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Who We Are

More than seventy years ago, a dedicated group of internal auditors recognized a need for an organization that would represent, serve, and advocate their profession. Today, The IIA is the internal audit professions global voice, recognized authority, acknowledged leader, chief advocate, and principle educator. With over 170,000 members in more than 164 countries, The IIA continually rises to the challenges faced by internal auditors around the world through education, standards and guidance, certification, research, advocacy, and networking opportunities for growth. At The IIA, Membership Means More.

The BenefITs of MeMBershIp

For internal audit practitioners and those impacted by the profession, membership in The IIA is a critical component of your overall strategy for career success. As an IIA member, you are better positioned to add value to your organization through the host of benefits that come with belonging. Your membership gives you access to hundreds of valuable products and services, many of which are offered free or at exclusive members-only pricing: Members-only Webinars every month these 60 minute sessions cover a variety of topics that impact internal auditors at no additional charge. Youll earn 1 CPE credit per session thats 12 in a year without leaving your office! A subscription to Internal Auditor magazine the worlds leading publication covering the profession in print with online-exclusive content at Now accessible with the Ia mobile app compatible for use on most smartphones and tablets. The members-only newsletter, IIA Today, which is available in print bi-monthly, and the bi-weekly e-newsletter IIA Connection. IIA Research Foundation Bookstore Discounts including 30%-55% off select items and quarterly members-only bookstore sales (up to 85% off select items). Member exclusive pricing on CIA, CGAP, CCSA, CFSA, and the new CRMA certifications. Reduced fees on IIA conferences (up to US $500), and the opportunity to earn up to 18 CPE credits per event. Access to The IIAs Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG) Series. Access to the newly revamped Audit Career Center with more than 10,000 unique visitors monthly. Networking opportunities with over 170,000 of your colleagues from around the world. Access to local benefits through IIA chapter involvement.

The IIAs MIssIon: Why IT MeAns More To you

The mission of The IIA is to provide dynamic leadership for the global profession of internal auditing. As an internal auditor and an IIA member that means: You can take advantage of a wealth of professional growth opportunities. The IIAs Code of Ethics, International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, position papers, practice advisories, and practice guides for consistent, high-quality internal audit practices to follow and certification programs that allow you to earn recognition for your professional competency and career growth. You have access to the most recent research studies in regard to internal auditing and its appropriate role in control, risk management, and governance. You have a committed advocate actively promoting the value you add to your organization. You have a global community of professionals to which you can turn to share knowledge and experiences.

expAnd your KnoWledge IncreAse cAreer opporTunITIes 4

reAd All ABouT IT: IIA puBlIcATIons
Included in your membership is Internal Auditor magazine and its online component, the official magazine of the internal audit profession. You will also receive IIA Today, the exclusive membersonly newsletter that will keep you informed about internal audit news and whats happening at The IIA in guidance, research, and professional development. Visit for details.

AdvAnce your cAreer To The nexT level: IIA cerTIfIcATIons

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is the only globally accepted designation for internal auditors. The CIA remains the standard by which individuals demonstrate their competence and professionalism in the internal audit field. The IIA also offers four specialty certifications, which qualify for Professional Recognition Credit for Part 4 of the CIA exam: Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP) Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA) Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA) Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) For more about IIA Certifications, including discounted pricing for IIA members, visit

connecT WITh your peers: socIAl neTWorKIng

To help you connect with your professional colleagues, IIA Members have access to Member Exchange (ME), The IIAs exclusive online networking tool. In addition, there are IIA Groups within a number of popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

InTernAl AudIT cAreers sTArT here: The AudIT cAreer cenTer

As a member of The IIA you can upload your resumes and search posted job opportunities available around the world. Visit for details.

professIonAl guIdAnce, InTernATIonAl sTAndArds, And AdvocAcy professIonAl developMenT AT ITs BesT: IIA TrAInIng opporTunITIes
Exclusive Members-Only Pricing and Early Registration
The IIA offers a variety of training opportunities, all at discounted rates for IIA members to advance your knowledge and career: COnferenCes covering hot topics, critical issues, and leading-edge practices for the internal audit profession led by nationally known speakers at exciting locations. semInArs addressing the wide variety of current issues facing internal auditors, geared specifically toward your level of experience and knowledge, and taught by experienced practitioners. Earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits while expanding your knowledge of audit essentials, risk and control, skill development, specialty areas, certification preparation, and other areas of expertise. On-sIte trAInIng let us bring IIA training to you that is customized to deal with your specific workplace issues and development needs. e-LeArnIng gives you anywhere access to learn a new aspect of your job and earn CPE credit. Members Only Webinars, Virtual Seminars, Webinars, and Self-study Courses are currently available so you can learn whatever, wherever, whenever. Visit to learn more. The IIA is the standard- and guidance-setting body for the internal audit profession globally. The IIAs Code of Ethics, International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, position papers, practice advisories, and practice guides, all of which are free for IIA members. They provide a guidance framework aimed at supporting consistent, high-quality internal audit practices, which strengthen the standing of the internal audit profession, and enhances the economic value of internal auditing. The IIA works tirelessly on advocacy efforts to build relationships with organizations and stakeholders who can impact, elevate, and advance the profession globally. Visit for details.

shAre InforMATIon And BesT prAcTIces

The Global Audit Information Network (GAIN) is The IIAs premier benchmarking program. GAIN is a knowledge exchange program forum that enables internal auditors to learn from your peers and obtain a resource for leading practices to enhance your operational effectiveness and efficiency. Visit for details.

AcAdeMIc relATIons
Internal auditing is fundamental to the governance process of any well-run organization, so internal audit education should be part of every business and public administration curriculum. Education is the foundation of any profession, and The IIA is committed to increasing and enhancing internal audit education in colleges and universities worldwide. Among the many ways The IIA can support internal audit education, is the development of a robust academic program called the Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) program. Visit www. to find out more about academic relations efforts and the IAEP program and other programs currently under development.

reseArch And educATIon: The IIA reseArch foundATIon dIscover The reWArds of geTTIng Involved
As an IIA member, you can benefit greatly from activities, programs, and networking opportunities through local IIA chapters and institutes worldwide. Attend local meetings and training programs, network with peers, develop professional contacts, and stay current on internal audit issues and best practices. Visit to find the chapter or institute nearest to you. The IIARF is a not-for-profit corporation operating independently of The IIA, exclusively for research and educational purposes. The IIARF is funded by voluntary tax-deductible contributions from IIA members, Chapters and Institutes, and supportive organizations. To learn The IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) is a global leader in developing, sponsoring, conducting, and issuing groundbreaking research and educational products that foster the recognition and effectiveness of internal auditing. Resources from The IIARF guide, shape, and advance the practice of the profession to ensure that you can adapt and continue to add value to your organizations.

AudIT execuTIve cenTer

The IIA launched the Audit Executive Center in late 2010, an exclusive resource dedicated to the unique needs and professional challenges facing chief audit executives (CAEs). The Center is a comprehensive program for all CAEs providing access to your peers within the profession and allowing The IIA to better serve you as an experienced audit leader. With a vast array of services to help stay empowered, connected, and relevant, you and your audit staff can access benchmarking studies, thought leadership, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, online discussion forums, exclusive networking events, and news publications. Through direct access to the Center, CAEs are better positioned to respond to the challenges, emerging risks, opportunities, and demands they face every day. To learn more and join, visit

more and donate, visit

The IIArf BooKsTore

The IIARF Bookstore is your one-stop shop for internal audit resources, books, and educational products. Offering the most comprehensive collection of practitionerreviewed content from hundreds of titles and providing the latest insight and guidance to the profession with exclusive members-only pricing and special offers, the IIARF Bookstore is your most trusted source for internal auditing. Visit for details.

The IIArfs coMMon Body of KnoWledge reporTs

In 2010, The IIARFs Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) Study conducted its second global survey in 22 languages. Over 13,500 completed surveys were received from more than 107 countries. Five reports have been released culminating in the most comprehensive study providing perspectives on global internal audit practices, trends, and insights as a practical resource for internal audit strategic planning and decision-making. In addition, A Call to Action: Stakeholders Expectations and Perceptions Study - This report focuses on the value of internal auditing from the perspective of U.S. stakeholders such as CEOs and audit committee members. The reports are available as free online downloads to members. To learn more, please visit

The sTAndArd of QuAlITy

The IIA has the resources and tools to help your organization establish and maintain a quality assurance and improvement program, including conformance with the Standards. To learn more about the online resources or to request a no-obligation proposal for an IIA-conducted external quality assessment, visit

MeMBershIp cATegorIes soMeThIng for everyone

IndIvIduAl MeMBershIps
regulAr MeMBer
(US, Bermuda, Caribbean & Guyana US $215 Annually / Canada US $235 Annually)
A processing fee of US $25 and appropriate dues for each year of admittance must accompany the member application where applicable. If you live in Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Guyana, or the United States, you may join as a member of The IIA directly. The conditions of membership and categories are the same for all chapters in the Caribbean, Canada, and United States. Membership fee structures are subject to change depending on the location. If you live outside Canada, the Caribbean, or the United States, you may become a member of The IIA by joining an IIA Institute.

educATIonAl MeMBer
(US $120 Annually)
Available to individuals principally employed as educators at colleges and universities. Processing fee is waived.

sTudenT MeMBer
(US $70 Annually)
Available to those engaged in a full-time undergraduate degree program at a college or university, provided such persons cannot qualify as a regular member or educational member. Student membership is limited to a maximum of six years duration. Processing fee is waived.

lIfe MeMBer

(US $2,100 One-Time Fee)

Show your long-term commitment to the profession by becoming a life member of The IIA. This classification is automatically given to those members who have been a member of The IIA for 40 years. Processing fee is waived.

Institutes charge their own membership fees and offer local programs and services. Conditions of membership conditions may vary by Institute. Please contact your nearest Institute directly to obtain specific information regarding membership fee structures, and to find the Institute nearest to you visit The International Member classification is available to prospective members if The IIA currently does not have a Chapter or Institute in your area. Dues are US $215 annually, plus a US $25 processing fee. For drafts drawn on banks outside the United States and Canada, please add US $30 to your payment to cover bank collection charges. You can transfer your membership from one chapter to another chapter by contacting The IIAs Customer Relations Department at or +1-407-937-1111.
Member Type US/Bermuda/Caribbean/Guyana Canada International *Plus $25 Processing fee. Fee $215* $235* $215*

reTIred MeMBer
(US $70 Annually)
Available to those who retire from active employment and who are members in good standing with The IIA at the time of their application for this classification of membership. Individuals cannot join as new members under this classification, only available to current IIA members.

governMenT MeMBer
(US $120 Annually)
Internal audit professionals employed by local, state, or federal public-sector agencies who are not participating in the Government Audit Program as a group can join The IIA and receive full member benefits for a reduced annual fee. No processing fee. Visit for details.

BuIldIng IndusTry connecTIons In The IIA

specIAlTy IndusTry group MeMBershIp
In addition to your overall IIA membership, you may join one of our specialty industry groups. Specialty group fees are in addition to your regular membership dues.

gAMIng AudIT group

(US $40 Annually)
This group is designed for individuals involved with casinos, lotteries, racetracks, water-based gaming, Indian gaming, other gaming enterprises, or government regulatory commissions or agencies. Members receive a quarterly e-newsletter (The Gaming Auditorium), a membership directory, an industry-specific conference, online access to sample audit programs, and webinars. Every year in April, The IIAs Gaming Conference is held and its dedicated to knowledge-seeking auditors, compliance officers, regulators, and professionals from gaming sectors. Increase your value and credibility within your organization by gaining new perspectives during general and concurrent sessions facilitated by recognized practitioners, interacting with colleagues from a variety of gaming industries, and benefitting from a hands-on exhibit hall featuring the latest tools and resources.

fInAncIAl servIces AudITor group

(US $40 Annually)
Stay informed on industry trends and best practices for financial services auditors. Benefits also include a quarterly e-newsletter (FSA Times), webinars, a membership directory, online access to sample audit programs and resources, a US $75 waiver off the CFSA exam application fee, as well as additional discounts. There are also web pages dedicated to Financial Services members for knowledge sharing, thought leadership and networking. For more information, please visit membership/join-now/specialty-memberships/

For more information, please visit membership/join-now/specialty-memberships/

group MeMBershIps
AudIT group MeMBershIp
Organizations that join as an Audit Group enroll their entire audit staff at significantly reduced rates. Organizations pay a base fee and incremental fees per staff member. You will find that group membership has its advantages; group members can save 22-50% off the regular membership rates with all of the full IIA member benefits!
Group Membership Categories Audit Group 1-5 Base Fee US/Bermuda/ Caribbean/Guyana $810 Canada $895 US/Bermuda/ Caribbean/Guyana $810 Canada $895 US/Bermuda/ Caribbean/Guyana $12,500 Canada $12,735 Incremental Fee N/A N/A $137 $151 $115 $120

sAve BIg on The fundAMenTAl AudIT lIBrAry collecTIon

IIA Group members can stock their library with The Fundamental Audit Library Collection and save an additional 10% with your Group code, a total savings of US $200 value. You will receive your promotion code when you join or renew your group membership.


Audit Group 6-100

BooK on-sITe TrAInIng And sAve u.s. $1,000

This offer can be applied to any 1 to 4 day training session and can be applied to as many individual bookings an audit group makes and holds for one year. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

Audit Group 101+

Visit for pricing details.

gIfT specIAlTy MeMBershIp

Group members in the financial services and gaming industries enjoy a FREE IIA specialty industry group membership in the affiliated sector (a US $40 value per member). Visit for details.

governMenT AudIT group MeMBershIp

Government agencies of any size at the local, state, or federal levels can participate in this program as a group with full IIA member benefits at reduced rates. Visit for pricing details.
Government Group Membership US/Bermuda/ Caribbean/Guyana Canada Addl Member Fee Over Base $45 $53

Base Fee $1,200 $1,235

enroll TodAy
ITs eAsy. go onlIne And Apply And clIcK joIn noW.

generAl dues InforMATIon

Dues are payable in US funds. US Federal ID: 13-5532538. Dues are billed yearly on the anniversary date of membership. Dues may be tax deductible (for US members). Dues and processing fees are subject to change at any time by The IIA North American Board. Annual dues include a US $60 fee for Internal Auditor and US $15 fee for other professional periodicals. These fees cannot be deducted from the dues.

do More for yourself. do More for your cAreer. do More WITh The IIA.
Build a stronger future for yourself and the profession. Become an IIA member today and better position yourself to add value to your organization and advance your career, while enjoying the wealth of benefits that come from belonging. We guarantee that your membership will meet your expectations* over 170,000 members in 165 countries agree!

Global Headquarters 247 Maitland Avenue Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701-4201 USA


+1-407-937-1111 +1-407-937-1101

* The IIA is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our members. If The IIA does not meet your expectations, we will extend your membership benefits at no cost to you for an additional year.