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RENTAL DEED This Rental Deed is made and executed on this the 24th day of May, 2008 at Hyderabad

by and between SRI. ____________________________S/o ________________________ Aged about Years, (Hereinafter called LANDLORD which expression shall mean and include their heirs, executors, successors, legal representatives, assigns, trustees etc). AND Sri. ____________________________S/o ________________________ Aged about Years, (Hereinafter called the TENANT) WHEREAS the landlord is the absolute owner of the house bearing H.No Flat No. 123, Block-III, Phase-IX, Janapriya Utopia, Hyderguda, Attapur, Rajendranagar R.R. Hyderabad 500048 WHEREAS the Tenant has approached the landlord to let out the said residential premises The landlord is agreed to lease out the said residential premise on a monthly rent of Rs.4,200/-(Rupees Four thousand two hundred only). It is hereby agreed by the parties herein and this indenture witnessed as under. The tenancy shall be for a period of twelve (12) months. The tenant shall pay without demand to the landlord the rent for use of residential premise on a monthly rent of Rs. 4,200/-. The tenant has paid an amount of security interest free deposit of two months i.e., Rs.8400/-(Rupees Eight thousand four hundred only) The rent is payable on or before 5th every succeeding English calendar month. The Tenant shall obtain receipt of payment and any claim made without receipt shall not be entertained. The Tenant shall not be entitled to sublet a portion or entire premises thereof to any person or create third party interest in the demised premises without permission and written consent of the landlord.

The Tenant shall not make undertake any construction of other alteration and additions in the demised premises without prior permission and written consent of the landlord. The Tenant is entitled to use the leased premises for the purpose of residential use and shall not conduct immoral or illegal offence to public utility. The Tenant shall permit the landlord of their agents at all reasonable times to enter upon the flat to inspect its condition. To pay regularly the electricity consumption charges as per the bills and demand of the electricity board. In case of default of rent for three consecutive months or any contravention in terms and conditions of the Rental Deeds the Tenant is liable for eviction by a notice of termination of one month. During continuance of the tenancy the Tenant will keep the premises in clean and sanitary condition and deliver vacant possession. The landlord at the expiration or sooner determine the extended period of tenancy.