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PLEASE SEND ME THE NAMES OF THE ELECTRONIC BOOKS YOU WANT BY EMAIL OR PHONE ... DO NOT TRY TO SEND ANY MONEY BEFORE YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION MAIL FROM ME... EMAIL= PHONE= 90 216 369 08 70/ 90 0535 924 13 30 SKYPE INTERNET TELEPHONY= rene_macaroglu BR1 THE BERKLEE GUITAR (Edited by R. Macaroglu): (Difficult) This book developed by the famous Berklee College Guitar Department, consists of arrangements in the Jazz Guitar Chord Solo format. Perfects the student's Jazz Harmony knowledge on the fingerboard; chord diagrams and formatting makes the book easy to read; I strongly recommend it to advanced guitarists...All The Things You Are, Prelude To A Kiss, Fly Me To The Moon and other standard jazz tunes... BR2 GUITAR WORKBOOK BERKLEE: (Medium) This book used at Berklee's 12 week Summer Courses is prepared to teach the basic Jazz Harmony on the guitar. Completely rewritten with full diagrams thanks to guitarist Mengu Arslanoglu... After finishing this book, you will be entitled to play rhythm guitar in any sort of jazz formation... BR7 PATTERNS FOR IMPROVISATION (Oliver NELSON): For Advanced Musicians (all instruments) An excellent method to create tonal control within the chromatic scale - from famous saxophonist Oliver NELSON... (61 Pages) RM1 BASIC GUITAR: (Easy) Designed to teach the beginners basic music training: tablature, chord diagrams, music notation, solo guitar, rhythm guitar, finger picking, singing using pop, folk, classical & blues tunes in English and Turkish such as: Yesterday, Autumn Leaves, Ele Gune Karsi, Romance, Ayrilik etc... (Easy Format ) RM2 THE ADVANCING GUITARIST: (Medium) This books develops and expands the basic skills acquired in the Basic Guitar book using a great number of tunes from Bach to Chet Atkins, Timur Seluk to John Lennon. For guitarists who want to acquire fluency, experience and rpertoire... Instrumental & international tunes like Bamboleo, Cavatina, ster Misin? are included... (Easy Format ) RM3 CARCASSI Op.60 (Edited by R.Macaroglu): (Difficult) Excellent studies to acquire the Classical Guitar polyphonic playing techniques... Most of the pieces can also be performed using a plectrum... One of my favourite books... (Easy Format ) RM4 FAST GUITAR SOLOS: (Medium Difficult) For guitarists who want to develop speed in a musical way... Turkish & International tunes meticulously notated in standard & tablature notation. (Sultanyegah Sirto, Tico Tico, arda , Nihavent Longa etc... Can be played with or without a pick. For musicians who love speed!!! (Easy Format ) RM5 CLASSICAL VIOLIN FOR GUITAR: (Very Difficult) Classical violin studies by Kreutzer, Paganini, Bach, Rode ve Rimsky Korsakow arranged for guitar with chord symbols included... Good place to build virtuosity; can be played by all instruments written in treble clef... Tablature notation omitted to develop sight reading...(except The Flight Of The Bumble Bee). Some of the tunes may require several years to master... (Easy Format) RM6 CHET ATKINS (Edited by R.Macaroglu):(Medium> Difficult)This master Country Guitarist's work is excellent to teach you the Open Tuning and Boom-Chick style'Ragtime' guitar... Classical guitarists can also enjoy and benefit... Chord symbols & tablature included... I recommend this book to guitarists who would like to sound like a

pianist or banjoist... (Easy Format) RM7 BACH INVENTIONS FOR 2 GUITARS (Edited by R.Macaroglu):(Very difficult) Bach Inventions intelligently arranged for two guitars. Excellent for reading in the advanced positions on the fretboard and practice scales in a musical way... Chord symbols provided for analysis and easyer reading... Good for advanced guitarists who want to improve their sight reading and fretboard knowledge... (Easy Format) RM8 THE ELLINGTON COLLECTION FOR SOLO GUITAR (Howard Morgen) (Edited by R.Macaroglu): (Very Difficult) Duke Ellington orchestrations applied brilliantly to the guitar... A school in its own for the advanced player... Polyphonic treatment recquires finger picking for the right hand... Use of open chords and extensive finger stretches in chord voicings makes this book a challenge for both the Jazz & the Classical Guitarist... RM10 MUSICAL MEMORIES OF 1940-1950 (Rene Macaroglu) (Very Difficult) This book contains direct adaptations to fingerstyle guitar from the original piano parts. A challenge for serious guitarists... The Adobe Acrobat 6 pdf file contains also embedded MIDI files for listening. # AGAIN, # ALWAYS IN MY HEART, # CHATANOOGA CHOO CHOO, # FOOLS, # LAURA, # NOW IS THE HOUR, # SKYLARK, # SOME ENCHANTED EVENING RM11 THE ART OF SIGHT READING ON THE GUITAR (Oliver Nelson/Rene Macaroglu) This book is trying to answer some fundamental questions in Modern Guitar playing: "- When sight reading single-note melodies, which positions do I use?" "- Between countless possibilities, how do I finger a melody line?" "- Do I have to play everything in one position and use painful finger stretches?" "- If I choose to change positions, how to finger the out of scale chromatics?" "- How can I be sure of covering the whole fingerboard?" "- Is it possible to sight read with the confidence of a saxophone player?" "- How can I develop a good tonal control with practical fingerings for improvisation?" This book is not for beginners... Only the medium-advanced guitarist will benefit from this knowledge...


BB3 CHARLIE PARKER SAXOPHONE SOLOS FOR BAND-IN-A-BOX Download thru Internet (Band-In-A-Box program required)

BB4 ODD METERS FOR JAZZ GUITAR (PDF+ MIDI Files): Authentic transcription of the famous 'Band In A Box Odd Meters' collection... Musical notation and chord diagrams... Includes MIDI files and practicing tips... Total 20 songs in irregular meters... DJ3 INTERVALLIC IMPROVISATION ON THE GUITAR : (3.5 MB) Playing all the intervals in position and along the fingerboard by memorizing their shapes and hearing their sound qualities... (Supported by 24 videos) Practicing the special composition on interval study to incorporate this ability into your playing...