of the Lord. Keep the Naiveda (eatables presented to a deity) in a plate before the Lord, put a Tulsi (holy basil) leaf on it, ring the bell and circle a spoon of water over the food and offer it to the deity while chanting the following verse, Aum ! Sharkaraa-khanda khaadyaani dadhi-ksheera ghritaani cha, Aahaaro bhakshya-bhojyam cha naivedyam prati-grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH naivedyam nivedayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We offer You sweets, curd, milk and clarified butter (ghee) to eat. Please accept the food offered by us. - Now, while closing the eyes make a gesture of offering food to the Lord while chanting the following verses, Aum ! Praanaaya swaahaa, (I offer this to Praana) Aum ! Apaanaaya swaahaa, (I offer this to Apaana) Aum ! Vyaanaaya swaahaa, (I offer this to Vyaana) Aum ! Udaanaaya swaahaa, (I offer this to Udaana) Aum ! Samaanaaya swaahaa, (I offer this to Samaana) Aum ! Brahamanae swaahaa. (I offer this to the Supreme Lord) - Offer water at the feet of the idol while chanting, Aum ! Bhojan madhye aachamaneeyam samarpayaami, - Again, make a gesture of offering food to the Lord while chanting, Aum ! Praanaaya swaahaa, Aum ! Apaanaaya swaahaa, Aum ! Vyaanaaya swaahaa, Aum ! Udaanaaya swaahaa, Aum ! Samaanaaya swaahaa, Aum ! Brahamanae swaahaa. - Offer drinking water to the Lord while chanting, Aum ! Utaraaposhanam samarpayaami, - Offer water to the Lord for washing the hand while chanting, Aum ! Hasta prakshaalanam samarpayaami, - Offer water to the Lord for mouth washing while chanting, Aum ! Mukha prakshaalanam samarpayaami.
Sun Worship Page 35

- (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvinn[ aicmn)y jL ap<N krv&>, ii a(t tZItkr> ti[y> s&gIFm` c (pb[Cyi i Rv(y tZt[ jgttZt> (nRytZt[ mCiRm(n ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: aicmn)y> smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ (nRytZt p\B& ! am[ aipn[ ai a(t-tZItkr s&g>(Ft jL ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[. aipni tZt YviY) s>p*N< jgt tZIt pim[ C[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvinn[ t&ls)p#i y&kt t&OL ap<N krv&>, ii ed> Ol> myi d[v AYi(pt> p&rtAtv i t[n m[ s&OliviItB<v[ jm(n jm(n ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: aK>D t&Ol> smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! aipn) smx am[ ai OL AYi(pt ky& C[. kZpi kr) aip t[ g\CN kri[. ai OL amn[ jmi[-jm s&OL aipnir n)vDi[. - Ryirbid (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ ~)s*y< Bgvinn[ aicmn)y jL ap<N krv&>, ii ) s*y<iy nm: Oli>t[: aicmn)y> smp<yi(m ii - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ s*y<niriyN Bgvinn[[ CiYmi> { s&g>F) miT[} c>dn ap<N krv&>, ii c>dn> mlyi[*t> kAt*yi<(dsmIvtm` i kri[ot<nk> d[v gZCiN prm[Vr ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: kri[ot<niY[< c>dn> smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ CiYmi> s&g>F) miT[ kAt*r) (m(~t c>dn ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ Av)kiri[. - (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvinn[ m&Kvis ap<N krvi[, {a[k nigrv[lni pin upr si[pir), eliyc) an[ l(vg m*kvi} ii p*g)Ol> mCi(d`y> nigv)dl]y&<tm` i kp*<rc*N< smiy&kt> ti>b*lm` p\(tgZHtim` ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: ti>b*lm` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ aipn[ m&KS&I miT[ si[pir), kiYi[, kp*r, a[lc), l(vg y&kt (dy nigrv[ln&> pin ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip t[ g\CN kri[.
Sun Worship Page 36

Note : There are five vital air currents in our body. They are Praana, Apaana, Vyaana, Udaana and Samaana. Praana governs the intake of food, Samaana their digestion, Vyaana the circulation of nutrients, Udaana the release of energy and Apaana governs the elimination of waste from the body. - Offer the idol water to drink while chanting, Aum ! Ati tripti-karam toyam sughandhim cha pibech-chhayaa, twayi tripte jagat-triptam nitya-tripte mahaatmane Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH aachamaneeyam samarpayaami. Purport : O ever contented mighty Lord ! We offer You sweet smelling, divine water to quench Your thirst. If You are satisfied, then the whole world is satisfied. - Take a seasonal fruit, put a Tulsi (holy basil) leaf on it and offer it to the Lord while chanting the following verse, Aum ! Idam phalam mayaa deva sthaapitam purta-staya, Tena me sufalaa-vaaptir-bhave janmani janmani. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH akhand hritu-phalam samarpayaami. Purport : We have kept this fruit before you O Lord ! Please accept it. May this fruit always bring good luck and fortune to us. - Thereafter offer water to Lord Sun to drink and chant, Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH phalaante aachamaneeyam samarpayaami. - Offer sandalwood paste to Lord Sun for cleansing and perfuming the hands. Aum ! Chandanam malayodbhootam kastooryaadi-samanvitam, Karodvartanakam deva grihana parmeshwara. Aum! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH kar-udvartana-arthe chandanam samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! Please accept this sandalwood paste mixed with musk to make Your hands fragrant. - Offer betel nut, betel leaf, clove and cardamom and chant, Aum ! Poogee-phalam mahaa-ddivyam Naagavallee-dalai-yurtam, Karpoora-choorna samyuktam tamboolam prati-grihyataam. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH tamboolam samarpayaami. Purport : O Lord ! We offer You heavenly betel leaf along with betel nut, catechu, clove, cardamom and camphor powder to make Your mouth fragrant and pure. Please accept it.
Sun Worship Page 37

- (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ Bgvinn[ d(xNi ap<N krv), {a[k nigrv[lni pin (skki[ m*k) t[ni pr Yi[D&> piN) m*kv&>} ii si]vN rjt> c]v (n(xt> c tvig\Y: i s&vN p&y> d[v[S sv< kOT Cri[ Bv ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: d(xNim` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : aipn) smx am[ ai s&vN< an[ ci>d) d(xNi miT[ riyi C[. C[ d[v[S ! amiri bFij kOTi[ d*r kr) amn[ ai p*jin&> S&B OL aipi[. - Ryir bid b[ CiY ji[D) (nn(l(Kt m>#i vD[ AYin pr uBi rC) Bgvinn) #iNvir p\d(xNi krv), ii yi(n ki(n c pipi(n jmitr kZti(n c i ti(n svi<(N nAyt& p\d(xN pd[ pd[ ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: p\d(xNim` smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : p\d(xNini dr[k pgl[ amiri jmi[jmni kr[li bFi> pipi[ni[ niS Yiy C[. - Ryirbid UBi Ye jmNi CiYmi> airt)ni[ d)vi[ an[ Dibi CiYmi> G>TD) riK) (nn(l(Kt m>#ii[ vD[ Bgvinn) airt) utirv),

ii ed{g*>} C(v: p\jnm[ aAt& dSv)r{g*>} sv<gN{g*>} AvAty[ i aiRms(n p\jis(n pS&s(n li[ksyBys(n: i aIn: p\ji> bC&li> m[ kri[Rvn> pyi[r[ti[ aAmis& F_i i ii ) s*y<iy nm: m>gl n)rijn> smp<yi(m ii BiviY< : ai p*jini OL-Av$p amn[ amiri kyiNiY[< bLvin t[mj (Cmtvin s>t(t p\it Yiai[. ai p*jiY) amir) Sir)(rk, min(sk, aiyiIRmk an[ simi(jk u(t Yiai[. ai p*ji Si>(t an[ s&Kikir) liv) bFin[ liBkirk (nvDi[. C[ p\B& ! aip amn[ Fn-v]Bv, uRsiC an[ SIkt bxi[.

Sun Worship

Page 38

- Offer coins as a gift to Lord Sun and chant, (The offering should be placed on betel leaf and a little water should be poured over it.) Aum ! Sauvanam rajatam chaiva nikshiptam cha tav-agrathaH, suvarnam punyam devesha sarva kashhta haro bhava. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH dakshinaam samarpayaami. Purport : O chief of the Gods ! We offer You gold and silver coins as a gift(Daxinaam), please reward our worship, give us wealth and remove pains in our life. - Stand up and move around yourself thrice in a clockwise direction with joined palms chanting the following verse, Yaani kaani cha paapaani, janmaantara kritani cha, Taani sarvaani nashyantu pradakshina pade pade. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH pradakshinaam samarpayaami. Purport : Whatever sins committed by me in all my births are destroyed with each step of circumambulation I make. - Offer Neerajanam (Aarti) to the Sun god. Note : Neerajanam (Aarti) is waving a lighted lamp before the idol as an act of adoration. Prayer song is sung and a bell is constantly rung during the Neerajanam. - Stand up, hold a lighted lamp in your right hand and a bell in your left hand. Circulate the lighted lamp before the idol in a clockwise motion; simultaneously ring the bell while chanting the following verses, Aum ! ida(goom) haviH prajananme astu dashveer(goom) sarvagana(goom) svastaye. Aatmasani pajaasani pashusani lokasanya-bhayasaniH. AgniH prajaam bahulaam me karotvannam payo-reto asmaasu dhatta. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH mangala neeraajanam samarpayaami. Purport : May this worship beget us strong, brave children for our welfare. Let it bring me physical, mental, spiritual and social upliftment. Let it bring peace and safety and be beneficial to all. O God ! Please confer on us wealth, enthusiasm and manly vigour.

Sun Worship

Page 39

- Ryirbid kp*r p\gTiv) (nn(l(Kt m>#ii[ vD[ Bgvinn) kp*r-airt) utirv), ii kdl)gB<sB*tm` kp*<rm` c p\d)(ptm` i airi(t<km` aC> k&v[< pym[ vrdi[ Bv ii1ii ii n)rijnm` n)rijAkm kp*<r[N kZtm` myi i gZCiN t[ji[riS[ s&r[Vr nmi[DAt&t[ ii2ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: kp*<2 n)rijn> dS<yi(m ii BiviY< : 1, k[Lni {YDni} gB<{gr}Y) bniv[l an[ kp*r vD[ p\d)t kr[l ai m>gl-d)p vD[ am[ Bgvinn) airt) kr)a[ C)a[. ai d)pni dS<nmi#iY) amir) bF) mni[kimniai[ p*N< Yiai[. 2, C[ t[ji[ri(S s&r~[Oq p\B& ! am[ aipn[ v>dn kr)a[ C)a[. kZpi kr) aip amir) ai kp*r airt)ni[ Av)kir kri[. - airt) kyi< bid airt)ni d)vin[ c>dn-p&Op ap<N krvi. airt)ni d)vi Ort[ #iN vKt piN) O[rvv&>. Ryirbid airt)ni d)vi Ort[ c>dn-axt-p&Op O[rv) t[ Bgvinni> crNi[mi> ap<N krvi. Ryirbid a[k(#it sv< Bktjni[a[ pN airt) l[v). RyirpC) CiY Fi[e CiYni Ki[bimi> p&Opi[ le (nn(l(Kt m>#ii[ ucir) p&Op Bgvinni crNi[mi> ap<N krvi.

ii tRs(vt&v<r[y> Bgi[< d[vAy F)m(C i (Fyi[ yi[ n: p\ci[dyit ii1ii BiviY< : d&:KniSk prmiRmi Av$p s(vtZd[vni vrN)y svi[<RkZOT t[jn&> am[ yin Fr)a[ C)a[. t[ prm t[jAv) prmiRmi amir) b&In[ sRkm<mi> p\[(rt kri[, amn[ t[jAv) bnivi[. (Crypi(Nm*ty[ s(vtirm&p y[ i s c[_ii d[vti pdm` ii2ii BiviY< : (Crypi(N {si[n[r) (krNi[ j[ni CiY C[}, XinAv$p an[ smAt a]Vy<ni diti a[vi s(vti d[vn&> am[ amiri rxN miT[ aiviCn kr)a[ C)a[. C[ p\B& ! aip p\it krvi yi[y Ci[, amiri p\[midrp*v<kni p*jnn[ yi[y Ci[. d[vAy c[tti[ mC)p\ s(vt&C<vimC[ i s&m(t{g*>} sRyriFsm` ii3ii BiviY< : sd`b&( p\iIt-aY[< am[ m(Cmiv>t, sv<X t[mj c]ty p\diti s(vtid[vn) At&(t kr)a[ C)a[.

Sun Worship

Page 40

- Offer lighted camphor Neerajanam to the Sun god. Light the camphor and show it to the Lord accompanied by ringing of a bell and chanting the following verses, Aum ! Kadalee-garbha-sambhootam karpooram cha pradeepitam, Aaraatikam-ahm kurve pashya me varado bhava.__ (1) Aum ! Neeraajanam neerajaskam karpoorena kritam mayaa, Grihaana tejo-raashae sureshwara namoAstutae.___ (2) Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH karpoora-neeraajanam darshayaami. Purport : 1, I am waving this auspicious lamp produced from the pith of the Plantain tree and kindled with camphor before Lord Sun. Beholding which may grant all our wishes ! 2, We salute you O Lord of the gods, a mass of the splendor Lord Sun ! Please accept our camphor Neerajanam. - After performing the Aarti offer sandalwood pasted flowers to the Aarti lamp. Circumambulate water around the lamp three times. Offer Aarti to God by circumambulating some sandalwood pasted flowers and consecrated rice grains around the Aarti lamp and then placing them at the feet of the idol. Then pass the lamp (Aarti) to others. All the devotees move their hands over the lamp and then touch their eyes. - Thereafter everybody should rinse their hands and offer flowers to the deity. Hold some flowers in the cavity of two hands (hollowed and joined), chant the following verses and place these flowers at the feet of the deity, Aum ! Tat-Savitur-varenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi, dhiyo yo naH prachodayaata__ (1) Purport : We meditate on the luster and brilliance of the creator of the universe, Who pervades the earth, atmosphere and the heavens, Who is the most adorable and remover of all the sins and ignorances. May that sacred light enlighten our intellect. Hiranya-paani-mootye Savitaarmupa havye, sa chetta devtaa padam.__ (2) Purport : We invoke golden-handed Lord Sun for our protection. He is the embodiment of knowledge and bestower of divinity and opulence. O Lord ! You are worthy of attainment and adoration. Devasya chetato maheempra savitur-havaamahe, Sumati(goom) satya-raadhasam.__(3) Purport : We invoke glorious, knowledge incarnate and life bestower Lord Sun to acquire excellent, supreme intellect to arrive at real knowledge of the truth.

Sun Worship

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s&OT&(t{g*>} s&mt)vZFi[ ri(t{g*>} s(vt&r)mC[ i p\ d[viy mt)(vd[ ii4ii BiviY< : s&m(t vFirniri an[ ~[Oq b&( p\diti sv<ni uRpidk s(vtid[vn) am[ svi[<RkZOT At&(t kr)a[ C)a[. ri(t{g*>} sRp(t mC[ s(vtirm&p y[ i aisv> d[vv)ty[ ii5ii BiviY< : a]Vy<- diti, smAt s>sirni uRpidk an[ pilk a[vi prm a]Vy<s>p s(vtid[vn) p\sti C[t& am[ t[mn&> aiviCn-p*jn kr)a[ C)a[. d[vAy s(vt&m<(tmisv> (vVd[ym` i (Fyi Bg> mnimC[ ii6ii BiviY< : skl a]Vy<ni diti s(vtid[v pis[ am[ a]Vy< vFirnir) an[ sv< miT[ (Ctkir) b&(n) yicni kr)a[ C)a[. ii nini s&gF p&Opi(N t&kili[d`Bvi(n c i p&Opi>j(lm<yi d_ii[ gZCiN prm[Vr: ii7ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! am[ (v(vF t&ni s&vi(st p&Opi[ aipni crNi[mi> ap<N kr)a[ C)a[. aip amir) ai p&Op-a>j(l Av)kir kri[. ii (vwi b&( Fn[Vy< p&#i pi]#ii(d s>pd: i p&Opi>j(l p\din[n d[(Cm[ eIst> vrm` ii8ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! aip p\s Yiai[ an[ amir) bF)j (vwi, b&(, Fn, a]Vy<, p&#i,pi]#i eRyi(dn) mni[kimniai[ p*N< kri[. ii ) s*y<iy nm: m>#ip&Opi>j(lm` smp<yi(m ii p\iY< - Ryirbid b[ CiY ji[D) s*y< Bgvinn[ (nn(l(Kt m>#ii[ vD[ p\iY<ni krv). ii tr(N(v<VdS<ti[ Jyi[(tOkZd(s s*y< i (vVmi Bi(s ri[cnm` ii1ii BiviY< : C[ s*y<niriyN ! aip amiri tirk Ci[ ; sv<n[ IOT p\din krniri Ci[ ; t[jn[ uRp krniri Ci[ ; s>p*N< (vVn[ p\ki(St krniri Ci[. d[v s(vt: p\s&v yX> p\s&v yXp(t> Bgiy i (dyi[ gFv<<: k[tp*: k[t> n: p&nit& vicAp(tvi<c> n: Avdt& ii2ii BiviY< : C[ s(vtid[v ! amiri[ ai yX{p*ji-km<} amir) sv< mni[kimniai[ p*N< kr) amn[ yX{p*ji} krnirn[ a]Vy<vin bniv[, g>Fvi[< amir) b&(n[ p(v#i kr[ t[mj viN)ni d[v amir) viN)n[ (vwiY) y&kt mF&r, ki[mL, mZd& an[ (p\y bniv[. ii (vVi(n d[v s(vtd&<(rti(n pri s&v i yW> tDai s&v ii3ii BiviY< : C[ (dy s(vtid[v ! amiri bFi d&:Ki[{pip}n[ d&r kr) amn[ sv<#i s&K-Si>(t aipi[.
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Su-shtu-ti(goom) sumatee-vridho raati(goom) Savitureemahe, Pra devaaya mateevide.__ (4) Purport : We praise and worship the Sun God Who is the creator of the universe and Who is the bestower of divine intellect and wisdom. Raati(goom) sat-patim mahe savitaarmup havye, Aasavam dev-veetye.__ (5) Purport : We invoke and worship the great, effulgent Lord Sun to appease the creator and protector of the universe. Devasya Savitur-matim-aasavam vishwadevyam, Dhiyaa bhagam manaamahe.__ (6) Purport : We beg intellect from very generous donor Lord Sun; the intellect , which is beneficial to all and which increases nobility and grandeur. Aum ! Naanaa-sughandh pushpaani hriti-kaalod-bhavaani cha, Pushhpaanjalirmayaa datto grihana parmeshwaraH.__ (7) Purport : O Lord ! We offer You various seasonal fragrant flowers. Please accept our flower-oblation. Aum ! Vidya buddhi dhana-aishwarya putra-pautraadi sampadaH, Pushhpaanjali pradaanena dehime iipsitam varam.__ (8) Purport : O God ! Please propitiate and grant all our wishes of knowledge, intelligence, prosperity, wealth and healthy progeny. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH mantra-pushhpaanjalim samarpayaami. Prayer to Lord Sun : Fold your hands in prayer pose and chant the following verses, Aum ! Taranir-vishwa-darshato jyotishhkridasi soorya, Vishwamaa bhaasi rochanam.__ (1) Purport : O Lord Sun ! You are our savior and protector; You are the maker of light; You illumine the whole universe and confer eyesight to everybody. Deva savitaH prasuva yagyam prasuva yagya-patim bhagaaya, Divyo gandharvaH ketapooH ketam naH punaatu vaachaspatir vaacham naH svadatu.__ (2) Purport : O Sun god ! May this sacrifice (worship) fulfill all our wishes and confer divinity and opulence on us. Let the celestial musicians(the gandharvas) purify our thoughts (desires) ; Let the Lord of speech sweeten the words we utter and make our speech melodious, tender, gentle and lovely. Vishwani dev Savitar-duritaani paraa suva, Yad-bhada-dram tanna-aa suva.__ (3) Purport : O divine god Savitar ! Send far away all the troubles and vices and bestow on us only what is good.
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Avy>B*r(s ~[Oqi[ rImv<ci[<diDa(s vci[< m[ d[(C i s*y<AyivZtmvivt[< ii4ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! aip Avy>B* Ci[, ~[Oq t[jn) rImai[ viLi Ci[, Xinni diti Ci[. aip amn[ pN Xin an[ t[j aipi[{A|MXin aipi[} k[ j[Y) am[ aipni dSi<v[li mig[< s>cir kr) Sk)y[. vimmw s(vtvi<mm& Vi[ (dv[ (dv[ vimmAmy{g*>} siv): i vimAy (C xyAy d[v B*r[ryi (Fyi vimBij: Ayim ii5ii BiviY< : C[ s(vtid[v ! aijni[ (dvs amn[ aRy>t s&Kdiy) n)vDi[. aigim) (dvs pN amn[ ~[Oq OLdiy) n)vD[. a[ r)t[ aip amn[ drri[j u_im p\kirni s&K-v]Bv p\din kri[. aipn) kZpiY) am[ svi[<_im (nvisAYinmi> u_im b&IY) ~[Oq s&Ki[ Bi[gvvi smY< bn)a[. t[ji[D(s t[ji[ m(y F[(C v)y<m(s v)y m(y F[(C blm(s bl> m(yF[Hi[ji[DAyi[ji[ m(y F[(C my&r(s my&> m(y F[(C sCi[D(s sCi[m(y F[(C ii6ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! aip t[jAv) Ci[, amn[ t[j aipi[; prik|m) Ci[ amn[ prik\m) bnivi[; bLvin Ci[ amn[ bLvin bnivi[; ai[jAv) Ci[ amn[ ai[jAv){p\(tBivin} bnivi[; aip {a(nOT p\(t} k|i[F) Ci[ amn[ k|i[F{p&yp\ki[p} aipi[; aip sCnS)l Ci[ amn[ sCnS)l bnivi[. uBiyi> d[v s(vt: p(v#i[N sv[n c i mi> p&n)(C (vVt: ii7ii BiviY< : C[ s(vtid[v ! tm[ kr&Nip*v<k amn[ b[ p\kirY) {Sr)r an[ mnY)} p(v#i bniv) amn[ p*N<pN[ p(v#i bnivi[. y(d jig\w(d AvnDni{g*>} (s ckZmi vym` i s*yi[< mi tAmid[nsi[ (vVim&cRv{g*>}Cs: ii8ii BiviY< : jigZt avAYimi> k[ (nWi-avAYi{Avn}mi>, jiN[-ajiy[ amiriY) j[ ki[e pipkm< Yyi Ci[y t[ smg\ apriFi[Y) s&y<d[v amn[ m&Ikt apivi[.

Sun Worship

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Svayambhoor-asi shreshhtho rashmir-vachordaa-aasi vachor me dehi, Sooryasyaavrita-manvaa-varte.__ (4) Purport : O God ! You are self-existent, most excellent and self-effulgent. O Lord ! Bestow on us knowledge and splendor so that we may follow your path. Vaam-madya Savitar vaamamu shvo dive dive vaam-masmabhya(goom) saaviH, Vaamasya hi kshyasya deva bhoorerayaa dhiyaa vaambhaajaH syaama.__ (5) Purport : O Lord Savitar ! May today prove very pleasant to us. Tomorrow too prove fruitful to us. O Lord, always confer wealth and happiness on us. By Gods grace may we experience the best comforts while dwelling in spacious houses. Tejo-asi tejo mayi dhehi, viryam-asi viryam mayi dhehi, balam-asi balam mayi dhehi, Ojo-asi ojo mayi dhehi, manur-asi manyum mayi dhehi, saho-asi saho mayi dhehi.__ (6) Purport : O Lord ! You are luster, give us luster; You are mighty, give us might; You are powerful, give us power (strength). You are energy, give us energy (vitality); You are passion, give us a passion (righteous indignation); You are forbearer, give us forbearance. Ubhaabhyaam deva SavitaH pavitrena savena cha, Maam puneehi vishwataH.__ (7) Purport : O Sun god ! Compassionately purify us all both physically and mentally; and thus purify us completely. Yadi jaagrada-yadi svapna-enaa(goom) si chakramaa vayam, Sooryo maa tasmaadendo vishwaan-mu(g)chatva(goom)ha saH.__(8) Purport : Whatever sins we have committed either when awake or in our sleep (dreams); may Sun god set us free from all those evil deeds.

Sun Worship

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xmip\iY< xmip\iY<ni : p*ji-km< dr(myin Ya[l) ki[epN p\kirn) B*l-c*k yi di[P-x(t miT[ s*y< Bgvinn) (nn(l(Kt m>#ii[ vD[ xmip\iY<ni krv). ii aiviCnm` n jini(m n jini(m (vsj<nm` i p*jim` c]v n jini(m xmAv prm[Vr ii1ii BiviY< : amn[ xmi kri[, C[ p\B&! am[ aipni aiviCn, p*jn t[mj (vsj<nn) yi[y (v(Fai[Y) ajiN C)a[. ayYi SrNm` niIAt Rvm[v SrNm` mm i tAmit` ki@y Biv[n rxAv prm[Vr ii2ii BiviY< : aipni (sviy amir[ ki[e ai~y nY), am[ mi#i aipnij SrN[ C)a[ t[Y) aip dyiBiv[ amir&> rxN kri[ p\B& ! gt> pip> gt> d&:K> gt> di(rWm[v c i aigti: s&Ksp(_i: p&yi[[DC> tv dS<nm` ii3ii BiviY< : C[ p\B&! aipni dS<nmi#iY) amiri sGLi pip, d&:K t[mj di(rW niS piyi C[ an[ s&Ksp(_i t[mj p&y ni[ udy Yyi[ C[. m>#iC)n> (k|yiC)n> BIktC)n> s&r[Vr i yt`-p*(jtm` myi d[v p(rp*N< tdAt&m[ ii4ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! aipn) p*ji miT[ni yi[y m>#ii[ k[ (v(Fai[ am[ jiNti nY) t[mj yi[y BIktBivni[ pN amirimi> p*N<pN[ aBiv C[. yw(p aip amir) ai p*jini[ Av)kir kr) t[n[ p*N<Rv bxi[. ydxr> pdB\OT> mi#iiC)n> c yd`Bv[t` i tRsv xyti> d[v p\s)d prm[Vr ii5ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! amiri m>#ii[ci2N t[mj yikrN an[ BiPini an[k di[Pi[ miO kr) aip amir) ai p*jini[ p\s pN[ Av)kir kri[. apriF sCA#ii(N (k|yt[ aC(n<Sm` myi i disi[Dy> (m(tmi> mRvi xmAv prm[Vr ii6ii BiviY< : amn[ aipni s[vk smJ, amiri Yk) Ya[li an[k apriFi[ miO kr) amn[ xmi aipi[ p\B& ! Rvm[v miti c (pti Rvm[v Rvm[v b>F& sKi Rvm[v i Rvm[v (vwi W(vN> Rvm[v Rvm[v sv mm d[v d[v ii7ii BiviY< : p\B&, aip amir) miti Ci[, (pti Ci[, b>F& Ci[ an[ (m#i pN aipj Ci[. amiri (vwi t[mj Fn aip Ci[. aipj ami@> sv<Av Ci[.

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Apology-forgiveness prayer : Begging pardon and seeking forgiveness from the Sun god for any unintentional errors and omissions that may have been committed while performing the worship rite. Aum ! Aavaahanam na jaanaami na jaanaami visarjanam, Poojam chaiva na jaanaami kshamasva parameshwara.__(1) Purport : Pardon us O Lord ! We dont know the proper means of inviting and worshipping You. We even dont know how to wish You farewell ! Anyathaa sharanam na-asti twameva sharanam mama, Tasmaat kaarunya bhaavena rakshasva parmeshwara.__(2) Purport : O God ! We find no shelter elsewhere. You are the only refuge. Therefore, please protect us compassionately. Gatam paapam gatam dukham gatam daaridramev cha, AagataaH sukha-sampatti punyo-aham tava darshanam.__(3) Purport : O Lord ! By beholding You all our sins, pains and poverties are gone and pleasure, prosperity, richness and sacredness have come into our life. Mantra-heenam kriyaa-heenam bhakti-heenam sureshwara, Yat-poojitam mayaa deva paripurnam tad-astu-me.__(4) Purport : O Lord ! We dont know proper verses and rituals to worship You. We too lack devotion towards You. However, please accept our worship and make it complete and perfect. Yad-aksharam pada-bhrashhtam maatraaheenam cha yad-bhavet, tat-sarvam ksha-mya-taam deva praseed parameshwara.__(5) Purport : We might have made mistakes in speaking words and verses during this worship. We may have used grammatically incorrect verses also. O Lord, please forgive all our mistakes and propitiate. Aparaadha sahastraani kriyante aharnisham mayaa, Daaso-ayam mitimam matvaa kshamasva parameshwara.__(6) Purport : A lot of sins are committed by us everyday. O God ! Please forgive us, we are all Your servants. Tvameva maataa cha pitaa tvameva tvameva bandhu-scha sakhaa tvameva Tvameva vidyaa dravinam tvameva tvameva sarvam mama deva deva.__(7) Purport : You alone are our mother and father, You alone are our brother and friend, You alone are our knowledge and wealth, You alone are everything to us, my Lord O my Lord !

Sun Worship

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kiy[n vici mns[IWy[vi< b&yiRmni vi p\kZt[ AvBivit` i kri[(m ywd` skl> prAm] s*yi<y[(t smp<yi(m ii8ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! ami2i Sr)r, viN), mn, eIWyi[, b&( yi AvBivgt kr[li sv< kmi[< aipn[ ap<N C[. ii B*B&<v: Av: Bgvt[ s*yi<y nm: xmipnp*v<k> p\iY<nip*v<k> nmAkirin` smp<yi(m ii

- Ryirbid b[ CiY ji[D) Bgvinn) p\d(xNi krv). ii yi(n ki(n c pipi(n jmitr kZti(n c i ti(n svi<(N nAyt& p\d(xN pd[ pd[ ii ii ) s*y<iy nm: p\d(xNim` smp<yi(m ii niriyN vsj<nm` ~) s*y<niriyN (vsj<nm` : ii an[n pyi<y[N myi p*(jti ~) s*y<niriyN d[vti s&p\)ti[ s&p\si[ vrdi[ Bvt& ii1ii BiviY< : ai r)t[ amiri oiri S&-p*(jt Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyN amiri p\(t kZpiL&pN[ p\s yE amir) sGL) mni[kimni p(rp*N< kri[. ii gCsRv t[ji[riS[ mmin&g\C kirNit` i p*(jti[(s myi BkRyi gC AvAYink> p\Bi[ ii2ii BiviY< : C[ p\B& ! ami2i p\Ry[ni dyiBivni kirN[j aip a#i[ upIAYt Yyi Ci[. amiri yYiSIkt kr[li ai p*jnni[ p\stip*v<k Av)kir kr) aip aipni AvAYin[ p\AYin kri[. - Ryirbid (nn(l(Kt m>#ii[cir vD[ Bgvinn[ G*>TN)y[ pD)n[ aYviti[ siOTi>g p\Nim krvi. ii ) s*y<iy nm: nmAkirm` smp<yi(m ii ii tRsd` b\Mip<NmAt& ii - C[vT[ Bgvinni[ p\sid lE Yi[D) vir Bgvinn&> yin Frv&.

Sun Worship

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Kaayena vaachaa manasendriyervaa budhayaatmanaa vaa prikrite svabhaavaat, Karomi yadyad sakalam parasmai Sooryaayeti samarpayaami.__(8) Purport : O Lord ! Whatever we do with our bodies, speeches, mind, senses, intellect or with our innate natural tendencies, we offer everything unto You. Aum bhoorbhuvaH svaH bhagvate Sooryaaya namaH, Kshama-poorvakam praarthanaa-poorvakam namaskaaraan samarpayaami. Purport : With this We offer our obeisance and apology-forgiveness prayer to Lord Sun. - Finally to bring the Pooja to a close, circumambulate the idol once in a clockwise direction while chanting, Yaani kaani cha paapaani, janmaantara kritani cha, Taani sarvaani nashyantu pradakshina pade pade. Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH pradakshinam samarpayaami. - Offer farewell to Sun God while chanting, Aum ! Anena paryaayena mayaa poojita Shree Soorya-Naaraayana devta supreeto suprasanno varado bhavatu.__(1) Purport : In this manner worshipped by us Lord Sun may become very kind, gracious and favorable to us. Thus delighted Lord may grant all our wishes. Gacchastva tejoraashe mamaanugraha kaaranaat Poojitosi mayaa bhaktyaa gaccha sav-sthanakam prabho.__(2) Purport : Because of Your loving kindness and favour You are present here O Sun god ! To the best of our ability we have worshiped You, dear Lord, May it appease You. Satisfied by our worship You may now return to your glorious abode. - Now genuflect before the idol while chanting, Aum ! Hrim Sooryaaya namaH namaskaaram samarpayaami. Aum ! Tat-sad Brahmaarpanamastu (We entrust our life unto the Lord and offer our works at His holy feet) - Take some water, flowers and Prasada from the Lord. Note : Prasada is the food offered to the deity and taken by the devotees after the worship is finished. It is the remnants of the food left by the deity. - It is traditional and most uplifting to meditate for a few minutes after the worship, rather than rushing for daily duties. There is great personal benefit in such internalized worship. Visualize that the divine presence of Sun god is now withdrawn back into your heart, and remember that it will remain with you throughout the day.
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- s*y<-p*ji bid Bgvin ~) s*y< niriyNni aiS)vi<d t[mj rxN p\it krvi miT[ s*y<kvc t[mj s*y<-kvc Ati[#ini[ Bivp*v<k piq krvi[. ai kvc k)(t<, p\(tOqi, Fnv]Bv,airi[y, ki>(t tYi u(t p\din krniri t[mj an[k mCiyi(Fai[ni[ tYi aip(_iai[ni[ niS krniri C[.

kvcm` s*y<-kvcm` ii ~) gN[Siy nm: ii ~) s*y< uvic: i si>b si>b mCibiCi[ ~ZN& m[ kvc> S&Bm` i #i]li[kym>gl> nim kvc> prmid`B&tm` ii1ii BiviY< : C[ mCibiC& ~) kZON-p&#i si>b ! miri ai #iN[ li[kn[ kyiNkir) minvimi> aivti> aRy>t ad`B&t kvcn&> t&> ~vN kr. yjXiRvi m>#i(vRsyk` Ol> p\ini[(t (n(tm` i yd`-FZRvi c mCid[vi[ gNinim(Fpi[DBvt` ii2ii BiviY< : ai kvcn[ yi[y r)t[ jiNnir Xin) mn&OY ci[kks pN[ t[n&> OL p\it kr[ C[. ai kvc FirN krvin[ kirN[ j mCid[v S>kr gNi[ni a(Fp(t Yyi C[. pqniirNi(dON&: sv[<Pi> pilk: sdi i a[v(mWidy: sv[< sv<]Vy<mvin&y&: ii3ii BiviY< : ai kvcn& pqn krviY) t[mj t[n[ FirN krviY) Bgvin ~) (vON& p\iN)mi#ini pilnkti< Yiy C[ tYi eWi(d d[vtiai[ smAt a]Vy<n[ pit kr[ C[. kvcAy (Pb\<Mi C>di[Dn&OT&b&dit: i ~) s*yi[< d[vti ci#i sv< d[vnmAkZt: ii4ii BiviY< : ai kvcni (P b\Mi an[ C>d an&OT&p C[. sv< d[vi[ j[n[ v>dn kr[ C[ a[vi Bgvin s*y< t[ni d[vti C[. yS airi[ymi[x[P& (v(nyi[g: p\k)(t<t: i p\Nvi[ m[ (Sr: pit& GZ(Nm[< pit& Bilkm` ii5ii BiviY< : yS, k)(t<, p\(tOqi, airi[y an[ mi[x p\iIt ai kvcni[ C[t& p\k)(t<t C[. p\Nvixr{kir} miri mAtkn) rxi kri[, d[d)ymin s*y< Bgvin miri lliTn) rxi kri[. s&yi<Dyiyn> mi(dRy: kN<y&mkm` i aOTixri[ mCim>#i: sv<B)OTOlp\d: ii6ii BiviY< : Bgvin s*y< miri b[ cx&ai[n[ Si>t kri[ an[ ai(dRy Bgvin miri b[ kNi[<n[ s>t&OT kri[.aOTixr mCim>#i { ) ai(dRyiy nm:} sv< eIst OL p\din krniri[ C[.
Sun Worship Page 50

- After offering the worship (Pooja) to Lord Sun it is very import to recite below mentioned Sun-Shield and the Sun-Shield Hymn with concentration and devotion to propitiate Lord Sun. The Sun shield is an armour of the Sun god. It gives us protection just like a shield to a worrier. These armours confer and enhance fame, glory, grandeur, wealth, health, prosperity and luster. They also cure and destroy many terrible diseases. * SunShield * We bow down to Lord Ganesha Reverend Lord Sun Said : Saamba saamba mahabaho shrinu me kavacham shubham, Trailokya-mangalam naamam kavacham param-adbhutam.__ (1) Purport : O mighty armed Saamba, son of Lord Shree Krishna ! Listen to my wondrous armour which is believed to be auspicious for all the three worlds. Yaj-jyaatvaa mantra-vit-samyak phalam prapnoti nishchitam, Yad-dhritvaa cha mahadevo ganaanaama-adhipo-bhavat.__ (2) Purport : A learned person who understands it correctly, surely derives its benefits. Assuming which Lord Shiva has become the chief of the troops of the evil spirits and ghosts. Pathanaad-dhaarannad-VishhnuH sarveshaam palakaH sadaa, Aevm-IndraadayaH sarve sarva-aishvaryam vaapnuyuH.__ (3) Purport : By reciting and assuming this shield Lord Vishhnu maintains this entire world and all the deities including Lord Indra achieve all their splendor. Kavachasya rishi-Brahma chhando-AnushtbudaahrataH, Shree sooryo devta chhatra sarva deva-namaskritH.__ (4) Purport : Rishi (Seer person) of this shield is sage Brahma and Chhanda (style of singing) is Anushtup. Deity of this armour is Lord Sun who is revered by all the deities. Yash aarogya-moksheshhu viniyogH prakeertitaH, Pranavo me shiraH patu ghrnirme patu bhaalakam.__ (5) Purport : achievement of fame, reputation, health (both physical and mental) and liberation (release from rebirth) are its famed applications. May primordial sound (Aum) protect my head and glorious god Sun protect my forehead. Surya-avayana-nayan-dvamdva Aaditya karna-yugmakam, Ashhtaakshro mahaa-mantraH sarva-abheeshhta-phal-pradaH.__ (6) Purport : May Lord Sun pacify my eyes and lord Aaditya (son of Aditi) appease my ears. The great Sun incantation (mantra) comprising eight letters(Aum!Hreem Aadityaaya namaH) is the bestower of all desires.
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) b)j> m[ m&K> pit& dy> B&vn[Vr) i cW(bbm` (vSdiw> pit& m[ g&Hd[Skm` ii7ii BiviY< : ) b)j miri m&Kn&> rxN kri[, B&vn[Vr) d[v) miri dyn) rxi kri[. V[t, t[jAv) an[ ai(dm a[vi c>W miri Sr)rni g&H Bigi[n) rxi kri[. axri[Dsi] mCim>#i: sv<t>#i[P& gi[(pt: i (Svi[ vC`(nsmiy&kti[ vimix)(bd&B*(Pt: ii8ii BiviY< : ) b)jixr mCim>#i smin C[ j[ t>#i Sii[mi> g&tpN[ riKvimi> aiv[li[ C[. s&>dr n[#i smin (b>d& siY[ ji[Dia[li[ r axr aRy>t S&B an[ m>gLkir) C[. a[kixri[ mCim>#i: ~)s*y<Ay p\k)(t<t: i g&Hid`g&Htri[ m#ii[ vi>Ci(c>tim(N: AmZt: ii9ii BiviY< : ~) s*y< Bgvinni[ ai {) } a[kixr) mCim>#i K*bj yitnim C[. aRy>t g&t a[vi[ ai m>#i bF)j eCiai[ p*N< krnir (c>tim(N smin minvimi> aiv[ C[. S)Pi<(dpidpyt> sdi pit& mn*_im: i e(t t[ k(Yt> (dy> (#iP& li[k[P& d&l<Bm` ii10ii BiviY< : ai u_im m>#i{) } miri mAtkY) pgni a>g*qi pyt bFi a>gi[n&> C>m[Si> rxN kri[. ai p\miN[ kC[vimi> aiv[l&> ai (dy kvc #iN[ li[k{Avg<, pZv) an[ pitiL}mi> d&l<B C[. ~)p\d> ki>(td> (nRy> Fniri[y(vvF<nm` i k&Oqi(dri[gSmn> mCiyi(F(vnisnm` ii11ii BiviY< : ai kvc k)(t<, p\(tOqi, Fn-v]Bv,airi[y , ki>(t tYi u(t p\din krnir&> t[mj k&Oqri[g{ki[Q} j[vi an[k mCiyi(Fai[ni[ niS krnir&> C[. (#is>y> y: pq[(Rymri[g) blvin` Bv[t` i bC&ni (k(mCi[kt[n yd`m(s vt<t[ ii12ii t_iRsv< Bv[_iAy kvcAy c FirNit` i B*tp\[t(pSic yxg>Fv<rixsi: ii13ii b\Mrixsv[tili n OT&m(p t> xmi: i d&rid[v pliy>t[ tAy s>k)t<nid(p ii14ii BiviY< : (dvsmi> #iN vKt{p\it:kiL, myi an[ siy>kiL[} ai kvcni[ (pRy-piq krnir yIkt C>m[Si (nri[g) rC[ C[ an[ bLvin bn[ C[. vFir[ S&> kC[v&> ? ai kvc FirN krviY) mnn) bF)j eCiai[ p*N< Yiy C[. ai kvcni[ piq krnirn) aispis B*t,p\[t, (pSic, yx, g>Fv<, rixs b\Mrixs, v[til eRyi(d ji[vimi> aivti nY) an[ t[ni pqnY) ai sGLi d*r nis) jiy C[.

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Hreem beejam me mukham paatu hridayam Bhuvaneshwaree, Chandra-bimbam vishdaadyam paatu me guhya-deshakam.__ (7) Purport : May the hreem seed (syllable) protect my mouth and goddess Bhuvaneshwaree(mistress of the world) my heart. Let the shining white primal Moon god protect my private body parts. Aksharo-asou mahaa-mantraH sarva-tantreshhu gopitaH, Shivo vahni-samaayukto vaamaakshee-bindu-bhooshhitaH.__ (8) Purport : The seed-syllable hreem alone is like a great incantation which is kept hidden within the books of mystical formularies. Letter R along with beautiful eye like dot is very auspicious. Aekaaksharo maha-mantraH shree Sooryasya prakeertitaH, Guhyad-guhyataro mantro vajchha-chintamaniH smritaH.__ (9) Purport : This renowned single (hreem) syllable incantation of Lord Sun is kept secret and is believed to fulfill all desires like a wish-fulfilling gem. Sheershhaadipaad-paryantam sadaa patu manoottamaH, Iti te kathitam divyam trishhu lokeshhu durlabham.__ (10) Purport : May this best incantation always protect me from my head to toe. This which has been told is divine and is difficult to be obtained or found in all the three worlds (heaven, earth and hell). Shreepradam kaantidam nityam dhana-arogya-vivardhanam, Kushhtha-adi-roga-shamanam mahaa-vyaadhi-vinaasanam.__ (11) Purport : This armour confers and enhances fame, glory, grandeur, wealth, health, prosperity and luster. It also cures diseases like leprosy and destroy all terrible diseases. Trisandhyam yaH pathen-nityam-arogee balvaan bhavet, Bahunaa kimihoktena yad-nmasi vartate.__ (12) Tattat-sarva bhavet-tasya kavachasya cha dhaaranaat, Bhoot-pret-pishaacha-shcha yaksha-gandharva-raakshasaaH.__ (13) Brahma-raakshasa-vetaalaa na drishhtumapi tam kshamaaH, Duraadev palaayante tasya sankirtanaad-api.__ (14) Purport : Whoever recites this armour thrice a day (dawn, noon and dusk) would attain freedom from all diseases and become strong. What more to say ? This armour would grant you all your hearts desires. Evil spirits like ghosts, goblins, sprites, demons, demi-gods (yakshas and gandharwas), Brahma rakshasas (brahmin turned ghost after death), vetals (ghost entering dead body) etc. are not seen anywhere around where this armour is recited. They all run away from afar where this shield is recited.
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B&j<p#i[ smi(ly ri[cnig&@k&>k&m] : i r(vvir[ c s>k|i>Ryi> styi> c (vS[Pt: i Firy[RsiFk~[Oq: ~)s*y<Ay (p\yi[ Bv[t` ii15ii BiviY< : j[ siFk gi[ri[cn, ag&@ tYi k>k& vD[ B*j<p#i{Bi[j-p#i} pr ai kvc lK) r(vvir[, s>k|i>(t ni (dvs[ an[ Kis kr)n[ sitmn) (t(Ya[ FirN krS[ t[ ~[Oq siFk ~) s*y<niriyNn[ aRy>t (p\y YS[. (#ilii[Cmyg> kZRvi Firy[d`(xN[ kr[ i (SKiyimYvi k>q[ si[D(p s*yi[< n s>Sy: ii16ii BiviY< : ai {Bi[jp#i pr lK[li} kvcn[ #iN Fit&Y) bniv[li tiv)j{mid(Ly&>}mi> riK) jmNi CiY pr, ci[Tl) yi k>q[ FirN krviY) t[n[ FirN krnir yIkt s*y< smin t[jAv) Yiy C[ t[mi> ki[e S>ki nY). e(t t[ k(Yt> si>b #i]li[kym>gli(BFm` i kvc> d&l<B> li[k[ tv An[CiRp\ki(Stm` ii17ii BiviY< : C[ si>b, ai p\miN[ m[> tn[ #iN[ li[kn[ m>gLkir) kvc kH&> C[. tiri p\Ry[ni An[Cn[ kirN[ m[ ai aRy>t d&l<B kvc p\gT ky& C[. aXiRvi kvc> (dy> yi[ jp[Rs*y<m&_imm` i (s(n< jiyt[ tAy kpki[(Tst]r(p ii18ii BiviY< : ai (dy kvcn[ jiyi (vni j ji[ ki[e mn&Oy Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNn) upisni kr[ ti[ s[kDi[-kri[Di[ kpi[n) siFni pC) pN t[n[ ki[epN p\kirn) (s( mLt) nY). ii ay ~) b\Myiml[ #i]li[kym>gl> nim s*y<kvc> sRyi st& mm kimi: ii

____________________________________________ - Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyN n[ p\s kr) t[mn) kZpi m[Lvvi miT[ drri[j aptm 108 vKt (nn(l(Kt s*y< m>#in&> rTN krv&> ji[ea[. m>#ii[cirN vc[ aTkyi (vni at*TpN[ krv&> aRy>t aivyk C[. ii i ) i] s: GZ(N: s*yi<y nm: ii BiviY< : aRy>t t[jAv) an[ d[d)ymin a[vi s*y< Bgvinn[ miri nmAkir C[.
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Bhurja-patre samaalikhya rochana-aguru-kumkumaiH, Ravivaare cha sankraantyam saptamyaam cha visheshhataH, Dhaarayet-saadhaka-shreshhthaH shreeSooryasya priyo bhavet__ (15) Purport : If it is written on a birch leaf with a bright yellow pigment(found in the head of a cow), aguru(agar or attar or aquilariaagallocha tree) and red turmeric powder on Sunday, the transference day(passage of the Sun from one zodiacal sign into another) or specially on the seventh day of the lunar fortnight and assumed by a keen devotee, he would become dear to Lord Sun. Triloha-madhyagam kritva dhaaryet-daxine kare, Shikhaayaam-athava kanthe so-api sooryo na samsayaH.__ (16) Purport : If it is kept in an amulet made of three metals and worn on the right hand, tuft or around the neck by a devotee then he would become as bright as the Sun without any doubt. Iti te kathitam saamb trailokya-mangalaabhidham, Kavacham durlabham loke tava snehaat-prakaashitam.__ (17) Purport : O Saamba ! Thus I have explained you this armour which is auspicious for all the three worlds. I have unfolded this concealed armour only because of my love towards you. Agyatvaa kavacham divyam japed-sooryam-uttamam, Siddhirna jaayate tasya kalpa-koti-satir-api.__ (18) Purport : Without knowing this divine armour if one worships the excellent Sun god, One would not get any spiritual power, even if one does is it for crores of eons. Atha shree brahmayaamale trailokya-mangalam naamam Soorya-kavacham Satyaa santu mama kaamaaH. Purport : May this Sun armour which is auspicious for the three worlds fulfill all my desires. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The below mentioned Sun incantation has to be recited every day at least 108 times to propitiate the Sun god and to obtain his blessings. Once recitation is started, there should not be any break till the recitation is complete. Aum ! Hraam Hreem Hraum SaH ghriniH Sooryaaya namaH Purport : I offer my salutations to brilliantly shining God Sun !
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kvc Ati[#im` #im aY ~) s**y<kvc Ati[#im` ii ~) gN[Siy nm: ii yiXvky uvic: i ~&N&Ov m&(nSid*<l s*y<Ay kvc> S&Bm` i Sr)riri[yd> (dy> sv<si]Biydiykm` ii1ii BiviY< : C[ m&(n~[Oq ! Sr)rn[ airi[y aipnir, (dy t[mj[ sv< si]Biy p\din krnir Bgvin ~) s*y<niriyNni aRy>t S&B an[ m>glkir) kvcn&> aip ~vN kri[. d[(dyminm&k&T> AO&rmkrk&>Dlm` i yiRvi sCA#i(krN> Ati[#im[td&d)ry[t` ii2ii BiviY< : mAtk pr d[(dymin m&k&T t[mj t[jAv) mkrikZ(t k&>DLFir) a[vi sCkrrIm ~) s*y<niriyNn&> p\Ym yin Fyi< bid ai kvcn&> pqn krv&>. (Sri[ m[ BiAkr: pit& lliT> m[D(mtw&(t: i n[#i[ (dnm(N: pit& ~vN[ visr[Vr: ii3ii BiviY< : BiAkr{dd)ymin s*y<} Bgvin miri mAtkn&> rxN kri[, a(mtw&(t{apir t[jviLi} s*y< Bgvin miri lliTn) rxi kri[, (dnmN) ai(dRy Bgvin miri n[#ii[n) rxi kri[, visr[Vr r(v miri kNi[<n) rxi kri[. Ga`aN> Fm<GZ(N: pit& vdn> v[dviCn: i (jCi> m[ mind: pit& k>q> m[ s&rv>(dt: ii4ii BiviY< : Fm<GZ(N {Fm<$p s*y<}mir) ni(skin&> rxN kri[, v[dviCn miri m&Kn&>, mind{aC>kirni[ niS krnir} (jCin&> t[mj s&rv>(dt{d[vi[ni p\S>sipi#i} s*y< Bgvin miri k>qn&> rxN kri[. Ak>Fi] p\Bikr> pit& vx: pit& jn(p\y: i pit& pidi] idSiRmi svig> skl[Vr: ii5ii BiviY< : Bgvin p\Bikr{t[j p\srivnir s*y<} miri b[ KBiai[n) , jn(p\y{li[k(p\y} vx:AYLn), idSiRmi{12 Av$p Frivnir} b[ pgi[n) an[ skl[Vr {(vVniY / (vV(ny>ti} miri Sr)rni bFi a>gi[n) rxi kri[. s*y<rxiRmk> Ati[#i> (l(KRvi B*jp#ik[ i dFi(t y: kr[ tAy vSgi: sv<(sy: ii6ii BiviY< : ai s*y< rxi kvc B*j<p#i{Bi[j-p#i} pr lK) t[n[ CiY pr FirN krnir yIktn[ sv< (s(ai[ vS {p\it} Yiy C[. s&Aniti[ yi[ jp[Rsyk` yi[DF)t[ AvAYmins: i s ri[gm&kti[ d)Gi<y&: s&K> p&(OT> c (v>d(t ii7ii BiviY< : j[ mn&Oy Anin kr)n[ Si>t(c_i[ ai kvcni[ yi[y r)t[ piq kr[ C[ t[ ri[gm&kt t[mj d)Gi<y&P Yiy C[ tYi Bgvin s*y<niriyNn) kZpiY) s&K-smZ( p\it kr[ C[. ii aY ~)md` yiXvkym&(n(vr(ct> s*y<kvcAti[#i> sRyi s>t& mm kimi: ii

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* Sun-Shield Hymn * We bow down to Lord Ganesha Sage Yagyavalkaya Said : Shrunushva muni-shaardool sooryasya kavacham shubham, Shareera-arogyadam divyam sarva-saubhagya-daayakam.__(1) Purport : O Best among sages ! Please listen to this auspicious Sun shield. This divine shield brings us sound health, grandeur, prosperity and happiness. Dedipyamaan-mukutam sphuran-makar-kundalam, Dhyaatvaa sahastra-kiranam stotra-metad-udeerayet.__(2) Purport : Intone this hymn only after meditating on luminous Lord Sun Who has assumed a lustrous crown on His head and glittering crocodile shaped ear-rings in the ears. Shiro me BhaskaraH paatu lalaatam me-Amit-dyutiH, Netre DinmaniH paatu shravane VaasareswaraH.__(3) Purport : May my head be protected by Bhaskar (bright Sun), forehead by Amitduthi (of infinite splendor). My eyes may be protected by Dinmani (day-jewel Lord Sun) and ears by Vasareshwara (Lord of the day) Ghraanam Dharma-ghriniH paatu vadanam Ved-vaahanaH, jivhaam me MaanadH paatu kantham me SurvanditaH.__(4) Purport : My nose may be protected by Dharmaghrini (Sun of justice) and mouth by Vedvahana (carrying the Vedas). Let my tongue be protected by Maanada (arrogance destroyer) and throat by Survandita (extolled by deities). Skandhau Prabhaakaram paatu vakshaH paatu Jana-priyaH, Paatu paadau Dwadashaatma sarvangam SakaleshwaraH.__(5) Purport : Let my shoulders be protected by Prabhakara (light maker) and bosom by Janapriya (dear to all). My feet may be protected by Dwadashatma (appearing in twelve forms) and the whole body by Sakaleshwara (Lord of the universe). Soorya-rakshaatmakam stotram likhitwaa bhooj-patrake, Dadhaati yaH kare tasya vashagaaH sarva-siddhayaH.__(6) Purport : If this Sun shield hymn is written on a birch leaf and assumed over the hand by a person, he would acquire all supernatural powers. Su-snaato yo japet-samyak yo-adheete svastha-maanasaH, Sa rogmukto deerghaayuH sukham pushtim cha vindati.__(7) Purport : After taking bath whoever recites this shield properly with unruffled mind becomes free from all diseases and long lived with happiness, opulence and prosperity. Atha shreemad Yaagyavalkaya-muni-virachitam Soorya-kavachstotramSatyaa santu mama kaamaaH. Purport : May this Sun shield hymn created by sage Yagyavalkaya fulfill all my desires.

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