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Digital Re-print - March | April 2012

Grinding by a proven concept makes your choice simple

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FEATURE Two directions of rotation possible Motor capacities up to 400kW Open rotor design Temperature control on main bearings and chamber Feeder with magnet and stone trap Ergonomic design Already, five years ago, the Wynveen hammer mill underwent a complete makeover and there was the idea to develop a hammer mill that will be prepared for the future and can deal with the challenges of the future. This means minimal energy consumption and the possibility to answer to the


Grinding by a proven concept makes your choice simple

by Willem de Vaan, General Director, Wynveen International BV, The Netherlands
ogether with mixing and pelleting, grinding is one of the important processes when producing animal feed. Traditionally, hammer mills are used in the feed industry for grinding raw materials, which is mainly caused by the relatively simple construction and high variation in particle reduction compared to other techniques

60 tones/hour. For the smaller capacities the 3000-rpm versions are still used. In the enclosed table you will find the various possibilities. By introducing frequency control on the motor, it became possible to grind ideal structures and particle size. In fact you can create a new screen set-up but still using the same screen perforation. When using a high speed you are able to create fine grinding, while with a lower speed a coarser grinding is achieved.

the ergonomic design already available at the hammer mills with manual screen exchange, which means a horizontal movable screen cassette in which 4 screens (so also four different perforations selectable) are mounted. The big advantage versus vertical screen exchange is the space needed. Often an upper hopper is positioned above the hammer mill, which reduces the possibilities for vertical screen exchange. To avoid dust and waste of product during

Frequent changing
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Magnet Air inlet Stone trap Material direction flap Pre braking plates Temperature sensor Screen Rotor met beaters

Table 1:

450-150 650-275 650-375 650-550 670-750 670-1150 GHM-750 GHM-1000 GHM-1250

Capacity t/h*
1-2 2-3 3-5 7-12 15-20 20--30 20-35 30-50 45-60

Diameter Chamber
450 650 650 650 650 650 1200 1200 1200

*= depending on raw materials

used at roller mills and crackers. Roller mills and crackers showed better results when it comes to energy consumption, but the new designed mills feature adjustable pre-breaker plates, variable speed drives and automatic screen change systems. This results in an energy saving which brings the hammer mill again in a favoured position, certainly when taking in consideration the relatively high costs for wearing parts on roller mills and crackers. Given the fact that a hamLength RPM. mer mill also Chamber allows grinding of mixed 150 3000 products, 275 3000 it becomes 275 3000 clear that 550 3000 hammer mills 750 3000 still are the 1150 3000 majority. 750 1500 Wynveen 1000 1500 International BV has a rich 1250 1500 tradition in manufactur-

ing machines and equipment for the animal feed industry, petfood industry and fish industry. Recently the company has moved into its new premises, which means a doubling of the office and production floor compared to the old building. With this new office Wynveen International BV is prepared of the future and has made the logical next step to meet the growth targets it is aiming for. With its new website, introduced during the opening of the new building, one can see in a glance what capabilities can be offered. Besides the design and delivery of complete turnkey feed mills, Wynveen International BV is manufacturing the main equipment like hammer mills, mixers, coater and sifters and conveying equipment. Wynveen International BV is manufacturing hammer mills in a wide range. The features of the of hammer mills that can be delivered are: Big diameter 1200mm - 1500rpm Diameter 650mm - 3000rpm Capacities from 2t/h up to 60t/h Frequency controlled drives Manual or automatic screen exchange With or without adjustable breaker plates

need of the various applications required in nowadays-feed mills. Most animal feed mills are looking for a grinding concept that can produce the particle size that fits with the specific required coarseness of ingredients needed for the feed to produce. The latest version of the Wynveen hammer mills type GHM has a grinding chamber diameter of 1200mm, which gives at a speed of only 1500rpm a hammer tip speed at the ideal level of approximately 90m/seconds. The length of the chamber can vary from 750 to 1250mm, depending on the required capacity. The low speed gives a lower noise level, less wear and tear and lower bearing load compared to a 3000-rpm hammer mill. To suit the various demands in feed mill capacities, Wynveen International BV can deliver hammer mills that can deal with different capacities from two tones/hour up to

To answer the growing need for producing a great number of recipes, the screens need to be changed frequently, for which reason Wynveen has designed the GHM version with an optional automatic screen change system. This gives more possibilities to grind on various perforations without the need to stop the motor during production and loose a lot of production time. Wynveen has chosen to make use of

Your partner in technology, equipment and plants for animaland aqua feed and petfood.


Wynveen International b.v. P.O. Box 38 6666 ZG Heteren The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)26 - 479 06 99 Fax: +31 (0)26 - 479 06 98
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&feed millinG technoloGy


&feed millinG technoloGy

enables the use of very low doses of Exosex SPTab, a unique pheromone they are unable to locate females. product for stored product A male carrying Entostat powder active ingredient and has potential moth control, will be exclusively will form a mobile pheromone March - April 2012 distributed in Spain by Comercial dispenser, producing false ews Qumica Mass, a market leader in pheromone trails, which attract speciality chemicals for a range of additional males. industries including agriculture and Contact between the males ensures that the Entostat pest control. Commenting from Expocida, powder and the confusion s demand for non-GMO Foundation has recently become and preservation of the Amazon Michael products worldwide effect is automatically the highly and other high conservation value Niven, Exosects key the new custodian of passed account manager said, We have on, this process is called Autoincreases, a new not- successful ProTerra Certification areas (HCVAs). been working with Masshas well Confusion. This product helps for-profit organisation for been Standard against which non-GM The strength of ProTerra over a year and having recently processors to reduce and/or launched in The Netherlands to soy producers and supply chain Certification helps mitigate brands obtained the Europeanregistration eliminate insecticide sprays and support the Spanish food and feed suppliers have been certifying exposure and liability related to for use in post-harvest storage and consequently, reduces subsequent industries in sourcing sustainably millions of tonnes of soy for more GMOs and the full range of social food production, we are absolutely down-time in production and environmental issues. produced, non-genetically modified than six years. delighted to be launching here atin associated with fumigation andby It is anticipated that EU retailers The program, originally created grains, cereals and derivatives and spray regimes. already significantly and brands will use the new Expocida. soy. Cert ID, has particular Exosex SPTab* is a unique mating Exosex SPTab was first developed contributed to improving the ProTerra certification Trustmark the UK where was awarded disruption product forstakeholders insustainability ofitthe soy supply to identify on-pack to consumers Backed by industry the control of the five key stored product the UKs Societyanticipated that products produced without from both Europe and South chain. 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Derived from a natural food grade a strict non-GMO limit of less fertility is shocking, says Augusto imported pheromone common to fiveFoundation is dedicated to wax whichpercent adventitious EU Freire, Managing Director of Cert than 0.1 is sustainably harvested The of the major moth pests of food processing; Plodia from palm trees, Entostat powder providing the agricultural and authorised GM contamination, ID Brazil. interpunctella, Ephestia tools that acts as a delivery system for atesting Understandably EU consumers strong traceability, PCR wide food industries with the elutella, Ephestia Kuehniella, Ephestia range of chemistry. points, as well are therefore sensitive about the they need to achieve improved at critical control Even through ofver y rights of impact of food production on figulilella, Cadra cautella. as protection the slight sustainability performance. The Exosex SPTab tablet works movement, it develops an As a result, The ProTerra workers and indigenous people people and the planet, and VERY

Tel: 02380 603939 Email:


Sustainably farmed non-GM crops on the agenda of new industry body

sensitive about GM in their foods. Richard Werran, Managing Director of Cert ID Europe adds, The aim of The ProTerra Foundation is to support the feed and food industries in supplying non-GM soy with improved sustainability performance. A rigorous cer tif ication programme such as ProTerra which addresses every aspect of the crops journey, from farm to fork can contribute significantly to this goal. As part of its educational agenda, the ProTerra Foundation is hosting a conference on April 24, 2012 at The Natural History Museum London. The conference will bring together participants from all stages of the soy supply chain, from South America, Asia and Europe including retailers, food manufacturers, feed suppliers, farmers and other stakeholders to explore in-depth the sustainability of the soy supply chain. More inforMation: The ProTerra Foundation
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&feed millinG technoloGy

ite we b s ou r Vi sit www.

VIGAN manufactures dry agribulk materials handling systems:
Portable pneumatic conveyors or grain pumps (100 - 250 tph); Pneumatic Continuous barge & Ship Unloaders (160 - 800 tph); Mechanical Continuous Ship Unloaders (up to 1,500 tph); Mechanical loaders (up to 1,200 tph). as well as complete storage systems in ports and the agricultural industries.
From project design to complete turnkey bulk handling solutions and port terminals with mechanical and/or pneumatic Grain&feed millinG technoloGy reliable and cost effective equipment.

Latest references
South Korea 1 NIV 400 tph On rails with cable reels

Syria 2 Mobile T200 2 x 250 tph
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Poland (BUNGE GROUP) 1 Loader 600 tph

An affiliate company of VAN DE WIELE group.

VIGAN Engineering s.a. Rue de lIndustrie, 16 B-1400 Nivelles (Belgium) Phone : +32 67 89 50 41 Fax : +32 67 89 50 60 Web : E-mail :

Ann A5 victam 0212.indd 1 Grain feed millinG technoloGy


21/02/12 | 7 march - april 2012 15:37:04

FEATURE The hammer mills of Wynveen International BV allow a drive motor up to 400kW. Furthermore, a so-called open rotor has been designed with two functions. One is to create sufficient stiffness and balance and secondly to minimise the temperature increase while grinding. For monitoring purposes the main bearings and the chamber are fitted with temperature sensors. All components can also be delivered in an Atex execution. To make use of all four corners of the hammers and reduce the downtime of the machine, the direction of rotation of the hammer mill can be changed and the rotor has double holes for the hammer axles. To ensure a good product entrance to the mill, a feeder is developed which contains an integrated, (automatically cleaned) magnet and a stone trap. This will make sure that possible metal parts and/or stones are prevented from ending up in the feed mix. The combination of the two makes the feeder unique.

Risk analyses
To meet the latest stringent guidelines of CE regulations, Wynveen International BV has conducted a risk analyses for its hammer mills. This has been done for both non-hazardous environments and ATEX environments. To meet both as a standard, the hammer mills are equipped with proper earthing and sensors to detect possible increase of heat. Where required we make use of a pressure release membrane and/or flame arrestors. For reducing the noise and vibration our hammer mills are provided with shock absorbers. Much attention was spent to the ergonomic aspect. By designing two big doors, the hammer mills are very easy accessible for screen and hammer exchange. Both doors easily roll sideways via a rail and wheels and are equipped with safety switches to make sure that no mistakes can be made during maintenance. Other important points to keep in mind when designing a grinding plant are not only the right choice of hammer mill, but also the correct energy efficient motor type and very important, an adequate aspiration set-up. Especially the last item needs special attention. The capacity of the aspiration fan should not only be in the right relation to the screen area of the mill but also depends on products, which have to be ground. Depending on the air volume, the necessary filter surface can be determined. In general, reverse air cleaned filters are used, which allow for an air load on the filter cloth of approximately two m3/minute of air per m2 of filtering area. Finally, it is important that the filter unit is not directly positioned beside the outlet product stream of the hammer mill to make sure that a good airflow and aspiration is safeguarded. More

exchange of the screen, while the motor is still running, it is important to maintain, an under pressure in the grinding chamber of the hammer mill. Special inflatable sealings with labyrinth ensure a correct tightness of the sealing in operation and stops the product leaving the grinding chamber. To minimise energy consumption adjustable breaker plates are introduced. Tests have proven that hardly any grinding takes place below the level of the main shaft. By designing two adjustable breaker plates in the top of the machine, an energy saving of approximately 3035 percent compared to the old designs has been achieved.
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The lower part of the hammer mill is executed with screens; by making use of the gravity force a good discharge of product is possible. The idea of adjustable breaker plates was to create an asymmetric form (ellipse instead of circle) in the grinding chamber. Because of this the product is forced to leave their natural flow and, because of the centrifugal force the product will hit the breaker plate, as a result it is bounced back and then again gets a hit of the hammer. So a more frequent frontal collision is achieved between hammers, breaker plates and product. By making the breaker plates adjustable we can create this ellipse in both directions.


&feed millinG technoloGy

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Grinding by a proven concept makes your choice simple

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