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FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT INDEX AAccomondation Bills 3.10M Accounting Rate of Return Method (ARR) 4.

15 Adjusted Present Value (APV) 4.36M Allied Irish Bank (AIB) 2.4M Allsopp Report Read 7.1.1 Application Service Provider (ASP) hosting 2.27T Arbitrage 5.3B Asset Beta 4.24M Australian Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) 1.13M Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensing 1.12 Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) 4.12M Australian Guarantee Corporation 3.16B Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) 1.13B 1.21B Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) 1.12B - Advantages & Disadvantages of listing on the ASX 3.30 - Listing Rule for listed entities 3.29 Ans 3.3 AWA Ltd Read 1.2.1 Ans 1.4 BBack Office 2.16 Backwardation (Forward Price < Spot Price) 5.15M Bank Bill 3.10B Bank for International Settlement (BIS) 2.15M Bank Overdraft 3.13T Bank VS Corporations (Differences) Ans 1.2 Baring Bank Disaster 8.4B Base Currency 7.5B Beta Coefficient 4.10T 4.12M

Black Scholes Merton Option Pricing Model 5.25T Bills of Exchange 3.10M Board's responsibility 2.4M Bonds - Types 3.20B Business Risk 4.4B CCapital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) 4.10M Capital Budgeting 4.14 Capital Budgeting - Advanced 4.28M Capital Structure 4.6 Cash Disbursement 3.5T Cash Flow Analysis 1.15B 1.16 Cash Flow Forecast 3.4B 4.28M Cash Flow Management 3.4T Cash Management Centralising - Benefits Ans 1.2 Cash Settled 5.6M Centralisation VS Decentralisations 1.28 Centralisation (Disadvantages) 1.30 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 1.14M Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 1.14M Collars - Foreign Exchange Collars 7.24 - Interest Rate Collars 6.20T Commercial Bills of Exchange 3.11T Commercial Paper - US 3.21T Commodity Price Risk 1.5B Commodity Swaps 5.14B Company Beta 4.12M Competitor Exposure

1.30M Contango (FW Price > Spot Price) 5.15M Control Effectiveness Read 2.1.4 Control Model Read 2.1.4 Convertible Notes 3.25T Corporate Financial Decisions 4.3M Corporate Governance - Board & Mgt Responsibility 2.4M Corporate Governance - Regulatory Requirement 1.12M Corporate Law Economic Reform Program (CLERP) 1.13T Corporate Treaurers - Responsibilities & Obligations 1.12 Corporate Treasury history 1.17T Corporate Tresury - Role 1.18B 1.19T Cost Centre 1.18M 1.22B Cost of Debt 4.7M Cost of Debt (After Tax) 4.8M Cost of Equity (Use of CAPM) 4.8B Cost of Preference Shares 4.12B 4.13 Credit Exposure 2.14T Credit Limit Reviews 2.14B Credit Policy Ans 2.2B Credit Risk 1.5B 2.12M - Controls 2.15M - Counterparty risks 1.5B - Country / political / sovereign risks 1.5B - Estimation 2.12B - Modelling 2.13B - Settlement risks 1.6T

Cross Currency Swaps (CCY) 5.11M 7.18T Cross Rate 7.10M Currency - Factors affect supply & demand of currency 7.3T Currency Risk Management 7.29 DData - Centralisation V Decentralisation 2.24 Data Maintenance 2.8B Debentures 3.16 Debt Defeasance 3.18T Debt Instruments - Seniority if repayment 3.19T Debt Repurchase Program 3.17B Debt Restructring 3.17 Debt Switch 3.18T Declining Ratio - Benefits 6.8M Derivatives - AASB 139 Definition 5.2M - Embedded Derivatives 5.27M - Foreign Exchange Derivatives 5.29M - Host Contracts 5.28 Directors's responsibility & obligations 1.11T Directors's duty related to treasury function 1.11M Disclosure Rule 3.32 Dividend Reinvestment Scheme 3.23B EEfficient Frontier 1.7M Effective Interest Rates App 4.7 Embedded Derivatives 5.27M Employee Share Ownership Schemes 3.24B Equity Financing 3.21M Equivalent Annual Annuity (EAA) 4.27T Estimate of returns

4.12T Exchangeable Notes 3.26M Expectation Hypothesis App 3.3T Expected Return (Formula) 1.7B Exposure Management 1.30 Exposure Orientation 1.21B External Data 2.8M