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alawt Nrnyyah / alawt Badaw Kubr

Allh said in the Holy Quran:

Allh and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him,
and salute him with all respect.(al-Azb, 33:56)
In composing their own odes of praise on the Prophet awlyullh have been inspired
directly from the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad or by seeing a vision or dream in
which he informed them of the value of a particular praise or recitation.
In the case of this particular du, which was composed by Sayyidina Amad al-Badaw,
it is related in Talkhs al-marif f targhb Muammad rif by asan ibn Muammad
Qa, that the wal Muhammad Talmaysn recited Dalilu l-Khayrt 100,00 times.
After completing 100,000 recitation the Prophet came to him in a dream and said to
him, If you read the recitation of Ahmad al-Badawi it would be as if you read Dalilu
l-Khayrt 800,000 times.
Here is that alawt, known as alawt Nrnyyah or alawt Badaw Kubr.

Allhumma alli wa sallim al Sayydin wa mawln Muammadin shajarati l-ali

n-nrnyyati wa lamati l-qabati r-ramnyyati wa afali l-khalqati l-insnyyati
wa ashrafi -rati l-jismnyyati, ibi l-qabati l-alyyati wa l-bahjati s-sanyyati
wa r-rutbati l-alyyati mani ndarajati n-nabyyna tata liwihi fahum minhu wa

ilayh. Wa alli wa sallim wa brik alayhi wa al lihi wa abihi adada m khalaqta

wa razaqata wa amatta wa ayayta il yawmi tabathu man afnayta wa sallim taslman
kathran wa lamdulillhi rabbi l-lamn.
O Allah! Bless, greet and sanctify our master and liegelord Muammad, the Tree of
Original Light, the Sparkle of the Handful of Divine Mercy, the Best of All Humankind,
the Noblest of Physical Frames, the Vessel of the Lords Secrets and Storehouse of the
Sciences of the Elect, the Possessor of the Original Divine Grasp, Resplendent Grace,
and Uppermost Rank, under whose flag line up all the Prophets, so that they are from
him and point to him. Bless, greet and sanctify him and his Family and Companions, to
the number of all that You have ever created, sustained, caused to die, and caused to
live again, to the Day You resurrect those You reduced to dust, and greet him with an
abundant and endless greeting. Glory and praise belong to Allah, the Lord of the