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Due Date: Thursday, March 8 Worth: 100 points

Instructions: Watch the movie, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and review Enrons Code of Ethics. Pretend that Enron survives its collapse, and you are called in as an HR consultant to help advise Enron on how to overhaul the organization in order to establish an ethical culture. Write a paper that details your analysis of the current problems within the organization, and the changes that must be made in order to develop an ethical culture. Your paper should consist of the following sections: Part 1: Analysis of the Current Organizational Culture Describe the current organizational culture using the cultural dimensions discussed in the lecture slides (e.g. outcome orientation, detail orientation). Which cultural dimensions does Enrons culture display? Provide specific examples of employee behavior demonstrated in the movie as evidence of each cultural dimension you identify. Discuss how Enrons cultural dimensions explain or predict the presence/absence of unethical behavior. From what you observe, is ethics/integrity considered an important value in Enrons culture? From what you can see in the movie, evaluate Enrons utilization of the following elements of an ethics program: o Code of Ethics/Ethics Policies o Ethics Training o Anonymous Internal Reporting systems o Strong Anti-Retaliation protections o Commitment from Top Management o Reward Systems Promote Ethical Behavior o No Tolerance of Violations (discipline/dismissal) Do the basic elements exist at Enron? If elements are in place, are they being properly utilized? Be sure to provide specific examples from the movie that illustrate your discussion of each item (or lack of each item). Part 2: Your Recommendations What needs to change within the organization in order to create an ethical culture? (talk about the values and cultural dimensions that need to be modified) What systems need to be implemented? (e.g. ethics training, aligning reward systems) What systems need to be fixed/improved? (e.g. internal reporting systems)

Provide specific recommendations with details. For example, dont just say Enron needs better ethics training programs. Provide a recommendation of what type of training program they should utilize, and describe the format and content. If they need to align their reward systems, suggest items that should be added as an element of performance reviews. The more detail, the better.

Your paper should be double-spaced, 12 pt. font, with one-inch margins. Length estimate: 6 10 pages