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How to enjoy e-Books and MP3 audiobooks from JPL on the Overdrive Media Console App

Step 1 - Ins t a l l t h e O v e r dr i v e M e di a C o n s o l e A pp
1. Go to the iTunes app store, Android market or Overdrives website to download and install the free Overdrive Media Console app

Step 2 A u t h o r iz e t h e a pp
1. 2. You will need an Adobe Digital Editions I.D. to authorize the app It is easier to obtain the I.D. on a laptop or desktop computer then on a small smart phone or iPod Touch

Step 3 G e t m e d ia
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. On the opening screen of Overdrive Media Console tap the Get Books + button on the top right of screen Tap on the Add a Library + button In the search box type in your zip code and tap search Pick any branch by tapping on its name (Main branch is not listed all will default to Jacksonville Public Library after picked) Tap on Jacksonville Public Library under Library Systems this should open Jacksonville Public Librarys Overdrive site in a new window

Step 4 - F i n d m e d ia a n d c h e ck i t o u t
At the top of the page there are buttons to Browse or Search for media, there are featured media you can flip through (e-Books and audiobooks) 1. Pick a title you are interested in. Tap on add to cart 2. NOTE items in your cart only remain there for 30 minutes. After that they are returned to the collection for someone else to check out 3. Tap on Proceed to Checkout 4. You need to tap on the sentence Jacksonville Public Library users, please click here to sign into this system 5. You are now asked for you library card number and PIN. It is the same PIN you would use to access your library account online 6. Once in your account choose Your cart STEP 4 CONTINUED ON BACK SIDE

Step 4 - F i n d m e d ia a n d c h e ck i t o u t
7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Tap on Proceed to Checkout You can choose the length of time to check out then scroll down to tap on Confirm check out Tap the Download button The title should download and show on the Overdrive Media Console app Tap on the title to open it once opened you can adjust the font the brightness and use bookmarks 12. At the top left is a back arrow tap that to go back to the list of items on the app 13. If you want to delete item do a back swipe on the arrow on the right side of the title 14. Once you have checked an item out using the app when you tap on get Books + Jacksonville Public Library will be listed above the Add a Library + button

Step 5 R e t u r n in g e B o o k s e ar l y
1. In the Overdrive Media App on the page with the list of books at the top left is an Edit button tap on it. A red dash will appear on the left side of the titles. Tap the dash and a red Delete button will appear. Tap the delete button and you will be asked if you want to Return then Delete or Delete only

NOTE: The app will only show you formats that are compatible with your device. At the bottom there are Always Available e-Books (These do not count against your checkout limit) (These steps were made using an iPod Touch)