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These slides are provided as an accessory to a full presentation and are therefore not a suitable resource on their own.

This information is provided for non-diagnostic purposes and general guidelines only, and is not designed or intended to treat or mitigate any disease or disease process.

Cancer Prevention and Elimination

17 steps to prevent cancer and save your life!

The Devastation of Cancer

* Every 30 seconds someone is diagnosed with Cancer! * 1 out of every 8 woman will develop Breast Cancer! * 700,000 people die per year in the United States of Cancer! * Cancer rate in children has exploded in the last 10 years! * 1 out of 300 children are diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20!

The Facts
You are made up of over 75 trillion cells You create more than 100 billion new cells everyday of your life (millions per minute) You make a new body every year Your body is designed to live 120+ yrs HEALTHY

Then Why Disease?

The cause of Cancer and all disease is when the cells become TOXIC and/or DEFICIENT and they accumulate rather than being replaced with NEW, NORMAL, HEALTHY, NON-TOXIC CELLS.

If the cell becomes toxic or deficient it creates toxemia and this results in autointoxication!

Intoxication will lead to abnormal cellular duplication which is known as cancer!

The function of our cells determines our states of health and sickness.

6 Cellular Requirements
1. Nutrients 2. Oxygen 3. Water 4. Detoxify / Excrete / Breathe 5. Proper pH 6. Nerve Impulse

Symptoms are the result (warning signs) that our cells not functioning properly! Symptoms are primarily toxins that the body is trying to eliminate!

The location (organ) of the toxic build up will be the sight of the diseased (cancerous) organ!

There can be toxic build ups in your body (cancer), with no symptoms at all, because symptoms are the last thing to surface!

Cellular Medicine:
Wouldnt you agree: You could be symptom free and have Cancer? If we only treat the symptom, what inevitably comes back? The symptom
The understanding that diseases develop at the level of the cells, is the scientific basis to eradicate todays most common diseases. Our cells need to be cleansed, detoxified, and protected from damage of free radicals.

*Your cells have to have nutrients to replicate normally! *Nutritional deficiency is one of the major causes of cancer! *Proper absorption of nutrients is essential for the cellular health! *The only way absorption can occur is if the body is non-toxic, alkaline, and oxygenated! *If those steps are not happening then nutrients cant be absorbed and you are wasting your time and money on nutrition!

Nutrients a Cell needs to Replicate Normally:

22 Amino Acids (building blocks of protein) Antioxidants (Prevent oxidation/damage to the cell) Fatty Acids (hormone synthesis, membranes, brain development, detoxification)

Live Enzymes (the Life force of food and are necessary for digestion) Enzymes are energized protein molecules and play a role in every biochemical reaction in the human body. Life is not possible without enzymes! There are 2 types of enzymes: Digestive enzymes to break food down and metabolic enzymes build the body from what we eat! V. VI. Vitamins (help in cell function)

Minerals and trace minerals (help in cell function)

1. In order to be more ALIVE than DEAD, eat foods that are more ALIVE than DEAD! 2. The farther the food is away from GOD the more toxic and nutritionally deficient it is! 3. Food is to be eaten in order to nourish and provide fuel to the cell, not satisfy taste! You need to look at food as your Medicine to combat all diseases

*Enzymes are energized protein molecules and play a role in every biochemical reaction in the human body. *Life is not possible without enzymes! *There are 2 types of enzymes: Digestive enzymes to break food down and Metabolic enzymes build the body from what we eat!

*Enzymes are sensitive to heat, even low heat destroys enzymes!

*Raw vegetables and some fruits are best!

Dangers of Cooked Food:

*Cooking food damages the food on a cellular

Vitamin B17 helps fight cancer:

It is a non-toxic natural vitamin that specifically targets cancer cells for their destruction! It is found in a variety of foods: The following is a list of foods rich in vitamin B17: - Spinach - Bamboo sprouts - Alfalfa sprouts - Lentil sprouts - Whole nuts - Ground nuts - Apple seeds - Apricot seeds

level and kills most nutrients! *The invention of the kitchen stove and microwave was one of the worst catastrophic events to increase cancer or other diseases in history! *The key is to minimize the amount of cooking as much as possible!

Food By Man Killers

Pork Shellfish Artificial sweeteners (pink, yellow, blue, orange packets) Hydrogenated Oils Additives, Colorings, Flavorings, and Preservatives Fast, Refined, and Fried Foods Commercial Red Meat Caffeine Refined and Processed Sugars Table Salt White Foods (Made from White Flour) Dairy Products

In 1904 Sugar cost 4 cents a pound and less than 6 pounds per year were consumed per FAMILY on average. Today, the average PERSON consumes more than 30 times that much sugar -some 183 pounds per year.

A Historical Medical Lesson From 1904 University of California, Berkeley.

The Dangers of Sugar:

I. Sugar is a known toxin. II. Sugar causes severe acidity in the body. III. Cancer cells love Sugar. Cancer cells have 8 time more receptor cells for capturing sugar than healthy cells. Why? IV. Normal cells use Oxygen for energy and Cancer cells use sugar (fermentation) for energy!

Carbs are Sugar!

High carbs causes your body to produce a lot of insulin to decrease blood sugar. You end up with low blood sugar crash. What does your body use to increase blood sugar? CORTISOL!

I. Increases enzyme PLA2 which increases inflammation which causes 98% of all diseases. II. Decreases immune system which leads to cancer and other diseases.

Cancer cannot develop in a properly functioning and detoxified and oxygenated cell. Its Impossible!

The cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements
Otto Warburg- two time Nobel prize winner

*Being oxygen deprived is one of the major causes of illness! *One of Cancers primary characteristics is a lack of oxygen in the cell and blood! *Cells do not function in the way they were intended to function with depleted oxygen supply!

Causes of Oxygen Depletion:

I. Toxicity & Acidity: Causes a residue
which that coats the membrane of the cell and prevents it from breathing properly, it suffocates the cell.

*Your cells are made up of water. *Water is the adhesive that bonds your cell structure. *Water is essential to the cleansing processes of your body. *It lubricates and flushes wastes and toxins from all cells. *It cleanses the internal organs. *It helps eliminate toxins from the bloodstream.

II. Smoking: Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, which competes with oxygen and stops it from getting into the cells. If you are a smoker QUIT. Smoking is poison! III. Chlorine: Takes oxygen out of the cell.

Most drinking water contains more than 2100 toxic chemical that cause cancer! (Nader Research Institute) Carcinogens in the drinking water are contributing to all the cancers in the U.S. (US council on Environmental Quality)

One of the most talked about contaminants in our drinking water is chlorine, a disinfectant used to kill harmful, diseasecausing bacteria. Unfortunately, chlorine combines easily with other chemicals and naturally occurring organic material to form many carcinogenic substances.


*Toxicity in our world has reached epidemic proportions! *The Environmental Protection Agency says that American Homes are 70 times more toxic than the outdoor air! * The EPA found that the toxins in our homes are 3x more likely to cause cancer than air pollution outdoors! *Personal care products (makeup, lotions, deodorants, soaps, drycleaning, etc. have over 1662 toxic chemicals, 314 that cause biological mutations, and 146 that cause tumors!

*Chlorine takes oxygen out of the cell resulting in CANCER in the cell! *Fluoride is a poison and toxic to your cells! *Fluoride destroys enzymes!

*Household cleaning products! *Heavy Metals - Vaccines, Amalgam fillings! *Mold and Lyme Biotoxins! *Microwaves! *Almost all foods and beverages!


*Proper Detoxification can only happen at a cellular level. *Every cell is made up of a lipid bi-layer (2 layers of fat). In order to clean and detoxify a cell, the cell has to be opened first. *The only way to open a cell is with FAT!

Essential Fatty Acids:

I. The cell walls need Essential Fatty Acids. If there isnt enough EFA, oxygen gets restricted and the cells become cancerous!

EFAs Allow What?

II. The cell walls need Essential Fatty Acids so that oxygen and nutrients can enter the cell and create healthy cells!



Proper pH:
*All disease, including cancer, needs an acidic environment! *Balanced alkaline and acid relationship is the key to true HEALTH! *The pH scale range is 1 to 14 in the middle (7.3) is neutral! Your pH has to be neutral in order slightly alkaline to never get cancer or any other disease process! *Lower than 7.3 is acidic and higher than 7.3 is alkaline! *Each number away from 7 either way is equivalent to ten times! *A pH of 8 is 10 times more Alkaline than 7 and a pH of 5 is 100 times more acidic!

Proper pH:
*A can of Soda has a pH of 2.5, it is fifty thousand times more acidic than neutral. It takes 30 cups of water to neutralize 1 can of soda! *When pH is balanced (7.3) the cells are able to absorb the right amount of oxygen, water, electrical impulses, and nutrients to replicate normally and never build disease! *Unless you balance pH you will never heal from any disease! *When the pH in the body is lowered the body will do everything it can to raise the pH (alkalize)! *Your body will take alkaline substances from other areas of your body to normalize the pH.

Proper pH:
*The body will take calcium from the bones to balance pH causing osteoporosis! *When the body becomes acidic, it will dump the overload into other areas/organs of the body! *Where these acidic residues wind up will determine what name to put on a symptom! -Pancreas: diabetes -Heart: heart Disease -Colon: crohns or colitis This is how the body reacts to acidity!

Proper pH:

Cancer cells make your body more acidic because they produce lactic acid!

Sources that create Acidity:

I. II. Meats: conventionally raised red meat, chicken, turkey, all deli or packaged meats! Sugar/Refined Carbohydrates: Sugar is acidic and destroys the immune system. Grains turn to sugar in 4 seconds! III. IV. V. VI. Dairy Caffeine Salt Alcohol

Proper pH:

*Yeast, fungus, molds, bacteria and cancer can only live in an acidic environment! They thrive in acidity!

VII. Tobacco VIII. Artificial Sweeteners IX. All Medications

Chemotherapy and radiation damage respiratory enzymes in healthy cells, and overload them with toxins, so they become more likely to develop cancer and the lactic acid causes severe acidity in the rest of the body! Dr Dan Harper (Chemotherapist), from a cohort study, found that only 9% of oncologists took chemotherapy for their cancers. Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors, Allen Levin, MD UCSF The Healing of Cancer.

Despite widespread use of chemotherapies, breast cancer mortality has not changed in the last 70 years, Thomas Dao, MD New England Journal of Medicine "As a rough estimate, neurosurgeons do well to cure one in every 1,000-brain cancer patients they operate on. Radiation therapy slows the growth of adult tumors, gaining perhaps one month of life, and may result in a cure of only one in 500-1,000 patients. Similarly, chemotherapy, despite 30 years of clinical trials, has not resulted in the development of a single drug or drug combination that elicits more than an occasional transient response in primary brain tumors." Dr. Robert Burdick, oncologist and professor at the University of Washington Medical School

A recent study showed that the overall contribution of chemotherapy to 5 year survival in adult malignancies is estimated at 2.3% in data from Australia and 2.1% in data from the USA
(Morgan G et al, the Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5 Year Survival in Adult Malignancies. Clinical Oncology (2004) 16: 549560)

Dangers of Mammograms
Studies done on the benefits of mammograms found them unconvincing and doing more harm than good. Exposing patients to radiation, actually increases womens risk of cancer. The Lancet, October 2006 The latest evidence shit the balance towards harm and away from benefits. Dr. Michael Baum, University College London According to Canadian columnist Dr. W Gifford Jones; women between the ages of 40 and 49 who have regular mammograms are twice as likely to die from breast cancer as women who are not screened

How Do You Win?

*Cancer starts with a healthy cell that develops into a cancer cell, which turns into a local tumor, and then ultimately it spreads throughout the body (called metastasis, until the host of the cancer is dead. *The goal of cancer is to kill the host, YOU! *A healthy cell has a cell nucleus which contains all the intelligent information for what this cell is designed to do!

How Do You Win?

Every cell needs energy to produce what it needs from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. *What turns a healthy cell into a cancer cell? TOXICITY! *The first thing a cancer cell does is multiplies. It clones itself! *If a cancer cell forms, its contained by connective tissuecollagen, it confines it, and holds it where it is. *Cancer cells produce a substance (enzyme) that cuts through the collagen so the cancer cells can get through to spread throughout the body (metastasize).

How Do You Win?

* Cancer cells use the bloodstream to get to other locations (weaker areas of the body) * Blood vessels are made of collagen so the cancer cells cut through to get to the bloodstream.

How Do You Win?

*Knowing what it is, now you can see how to prevent/defeat it. L-lysine is an amino acid, that blocks the enzymes from the cancer cells from cutting through the collagen. Vitamin C forms collagen. The more collagen the more cancer can be contained (encapsulated). A combination of L-lysine, proline, vitamin C, and EGCG (polyphenol from green tea) stops cancer cells from excreting enzymes that destroy connective tissue. It stopped the spread and inhibited cancer growth!

Tumors dont disappear?

* How is the success of Cancer measured? * Orthodox medicine is focused on the tumor. If a patient has a tumor reduced by 15% but stable and doing great, they would be seen as a failure. Whereas a patient who has a tumor that is 60% reduced would be a success even though they are sick and dying! * So many people make the wrong decisions because they were expecting their tumor to disappear. Tumors dont disappear. When the tumor shrinks down thats it, start rejoicing and continue on your natural regimen. * Most doctors will see a tumor and continue Chemotherapy until the person is dead, in an attempt to get rid of all the tumor. * Tumors consist of both cancer and healthy cells! * If a kidney tumor is 10% cancerous and the tumor shrinks by 10% its still considered not successful treatment.

This is why all other doctors or programs fail. They try to address a symptom, single deficiency or single toxicity but fail to create an entire healthy homeostatic system.

Maximized Living Diet:

Standard North American Diet:

Protein (industrialized/commercial meat and fish) 15-20% Carbohydrates (processed grains sugars, corn syrup) 45-55% Fat (grain fed meats, dairy, trans fats, fried foods) 35-40%

Protein (vegetables and lean wild game) 20-35% Carbohydrates (fruits (small) and vegetables) 25-40% Fat (organic meats, fish, nuts, avacados) 30-45%

Nerve Supply & Immunity

Maintenance chiropractic care patients had 200% higher immunity then normal population Maintenance chiropractic care patients had 400% higher immunity then cancer patients

- New York University study, Dr. Ronald Pero

17 Steps
Neuroscience research shows a that aberrant stimulation of spinal or paraspinal structures (Subluxation) leads to segmentally organized reflex responses of the autonomic nervous system, which in turn alters visceral function (shuts down organs).
University-Japan, Tokyo

1. Sleep: The body needs 7-9 hours of sleep in total darkness to recharge and heal completely. 2. Increase the amount of live food (50%of total intake is raw). 3. Begin Healing Diet. 4. Start taking Nutritional Supplements (See List). 5. Drink 1 liter of water for every 50 pounds daily, preferably Reverse Osmosis.


17 Steps
6. Get a home filtration system immediately. 7. Burst exercise daily (cardiovascular and weights) 8. Breathing exercises daily. 9. No Microwave. 10. Use all natural personal hygiene products. (especially deodorants, soaps and lotions.) 11. Use all natural household cleaning products. 12. Monitor pH daily 1 x day for 3 months/1 week after that.

17 Steps
13. Chiropractic corrective care weekly. 14. Juice greens daily. 15. Neurotoxic consultation/urinalysis/blood work/ to check for heavy metal toxicity, mold and lyme disease. 16. Begin Chelation with DMSA if necessary.

17 Steps
17. Daily sunshine: Sunshine regulates many body
processes, lowers high blood pressure, decreases blood cholesterol, lowers excessively high blood sugars, and increases white blood cells. Sunlight changes the cholesterol just under the skin into vitamin D which is needed for good health.

Supplement List:
1.1 Protein: Paleomeal/Vega daily with coconut/almond milk and berries. 2. Vitamins / Minerals: Complete Multi-vitamin (not Centrum!) 3. Alkalize: Paleogreens, Berrygreens, Greensfirst 2 x day 4. Antioxidants: (Paleoreds & Paleogreens) 5. Enzymes (in the reds and greens)

Supplement List:
6. EFAs: Fish Oil/Cod Liver Oil (Omega Synergy) 7. Colon/Bowel cleanse (3x year) 8. Vitamin B17 - Apricot pits, food, supplements 9. L-lysine/Green tea extract/Vitamin C/proline (Epican Forte) These slides are provided as an accessory to a full presentation and are therefore not a suitable resource on their own. This information is provided for non-diagnostic purposes and general guidelines only, and is not designed or intended to treat or mitigate any disease or disease process.