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Join Roshan, Rohit, Preeti & Pooja as they discuss about Titanic

Pooja : Hi, Roshan. How are you? Roshan : Hi, Pooja. Pooja : You seem to be waiting for someone Roshan : Yes, I am waiting for Rohit. Pooja : See, Rohit is coming. Rohit : Hi, Sorry, Roshan I am late.

Pooja : I am coming from theatre. I just now watched Titanic 3D. It is amazing. Have you guys watched it. Rohit : I was busy with some assignments but I have watched the original release on TV . Roshan : I have watched the original movie on DVD Pooja : It is 100 years since the Titanic ship sank. The release of Titanic 3D is being done to mark the centenary of the event. Preeti : Hi, I was just passing by that way when I noticed Pooja talking about something with great excitement. Pooja : I was just talking about Titanic 3D which was released on 4th April. Preeti : I dont like the movie Titanic. A real life disaster has been converted into entertainment and money is being made by the producers of the movie. Pooja : You are the only person that I have seen who does not like the movie. The awards that the movie has won speak for it. Rohit : Preeti, do you know what happened to the real Titanic. Preeti : Yes, I have read about it Roshan : Tell us, on which day did the ship sink? Preeti : The ship sank in its maiden voyage on 15th April, 1912 at 2:20 A.M. It was traveling from Liverpool in England and was headed to New York across the Atlantic Ocean. Rohit : Why is that event being discussed even today? Preeti : It was one of the biggest maritime disaster in history. About 1500 people died, many of whom were then millionaires. Moreover it was least expected.

Pooja : Why do you say, it was least expected? Preeti : Titanic was an engineering marvel. It was the fastest ship in those days. It was gigantic, measuring 882.5 feet in length with a beam of 92.6 feet and weighing almost 50,000 tons. It was claimed to be unsinkable by its builders. It was incomparable to other ships during that time in grandeur & luxury. Pooja : The grandeur of the original ship, its awesome interiors & the luxuries on board are excellently depicted in the movie. Roshan : Very true. The passengers were enjoying the luxuries, they would have felt very comfortable & fully secure in the marvelous Titanic. Preeti : Titanic had the best crew on board and a highly experienced captain but they could not prevent an untimely encounter with a deceptively large iceberg. Pooja : You should watch the movie on 3D to see the outcome of that encounter. Roshan : This disaster shows that there are lot of uncertainties in life. I think it also teaches that we should not be proud or arrogant after our achievements but should humbly thank God for His grace. Rohit : One day about two years ago my father went to work as usual but we did not realize that it would be his last day on this earth. He never returned home from work, he died of a tragic road accident. I was shattered by it, but God has comforted me. Roshan : The uncertainty is increasing these days, natural disasters like earth quakes, tsunamis, cyclones are occurring with greater frequency, Terrorism is increasing worldwide. Economic depression in some parts are effecting in other nations. We are struggling with problems like corruption, energy crisis, poverty, lack of love etc. Only one thing is certain in this world now that is death.

Pooja : The thoughts of death & uncertainty have made me realize that we should enjoy life to the full. Jack & Rose were an excellent couple in the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio who played Jack Dawson was very handsome. My dream husband would be a person like Jack. Rohit : I do not like certain parts of the movie like Rose going nude for Jack to draw her portrait and the two having sex. Preeti : That is another reason why I dont like the movie. These are totally unacceptable in our culture. Pooja : There is no depiction of explicit sex in the movie. The intimate scenes which seem to be erotic are very brief when compared to the total duration of the movie. Roshan : Pre-marital sex is forbidden in the Bible. Those indulging in sex before marriage are reserved for a frightening punishment in Hell after death. Pooja : I dont believe in Hell. I believe that man has a rebirth after death. The rebirth will continue till man has done more good than the karma that is accumulated. Then he can attain moksha. I believe we are all part of God. How could God destroy a part of himself in Hell? Preeti : Nobody can prove the existence of Heaven or Hell. These are just beliefs. Roshan : Accepted, but the inverse is also valid, nobody can prove their non-existence. What if there is a real heaven and a real hell, as the Bible says? Preeti : What does the Bible say that I should do, to avoid Hell?. Roshan : You should believe in Jesus. He spoke more about Hell than about any other topic. Repent of your sins & ask for his forgiveness. Confess that he is the Lord and follow him, then you would be saved from Hell. Pooja : You are trying to impose your point of view on us. I dont like it.

Rohit : The choice is yours, you can either choose to accept Jesus & his teachings or reject him. The choice is voluntary on your part. Pooja : Before I decide to accept or reject Jesus, I need to know what Jesus said. His teachings on Hell are unacceptable to me. Roshan :Do you have a Bible? Pooja : Yes I do, If I am not able to find it out, I always have the option of searching for Bible on Google, to read it online. I have got to go now. Bye to all. Preeti : After our meeting during Easter, I have been reading the gospels. I liked many of Jesus teachings particularly the Sermon on the Mount, but accepting him as Lord & following him is difficult. If there is one motive for accepting him now, it would be fear of Hell. I do not want to take any decisions based on fear. Rohit : If you believe in the existence of one God, then ask him to reveal if Jesus is alive, whether his teachings are true or if he is God as he claimed himself to be. Preeti : Okay, Bye guys, it was nice talking to you. Rohit : Despite the scenes that I dont like in the movie, I do like the love that is depicted in the movie between Jack & Rose. Jack not only saved Rose from suicide, he considered Roses life more valuable than his. Such sacrificial love is hard to find these days. Roshan : Yes. Much of the love that we find in this world is selfish. The Bible basically has only two commandments, One is to Love God and the second is to Love your neighbour (i.e your fellow human being). God is Love. We need to show Gods kind of love to this world. I am impressed by such love shown by Mother Teresa. For that we need Gods grace. How good it would be if our country has many people like Mother Teresa. Why dont we pray that God will fill us with His love.

Rohit : Prayer Our Loving Heavenly Father, we thank you for this day. We thank you for giving Jesus to die on the cross for us and showing us what true love is. We pray that you will fill our hearts with your love so that we could love others, the way you want us to. We pray for all our friends. We request that you would reveal your love to them also. In Jesus name we pray. Amen Roshan : Amen Rohit : It was nice talking with you. We will meet in Church in the coming Sunday. Roshan : O.K. Bye, Rohit.