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Alter you have reaJ alout the general pattern ol a paragraph, let's Jiscuss in
vhat vay an opinion paragraph might responJ to that pattern. This is vhat the
lolloving paper is trying to verily.
An opinion paragraph has nothing special that the other paragraphs Jon't
have, I mean the common Skelton shoulJ le patiently set up incluJing all the lasic
components, notally the topic sentence, the supporting Jetails anJ the concluJing
sentence. The specilications are as lollovs.

I. The Toic Sentence vhich states your opinion specilieJ ly the controlling
2. The Suorting arguments vhich have to le reasons, prools or eviJences
sustaineJ ly examples enough to illustrate the iJea clearly.
3. The ConcIuding sentence vhich is normally a reminJer that rellects or
somehov echoes the topic sentence so as to maintain the unity ol the

Apart lrom all these, Organitation sounJs vorth thousanJs ol shallov vorJs.
The unity ol your paragraph shoulJ le maintaineJ through some key measures.
Coherence anJ cohesion have to le hanJleJ carelully as vell as punctuation,
spelling anJ tone. It is also convenient to vary the length ol your sentences so that
they shoulJ lring alout neither loreJom nor conlusion. Reviev your grammar anJ
the syntactic structure ol your statements. Your vocalulary shoulJ le rich anJ
Jiverse lut not lar letcheJ. AvoiJ optional statements, you have to le concise since
the secret Jvells in your ovn alility anJ competence to shov not to tell. In a vorJ,
the quality not the quantity ol your proJuct is vhat counts the most.


The opinion paragraph starts vith a clear anJ original viev point or attituJe
alout a topic. Never use expressions such as In my opinion or I think. You
shoulJ Jirectly start on vith your opinion as it is a truth. InsteaJ ol saying, In my
opinion lile is vorth living lully. just vrite, Lile is vorth living lully. This stage
shoulJ le heavily concentrateJ upon lecause you neeJ to give luciJ contentions
that support anJ justily the authenticity anJ valiJity ol the opinion.

Convincing as vell as persuasive styles shoulJ le the most common
throughout the vhole paragraph. An opinion vithout clear anJ vigorous arguments
that support anJ sustain it is not at all inspiring lor the reaJer. You shoulJ also lear
in minJ that arguments are not nev opinions, lut only an attempt to support the
opinion vith the most appropriate eviJence. Therelore you shoulJ le carelul alout
the vay the topic sentence is manageJ anJ reinlorceJ through logical, resistant anJ
easy to assimilate supporting Jetails, here arguments. The arguments must le so
comprehensille that in this stage you have to avoiJ using assumptions or theories
lut you must use only lacts. Fxamples are the most helplul tools to clarily anJ lack
up your arguments, hovever they shoulJ neither le volatile nor vague ones. They
shoulJ le positive statements aiming at lringing alout the reaJer's involvement anJ

The concluJing sentence, on the other hanJ, shoulJ not raise a nev opinion or
present an open statement. It shoulJ le cautiously Jealt vith in orJer to echo the
vhole paragraph or at least to paraphrase the topic sentence. The concluJing shilt is
crucial lecause it is the last thing the reaJer vill keep in minJ. The minimum
Jeviation lrom the opinion stateJ alove or the pace anJ logic ol the paragraph vill
engenJer a JeaJly ellect.

By these Jirections, instructions anJ reminJers, ve Jon't intenJ to train
luture vriters lut there is ve coulJn't Jeny it some ol the intension vithin.
Fminent vriters knev these Jetails lirst lut they are not only these Jirectives
vhich maJe them lamous prolessional authors, there is alvays gilt anJ skill lehinJ
all this. Ve hope ve are, vith this humlle attempt, participating in the making ol a
great vriter vho voulJ le YOU. All in all, lor the time leing, try to regularly vrite
anJ check over so as to learn anJ Jevelop the pover to le a gooJ stuJentvriter anJ
gooJ luck.


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