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English Paper 1
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This question paper consists of 40 questions. Answer all questions. Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answer. Choose the best answer from the answer marked A, B, C and D. Section A Question 1 4 Choose the best word to fill in the blanks. 1. The _________ is arriving at the railway station. A ship C trishaw B train D aeroplane The cow is looking for its __________ . A kid C kitten B calf D puppy Aizah, please put the dirty clothes into the __________ . A sink C vacuum cleaner B refrigerator D washing machine




I like fruit. My favourite is the _______________ . A apple B mango C pineapple D mangosteen Questions 5 7 Study the picture carefully and choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph. My grandfather has a beautiful, white cat named Putih. Putih gave birth to

___________ (5)

last month. The kittens are very playful. They like to

play with __________ (6)

that Grandfather has made for them.

I usually give them ___________ (7) 5. A a litter of kittens B a troop of kittens C a swarm of kittens A a ball of yarn B a piece of ribbon C a length of string A B C D a piece of fish a bowl of milk a plate of rice a glass of water

every morning and night.



Questions 8 10 Study the picture carefully. Then choose the best answer. 8.

A The train has just arrived at the station. B She is waiting for her friend at the train station. C Jenny says goodbye to her friend at the train station. 9.

A Bala is eating some durians. B Pak Mat is going to his durian orchard. C Atan and his grandfather are collecting durians.


A The boys are buying bicycles. B The boys are repairing their bicycles. C The boys are riding their bicycles to school. Section B Questions 11 15 Look at the picture below carefully. Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in the pictures. 11.

A What are you both watching? B Why arent you both in bed yet? C Its late, children. Time to go to bed. 12.

A Yes, I did. B It was held last night. C Im sorry you missed it.


A May I play football? B Do you play football? C What do you play every day? 14.

A I wanted a mango juice not an orange juice. B You can keep the bottle if you want to. C Thats the only juice they have left. 15.

A Thats a nice shirt hes wearing. B Thats Tony, my new neighbour. C I like wearing blue shirts.

Section C Questions 16 20 Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences. 16. It __________ heavily this morning. A rain C rained B rains D raining 17. JL Baird __________ the television. A invent B invents C invented 18.

Amin is __________ Rama. A as tall as B as high as C as narrow as 19. Please hurry up, Linda. Your friends are waiting for __________ . A you C I B him D her 20. Everyone likes Rita because she is very __________ . A kind C weird B calm D strange Question 21 21. We returned to the campsite at dusk. A noon B dawn C twilight D midnight

Questions 22 23 Choose the answer with the correct spelling. 22.

Izlene won a _______ in the drawing competition. A trophi B tropfy C trophy D throphie 23.

The __________ lives in a big castle. A preince B prinse C princs D prince Questions 24 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. 24. A B C D 25. A B C D A did go to the book fair last week? Did You go to the Book fair last Week? did you go to the Book Fair Last Week! Did you go to the book fair last week? Encik hamid is flying to bangkok on Monday. encik Hamid is flying to Bangkok on Monday. Encik Hamid is flying to Bangkok on Monday. Encik Hamid is flying to bangkok on monday.

Section D Questions 26 30 Look at the picture abd read the passage carefully. Based on the picture and the passage, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Mimi is learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. First, a female butterfly lays its eggs on a __________ (26). Then the eggs __________ (27) into caterpillars. These caterpillars eat a lot. When a caterpillar __________ (28) big enough, it grows a hard skin and becomes a pupa. __________ (29) hard skin is called a cocoon. When the time is ripe, an adult butterfly comes out. It will wait until __________ (30) wings are dry before it flies away. 26. A leaf B flower C branch 27. A B C D hatch hatches hatched hatching 28. A B C D is are was were

29. A A B An C The 30. A it B its C its

Section E Questions 31 35

31. What is the advertisement about? A Sweets sold at KLCC B Making candies and cookies C Lolitas Candy Shoppe promotion 32. On which day is the Buy 1 Free 1 offer available? A Sunday C Thursday B Monday D Saturday 33. Adrene made a purchase of RM52.80. Which of the following will she receive? A A mug C Wafer stick B A soft toy D Honey cookies 34. What does the word applicable in the advertisement mean? A Valid B Humble C Reliable D Appropriate 35. Where can we find Lolitas Candy Shoppe? A Johor B Kedah C Melaka D Pahang

Questions 36 40

36. The results of the contest were in A the picture B the entry form C the newspaper 37. The word abroad can be replaced by A together B overseas C outstation 38. Osman said Thats a good idea because he A was greeting Teik Lee B wanted to ask a question C agreed with Teik Lees plan D was congratulating Teik Lee 39. Selvam wanted to buy a packet of Darrell chocolates because he A wanted his parents to travel, too B had never been to Japan before C liked to eat all kinds of chocolate D wished to take part in the contest 40. From the dialogue, we can see that Teik Lee A likes contests B loves his parents C does not like to travel D eats a lot of chocolates