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LEASE DEED This deed of lease made and executed at secunderabad on 30st March 2012 by and between. M/s.

KAREER 4 U SOLUTIONS having its registered office at # 528 5th floor B-Block Chandralok Complex III, S.D.Road, Secunderabad 500003 represented by its sole proprietor Mr. S. SENTHIL KUMAR aged 27 years S/o V.S.Pandian resident at plot No.24 Surya Colony Bolarum Secunderabad 500010 Hereinafter referred to as the lessee which term includes their executors, heirs, administrators and assigns AND Dr. ARUN BAJAJ, S/o Late Mr. B.S.BAJAJ, aged 57 years, Residing at 51-52 ISHAQ colony, Secunderabad 500015, Hereinafter referred to as the lessor which term includes the respective heirs executors, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns & Dr. SIDDHARTH BAJAJ S/o Dr. ARUN BAJAJ aged 26 years at 51-52 ISHAQ colony, Secunderabad 500015 On 1st September 2011 the above named lessee has taken over on rent office room 528 5th floor B-Block Chandralok Complex III, S.D.Road, Secunderabad 500003 and it is agreed between lessor and lessee that a lease should be executed setting out the terms and conditions as follows:1. The lessee shall pay the agreed rent of Rs. 8,400 /- (Rupees Eight Thousand Only ) Per month to the lessor or their duly authorized person on or before 5th of every month, in advance, and obtain a receipt thereof.

2. The lessee shall pay the electricity consumption charges to the concerned authorities and the monthly maintenance charges to chandralok complex office owners association and give a Photostat of the receipt to the lessor. 3. The lessee shall pay the municipal Tax (Property Tax) to the municipal Authorities (HMDA), at secunderabad, regarding the premises and give the original receipt to the lesor. 4. The Lessee shall, on the premises let-out, carry the business of recruitment consultancy, BPO Services and similar services, and shall not entitled to change the nature of business, without the written consent of the lessor. The premises cannot be used for residential purpose or staff quarters. The premises of part of the premises cannot be sublet or used by any third party and on other business than the one mentioned can be carried out under the pretext of sister concern or otherwise. 5. Tenancy shall be on monthly basis 1st day to the last day of the month according to the English calendar. The lease period is one year after one year the rent is increased by 10% of the existing rent. In case the lessee wants to continue after 1 year, he should express his interest to continue at least 3 months before expiry of agreement. 6. The lessee or the lessee can terminate the lease by giving 3 months notice or if the lessee vacates earlier than the notice period, the lessee has to pay 3 months rent and then vocate. 7. In case the lessee commits default of rent of any single months or commit breach of any terms and conditions of the lease deed irrespective of the period

of lease, the lessor shall be terminate the lease by giving ONE month notice in writing and the lessee shall be liable to vacate and handover vacant and peaceful possession of the premises let-out to the lessor. 8. The lessee shall not make any additions or alterations in said premises without the written consent of the lessor . In the event of making any additions or alterations to the which the lessor has agreed, the lessee shall ensure that this will be to the benefit of the lessor and the lessee shall not be entitled to claim any part thereof. 9. Following are the fixtures In the room No. 528. a. Tube light fitting 12 Nos. b. ceiling fans 6 Nos. c. W/c flush tank, Over head tank and wash basin and fitting in the toilet d. Partitions wooden

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