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Courtesan Blanche Elysian Fields (mythology)

*as we read keep a literature Journal 1. Create a relevant title for each entry and include the scene number 2. Write a five sentence scene summary 3. For each scene choose a different character to focus on and complete the following: a. name the character b. choose a quote from the scene that you think best describes/represents the character c. explain why you chose that quote d. describe his / her best and worst qualities e. in one paragraph describe the characters role in the novel

4. For each scene choose one meaningful quote and then describe its significance in the play 5. For each chapter note a t least 2 sightings of one or more of the following symbols : strong light/ bare light bulb paper lantern/ shadow, white clothing, package of meat, bathing, music (polka, jazz) moth/ butterflies 6. explain the significance of each symbol Grading will be as follows for the Journal: Chapter title.2 points Chapter Summary.4 points Chapter quotes and explanations.3 points Characters best/worst qualities.2 points Characters roles.2 points Chapter quotes & significance.3 points Symbol tracking & explanation.4 points Total points .20 points per chapter

Symbol explanations.