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(PASS MARK: If you have 25 right answers or more, go to Nivel Bsico 2 / 2. Oinarrizko Maila .If you do not have 25 right answers, you should study Nivel Bsico 1 / 1. Oinarrizko Maila. )


Dear Mike, Hope you are OK. We are having a great holiday here. We arrived in Caernarfon, Wales, four days ago and we are staying in a small hotel in the old town. Yesterday we went to see the castle, and tomorrow we are driving to Snowdonia National Park. At the moment we are sitting in a caf in the city centre after spending a lot of money shopping. In the afternoon, we plan to relax on the beach. People here are very friendly. They are easy to talk to. The main language here is English but about a twenty per cent of the Welsh can speak both Welsh and English. Next week we are visiting a village that has the longest place name in the world: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerych -wyrndrobwllantysiliogogogoch. Try to say that!

Laura 1. Laura has spent four days in Caernarfon. 2. Shopping is the only attraction for tourists in Caernarfon. 3. There are no shops in Caernarfon. 4. The locals are very friendly. 5. Everybody in Caernarfon speaks Welsh. 6. Laura wrote this letter from a village called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllantysiliogogogoch. 7. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllantysiliogogogoch is the largest village in the world.

2.CHOOSE THE BEST OPTION 8. How many books___________? A) he did write B) wrote him C) did he write C) coffee usually drinks

9. He ____________ after dinner. A) usually drinks coffee B) drinks coffee usually

10. Ill buy you a present ________ you pass your exams in June. A) because B) if C) so 11.Ill relax _________ I finish all my exams in June. A) after B) before C) while

12.My mothers brother is my _________. A) aunt B) uncle C) nephew

13.When my friends call, ask ______ to leave a message. A) they B) their C) them

14.My sister doesnt eat _______ fish. She prefers meat. A) a lot B) many C) much

15.________ a lot of new people in my class. A) They are B) There is C) There are C) What time

16. _________ have you had your car? A) How much B) How long 17.Ann can _________ a car. A) drive B) to drive C) drives

18.My sister is _______ my brother. A) younger than B) more young that C) younger that

19.Be quiet! We ________ to the music. A) are listening B) listen C) to listen

20. I always go to work ______ bus. A)in B)on C)by 21.Susan _______ out five minutes ago.

A) has gone

B) goes

C) went

22. ________ to England this summer? A) Do you like to go B) Would you like to go 23.We go to the cinema _______ weekend. A) next B) this C) every

C) Do you like going

24. Bermeo is ______ the coast. A)on B)in C)at 25.I have studied English _______ three years. A) during B) since C) for 26. What is _________ car in the market? A) the most safe B) the safest C) most safe 27.I go swimming _______ a week in winter. A) once B) one C) first 28. I went to the _______ to buy some aspirins. A) greengrocers B) chemists C) butchers 29. Its raining a lot today. Its very ________. A) dry B) wet C) sunny 30. I would like to make a reservation for a ________ room. A) single B) view C) twice 31. I plan to ______ in a small hotel in Rome for a week in July. A) wait B) visit C) stay 32. ______ been to Paris? A) Have you ever B) Never have you 33. Which word has a different vowel sound? A) shut B) cut C) put 34.Which h is not pronounced? A) hand B) hello C) hour C) Always have you

35. Which word has a different main stressed syllable? A) Brazil B) Norway C) Egypt

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