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The XFT Association Marketing Audit

One of my responsibilities as Afidiums Marketing and Communications Manager is the (description). It is my understanding that I will be contributing to the goal of continuing to build the XFT Association into a dominant, membership-attracting, revenue-generating organisation. The answers to the following questions will help me create a strategic marketing plan that will be designed to help achieve this goal. This marketing audit will contribute to eliminating the negative and accentuating the positive aspects that will help the XFT Association engage existing and attract new members.

Intended Audience Associations Executive Commitee

Afidium Amadeus (Traveltainment) AS Voyages (Selectour + Afat) Asia Carrefour Donatello Fram Kuoni Lagrange Marmara NTIC (ex. Av2s - Nouvelles Antilles) Thomas Cook Transat (Look - VAT) Travelport (Galileo) Travelsoft - Orchestra David Faveur Claire Goascoz Galle Gurinot Thierry Girard Oriano Pacini Antonio D'Apote Jean-Marc Gomis Olivier Morel Christophe Peterflavi Pierre Chazot Franois Benard Olivier Fontenelle Olivier Marechal Segolene Arrigault Christian Sabbagh

About The XFT Association Q. What are the roles of the Executive Committee members? Q. Who are the current and prospective association members?
Note: The Association should be the go-to-resource for one audience, a resource of expertise.

Q. How would you describe the culture of the XFT Association?

Note: The culture of the association is a amalgamation of values, beliefs, assumptions and beliefs that how the association behaves and works together. The culture is equally the associations

website, the interactions of the members and how they collaborate.

Proving the Value of XFT Association membership Q. Please describe what the XFT Association does
Note: Networking is not a member benefit. It is an activity that may result from joining an association. It is not an exclusive detail for an association and due to technological advances; members do not need the association to network.

Q. How does the XFT Association add value to the lives of its members?
Note: Think about what would happen if the XFT Association didnt exist.

Q. Please list the membership benefits Q. Whats the cost-to-value ratio?

Note: The Association needs to make the quantitative and qualitative link between membership dues and services and programs provided: Quantitative: measurable data Qualitative: experiences and outcomes

Q. Please provide an accurate estimate of the yearly sustainable monetary value of each of the membership benefits listed above Q. What are the XFT Associations costs and XFT community investments?

Strategic Planning and Growth

Calculating the XFT Associations Life Expectancy Q. What is the XFT Associations member retention rate?
Note: The following calculation should be done for the last 5 years to unable the identification of trends. Calculation: Number of membership renewals ------------------------------------------------Total Membership


= Retention Rate

Q. What is the XFT Associations loss rate?

Calculation: Number of membership cancelations ------------------------------------------------Total Membership


= Loss Rate

Q. What is the XFT Associations Turnover?

Calculation: 100 --------------------------Loss Rate


= Turnover / Life Expectancy

Creating Outcome Based Member Benefits

Note: Networking is touted as a main benefit of joining any association. Due to technology (social media etc.) it is possible for potential members concerned to access networking opportunities without purchasing an association membership. It is the associations responsibility to communicate and market the outcome based benefits of an XFT association membership.

Q. What kinds of qualified business opportunities have existing members enjoyed? Q. What kinds of qualified business opportunities can new members expect to enjoy? Q. What percentage of members has benefited from new business opportunities directly related to their XFT membership?

A Sample of Member Benefits from the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA)

Q. How does the XFT Association solve its members needs and provide opportunities to advance their careers and/or businesses?

Adding To Your Member Benefits

Note: Provide opportunities to XFT Members to lead, learn and making a difference Leadership Training Short-term leadership roles (such as project management assistance) Recognition awards and articles Professional development member benefits:

Note: Provide these benefits at extremely competitive prices or at no additional costs to paying members o o o o Webinars Video or audio recordings Case study pod casts full of tips and helpful information Small group discussions to encourage learning and relationship building

The XFT Association Website Q. What was the last XFT Association Newsletter that you read? Q. What was the most interesting feature/article in the last XFT Association Newsletter that you read?