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The Vyral Marketing Letter April 2012 VyralMarketing.

By Frank Klesitz I just returned from a speaking event in Sacramento where I had the privilege of teaching salespeople how to use social media for business. Of course, I shared the Vyral Marketing System: 1.) Add new people to your database daily. 2.) Create great videos they actually want to watch, and 3.) Encourage your contacts for referrals and repeat business. We call it ACE for short a proven way to increase your referrals and repeat sales from your customer database.

Facebook Is About Keeping Relationships Alive

So the first way to use Facebook for business is to talk with your customers or past clients in a very efficient way to keep the relationship strong. I recommend you create a 'list' in Facebook, just like a specific email list segment, where you keep all your best customers. When you log into Facebook in the morning, select your 'Customer' list. That way you ONLY see the updates of those who spend money with you not updates from your unemployable brother-in-law or friends of friends you met at some party you don't remember when. Takes 5 minutes and comment on the updates you find most interesting. That's it. Now here's where the REAL POWER of Facebook comes into play. Let's say you have a call list of your past clients, customers or sphere. You're going to invest a few hours on the phone today calling to ask for feedback on your services, referrals or encourage more repeat sales. And since you're a Vyral Marketing client, you're provided with the list of everyone in your database that watched your most recent video, so you know WHO to prioritize to call, saving you time. Also, you're sending educational content to your contacts with a newsletter like this, or better yet, 2 educational videos via email and social media each month.

How to Use Facebook for Business

But you know what brought this audience to the edge of their seats? How to use Facebook for business. So in today's letter we're going to dive deep into the use of Facebook in your business to get more sales. It's interesting I attended Infusioncon 2012 last week, a conference in Phoenix on advanced marketing software (named top 25 industry innovator!), where I heard Gary Vaynerchuk speak. If you don't know Gary, he started video blogging in the early days of social media about wine and now has possibly a million followers and has sold quite a bit of wine through his web show Wine Library TV. In his keynote he shared an interesting story about the television broadcast. The radio personality, on TV for the first time, was speaking into the microphone as if he was still broadcasting on radio, while on TV! In short, the camera was on him but he continued as if he was still talking only on the radio, simply because TV media was so NEW, he couldn't comprehend it!

So follow me on this you log on to your Facebook account and BEFORE you make your first call on, let's say, Sally, you take 3 minutes to review her Facebook page. You see her son just graduated from college, they The same goes for Facebook. When we set up social accounts, the #1 are taking a trip to Europe and she just closed a HUGE deal. Now that's question I'm asked is "Frank, if I get a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. important information. You pick up the phone, it's ringing and here's account, what do I say? What should I post? How often? I don't have what you say: "Hi Sally! This is Maria with ABC Company. I sent you a time for all this! Who's going to care?" But here's the thing that's the video last week about 'x' topic and I see you subscribe to our blog. I also wrong way to think about social media. Rather, since you're a business couldn't help but notice on Facebook your son just graduated from owner and your job as a businessperson is to give the market what it college. Congratulations! If you have a moment, I'm looking for new wants, social media empowers you to quickly LISTEN to your customers, customers and I see you belong to this group on Facebook do you clients, and centers of influence the very people who spend money know anyone I should be working with in that group?" Now, remember, with and who will refer you and respond accordingly. Let me give you you are allowed to make this call and it's NOT awkward because an example. I log into Facebook every morning and when I sign in, I see you're consistently communicating with your database. You have a the updates of all our clients, potential clients and people that I do relationship with Sally and you're not just calling her or messaging her all business with. I see what's important to them and what's going on in the time when you need or want something. And Sally's response? "Oh, their life. It's like one quick dashboard that delivers instant insight thanks for noticing! We're so proud of our son Danny! Etc...etc...etc....let directly into the lives of people I value relationships with. I'll go down my me give you the names of 3 people to call right now that have the Facebook news feed and leave 'comments' on pictures, videos, or problem you solve and their personal cell phone numbers so you can updates that I find interesting. So, it's not about what I post or what's skip their secretary. I'm also going to text them right now saying you're important or interesting to me, it's about me continuously interacting going to call. Go get em Tiger!" Now wouldn't that be nice?! (i.e. talking) with the very people who it is SO VERY HARD for me to get So let me reveal to you what I do here in the office for no less than 3 on the phone or see rarely in person. I'm sure you can relate. hours every day. We're very happy to enjoy referrals from clients, leads We're all flooded with email (that's why we use video for you so you from demo opt-ins on our website and prospects from events and trade stand out), text messages are interruptive and easily abused, voicemails shows. Before I make any call to a person in my database I first make are painful to listen to and the phone is rarely answered because it too sure 1.) I'm following up on something valuable I've sent them 2.) I have is an interruption in your day. So what communication do you LOVE a personal, unique comment I can make and 3.) I have a clear objective more than anything else? When you get a comment on your Facebook for the call (set an appointment or ask for a referral). You see, too many page, because it validates what is important to you! Plus, most people salespeople follow up on me asking "Just wondering where you're at get notified on their phone immediately when they receive a comment with your decision?" or "When are you going to meet with me?" Rest on Facebook, so your message skips through all the clutter and gets assured, I will never be answering their phone calls again when they through. interrupt my day to ask me that.
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You see when you show up with VALUE to your past client, customer or center of influence, phone calls will be incredibly more successful. Here's what I recommend when you're making your calls, have Facebook open (just make sure it DOES NOT distract you). Quickly type in the name of any person you're calling on and spend a few moments reviewing their page. When you're Facebook friends you'll see more than you ever wanted to know about a person. During those 3 important minuets you'll invest before your call, you're looking for something personal to bring up at the start of your conversation. Use the F.O.R.D. technique (Look for something about their family, occupation, recreation, or dreams to comment on). Can't find anything? Take a look at their information page which lists their favorite books, movies, quotes, etc you'll find something there you can bring up. If you're a friend of mine on Facebook ( you'll know this about me: I talk about marketing a lot, I travel all the time, I love house music and I find myself in Vegas way too much. When salespeople are following up with me, have I ever had anyone ask me about my latest travels? Our growing business? My thoughts on marketing? When I'm seeing my next favorite DJ? Or the latest episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia or the ending of Mad Men last night? The sad truth is I only hear from most salespeople when they want something from me. So instead of hearing "Hey Frank, I'm calling to follow up on our conversation last week and I just want to see where you're at with your decision" I should hear "Hey Frank, it's Mr. Salesman with ABC Company. Congratulations on being named Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under 30 I saw it on Facebook. I'm also sending you a great video on how you can get better results on our program. Call me when you have a moment, I have a few ideas for you." Which follow up message do you think would get a better response? Again, if that salesperson is a client of Vyral Marketing, I probably got that call because I watched his video last week, so he knew I was already interested in what he sells. Can you see how a quick Facebook search and 3 minutes of time can make all the difference in your success? Now the last way to use Facebook for business is to post your educational videos on there, so they show up in the news feed of all your friends. I suggest for every 5 personal posts, you're allowed to make 1 business post. It's like showing up for a party and you only talk business (Now that's my kind of party! But I digress). Your contacts will have the opportunity to watch your video on a comfortable platform (Facebook) and it's super easy for them to share your videos with friends so you get the 'word of mouse' benefit. But there's an IMPORTANT REASON I mentioned this strategy LAST. Facebook is a tool to listen to your customers, referral partners or contacts enabling you to interact with them like you would in real life. Plus you can quickly research what's important to THEM before you follow up and ask for anything. It's not a tool for broadcasting out your message. It's the wrong way to use the media, just as the radio personality continued to look at the microphone while he was on TV! For example, the worst abuse of Facebook comes unfortunately from the real estate industry, when Realtors post every listing and price reduction for the world to see (sorry real estate friends but I'm sure you can agree!) It quickly leads to people unsubscribing from your feed, or ignoring your updates. So, if you're going to post, keep it personal or educational. The real power of Faecbook comes from when you listen. ~

Welcome to Our NEW Vyral Marketing Clients!

Shannon Aronson Short Hills, NJ Hillary Thomas Villa Park, CA Christine Browning Bend, OR Nikki Philbeck Orlando, FL Diane Cardano Abington, PA Rod McIntosh Stevenson Ranch, CA David Vanneste N. Oaks, MN Meg Middleman Pasadena, CA Craig J. Worton Avalon, NJ Lorri Cutler Danville, CA Robert Chevez Reston, VA


I would like to especially thank Vyral Client Mitch Schwartz for his personal introduction to Lorri Cutler, Vyral Client Pam Butera for her introductions to Nikki Philbeck and Shannon Aronson. Plus a big thank you to Vyral Client Chris Hauck for his kind referral to David Vanneste. Your referrals are GREATLY appreciated and on behalf of everyone here at Vyral Marketing, we THANK YOU for helping us meet great people who are incredibly successful in their industry. Thank you!

Featured Client Video of the Month!

Vyral Client Jon Modene published an excellent video on 'What May Go Wrong with Your Loan." He shot his video in front of green screen, so we put his logo behind him. But what makes his video great? His video solves a real pain, he's not reading off a script, he states the point of his video right away, he brings energy and enthusiasm and he brings local and specific expertise viewers can't get anywhere else. Great work Jon; you have a strong camera personality. You remind me of Glenn Beck (and I mean that is a very good way!). Lead me to real estate success!

What I'm Up To This Month (April)....

This April, I head to Dallas for Dan Kennedy's (GKIC) Super Conference to get updated on the latest marketing strategies, then directly to Las Vegas for a real estate mastermind. I then drive to San Diego and Huntington Beach for a real estate broker management seminar. I'm also excited to welcome 3 new people to our team here at Vyral Marketing as we build our outside sales team to bring Vyral Marketing to more industries in local markets. I've prepared a 31 minute full presentation on how Vyral Marketing works on our website for free download and am in the process of creating 3 powerful videos to detail our ACE system as discussed in the beginning of this newsletter. Finally, I've prepared 52 marketing topics, all delivering DEEP detail on how to master the ACE system, to be posted to our blog starting in May. A special thank you to Vyral Coach Josh Cunningham for providing great value on each of his monthly calls so I can invest my time creating great marketing tips, tricks and strategies to share with you.

How to Sign up For Vyral Marketing

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