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MPR Road Map

SITUATION ANALYSIS Product Background Company purpose: To simplify our customers daily lives. Core Values: value people, delight customers, embrace change, do the right thing, do things right, passion for winning Over 195 million cups of coffee sold each year Wawa brand products: quality dairy products (milk, cream, ice cream), Wawa brand juices and teas word origin of Wawa - Native American for the Canada Goose (found in Delaware Valley); used in corporate logo located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia 1970s: began opening 24 hour stores known for its innovative separation of checkout from the deli ATMs without surcharge opened up gasoline superstores in late 1990s touch screens used to speed up sandwich ordering process and allow for specific customization Community Giving Program: partner up with local charities to raise money Marketing Communications Analysis highly interactive social media - Youtube, Facebook page Youtube page posts TV commercials and Wawa-produced songs Hoagiefest: annual event, very popular Wawaversary - celebrating another year of Wawa in 2010 sponsored the big 4th of July celebration in Philadelphia billboards, bus wraps, subway advertisements Competitor Analysis convenience stores 7-11, Tedeschis, City Convenience, Dunkin Donuts built-to-order sandwich/fast food places Subway, DAngelos, Chipoltle, Bolocco Target Audience Analysis Demographics M/F 18-25 college students busy with classes, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, social life Eating habits live off campus and dont have time to cook/cant afford nicer groceries 1

live on campus and get sick of the same food all of the time common for both: no time to eat a proper meal, unconventional eating schedule Media Habits active on Facebook/Twitter, location-based social networks use Internet-capable smartphones regularly and use applications SWOT Analysis Strengths fast, convenient, fresh subs along with the convenience of a convenience store many include gas stations wide variety of coffee-- customizable large part of the community it is in not at all like 7-11 Opportunities no other store similar to it in Boston product offering is more wide than any of its primary/secondary competitors create a sense of community in Boston through Wawa Weaknesses limited locations in a specific region no credibility in New England literally an unknown brand

Threats other options for fast eating or convenience stores New Englanders LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee Boston community didnt grow up with Wawa like those in PA/NJ/DL/MD regions

OBJECTIVES 1.) make Wawa Boston a community experience 2.) make Wawa coffee and Built-to-Order Hoagies the preferred choice for customers 3.) simplify daily lives of Boston customers 4.) increase awareness in college communities STRATEGIES 1.) create a unique in-store experience 2.) integrate social media into the lives of consumers 3.) incorporate local non-profits 4.) customers are the advertising [especially college students from areas where Wawa is located] MESSAGES 1.) Wawa is a fun store experience 2.) Wawa provides the ease of a convenience store but with high quality/fresh food 3.) Wawa is a community hub that gives back to the community 4.) Wawa personalizes your sandwich experience with touch screen order system TACTICS 1.) Have a street team hand out coupons for hoagies and coffee around college campuses 2.) cause-related -- Wawa donates ebooks and iPads to schools in need (virtual iPad library) 3.) create a Facebook/Twitter campaign involving Boston area college students

4.) have Wawa Brand Ambassadors: Boston area college students who grew up with Wawa spread the news about Wawas arrival in Boston and explain how it is such a great convenience store (through WOM, Facebook/Twitter, Wawa blog, Yelp) 5.) create a free smartphone app for iPhone/Android that allows a way to locate Wawas in Boston 6.) sweepstakes through social media: win free hoagies every day for a year by submitting fan photos (wearing a Wawa t-shirt, eating a big hoagie with all of your friends, etc.) 7.) create a viral Twitter hashtag -- #HoagieFestBoston -- promoting the HoagieFest event in Boston 8.) annual Hoagiefest event - promotions on select Shorti sandwiches - stores are decorated for the event 9.) accept college board bucks - ECCash, Suffolk money, Northeastern money, etc. 10.) become a vendor at CollegeFest and have free swag 11.) create a contest - Spot the Hoagie Man - if you find him in Boston take a picture with him, post it on the Facebook page and youll be sent a free hoagie coupon 12.) weekly social media sweepstakes: RT Wawas special #HoagieSweepstakes Tweet to win Wawa swag weekly 13.) Wawa Flagship Boston store grand opening community event in the Boston Common 14.) make contributions to Boston Parks and Recreation to rejuvenate public parks 15.) Environmentally friendly stores: recycling centers, green paper products, reusable bags, researching solar powered stores EVALUATION 1.) increase in Facebook likes 2.) increase in hoagie/coffee sales in Boston locations 3.) increase of brand awareness in Boston by surveying a random sample of college students about Wawa 4.) increase in Twitter followers TIMELINE - 1 year total Campaign Run Time: June 2012 - July 2013 Pre-Marketing Tactics June: launch a Facebook/Twitter campaign involving Boston area college students, creating hype (run through July 2013) July: create a location-based free smartphone app for iPhone/Android to locate Wawas nearby August: end of August: first Wawa Boston location opens Wawa Boston Flagship Store Grand Opening Event September: Have a street team hand out coupons for hoagies and coffee around college campuses Wawa Brand Ambassadors Campus Tour

have Wawa Brand Ambassadors: Boston area college students who grew up with Wawa spread the news about Wawas arrival in Boston and explain how it is such a great convenience store (through WOM, Facebook/Twitter, Wawa blog, Yelp) accept college board bucks - ECCash, Suffolk money, Northeastern money, etc. (ongoing) October: become a vendor at CollegeFest and have free swag November: cause-related: involve Wawa with local charities throughout the holiday season (Boston Cares: December: continue social media campaign, involvement with charities January: sweepstakes through social media: win free hoagies every day for a year by submitting fan photos (wearing a Wawa t-shirt, eating a big hoagie with all of your friends, etc.) February: weekly social media sweepstakes: RT Wawas #HoagieSweepstakes Tweet to win Wawa swag weekly March: create a viral Twitter hashtag -- #HoagieFestBoston -- promoting the HoagieFest event in Boston April: annual Hoagiefest event - promotions on select Shorti sandwiches - stores are decorated for the event May: create a contest - Spot the Hoagie Man - if you find him in Boston take a picture with him, post it on the Facebook page and youll be sent a free hoagie coupon Post-Marketing Tactics June: create a survey for consumers to evaluate performance; random sample of Boston college students July: continue social media efforts

Sources "Wawa Inc." Business and Company Resource Center. Gale Cengage Learning. Web. 8 Oct. 2011. Wawa. Wawa Inc., 2011. Web. 1 Oct. 2011. <>.

Company Backgrounder

Wawa is a convenience store that highly values customer service and making lives easier for its customers. Wawa was founded in 1803 by Grahame Wood in New Jersey as Millville Manufacturing Company, which operated textile mills in Pennsylvania and nearby states. The first official Wawa Food Market was opened in 1964 in Folsom, PA. Its headquarters is in Wawa, Pennsylvania with 570 convenience stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. The CEO is Howard Stoeckel and the Junior Chairman is Richard D. Wood. Wawa has a diverse product offering. Wawa offers built-to-order hoagies, a product unknown in the realm of convenience stores. Wawas freshly brewed coffee is popular with a variety of flavors and both iced coffee and hot coffee. Wawa was originally based around its quality dairy products including milk, cream, and ice cream. Additionally, Wawa offers Sizzli breakfast sandwiches, wraps, bakery products, and ready-to-eat salads and fruits. All ocations provide an ATM with no surcharge and 200 of its locations offer gasoline services. Wawa makes $4.43 million annually. Some Wawa products are distributed on the wholesale level, mainly Wawa dairy products. It also works with corporate offices to make Wawas freshly brewed coffee available in offices. Its partnerships involve community charities and its employees team up with the company annually to raise money for several charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross and local food banks. Additionally, the cash wraps at all locations have change collections for various charities. Wawa associates are also encouraged to be involved in local events to show how Wawa values giving back to its community and being a good neighbor. Wawa serves over 300 million customers each year, selling over 100 million cups of coffee, over 24 million hoagies, and over 92 million quarts of their line of dairy products, teas, and juices. Wawa employs over 16,000 people across all of their locations, and offers various benefits for employees. Wawa offers loan forgiveness for employees enrolled in their College Graduate Leadership Program. All employees also have the opportunity to own stock in the company; over 8,000 Wawa employees participate, making up 28% of the companys ownership. Wawa was the title sponsor of Wawa Welcome America! -- a hoagie day celebration to salute troops and honor soldiers and hometown heroes with a 4.5 ton hoagie. Also, Wawa holds blood drives at select Wawa locations.

Press Release CONTACT: Jaime Hutkin Keystone Communications 267-614-6000 Laurie Bruce Wawa, Inc. Public Relations 610-358-8039



Wawa Tours Local College Campuses

Wawa, PA. (September 7, 2012) -- Wawa Inc., a convenience store dedicated to making consumers lives easier, today announced its Boston college campus tour. Throughout the next week, from September 7th-10th, Wawas college-age brand ambassadors will tour local college campuses handing out coupons to students for free Wawa built-to-order hoagies and freshly brewed coffee, along with Wawa branded reusable bags and reusable coffee tumblers

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Wawa Tours Local Colleges - Page 2

As a new addition to the city, Wawa wants to offer a warm welcome to its collegiate neighbors throughout Boston, says Howard Stoeckel, Wawas CEO. Since were new to the city, we want to introduce ourselves to the public to ensure that we arent strangers.

The free reusable products give students the opportunity to conserve natural resources while the coupons for free products provide students the chance to try out Wawas brand name products and to save money on food expenses. For campus tour stops and dates, visit or view the Wawa Boston Facebook page.

About Wawa, Inc. Wawa, Inc., a privately held company, began in 1803 as an iron foundry in New Jersey. Its CEO is Howard Stoeckel and it is headquartered in Wawa, PA. Toward the end of the 19th Century, owner George Wood took an interest in dairy farming and the family began a small processing plant in Wawa, PA, in 1902. Wawa is known for its quality dairy products, freshly brewed coffee, and hoagies. Its core purpose is to simplify customers daily lives. Today, Wawa operates more than 570 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. For more information, visit

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Positioning Statement

STEP ONE Qualifications - fast, fresh, delicious food -community hub/meetingplace -fresh, affordable coffee -customized meals -convenient access to basic needs Features -touch screen order system for customizable hoagies -- no other convenience store offers this service -ATM with no surcharge -freshly brewed coffee in a variety of flavors including cappucinos -gasoline service Benefits -one stop for food, basic needs, gasoline, quick cash -fresh food the way the customer wants it -supporting a company that supports its community STEP TWO To: college students in Boston area Wawa: a convenience store offering freshly made products That: offers a touch screen order system to customize built-to-order hoagies and ATMs with no surcharge Because: of Wawas commitment to making its customers daily lives easier with exceptional, fast service and quality products.

Event Factsheet

Wawa College Campus Tour

Purpose To inform local college students about Wawas product offering, including coffees and hoagies, and allow them to sample the products Dates/Times Emerson College: September 7, 2011 12-4 PM Suffolk University: September 7, 2011 4-8 PM Northeastern University: September 8, 2011 12-4 PM Berklee School of Music: September 8, 2011 4-8 PM Boston University: September 9, 2011 12-8 PM University of Massachusetts - Boston Campus: September 10, 2011 12-8 PM Cost: Free Locations Emerson College, Northeastern University, Boston University, Berklee College of Music, Suffolk University, Univerisity of Massachusetts (Boston Campus) Participants Wawas College-aged Brand Ambassadors sporting neon-colored t-shirts with the Wawa logo wagons full of Wawa swag including vouchers for free coffee and hoagies, Wawa reusable bags, Wawa t-shirts, and Wawa coffee tumblers. Sponsors Wawa, a convenience store dedicated to simplifying customers daily lives Whos Invited Any student with a valid/current college ID Contact Information Jaime Hutkin Keystone Communications 267.614.6000

Laurie Bruce Wawa, Inc. Public Relations 610.358.8039

About Wawa
Website Description Operates over 570 stores in MA, PA, NJ, DL, MD, VA Fresh food service selection through Wawa branded built-to-order hoagies, freshly-brewed coffee, quality dairy products, Sizzli breakfast sandwiches, Wraps, bakery products, ready-made salads and fruits. Offers over 6,000 items, with a mix of Wawa brands, national brands, and local products. W Offers surcharge-free ATM Select locations have gas stations Year Founded 1803 Leadership Howard Stoeckel, Chief Executive Officer Richard D. Wood, Jr. Chairman Ownership Privately owned company Headquarters Wawa, PA Number of Employees 16,000 Wawa Logo Wawa is a Lenni Lenape Indian word for the Canada goose found in the Delware Valley, specifically, in Wawa, Pennsylvania. Contact Information Jaime Hutkin Keystone Communications 267.614.6000 Laurie Bruce Wawa, Inc. Public Relations 610.358.8039


Pitch Letter Jaime Hutkin Keystone Communications 267.614.6000 Patrick McDermott The Phoenix Media/Communications Group 126 Brookline Ave. Boston, MA 02215 (617) 536-5390 Hello Mr. McDermott: Nowadays, urban living is guaranteed to be stressful. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, 75% of Americans experience stress, with money and work its leading causes. Whether its a college class, an internship, a job, or a meeting, those who live in the city are constantly on some sort of deadline with harsh consequences if expectations arent meant. Along with the stress, the quick pace of city life leaves little time for relaxation. With no time for breaks, students and young professionals usually pick up a few things at the nearest convenience store, which usually ends up being a sad excuse for a good meal. To celebrate its customers and its popular sandwiches, Wawa annually hosts HoagieFest, with this years celebration scheduled to start the first week of April. Each week, a Shorti hoagie is featured on sale for $2.99, and the store celebrates the money-saving event. Countering other convenience stores, Wawa attempts to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for its customers. Unlike stores with harsh flouresent lighting, Wawas warm atmosphere creates a relaxing community hub to purchase quick pick-me-ups like freshly brewed coffee or a built-toorder hoagie. During HoagieFest, employees are decked out in tie-dye shirts and the store is decorated to communicate a fun, celebratory vibe. Wawas HoagieFest creates a place for students and young professionals looking to find an affordable and delicious meal. Wawas atmosphere creates a welcoming place to order a custom-made lunch without breaking the bank. The promotion beats the price of an average lunch at other competitors. I would uggest interviewing competitors to see if they have similar deals, and also to interview college students who have experienced HoagieFest at other locations. For additional information and any comments or questions, contact: Jaime Hutkin, Keystone Communications; 267-614-6000 March 27, 2012


Speaker Bio

Speaker: Thomas M. Menino

Mayor, City of Boston, Massachussetts
Thomas M. Menino, the first Italian-American mayor of the city of Boston, is the elected leader of the city, addressing issues regarding public education, health, transportation, and the environment. Mayor Menino prioritizes quality education for children, affordable housing, lowering the rate of crime, revamping Bostons various neighborhoods, and good health. Before being elected mayor, Menino served nine years on Bostons city council. When the preceding mayor left to become the U.S. amba ssador to the Vatican, Menino, then president of the council, became acting mayor before being elected by the city residents. Menino is an important figure to the Boston community. Mayor Menino is the longest-serving mayor in this history of the city, considering he was elected to office in 1993. Due to his dedication to a good environment through planting more trees, simplifying recycling, biking, green construction and investing in other forms of energy, Boston was voted the third greenest city in the country in 2008. He is also known for bringing the Democratic National Convention to the city in 2004, generating an estimated $100 million in business for the city. Governing Magazine named him Public Official of the Year in 2001. According to the Boston Globes 2008 poll, the mayor had a 72% approval rating, where 54% had personally met the mayor. He is often known as Mayor for Life. Mayor Menino, from Hyde Park, graduated from University of Massachusetts Boston majoring in community planning. He currently lives in Hyde Park with his wife, Angela, and two kids, Susan and Thomas Jr. He has six grandchildren as well.


Event Speech Outline

Introduction As the mayor of the city of Boston, my primary purpose to to help and serve the people of this wonderful city. I cherish this community and make every effort to make positive changes in the community. Recently, it has come to my attention that Wawa, a convenience store generally located in the mid-Northeast region, is now available in Boston. This event is sponsored by Wawa to celebrate its grand opening in Boston and to host a community gathering. As mayor, Im not one to endorse things, Wawa isnt like other convenience stores. Wawa wants to become a part of the Boston community. Problem: funding for public schools is scarce; Menino has made efforts to improve this -public schools went from failing to one of the most notable systems in the country -efforts for full internet connectivity at schools -removing soda machines and promoting better nutrition Solution: Wawa pledges to donate virtual libraries to 4 local high schools in need (encouraging reading and higher education) -each will have 15 e-readers and $200 credit for each school to purchase e-books -deals with school system to distribute Wawa dairy products Problem: parks and recreation - limited budget to rejeuvenate public parks -Ive helped to create hundreds of acres -working on creating bike lanes Solution: Wawa is making a $1,000 donation to the parks and rec effort -offering up a volunteer crew to help Problem: making Boston a green city; highly supportive of any green businesses -not only is wawa joining our community, but theyre joining it as a green community Solution: pledged to go green - - recycling center, green coffee cups, reusable bags/cups, researching solar-powered stores Conclusion -recap points -go over the average day of a Bostonian -visualize improvements - see how it affects the community -encourage to welcome Wawa into the city - sample products, mingle with community, have fun


Case Study Summaries

Trader Joes Case Study

A. Situation Analysis -successful with target [educated consumer] -220 stores in 17 states SWOT Analysis Strengths: -focus on customer service -sense of humor -community -exclusivity Opportunities: -expansion -devoted customers -international -loyalty program -advertising Weaknesses: -potential image of pretentiousness -specialty brand (cant compete with name brand loyalty] -no loyalty program -not a one-stop shopping place Threats: -Whole Foods/other natural foods -local farmers markets -state of economy

B. Objectives 1.) Make each store visit fun and exciting 2.) Communicate with customers outside the store 3.) Instill within each employee customer service values 4.) Bring the most value to customers C. Strategies -individualize store experiences -customers > advertising -create a sense of community -create a unique publication to communicate with customers -construct appealing staff (knowledgeable, friendly, etc.) D. Messages -Trader Joes employees care about customers -local community grocery store -fun, unique store visits -cheap/organic food presented in a fun way -consistently good value educated employee E. Tactics -free samples/recipes -Hawaiian shirts -employees -Fearless Flyer -employees taste products to discuss with customers -know customer names -hand-written signs -unique stock -crew name tags 14

-crew members are friendly, knowledgeable, happy to see customers F. Evaluation -12 most exciting/innovative brands; press attention -Consumer Report ranks it top in service; awards -letters from customers -$3 billion in annual revenues -repeat customers

Maxwell House Case Study

A. Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths: -Americas Coffee -evokes the feeling of home Opportunities: -coffee is an emotional experience -touch on emotional chord through causemarketing Weaknesses: -Folgers has large part of market share Threats: -community coffee shops -private/regional labels -coffee from 100-year-old countries

B. Objectives 1.) Earn consumer recognition for being a caring, community-minded brand 2.) Raise brand visibility that drives purchase intent 3.) Maintain market share C. Strategies -design grassroots program to touch consumers and inspire hometown involvement -structure a ground-breaking national commitment to ensure relevant, sustainable news -integrate PR, advertising, and marketing efforts D. Messages -as Americas Coffee Maxwell House gives back to America -For 100 years, Maxwell House has been and still is committed to America, family, and home E. Tactics -Build a Home America (BAHA); cause-related marketing program building 100 homes with 100 families in 100 weeks -grassroots campaign to get work volunteers and raise $2 million in matching funds -consumers were nationally encouraged to volunteer by calling the BAHA toll-free number -37-city building tour in key Maxwell House markets -bilingual spokespersons, media materials in Hispanic, and targeting Hispanic media to reach 8% of consumers who were Hispanic -media kit including releases, tour maps, bios/photographs of families distributed to national reporters -home-building events tied into community events for more media attention -special events to get more media attention -four national TV spots -branded cafes traveling nationally to offer coffee breaks at build sites - info centers for BAHA -PSAs -websites -free-standing inserts 15

-retail tie-ins -print ads -radio promotion -publicity -sales collateral materials -employee communications F. Evaluation -consumers ranked Maxwell Houses active role in community as its second most important attribute (scored higher than Folgers) -caring brand ranked 4th out of 13 attributes (higher than Folgers) -BAHA: 70,000 volunteers, 40,000 hotline calls -BAHA generated over $3.2 million in matching funds, beyond the goal -26 mayors out of 37 cities recognized the program with Build a HJome America Day -consumers responded favorably to the building tour -58% of non MH drinkers claimed to be more likely to try it in the future -TV spots reached 90% of target brand, over 1,000 GRPs -reaching 300 million consumers through TV publicity -Oprah recognized MH -110 million print impressions -Hispanic outreach: 4 million impressions

Maytag Case Study

A. Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths: -Conservatism: saves 40% water and 65% energy compared to typical washers -Capacity: largest capacity of any washer on market -Cleanability: removes tough stains better than typical washers -Care: treats clothes more gently, nothing pushing and pulling the laundry Opportunities: -Maytag is a household name, with Maytag Repairman -concerns about the environment and limited energy sources Weaknesses: -consumer skepticism based on high price, whether or not it will save on utilities, and if it

Threats: -North Americans prefer top-loading washer, what they grew up with -will it compare to European models? -competitor response

B. Objectives 1.) Educate thought leaders on issues and benefits related to horizontal-axis washers, such as the Neptune 2.) Enhance credibility as an innovator and thought leader in the category 3.) show consumers/retailers how Neptunes technology is consistent with how consumers/retailers depend on Maytag 16

4.) Convince consumers to want this washer instead of waiting for their existing washer to wear out 5.) Meet washer production and sales goals 6.) Increase stock price C. Strategies -build advocates among editors and allied industries -build buzz/excitement for introduction -focus media messages -host a launch event -convert a town to Maytag Neptune washers -sustain momentum until product is launched at retail level D. Messages -Maytag is a reliable source for energy and water conservation -Neptunes long-term benefits are worth the initial adjustment E. Tactics -10 pg white paper informing reporters/industries of global water crisis -task force of executives from related fields, trained to focus efforts with media on Maytags key messages -trade shows -secrecy angle to excite media -media pitch to attend product launch in NY -4 Cs: product benefits of Neptune -web-site press materials -client briefing materials -unveiled product to guests from relevant industries and retailers -partnership with Bern, Kansas to illustrate conservatism -worked with utility groups to communicate product benefits -video news releases F. Evaluation -white paper resulted in articles focused on product benefits, focusing on Maytag -utility departments wanted more information -consumer publication editors letter praised Maytag -media coverage beating out competitors -won several awards including Best New Product -positive, factual media coverage -Maytag distinguished from competition -Neptune became number 2 selling model after 3 months on the market -product production significantly increased after release -10,000 were presold -stock surged from 18 to 37