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A Calendar af Flowers Notes on Technique xii ¥ MARCH Spring Malalewca 2 Magic Flower of the Incas APRIL ‘Sweet Pea 10 Cockscomb 14 May Passion Flower 18 Maypop Sachet 22 Phiox 26 ‘Summer june Calypso 32 Framboise 36 Summer Surprise 40 6 JULY Campanula 44 Protea 48 AUGUST Lantern Flower 52 Hozuki 56 Rose Hortensia 60 \ if) Ter. Autumn SEPTEMBER Calceolaria 66 Mandarin jo Sweet September 74 OCTOBER Pompon Dahlia 78 Vanda 82 MOVEMBER China Aster 86 Waratah 90 Autumn Glory 94 ¥ Winter DECEMBER Helly Hock 100 Sea Holly 104 Ve: 6 January Cathedral Bell 108 Kalanchoe of Africa 112 FEBRUARY Qualup Bell 116 Valentine Lily 120 AValentine Gift 124 Templates 128 A New Awakening ‘THE FLOWERS OF JAPAN speak a silent language that whispers to us through our arts and our traditions. They are a sweet and gendle reminder of our connection with the natural world. There is a story of an ancient cherry tree, once famed for its glorious blossoms. In time, the tree began to fade and its flowers sickened and died, A wise man stood beneath its withering branches. Murmuring words of hope and encouragement, he applied a purifying balm. To the amazement of all, the tree awoke and put forth beautiful, fragrant blossoms for all to see. | commune with the flowers that surround me in my garden. They reward me with fresh inspiration—and I celebrate by folding fabric and ribbon into Howers anew: