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Leaptech Solutions

Leaptech Solutions
Embedded Designing and Services
#47-15-6/27, Shop No. 11,1st floor, Ratna Arcade (Preethi emporium), Opp. T.S.R. Complex, Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam 16 Ph: 0891-6642224, Cell: 9293900386.


List of Engineering Projects

Analog & Digital Electronics and Electrical Based Projects
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 Design and implementation of control mechanism for standby power reduction in home appliances Embedded system based energy conservation system using PIR Atmospheric temperature recording with time using LM35 and RTC RTC interfaced Programmable Auto-scheduler for multiple machines Obstacle Detection system for Vehicle with Annunciation Humidity and temperature process monitoring on chemical lab PCI based stand alone digital code locking system for access control Electronic safety assistant for Blind Remote Tank Level (Hi-lo) Signal Indicator and Control Illumination Brightness control using PWM technique Precise and rapid multi channel temperature monitoring and control In system programmable embedded versatile collage bell Energy-saver (anti-sweat heater) switch for refrigerator Automatic random timer for home appliances based on PCI Inter-city street lighting automation and control using RTC An autonomous automatic photovoltaic (solar) drip system Multi-sensor fire detector with voice alert and reduced false performance Drunken driver indicator using passive alcohol sensor Resident-detection and automation of home using PIR by PIC microcontroller An innovative parking guidance system using ultrasonic technology Setting of variable speed limit and alert system for vehicle Auto digital-speed indicator with speed control Vehicle parking and securing system including a strobe light confirmation Industrial implementation based fire monitoring with alarm Multiple temperature monitoring & control with usage of precise LM35 sensors Embedded system based door security system AN12C network protocol for environmental monitoring Embedded system based ultrasonic range finder Hi-fi motion detection security system based on electric infrared (PIR) sensor Embedded system based IR switch board for modern house Embedded system based attractive electronic voting machine Multi channel temperature monitor for surgery Automatic light brightness sensing with announcement system in vehicles An intelligent voice system for automation of industrial process Realization of RC 5 protocols for multiple device control Automated fire alerter based on communication system vehicle safety system with alcohol detector Security for industrial with alert system using smoke sensor Involuntary temperature level scrutinizing and controlling system for industrial boiler

Leaptech Solutions

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Automatic room light controller with visitor counter Digital code locking implementation for electrical devices on embedded platform Auto power theft detection and method invention using an embedded system Transformer monitoring system (TMS) & protection An adaptive power measurement to predict over load protection system with indication. Embedded based substation monitoring with control with announcement Motor monitoring & self-protection system with overrides Implementation of class-D chopper to predict dc motor speed control Utilizing conventional solar power for automatic lighting system with programmable timer Bidirectional open loop stepper motor speed control using 8051 microcontroller Low cost precision digital energy meter and cost indicator Ac mains frequency indicator using capture comparator module on PCI Digital energy meter with maximum demand controller Contact less AC mains voltage detector with indication by buzzer PWM based speed control of DC motor by using fuzzy logic Power station automation using PCI microcontroller Variable speed DC motor control with digital RPM Induction motor speed monitoring and control using PWM technique Servo motor speed controller with feedback based on embedded platform Automatic change over for generators Multi process monitoring system (N,T,V,I) DC motor speed scrutinizing and controlling using Thyrisistor Exploitation of pulse width modulation for DC motor speed control Electrical substation scrutinizing and controlling device for remote area Transformer industrial parameters management control system and intimation to electricity board Automatic energy calculation and billing system to EB An intelligent temperature controlled radiating fan Automatic washbasin system by object detection An Anti-theft alarm for motorcycle Automatic humidity control for refrigerator Humidification for textile industries based on P2367-linear humidity sensor Automatic room power controller (APC) Based on PWM pulse Embedded system based automatic temperature controller Embedded system based digital speed control of dc motor Embedded system based intelligent electronic hardware lock Object detection using ultrasonic waves Embedded system based power failure monitoring Token number display for banks by using embedded system technology 12C based multi zone thermal monitoring and control Embedded based automatic auditorium controller Attendance system for industries AC motor parameter monitoring system Embedded based digital room attendance system enquiry Design and implementation of programmable priority time switch 12C (synchronous based) master-slave protocol implementation by 8051 microcontrollers High precision height measurement technology using ultrasonic system Precise digital depth measurement by using PIC

Leaptech Solutions

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Vehicle speed, temperature, total distance traveled and fair monitoring system Proximity sensor based Opto-isolator interfaced tachometer with digital clock DC motor parameter monitoring system Motor protection system 16 Character commercially implement LCD Display (4-bit mode)