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Name: Jaimee Shearn Class: Earth Science

Date: 2/22/12

Daily Lesson Plan

Students will be able to........ Science: -Students will investigate the features and causes of Volcanoes. -Students will apply the information they learn about volcanoes to real life experiences and situations. Other: -Students will utilize the two column note-taking strategy both with the whole class and with partners in order to identify key ideas and information. -Students will create visual memory cues for vocabulary words.
What will the students know/be able to do as a result of this lesson?

Teacher Goals:

What strategies will you work on as a teacher?

-Effectively co-teach, balance talking time and proximity with Amanda throughout the entire lesson -Keep the lesson engaging and interactive by encouraging as much student participation as possible -Utilize Choral Response strategy when possible. -Use voice as a tool; only raise voice when it is purposeful -Getting students quickly refocused and quiet after partner work or off-subject conversation

For students: (handouts, previous assignments, tests, etc.) -Chapter 2/3 Packet -Textbook -Post-it Notes For teacher: (lecture notes, answer keys, overheads, video, lists of questions, etc.) -Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash (on iTunes) -Bill Nye Video -Paper with objectives and tasks for the day -Mount St Helen Video


How are you going to get the students to recall yesterdays lesson and how it relates to what you are doing today? How will you capture student attention?

Introduction Time Frame 15 Min -2 Min -3 Min -10 min

Introduction Activity Description Attention Getter: Ring of fire by Johnny Cash will be playing as students come in and get organized for the day. The teacher (JS) will present the objectives of the day as well as the tasks they the class should complete within the period. The teacher will conduct a class K-W-L using the word splash in the

students chapter packets. (JS) The teacher will give each student a post-it note and have him or her write one question they have about volcanoes. The question can be specific, or broad the teachers example will be: What is the biggest volcano on Earth? The teacher will tell the students to share their question with the partner sitting next to them. They will be told to keep their post-it note in their binder and if their question gets answered they should write the answer. At the end of the unit, if the students still have a question that hasnt been answered, the teacher will look the answers up and relay the information back to the students.


Identify checkpoints for understanding throughout your lesson by placing a check mark next to the appropriate activity or question.

Instruction Time Frame 60 min -30 min

Instruction Activity Description -The teacher will then introduce the video to the class and explain that this video should preview what they will read today. The teacher will also point out some important features in the video that they should pay special attention to on their worksheet. (JS) -The teachers will then dismiss students for a 3-minute break. -The teacher will then tell the students to open their note packets to the page titled 3.1 Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics, and their textbooks to page 88. (AT) Both teachers will quickly circle the room to assure that all students are on the right pages. -The teachers will ask the students to read only the headings and look at the pictures on pages 88-91 to make a prediction about what they will be reading. (JS & AT) -The teacher will then read aloud pages 88-89, pausing consistently to highlight text features and to clarify key ideas. (JS) While one teacher is reading, the other will be taking notes using the document camera to assure that the students are following along. (AT) Key Concepts: - What is a Volcano - Magma - Lava - Ring of Fire - Diverging Plate Boundaries **Also will look at the pictures on pages 89 and 90 and relate them to the reading -The students will then finish up their notes with a partner sitting next to them. Both teachers will circle the room to offer help and guidance to students. They will also be responsible for creating memory cues for section 3.1, a practice that they are very familiar with.

-5 min -5 min

-15 min


How will you tie the lesson together and reemphasize the concepts presented? How will you know if your students get it by the end of your lesson?

Closure Time Frame 20 Min -10 Min (if time allows) -5 min -5 min

Closure Activity Description -The teachers will then show the Mount St. Helens Video to provide a closing real-world connection for the students. -The teacher (AT) will then ask students if they have any questions to add to the list they made earlier or if they need any clarification on the materials taught today. -The teacher will put the homework for the night up on the document camera and will verbally explain the expectations for it. (JS) Homework: -Notecards for volcano, magma, divergent and convergent plates