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3 May 2012 The CiTy of edinburgh CounCil eleCTions

The CiTy of edinburgh CounCil eleCTions 3 May 2012

FoUnTainBridGE / CraiGloCkHarT Ward Covering communities in Fountainbridge, Polwarth, Shandon, Hutchison, Chesser and Craiglockhart.

your VoTe for a green CounCillor really CounTs

You are electing 3 councillors to serve Fountainbridge / Craiglockhart. Labour and the Conservatives are well-established in the area. Voters wavering between those two parties and the Greens can safely choose the Greens first. Remember a vote for either SNP or Lib Dems says that you are happy with the way those two parties have been running Edinburgh in the last five years.

VoTe gaVin CorbeTT

I am passionately committed to the area, as demonstrated by my voluntary work with schools, community groups, local businesses and young people in the area. You may or may not think of yourself as a Green voter but I ask you to back me as one of your three councillors, as someone with firm roots in the area, who listens and, above all, who gets things done.

VoTe green

The Liberal Democrats are out of the running. A vote for the Lib Dems here is wasted. So the big contest is between the Greens and the SNP for the third seat. Thats a choice TY GR with between a Green local candidate EY PAR a real track-record in the area and an SNP candidate RTY BROWN PA who has been parachuted in from North Lanarkshire.

To elect Green candidate, Gavin Corbett, as one of your three councillors, please put a 1 next to his name.
Chris , Edinburgh 1 Park Way


23 Ride Te

Jenny burgh rrace, Edin

28 Briarban

Gavin Edinburgh k Terrace,




33 Station

Bob burgh Drive, Edin

2 4 1 3



listen to the priorities of local people and make sure they are heard in the City Chambers Support local businesses and communities - providing green jobs and enhancing services Protect the outstanding natural and historic assets of the area

Can you help Gavin Corbett and the Edinburgh Greens in Fountainbridge / Craiglockhart, by delivering some leaflets, putting up a window poster, making a donation or joining the Scottish Greens? The Scottish Green Party (Edinburgh Branch) 28 Briarbank Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 1SU t. 07847 504011 e. w.

@gavincorbett @EdinburghGreens

Gavin Corbett, 46, has lived in Shandon in th e heart of the area for 20 years, with his wife and tw o young sons. Originally from Ayrshire, Gavin works as Head of Policy for housing charity Shelter Scotland. He has been a community councillor, chai r of his childrens scho ol, the main founder of a lo cal food group and a ca mpaigner for responsible carparking.

Just 18% of 1 votes sees Gavin ele cted

Promoted by Dave Owen on behalf of the Scottish Green Party, both of 20 Graham Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5QR. Printed on recycled paper by Cowan Print, 23 Brougham Street, Ednburgh.

green CandidaTe gaVin CorbeTT ansWers your QuesTions

are you really CoMMiTTed To The area?
I chaired the Parent Council at Craiglockhart Primary from 2007 to 2011, through a period of rising school rolls, a new senior management team and a successful school inspection. In 2009 I was the main founder of Shandon Local Food Group, which now has hundreds of members and promotes local shops and food growing. In 2011 I initiated a campaign for car-parking improvements in the area. Im on the steering group of Fountainbridge-Canalside Initiative, pushing for changes to the massive development on the old brewery sites at Fountainbridge.

Gavin chaired ary Craiglockhart Prim n School betwee 2007-2011

Making a differenCe
Green councillors were first elected in Edinburgh in 2007. Since then they have worked hard to make Edinburgh a greener and fairer city. Cllr Steve Burgess Successfully campaigned for lower car-parking charges for vehicles which cause less pollution. Steve also secured a commitment to look at ways of investing in services using income from tourism. Cllr Maggie Chapman Pioneered the eith Decides scheme, giving the community more say over how money is spent in their area. Maggie was also instrumental in ensuring the Council rejected deeply unpopular changes to social care services. Cllr Alison Johnstone Won a commitment to invest money in school energy budgets, worked with campaigners to keep Meadowbank Stadium at Meadowbank, and with local traders to promote and protect small independent businesses in the face of unfettered supermarket expansion.

WhaT else haVe you done loCally?

Ive campaigned successfully against budget cuts for the Water of Leith Centre at Slateford and for local Post Offices to stay open. Im a member of Friends of Harrison Park. In 2008, based on my experience at Craiglockhart Primary School, I set up an Edinburgh-wide network of parents active in schools and led two successful campaigns for schools funding to be protected.
Gavin has campaigned across the area on local shops, car-parking and protecting green spaces

Ive helped with Friends of Craighouse and Im an assistant with the Scout group based in Craiglockhart.

That is with just three Green councillors. Think what more Green councillors could do!

WhaT Will you do if eleCTed?

I really want to ensure that residents voices are heard loud and clear when new development is planned: from Craiglockhart Hill to Lochrin Basin and many others in between. Im passionate about promoting local shops and businesses, from Happy Valley and Chesser through to Tollcross, in the face of yet more supermarkets. Ill push for decent investment in the schools in the area and for the proposed new Boroughmuir High School to be a model new secondary. And Id protect and enhance the green and natural assets of the area - the woods, the parks and the canal.

Greens in Edinburgh want to make Edinburgh a fairer and greener city and listen to the priorities of local people.
Well defend public services provided by public bodies - opposing privatisation and demanding accountability from companies the Council works with. Well support a programme of green jobs, investing in energy efficiency of homes, public buildings and energy generation. Well protect public assets - our local schools, parks, libraries and leisure facilities. Well use the councils powers to back local businesses over giant supermarkets and chainstores, breathing new life into neighbourhoods. Well give more power to communities, including community councils, parent councils and residents groups.