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Fax Using VoIP

Service Communication:


Bulletin #: 8319 Date: 04/10/12

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a method for converting analog audio signals like voice on a telephone into digital signals that can be transmitted over an interconnected network.

How is this useful? Because of the low costs that VoIP technology can provide, businesses are changing their PBX systems from analog or ISDN to VoIP-based PBX systems. VoIP can turn a standard Internet connection into a way to place free phone calls. Since the transmission occurs over the Internet, no additional cost is incurred.

However, while the operational cost of implementing a VoIP network is beneficial, there are challenges. The G3 fax kits used in our bizhub engines are designed to function over analog voice telecommunication lines, while VoIP is designed for the transmission of digital data over an IP network. The data passed between the two environments needs to be converted. The reason for this is that fax communication uses the signal in a different way than regular voice communication. When VoIP technologies digitize and compress analog voice communication, it is optimized for voice, not for fax. Therefore, G3 fax may on occasion not work properly when used in a VoIP environment.

This is the case for many fax vendors since the proper functionality depends on the matching between analog G3 fax technology and VoIP technology. Fax was designed for analog networks, and does not travel well over a VoIP network. Konica Minolta can offer certain fax settings as a workaround; in many cases there has been success with our G3 fax-enabled MFPs working in several VoIP environments. However, as a company it is difficult for Konica Minolta to have detailed information on all VoIP services available. Consequently, we cannot guarantee functionality in all VoIP environments.

As a solution, it may be necessary to ask the customer to use a VoIP service with a high-quality voice signal. The following are possible references or guidelines for selecting a VoIP service:

Voice Codec on VoIP network

  • - Recommend G.711 µ-law type

  • - Not recommended are Compressing Codecs such as G.723, G.726 and G.729

Packet Loss Rate of less than 0.2%

Delay fluctuation: less than 140ms

A VoIP phone adapter may allow the fax kit to work with a customer's VoIP system, but Konica Minolta will not provide any support if there are phone/fax issues. VoIP switch manufacturers do offer phone adapters for their specific equipment, so these should be tried before a generic phone adapter.

Subject: Fax Using VoIP Service Communication: Bulletin #: 8319 Date: 04/10/12 Voice over Internet Protocol

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Bulletin #: 8319

Due to the general incompatibility of fax and VoIP, certain settings may not work. The problem is not caused by the Fax Unit, but is caused by:

The general design of VoIP using TCP/IP packets

VoIP PBX systems

The general specification of VoIP and its codecs, coding and decoding timings, fax fixed timings, LAN packet losses, quality of services and ITU/RFC specification implementation

There are additional workarounds that are MFP-based. Listed below are workarounds for the FK-502 and FK- 508 fax kits. These workarounds are performed in Service Mode:

  • 1. FAX Settings Communication Protocol set "ON" for the "V8/V34 Protocol" Protocol and set "OFF" for all other faster protocols.

  • 2. Set “-15dBm” for all TX ATT of the following

    • - FAX Settings Modem/NCU TX ATT PIX TxATT

    • - FAX Settings Modem/NCU TX ATT Tone/Procedure Signal TxATT

    • - FAX Settings Modem/NCU TX ATT CED/ANSam TxATT

  • 3. FAX Settings Communication => Others we have set "OFF" for the "ECM Function"

    • - It is recommended that you should try setting 1 and 2 before 3.

  • Before performing the above-mentioned settings, it is recommended to upgrade the MFP firmware to the latest version or to check if the FK-502/FK-508 has the latest available firmware version installed. The latest version firmware or system software is available via the SSD Download Selector. Both the MFP and the fax kit should have the latest available firmware installed.

    VoIP is not supported officially by Konica Minolta, but in many instances performing these suggested settings may resolve an issue.

    For customers with existing Open Text RightFax Servers, Konica Minolta offers an MFP Connector for RightFax that is compatible with bizhub Office Workgroup MFPs. Note that the MFP must be equipped with a Hard Disk Drive Kit and, if equipped, the internal Fax Board disabled. Because Konica Minolta does not sell the Open Text RightFax Server, customers should contact their authorized Open Text RightFax reseller.

    VoIP assistance for trained technicians can be obtained via:

    SSD Knowledgebase:

    DSM Connect*:

    Contact Support Center:


    * DSM Connect is intended for on-line contact initiation with the CSC for non-urgent support issues. For complete details, see Technical Bulletin #8296.