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AffirmTM: The Right Depth

Ideal Wavelength
1440 nm has a 2.0 - 2.5 higher affinity to water which is the target chromophore for treating
superficial wrinkles and overall skin rejuvenation.

What does this mean for you?

• A wrinkle is a “superficial” phenomenon and not a “deep” phenomenon.

• 1540 nm and 1550 nm go deeper into tissue, beyond the zone of photoaged skin but
not quite deep enough to treat skin laxity; cooking healthy tissue will destroy healthy
tissue and replace it with healthy tissue.

• Affirm’s 1440 nm directly targets the zone of photoaged skin - Treats what it’s supposed
to treat!

• Less pain with less energy.

• Without the need for topical anesthesia or dyes you can significantly reduce treatment
times from 2 hours to 15 minutes!!

The Best Technology

The revolutionary Combined Apex PulseSM (CAP) Technology, exclusive to Cynosure, is
the only technology that exists that combines varied levels of heat intensities within
each treatment pulse. The combination of high level an low level heat simultaneously
stimulates and remodels collagen to help ensure the wound healing process to happen
more quickly and effectively. (Because of the dual heating component, the Affirm does
not need to go deeper than the zone of photoaged skin).

CAP = Combined Apex Pulse simultaneous collagen stimulation and remodeling.
© 2007 Cynosure, Inc. Affirm is a trademark and Cynosure is a registered trademark of Cynosure, Inc.
921-0378-000 Rev.1
The Top 10 Reasons AffirmTM: is Better! Peri-oral Wrinkle Treatment

#1 The right depth!!

#2 Simultaneous collagen stimulation and remodeling

#3 No topical, gels or dyes

#4 Faster Tx

#5 Less Pain

#6 Fewer passes needed

#7 No downtime
#8 Less energy needed
6 months Post 5 Tx
#9 Great results

#10 Greater pattern density per 10 mm spot Micro-thermal Rejuvenation

“The bulk of solar damage usually ocurs in a band along the dermis from 100µm to 400µm:
therefore, a laser wavelength that is capable of penetrating to this depth is optimal for
water-based NSR. The 1.45µm diode laser meets these conditions because its optical pen-
etration depth is about 400µm.”

J Cosmetic & Laser Therapy 2002

Christina A Hardaway, MD, et al.

“In the area of the wrinkles of the face and neck, relatively normal-looking but irregularly run-
ning elastic fibres separated by large spaces were seen in the upper portion of the dermis.

British Journal of Dermatology 1986

T.Tsuji, et al.


1 month Post 3 Tx