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Vol. 5 Issue 4 April 2012


Our Church Staff

Gary Burden
Senior Pastor 919-631-6789

Celebrate Easter at Bethesda

Palm Sunday (Lords Supper), April 1st - 10:30 AM SPK Choir Musical Alive Forever And Adult Choir Musical He Arose 6:00 PM

Landon Orr
Minister to Students 919-229-9379

Easter Sunday - April 8th

Sunrise Service - 7:30 AM Breakfast Fellowship Following Bible Study Fellowship - 9:15 AM Easter Worship Celebration - 10:30 AM No Evening Gathering

Debbe Langdon
Music Director/Pianist 919-410-0271

Kathy Welch
Office Coordinator


Theme for 2012: Whatever It Takes Bethesdas Goal: $3000 See details about this mission offering on page 3 of this Lamplighter.

Chastity Comeau
Admin. Assistant - Finances

Pat Baucom
Admin. Assistant - Publications

Resurrection Realities
The evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is overwhelming . But what about His resurrection power in our daily liveshow evident is that to a watching, cynical, and skeptical world? That, to me, is an equally valid issue. In our attempts to convince non-believers of the fact of the resurrection, maybe the convincing needs to start in the force of the resurrection as seen in our daily conduct and conversation. The reality of the resurrection in our changing lives may be the resurrection reality people are looking for first; and then it may be the factor that convinces them to truly consider the reality of Jesus death for our sins and resurrection for our new life. As we approach this Easter season, I really am looking forward to the exciting musicals and celebrations. Joyfully proclaiming the heart of the Gospelthe Cross and the empty tombis paramount. But consider the upcoming big-ticket issues we as a state and a nation are facing. How would the Lord want us to bring Him and His life-changing Gospel to bear in His resurrection power? Not in our cunning wisdom or clever strategies, but as being His salt and light, infused with the same sacrificial compassion that led Him to the Cross, and with the same supernatural power that raised Him from the grave? And remember, the resources for this task are available because of this very One who dwells in us. However, a very critical factor will be that we maintain the attitude throughout that He and He alone receive the glory.
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The first big issue that demands our attention and our witness is our states stand on the biblical view of marriage. At least we now have a legislative body that was willing and determined to get this proposed amendment out of committee and on to the people of North Carolina for a vote. Now it is up to us to act. We can argue all day long why it shouldnt be necessary to have such an amendment, but that will not change the unfortunate landscape we now find ourselves in. Its time for actionbold, unapologetic, compassionate, but uncompromising action. Its time for discernment, because those who oppose the biblical view of marriage (one man and one woman), though the minority, are loud, strident, and they are cunning. They have bigger agendas than wanting to legitimize their unions and broaden the definition of marriage. They will try to argue at best that such an amendment is not necessary, or at worst that we are hateful and unenlightened if we dont support alternative unions. May 8 is the big day to vote. For the sake of future generationsyes, even in this fallen worldit is imperative that Bible-believing folks make a loud statement. If you are not registered to vote, be aware that April 13 is the last day you can register for voting May 8. I strongly encourage you to check out the various websites listed in this edition of The Lamplighter for more information. Our statewide primaries and elections along with our upcoming national election are of signal importance. Again, our ultimate hope and trust is in God, not government. (Not withstanding the opposite view ,sadly, of many in our nation.) But the God of our salvation and of all eternity is the same God Who ordained the institution of government in this sinful, fallen world. And like the other institutions founded by God (the family and the church), He didnt institute them and then tell His people to stay out of them. True, we serve a bigger purpose in bringing the Gospel to peoplethat which alone can save and transform a life. And this is our first priority. But this same God who saves the soul sent us into our world to be salt and light, impacting our society with and holding high the banner of Truth, that maybe the nation can be saved. We know the ultimate solution for our nations ills isnt going to be won at the ballot box, but in the prayer closet. But that truth does not exempt us from studying the issues and the candidates, and supporting that which more closely reflects biblical truth. As stewards of this gift of God called America, we owe it to the blood shed by our forefathers and by those on the battlefields, we owe it to our children, and we owe it as a debt of gratitude to the God of our fathers Who divinely led in the establishing of this unique nation. We can do no less.
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I encourage us all to strongly reflect on these resurrection realities during this Easter season. By Gods grace, give others we encounter every day more of a reason to consider the reality of The Resurrection!

Gary Burden

It is so important that we make a point to consistently read Scripture. The more we read the more we get to know our Lord, and the more we grow in our walk with Him. Because I think Scripture is so important, I have chosen to spend the next year with the youth going through the whole Bible. Its going to take some dedication, but I hope that the students will hang in there and make it through with me. For the next year, we will spend our Wednesday night Bible Study time recapping the weekly readings, and hopefully getting a good grasp of the main story line of scripture. I encourage you to join us! All it takes is about 5 chapters a day, 5 days a week and you will be through the entire Bible in under a year. I think you can do it. Why not try? If you are willing to take up the challenge, and would like to be reading what the youth are reading let me know. I have set up a specific plan, reading through four different sections of Scripture daily, and I fully expect the whole process to be quite rewarding. On another note, dont forget the Youths Basket Auction coming up at the end of this month. Bethesda has been graciously kind to our Student Ministry over the past few years and I expect just as much this year. If nothing else, plan to stick around for our hamburger and hot dog cookout. Its going to be a great time!

Mothers Day, May 13, 2012

If you plan to participate in the Parent/Child Dedication day please call the church office at #553-7678 before April 30th and give them your name and the name(s) of your children.

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Youth Basket Auction

To help raise money to send our students to summer camp, the youth are hosting Bethesda's third annual basket auction. We would like for each Sunday School class, or other group, to prepare a special basket and place it in the foyer. Next, we ask you to shop around and find the basket on which you want to bid. When you find that special basket you want, place a bid by writing your name and the amount you want to bid on the list attached to the basket. (Baskets are due in the church . foyer by April 18th.) The auction will end April 29 with a good, old-fashioned, hamburger and hot dog cook-out. So join in the fun and help send our youth to camp.

Theme for 2012: Whatever It Takes National Goal: $70 Million Bethesdas Goal: $3000
When He saw the crowds, He felt compassion for them, because they were weary and worn out, like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest (Matthew 9:36-38)

Know, Love, Serve!

I am so proud of all the clubbers, parents, and leaders who are participating In Awana this year. Many of you know I was hesitant myself at taking on the responsibility of this ministry, but God has amazed me nearly every week. I have been blessed to see our attendance grow from around thirty to almost fifty (my secret target) a few times. The kids have completed tons of service hours showing appreciation to first responders, caring for sick and elderly, reaching out to meet other needs in the community, and actively participating in outreach to evangelize the community. Parents have consistently worked with their children at home, helping them complete their verse memorization so they can complete their handbooks for the year. Leaders have been committed, energetic and prepared with engaging lessons each week. Every week I come a little nervous and scattered, and every week I leave in awe of how God continues to make it happen in spite of me. The Awana prayer is that children and youth throughout the world will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. One thing I love most though is that I think children, parents and leaders are knowing, loving, and serving Him more as a result of this ministry. Thank you to each of you are living out this mission! April 4 Easter Break NO AWANA April 11 Farm Fun April 18 Bring A Friend April 25 Twin Night

What happens after children receive their gift-filled shoe boxes? Receiving their shoe box is just the first step in helping to enrich these childrens lives with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Samaritans Purse offers a 12-lesson series discipleship program called The Greatest Journey which is written in the local language and contains interactive activities with a solid Biblical foundation. Through this series, children learn about Jesus Christ, have the opportunity to receive Him as Savior, and are equipped to pray for and share their faith with others. Below are a few testimonies from children participating in this program.

I learned that God is a shepherd, the Greatest Shepherd. Child in Mongolia. I read the lesson and received Jesus as my personal Savior. Now I pray with Jesus every day. JacintaLithuania. A young boy in Ecuador helps lead his grandmother to faith in Christ through The Greatest Journey.

Love for Life Gala

You are invited to Love For Life Gala. This is a benefit for iChoose Pregnancy Support Services and will be held at the Hilton North Raleigh on May 15th at 6:30 PM. You are encouraged to attend. Please register at or call 919-585-4353.


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1 Lords Supper & Weekly Sunday Service 2


4 Ladies Bible Study 10:00 AM





No Activities Deacons Mtg/ 7:00 PM 9 10 Church Office Closed Today Ladies Bible Study 10:00 AM 11 Awana and Weekly Wed. Schedule 12 913

Easter Musicals 6:00 PM 8 Sunrise Service Brkfst. Fellowship Easter Worship Service No Evening Gathering 15 16 17


Weekly Sunday Service

Ladies Bible Study 10:00 AM Board of Directors Mtg. 7:00 PM

18 BASKETS DUE FOR YOUTH AUCTION Awana and Weekly Wed. Schedule 25 Awana and Weekly Wed. Schedule




22 Weekly Sunday Service Church Council Meeting 4:30 PM 29 Weekly Sunday Service Basket Auction Luncheon


24 Ladies Bible Study 10:00 AM





31 Ladies Bible Study 10:00 AM

Weekly Sunday Schedule

9:15 am .............................................................................. Bible Study Fellowship 10:30 am ...................................................................Morning Worship Celebration 6:00 pm .................................................. LifeLine...Get Connected (Small Groups)

Weekly Wednesday Schedule

6:30pm.................................................................... Awana, Youth Bible Study 6:45 pm.............................................................. Adult Prayer and Bible Study Choir Rehearsal

Student LifeLine SPK CHOIR (Shout Praises Kids) - Grades 1-5

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To You, to You, to You we lift our praise! To You our voices raise; We praise you both for now and always. To You, to You, to You we lift our voice! To You we make our choice; In everything we do, we lift our praise to You! April 1 is often known as April Fools Day, and I would guess that some of you enjoy playing harmless pranks on your friends and family members.all in the name of just fooling around. Well. this announcement is for real no fooling!!! Bethesdas choirs are preparing for a musical celebration of the Easter message. Please invite your friends and family to join you in worship on Sunday evening, April 1, at 6pm. The Shout Praise Kids Choir will open our worship service with Alive Forever! a short musical that tells the amazing story of Gods plan for our lives through Jesus Christthe best story ever! We will continue our worship with the Adult Choir as they present the musical He Arose. Through passionate praise, this musical aims to bring our congregation to the throne in a mighty way! With both new praise & worship songs as well as arrangements of some classic hymns of the faith, along with scripture passages of narration.the message is this: Christ bought our freedom with his death, and gave us life when HE AROSE! What a wonderful way to worship and celebrate together be sure to mark your calendars and bring all your favorite people to worship with us. No fooling!! we look forward to a special evening of praise and worship!! God bless!


Sunday, April 1 - AM Babies: Kathleen McLamb & Cherilyn Murphy 2s: Heather Henry & Tori Smith 3s/4s:Wendy Beasley & Diane Duncan K-3rd Kids Church Frances Burden & Angel Duncan Sunday, April 1 - PM Sharon Johnson & Sharon Levin Wednesday, April 4 No Activities Sunday, April 8 - AM Babies: Brigitte Creech & April Lengel 2s: Brandi & Tobi Sauer 3s/4s: Kristol Flanigan & Kristen Duncan K-3rd Kids Church Nicole & Michael Ritchie Sunday, April 8 PM No Evening Activities Wednesday, April 11 Jessica Peedin & Shannon Coomer Preschool Regis. Desk Diane Duncan Sunday, April 15 - AM Babies: Sondra Gatewood & Jane Gatlin 2s: Diana Lee & Sis Godwin 3s/4 s: Leigh Smith & Jennifer Harrison K-3rd Kids Church Terry Gatewood & David Duncan Sunday, April 15 - PM Larkin Creech Wednesday, April 18 Terry Gatewood & Shannon Coomer Sunday, April 22 - AM Babies: Faye Wells & Shalee Sams 2s: Laura & Shane Benson 3s/4s: Julie Brueggen & Sara Orr K-3rd Kids Church Wendy & Chris Gatewood Sunday, April 22 PM Bob & Brenda Jones Wednesday, April 25 Bobby Lonas & Shannon Coomer Sunday, April 29 - AM Babies: Faye Parrish & Elvis Farr 2s: Sondra Gatewood & Louise Gilmore 3s/4s: Sharon Orchard & Stephanie Johnson K-3rd Kids Church Sabrina & Trenton Seagroves Sunday, April 29 PM Bill & Julia Stephens

Facts & Figures for March 2012
Date Feb..26 Mar. 4 Mar. 11 Mar. 18 Mar. 25 Total Avg.
S.S. AM Worship Budget Offering His Vision Our Mission

116 109 111 108 100 544 109

175 170 176 152 149 822 164

4,585.61 10,392.45 5,767.50 5,918.20 4,864.96 51,528.72 10,305.74

875.00 1,785.00 645.00 610.00 595.00 4,510.00 902.00

Average Attendance & Offerings for March 2011 Avg. 99 165 6,869.35

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Marriage Amendment
Updates and Resources
4967 Highway 70 West Business Clayton, NC 27520 Phone: 919-553-7678 Address Service Guaranteed

Were on the web!

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has a collection of articles and information on the marriage amendment. It is available in hard copy or electronically by contacting Brian Davis, BSC executive leader for administration and convention relations, at (800) 395-5102, ext. 5506 or Websites Christian Action League - Christian Life and Public Affairs - Vote for Marriage NC - North Carolina Family Policy Council - The Ethics & Religion Liberty Commission - Family Research Council -

April Birthdays Della Edwards (103!) Brian Harrison Jimmy Peele Emily Dean Reagan Creech Benny Langdon Lilly Belle Johnson Sue Wilson Hunter Johnson Ellen Batten Ed Daley Mary Puckett Jean Wall Ellie Harrison

7th 8th 8th 10th 13th 14th 16th 16th 18th 20th 20th 20th 23rd 30th

The Art of Marriage

A six session video event by Family Life Date: June 1st and 2nd Where: Bethesda Baptist Church More Info:

Ed & Glenda Daley Dennis & Linda Kennedy Daniel & Sandy Gordon Brandon & Hannah Beasley L. D. & Ellen Batten Harvey & Jean Wall Michael & Vickie Hall Shelton & Sharon Johnson

11th 13th 16th 18th 20th 21st 26th 30th

Happy Birthday

Ladies, as you know, "Spring has sprung!", and now we are going to spring back into meeting at my home on Tuesday mornings for our fellowship in the Word of God and prayer, which is desperately needed in these days! The war in the heavenly places is really on; so, as the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 6:18: "With all prayer and petition, pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, being on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints" Let's do it! We will begin again on Tuesday, April 3rd, 10:00 a.m., at my home at The Garden Spot, 209 Will Court, Clayton. Any and all ladies are welcome! Your sister in Christ Sharon Levin