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Optimizer Practice

April 2012

Ahmed Salem

For internal use only 1 Nokia Siemens Networks

This presentation explore how to use Optimizer NetAct tool. Video has been recorded to practice Optimizer tools and uploaded. You can access Video using the following link \\\Public\Audit_Group\2012\Central Region\3G\Optimizer WS

For internal use only 2 Nokia Siemens Networks


Optimizer Introduction. Import site and antenna data using Antenna Data Editor. KPIs retrieve. KPIs visualization. Defined Neighbours on the map. Create new plan to defined ADJS. ADJACENCY Optimization . Code Collision detect and fix. Compare KPIs with parameters. ANALYZE WCDMA INTERFERENCE(New feature)

For internal use only 3 Nokia Siemens Networks

Optimizer Introduction
NetAct Optimizer is the key module for statistical optimisation. Optimizer provides means to visualise, analyse and optimise the settings in the actual network in a very cost efficient way.

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Import site and antenna data using Antenna Data Editor.

Use Antenna Data Editor to define sites properties (Long,Lat,Cell Azimuth ) Any created cell will be undefined to the optimizer till we define it using Antenna DE.

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Import site and antenna data using Antenna Data Editor.

First to know Undefined cells we will export this cells as CSV file. Then prepare CSV file with complete Data then import it . Now all undefined cells has been defined.

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KPIs retrieve.

We have to select which KPIs will be retrieved and select the aggregation.

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KPIs visualization.

We can map KPIs for each cell with color according its value.

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Showing Neighbours on the map.

Showing neighbours for any cells with thickness of line indicates Number of attempts.

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Create new plan to defined ADJS or code collision or change parameter.

Create new plan to export this plan directly to CM operational manger for any optimization action(define neighbors, correct code collision, change parameters. For internal use only
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ADJACENCY Optimization .

We can select the rules to add or delete ADJx.

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Code Collision detect and fix.

We can fix Code collision with specific role defining the collision.
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Alarms active and history.

We can check the alarms for specific cells.

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Compare KPIs with parameters.

We can select problematic cells with good performance with specific parameter to correlate parameters with performance.
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We can select Rules to get poor coverage or pilot pollution and Cells suffer from DL power or Overshooting cells.
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End of the Session Thanks

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