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Social Media Brief

April 1, 2012

Exploring the social side of social media (SM) SM enthusiasts demonstrate the readiness to see the world as user centered, as extending from a personal node outwards towards a networked world. Quoting Castells The Internet Galaxy, the development of internet provides an appropriate material support for the diffusion of networked individualism as a dominant form of sociability. A sociologist would define SM as a platform that encourages computer mediated collective action with mixed motives (should and should nots). On the flip side, SM could become a tool to regulate social life - an online space under surveillance. Business side of SM Integrating corporate website with customer behavior in SM increases relevancy, word of mouth, and trust. It encourages the ethos of openness and builds critical mass to leverages network effects to gain customer mind share. The many to many electronic interaction order captures human attention by engaging in conversation the central tenet of SM through which identity and selfexpression are managed. At this point it would be a good idea to recollect the core values of the organization relevant SM which is follows: Caring Promoting health and recovery Community Sharing, interacting, getting involved in life of local community, being a good citizen While we may tread into SM as an experiment, it is always better to know upfront if our SM venture is aligned to overarching business strategy. So what is the purpose of extending into SM? Is it customer service, talent engagement, marketing, public relations or community engagement? Actors in SM are individuals, uniform target groups, and large heterogeneous groups each offering something meaningful to the other expecting very little or nothing in return. It is important to understand what sociability we want to encourage and set guidelines for the contributing set and at the same time recognize that the SM end state is indeterminate. It is vital to run a barometer check on how SM savvy is our own organization. Governance side of SM Apart from delta increase in budget for technology and effort, other consideration to sustain conversation management on SM include the following: st nd rd Policy on proactive (provoking) conversations Develop 1 , 2 , 3 level influence targets, blog development Policy on reactive communication Communication of On Brand messages within team, organization and contributing sets PR contact management Communication of Off Brand relevant messages Policy on leveraging employee profiles or creation of new profiles selection, bios, set up Policy on measurement and reporting to validate how actions are accruing to organization benefit Manage perception of brand decentralization arising from the ultra-transparency of SM reputation management Operating procedure on adapting to shifting demands Maintain a cross disciplinary team of creative personnel web resources, clinicians Technical side of SM Some of the common technical elements of SM management

SEO keyword target for Google, development of SM blurb library Set up track able links using URL shorterners Copywriting and publishing using Content Management Server, Coordinating editorial calendar CRM set up and Back end email integration Set up of listening tools (SM management system like Hoot Suite) Virtual event development and promotion

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