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1 Jenna Price Mrs. Caruso ENGL 1102 5 April 2012 Final Proposal The Mysterious Sinking is derived from the actual events of the Titanic. The story is about a middle-aged woman, Rebecca, who was on board the titanic with her husband and three kids. Everyone was told the titanic accidently collided with the iceberg, but Rebecca is the only one who knows that is not true. The collision with the iceberg was no accident and Rebeccas goal is to get the truth out into the world. She is the main character of this suspenseful novel. The purpose behind this novel is providing entertainment as well as mystery for all of its readers. The mysterious sinking will be fiction and nonfiction at the same time. It will pursue a fiction story but give accurate details on the actual sinking of the Titanic. This will make it somewhat nonfiction. Readers will understand in depth what exactly happened on the night of the sinking of this unsinkable ship, the real story. The movie The Titanic really inspired me to write this novel. I see the movie as harsh yet romantic and peaceful. It sets a tender mood that onlookers really seem to enjoy. When the novel first came to mind, the actual events were undecided. It wasnt until later on that the decision was made to add a mysterious edge to the novel. When people think of the titanic, they think of a romance that involves a famous ship that hit an iceberg. The audience seems to look past the fact of children and loving families were on board, as well. This novel will introduce the hardships that one specific lower class family deals with from the time they were on board the
Caroline Jolley 4/10/12 10:40 AM Comment [4]: You could give examples from the original Titanic to show the contrast form of it in your story. Caroline Jolley 4/10/12 10:27 AM Comment [3]: You could make this paragraph longer by giving an example of a fiction and not fiction piece that will take place in your story. This will also give your audience better understanding. Caroline Jolley 4/10/12 10:12 AM Comment [1]: Reviewed by Caroline Jolley Jenna wants to just know what else to write about.

Caroline Jolley 4/10/12 10:24 AM Comment [2]: This sentence would actually be a good starter because it grabs the readers attention. So maybe you could swap a few sentences around and begin with this sentence or a similar sentence to it.

Price 2 ship until their last few seconds. The audience will now look past the romance part. This novel will set a whole new perspective of the story behind the sinking of the titanic. The characters will consist of a mother, father and their three kids with the mother being the main character. The little boy, Andrew, is mentioned the most often throughout the story. He is grounded yet extremely mischievous.

Caroline Jolley 4/10/12 10:29 AM Comment [5]: Try an start this sentence off differently to avoid repeating the audience two sentences in a row. It wouldnt hurt to maybe just exclude this sentence from the paragraph. It seems to kind of be just thrown in their. Caroline Jolley 4/10/12 10:41 AM Comment [6]: Talk about what type of audience will be interested in your book. Children, adults, families, companies, etc.?? Caroline Jolley 4/10/12 10:38 AM
Comment [7]: Give a brief summary of the plot of your story. Show examples of what your book is going to be like so the audience knows. Show them how your book is going to be different. Why does yours stand out. You could make a whole paragraph summarizing and giving details on what the plot of your story is going to be about.

Caroline Jolley 4/10/12 10:42 AM

Comment [8]: So far it seems that you have a good start to your paper. Now that your beginning your character sections just remember to describe each character distinctly and give their personal triats.